Dan Henninger is deputy editorial page director of the Wall Street Journal. He is also a columnist at the paper; his column "Wonder Land" appears every Friday. He is a frequent guest on the Saturday Fox News show Journal Editorial Report on which he discusses current issues with fellow Wall Street Journal editorial board members. Henninger is a graduate of Georgetown University's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 2002 and has been a recipient of the George Loeb award.

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  • This is a footnote to our gay-marriage discussion. A woman in India last week married a snake. And it was done at a traditional Hindu ceremony attended by 2,000 people. Now, I would like to ask the proponents of gay marriage, which after all violates traditions going back through all of human history, to now absolutely positively guarantee that the next movement is not going to be allowing people to marry their pet horse, dog or cat. And you know what? Given the anything-goes culture we live in, I don't think they can deliver that guarantee.
  • Atheists and the unchurched undervalue the extent to which they are getting a free ride on the social strength that religious-based virtue provides.
    • Wall Street Journal, December 22, 2006, p. A12, "Wonder Land" column.
  • Which would you like sitting in the oval office dealing with it (a major crisis)? Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Edwards, Geraldine Ferraro, Jimmy Carter, … or Sarah Palin? Personally, I would pick Palin.
  • A friend last weekend said he thought the story about the University of New Hampshire's website publishing a bias-free language guide, which declared that use of the word "American" is "problematic," was a hoax. Of course, it was real.

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  • "I think we can all agree with Mr. Henninger's flawless logic. If a woman in India marries a snake, gay people in America should have to justify it. But here's where Henninger and I part ways. I don't see gay marriage as a slippery slope down to people marrying snakes. I see marrying snakes as a step up the slope from gay marriage. Hear me out! No! I've got no problem with people marrying snakes--as long as they're not marrying gay snakes. We must marry limbless reptiles of the opposite sex. Otherwise it's just unnatural."

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