Daniëlle van de Donk

Dutch footballer

Daniëlle van de Donk (Dutch pronunciation: [daːniˈɛlə vɑn də dɔnk]; born 5 August 1991) is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for French Division 1 Féminine club Lyon and the Netherlands national team. She helped her national team to win the UEFA Women's Euro 2017 and finish second at the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Quotes edit

  • "Since I was a young girl, times have changed, but when I was a little girl, I would play with the boys and I was the only girl in the team, but I had a great time."
  • "The boys all accepted me and I think they also liked the fact that I was in their team."
  • "I always thought I would just prove myself. "
  • "After the match, they would often say to me that they had never played against a girl, but that they thought I was actually pretty good. That was quite special."
  • "When you play with boys, it’s different because of their speed, the way they handle the ball and their strength. I really learned a lot from that and it has also made me a better player."
  • "From the start, my own mindset has been that I would give anything to make it. I’m just going to make it."
  • "I just think for me it’s a respect thing. The men get paid a ridiculous amount of money but it’s also the most interesting and entertaining sport to watch. It’s attractive to sponsor that and be involved in it for many companies so I do think they have all the right to have so much money going into that side of the game."
  • "I know so many girls who used to be studying, working and playing football all at the same time. If you take that weight off then it means the female players can fully focus on being elite athletes."

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