Dark Sector

video game

Dark Sector (stylized as darkSector) is a third-person shooter video game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows developed by Digital Extremes. The game's story follows Hayden Tenno (voiced by Michael Rosenbaum), a morally-ambivalent "clean-up man" employed by the CIA. On a mission in a fictional former Eastern Bloc nation, he is exposed to a biological compound which dramatically mutates his right arm, giving him the ability to grow a three-pronged "Glaive" at will.


Hayden: [arriving at a radio station] Marlow... [coughs] Marlow One... Oh, sh*t...
A.D.: [after a moment of static] ...Go ahead, we have you on the emergency channel.
Hayden: [coughing] I've been infected. The shot you gave me - it's not working!
A.D.: Calm down. Is Mezner dead?
Hayden: Uh...maybe. I detonated the charges - are you listening to me?! The booster didn't work! I need evac!
A.D.: I'm putting the Hazmat team together right now. I want you to carry on. Rendezvous with our sleeper agent, Yargo Mensik. He's got an observation post on top of the Lasrian Port Authority. He'll have more boosters for the infection - use them. It'll hold it off until we can get you out of there. Just follow the coastline north.
Hayden: I've lost all my gear.
A.D.: Improvise - you were always good at that.

Hayden: [arriving at Yargo's security post, calling the A.D.] They took Yargo.
A.D.: Stand down! Your part in this is over! I'm on my way to Lasria now! I'll be running the operation from there!
Hayden: [spotting Yargo on on of the security feeds] I can't just leave him there. I know where he is!
A.D.: Out of the question! He's probably infected already! Look, we're only a few hours out! You're orders are to stand down until I arrive!
Hayden: Sh*t! [cuts the call]

Yargo: [as Hayden regains conciousness] Hayden! Hayden!
Hayden: [getting up] What happened?
Yargo: They left you for dead. I laced your booster with enferon, but I think I've flushed it out.
Hayden: You poisoned me?
Yargo: I tried to warn you! No one has [a] cure for this, and this state you're in...well, I think it's exactly what [Dixon] wanted. I spiked the booster shot because I figured you'd turn out like Mezner. He had same shots, the same infection.
Hayden: [getting off the bed] Yeah, we're two peas in a pod.
Yargo: No, it's different for you. You've changed, you're -
[The building shakes.]
Yargo: - it's out there.
Hayden: What? What is? Mezner's armored thing?
[Yargo says nothing.]
Hayden: Let it come. I can't stop it.
Yargo: But you can! I've been monitoring this place. Remember that suit? I think this is where he got his. [We] are in Vozro.
[Another shake.]
Yargo: [whispering] He is opening the cages!
[Hayden grabs his gear as roars are heard down the corridor. Yargo pulls out a firearm. Hayden leads Yargo to a ventilation tunnel nearby and pulls the grating off.]
Hayden: I'll take care of them. Where's the suit?
Yargo: [entering the gap] Ah, the subbasement. But it's well-guarded, automatic defences. I will have to open the airlocks from the security station.
Hayden: Okay. Don't head there until I've drawn them off. [replaces the grating for Yargo to escape]

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