Damien Richardson

Irish football manager and former player

Damien John Richardson (born 1947, in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish football manager and former player. His most recent job was as manager of Drogheda United. Richardson formerly managed Gillingham in England and Cobh Ramblers, Shelbourne and Shamrock Rovers in Ireland. He is also known for his media work, including Monday Night Soccer.


  • My first manager's page for Shamrock Rovers, and my, shall I say, reasonably extensive vocabulary is still too confined to express how delighted I feel.
  • There is inherent in every true football supporter a reservoir of natural optimism. This inner holding pond of hope springs eternal, and is the safety valve that regulates the emotional turbulence synonymous with professional football. It mollifies the annual agitation and soothes the savage beast of frustration. Without this optimistic dimension the personality of the authentic fan is incomplete.
  • It's always the same, sometimes.
  • Modern football is akin to a turbulent sea. Changes come fast and furious. One may be riding the crest of great waves before being engulfed in enormous crescendos of confusion. Sometimes is can be like surfboarding in the South Atlantic. You do the best you can to stay afloat while all the time fully understanding the fact that things can come crashing down around you. If you worry about the consequences you miss the thrill of the ride.
    • City Edition, Vol. 22, Issue 1, p. 7.
  • The fundamental inability to grasp the fact that real leadership is accepting that you are merely another cog in the wheel has derailed many careers and deranged many managers.
    • City Edition, Vol. 22 Issue 3, p. 5.
  • Football … is a ballet of wondrous beauty choreographed by highly skilled performers, dramatising the conflict between good and evil that takes place in every heart. And, at the same time it reflects the impatient immediacy of modern society in that success breeds immortality, while the procurement of second place begets anonymity.
    • City Edition, Vol. 22, Issue 12, p. 5.
  • It takes two to tango, but for a tango to show its exhilaration, you need two people performing it. There was only one team tangoing tonight.
    • A post-match interview with INN after Cork City versus Shamrock Rovers, 5 October 2007.