Danny Tidwell

American dancer (1984-2020)

Daniel Arnold Tidwell (August 1, 1984 – March 6, 2020) was an American dance choreographer, contemporary and ballet dancer, known for being the runner-up on Fox's third season of So You Think You Can Dance. He was the adopted brother of Travis Wall, who was also a runner-up of the second season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Danny Tidwell


  • Jumps and turns aren't hard; artistry is. To create a whole new world for the audience, that's the fantasy of ballet.
    • Rubin, Hanna (January 2005), "On the verge in 2005, DM's 25 to Watch", Dance Magazine 79 (1):40-69
  • The ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story, we’re so past that. I have a very deep respect for art, but I also think we have a lot to learn from pop culture. And that is the future. Either you can ignore it and be stuck in the past, or you can learn from it.


  • He just walked away like he was God's gift to the world.
    • Choreographer Shane Sparks on Danny Tidwell's audition for So You Think You Can Dance
    • "Vegas Callbacks". So You Think You Can Dance. June 6, 2007. No. 4, season 3.
  • You dance as if you've already won the competition.
    • Choreographer Adam Shankman
    • "Episode #3.12". So You Think You Can Dance. July 11, 2007. No. 12, season 3.
  • I think you're talking crap.
    • Nigel Lythgoe's response to the above quote.
    • "Episode #3.12". So You Think You Can Dance. July 11, 2007. No. 12, season 3.
  • I don’t even know if I’ll ever feel what I did when he finished dancing his solo on Wednesday night’s [2007-08-15] show. When he left the ballet world, he was losing his love of dance, and to me, watching that solo, he came full circle. He came back.”
  • I know very well that I'm not the dancer that Danny is. He's on a completely different level. For the last four years, I've known who he is, and I just wanted to talk to him. So standing there with him tonight [as the final two] was the craziest thing.
  • In my opinion Danny was far and away the best.
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