Daria Khaltourina

sociologist and anthropologist

Daria Andreyevna Khaltourina (born 4 January 1979 in Chelyabinsk) is a Russian sociologist, anthropologist, demographer, and a public figure. She is the head of the Group of the Monitoring of Global and Regional Risks of the Russian Academy of Sciences, co-chairperson of the Russian Coalition for Alcohol Control, as well as the Russian Coalition for Tobacco Control.

Daria Khaltourina in 2009


  • Here is my review of the published investigation report on failed accusations which led to the extremely questionable firing of Aubrey de Grey from the SENS research foundation, which he founded and raised millions of dollars for, including his own mother's inheritance.
    Sadly, this “investigation” and its publication by the SENS Board goes far beyond the normal legal practices.
    In sum, Aubrey did nothing seriously bad, Celine most likely defamed him, the investigator (a private lawyer hired by the SENS Board) may not be impartial, which the Board unlawfully violated Aubrey’s rights.
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