Daniel Friberg

Swedish businessman and publisher

Daniel Friberg (born 1978) is a Swedish businessman, publisher, and writer, and a leading figure of the Swedish neo-fascist movement and global alt-right movements. He is the CEO and co-founder (in 2010) of Arktos Media. He co-founded the AltRight Corporation with American white supremacist Richard Spencer in 2017 but severed ties in May 2018. He is a former CEO of the mining company Wiking Mineral.

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The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (2015) edit

Arktos Media Ltd.
  • For women: In your autumn years, having a successful career behind you will be nothing compared to having a large family, with grandchildren and everything else that comes with it.
    This is also the best and most natural method for ensuring your retirement benefits — a few decades from now, your children and grandchildren will be far more inclined to take care of you than the rapidly crumbling European welfare states will.
    Besides, passing your genes on is a far worthier goal in life than slaving for some multinational corporation, which will forget all about you the second you retire.
    Furthermore, the plummeting birth rates of Europe must be reversed.
    Make sure to have at least three children, and raise them well.
    In this regard, the future of Europe rests squarely in your hands.
  • This tendency to pathologise opinions and life patterns which are not in accordance with its own political ends is characteristic of Cultural Marxism. Differing views are often seen as irrational fears of the unknown — ‘phobias’.
  • The principle that every people, insofar as it is possible, must be allowed to live as they want is not based on any notions of cultural relativism, in which all ways of doing things are viewed as being of equal value for all peoples, everywhere.
    It is, instead, strictly pragmatic: war and revolutions are without exception worse than the alternative, which is simply to leave the development of each society to the people who are actually living there.
    For this reason we should not wage wars or foment revolutions and otherwise subvert the established orders in others’ lands.
    In return for this direct opposition to intervention and violence against cultures and peoples, we demand the same for ourselves. Mass immigration to Europe must cease.

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