Dan Fante

American writer

Dan Smart Fante (February 19, 1944 – November 23, 2015) was an American author and playwright.
He was a son of novelist John Fante.

Quotes edit

  • My father was teaching me his trade. I was his son and he was showing me how to write the way his own father from Torricella Peligna had shown him, as a boy, how to work a wall of stone or lay a row of brick. I was learning how to build books. Watching a master at work. Those would be the most important days of my life.
    • Dan Fante, about his late father John Fante. From the Introduction (December 2003) by Dan Fante to The Bandini Quartet by John Fante (the four 'Arturo Bandini' novels in one volume, published by Canongate Books Ltd.).

Novels edit

Spitting off Tall Buildings (1996) edit

  • I felt the question was stupid so I didn't answer.
    • Ch.6 - p.33 [Page numbers per the Canongate Books Ltd. 2001 UK paperback edition]
  • My problem is that I hold grudges. If you and I have had an argument and I've come out second or you are my boss and you've abused your authority in some way, I will wait, allow the annoyance to fester, even pretend that everything is okay between us, then, with what normally to others would seem like a minimum provocation, without notice, I will overreact and behave like a cornered snake. It's a bad personality flaw and I've had to pay the tab for it again and again.
    • Ch.10 - p.59
  • What amused him most was another human's discomfort.
    • Ch.11 - p.63-64
  • SEA-MATION is a service I'd see advertised all the time. The gimmick is cremation plus burial at sea. All in one: SEA-MATION. A fellow with a grey toupee gives the pitch while they continue flashing the 800 phone number of the company on the bottom of the screen.
    SEA-MATION had a sale going, a 'pre-need special.' Ordering now saved you ninety-nine ninety-five. One week only.
    • Ch.20 - p.117

Chump Change (1998) edit

  • Wilson smiled, knowing that not talking was one of her best features.
    • Ch.5 - p.40 [Page numbers per the 1999 Rebel Inc. UK paperback edition]
  • From the bookcase behind his writing table, I pulled down a copy of Hunger by Knut Hamsun. This book, my father used to say, caused him to become a writer. I held it in my hand and flipped through the old pages.
    • Ch.7 - p.48
  • More and more
    my mind shut
    behind the wine . . .
    I was conscious of just
    sections of
    Bits and
    pieces of
    grey awareness.
    Then . . .
    it was
    • Ch.10 - p.75
  • "The problem that your type has is that you don't listen and you keep insisting on operating by your own rules. Only you push and shove and wiggle and spit and outsmart everybody. You're a lover of man and beast alike, as long as you're getting your way. With people like you, Bruno, pain is the only teacher. Failure. No one can tell you that you're about to put your hand in a buzz saw. But it's only when you, yourself, see fingertips flying past your eyes, and watch your arm being chopped into a bloody stump that you'll be able to stop. You hit all walls at full speed. That's what I mean by high maintenance."
    • Ch.16 - p.145-146
  • In a few hours it would be midnight and I would have gone a full day on my own without a drink. And one day could mean two. If I stayed off the booze, I knew I'd be able to write again.
    I started the Dart and headed north up the Coast Highway. There was a blueness to the ocean I had never noticed before.
    • Ch.20 - p.179-180

Poems edit

  • What he didn't know is that I know desperate too
    and crazy
    and what emptiness and alones and rage can do to you when you've got
    nothing but your own pain in your pockets and your home is a busted-out
    1978 Pontiac stalled in an alley in West L.A. and the voice in your mind is
    carving you up and killing more of you off each day
    • Extract from a poem "I met the meanest", printed in The Slab poetry collection published in 2004 by Muesli Jellyfish. At p.21

Unsourced edit

  • “We're fat, we're greedy, and we don't give a shit. Our religion is TV. Our saviour is Bill Gates. We've learned our lessons well. We know how to put number one first.”
    • Dan Fante [quote appears on Goodreads but does not state a source]
  • “My secret weapon is my anger. That's what stimulates me as an artist. I want change. I want it yesterday. I'm pissed off at America. Society. American movies. American TV. American culture. American politicians. Capitalism. [...] Impatience and rage are always just beneath the surface for me.”
    • Dan Fante [quote appears on Goodreads but does not state a source]

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