Daniel Negreanu

Canadian poker player

Daniel Negreanu (born July 26, 1974) is a Canadian professional poker player who has won six World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and two World Poker Tour (WPT) championship titles.

Daniel Negreanu in 2007


  • In 2000, I became a vegetarian. The guys in poker mocked me. There was this idea that "real men eat meat" and they'd eat piles of crap around the table, like mounds of dead animals every hour. … I became vegan in 2006 when I started taking healthy eating seriously. … The other players are a lot more accepting now, they embrace my veganism! … Poker has changed, in the past, high profile players were obese, now they're fit. They've swapped their moobs for pecs. Players now are educated people, they're smart, they do the research … Although my veganism started out absolutely about health, it's also become about the environment and animal cruelty. The way animals are treated and the conditions are atrocious. They're force fed steroids, the chickens are de-beaked. You end up eating sick, diseased chickens because they're living in shit. It's like a holocaust on animals.
  • You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table, conveys information. You can't be all loosy goosy, eating a sandwich, or checking your phone.
    • Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker - from Masterclass.com
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