Daredevils of the West

1943 film by John English

Daredevils of the West is a 1943 movie serial that is a lightning fast-paced, Western cliffhanger consisting of 12 chapters. The plot involves a gang of land-grabbers who try to prevent safe passage of the Foster Stage Company through frontier territory, but the story of the serial is merely a framework for the setup of numerous elaborate stunt action sequences, cliff-hanging perils, and fiery deathtraps, which the hero and heroine must fight to survive.

Directed by John English. Written by Ronald Davidson.
Ride to the thrill of your life with these famous western pioneers!  taglines

Dialogue edit

June Foster: Is everything loaded, Red?
Red Kelly: That's the last of 'em, Miss June. When you're ready, we'll be headed back for the camp.
June Foster: I have to wait for the stage from Pine Junction. It's bringing in some mail for Father.
Red Kelly: And here it comes, right on the minute! That's the Foster Stage Company for you.

Sheriff Watson: You can't go into Red Gulch! That's outlaw country. They'll shoot you on sight.
Red Kelly: We can shoot, too.

T.M. Sawyer: You don't suspect Higby, do you?
Duke Cameron: It isn't what I suspect, but what I can prove that counts.

Martin Dexter: The minute I got your letter, I decided to finish Foster and his stage line - once and for all.
Silas Higby: I know of no legal means you can take.
Martin Dexter: You can forget legal means. There is no law on the Comanche Strip - nothing but outlaws and Indians. That's why I can play the game my own way. And it's a big game, Higby - 500,000 acres of the finest grazing land in the entire West. That land is going to belong to me - not a bunch of tinhorn settlers following a stage road.

[Ward and his gang have captured June Foster and Red Kelly]
Barton Ward: Tie 'em up. Now the Foster stage line is going to make it's last run - over a cliff.
Turner: What shall we do with these two?
Barton Ward: Put 'em inside!

Duke Cameron: Well, June, you did it.
June Foster: You mean we did it.

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  • Ride to the thrill of your life with these famous western pioneers!
  • Thrill To the Exciting Adventures of America's Pioneer Heroes!
  • A Serial Story Studded With Stirring Action And Dangerous Adventures!

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