Damages (TV series)

American legal thriller television series

Damages (2007–2012) was an American television series, airing on FX and Audience Network, about a recent law school graduate who is recruited to a law firm headed by high-stakes litigator Patty Hewes.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Hollis Nye: [to Ellen] There won't be room for him [your boyfriend] and Patty. There won't be room for you and Patty. With Patty Hewes, there's only Patty.

Tom: When it comes to reading people, Patty lives and dies by instinct. The woman has the sharpest bullshit meter I've ever seen. And you're at the most difficult step. It's do or die. If you're phony with her for one second, she'll skewer you.
Ellen: Good. Phony's not my strong suit.

Ellen: [after seeing Patty at her sister's wedding reception] Ms. Hewes. What are you doing here?
Patty: I had to meet you.
Ellen: Why?
Patty: Because, kiddo, you're the first person stupid enough to turn me down.

Patty: Kids are like clients. They want all of you, all the time.

Martin: If you were a man, I'd kick the living dogshit out of you.
Patty: If you were a man, I'd be worried.

Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker [1.02]

Ray: [to Arthur Frobisher about Katie] The law is on our side. The evidence is on our side. On paper, this case is tighter than a bull's ass on fight night. But if Patty Hewes gets that girl in front of a jury... all bets are off.

Patty: How old were you?
Katie: I'm sorry?
Patty: I had just turned six.
Katie: When what?
Patty: When I realized I was a good liar. How old were you?

Bearded Man: Well, there's always a solution.
Arthur: What kind of solution?
Bearded Man: A permanent one.
Arthur: What? Oh, God, no. What, you think that I would...?
Bearded Man: It wouldn't get back to you.
Arthur: Oh, we're-we're talking about a human life here. Sh-She's an innocent girl. She didn't do anything. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Bearded Man: Sometimes that's enough.

Ellen: What happened with Katie? I spoke to her, Ms. Hewes. I don't believe she's lying.
Patty: Really? Why is that?
Ellen: Because she has no reason to.
Patty: Don't be stupid, Ellen. Everyone's hiding something.

Patty: I manipulated you, yes.
Ellen: Well, I don't like being manipulated.
Patty: Duly noted.

And My Paralyzing Fear of Death [1.03]

[After opening a parcel containing a grenade]
Patty: It's going to be a shitty week!

Patty: [to her employees] All of you are members of an extraordinary team, and I value each and every one of you. If you want to quit, just tell me now. But if you call in sick Thursday or Friday, don't bother coming in Monday. Your jobs won't be waiting for you. That grenade was never meant to destroy our office. It was meant to destroy our resolve.

Patty: Taking power away from a man is a dangerous thing. Someone always pays.

[(After reading Michael Hewes' internet history]
Uncle Pete: What's a M-I-L-F?
Patty: Beats me!

Patty: And how's your morning?
Uncle Pete: Every day above ground is a Pyrrhic victory.

Tastes Like a Ho Ho [1.04]

Roger Kastle: Ms. Connor, would you characterize your life as one big blur of narcotics and intercourse?
Katie: Would you characterize yourself as an asshole?!

Ray: If these next few questions make you blush, Miss Connor, I do apologize.
Katie: To screw.
Ray: I'm sorry?
Katie: That's why I was in an empty parking lot in the middle of the night. And later on a couch and then on the floor. Do you find cocaine is like Viagra? Or are you more of a tantric breathing kind of a guy, like Sting? If these past few answers make you blush, Mr. Fiske, I apologize.

Ray: [after his deposition of Katie Connor] You hear that, Patty? That's the sound of the zeroes dropping off of Mr. Frobisher's revised offer.

Katie: You know, you're not mad that I lied. You're just pissed that I got caught and made you look bad.
Ellen: I only ever wanted the truth.
Katie: No, Ellen, all you ever wanted was to impress Patty Hewes.

Patty: Ray Fiske is a brilliant lawyer who made us look very foolish today. It happens. I understand how it must hurt right now... what happened with Katie... but... there's a very important lesson to be learned from all this.
Ellen: Which is?
Patty: Trust... no one.

A Regular Earl Anthony [1.05]

Tom: I'm sick of her shit.
Tom's Friend: That's right, Tomahawk, break the shackles. Take the power. Always identify your oppressor by name. So what's shit are you sick of?
Tom: Patty's.
Tom's Friend: Say it loud!
Tom: I'm sick of Patty Hewes' shit!

Ray: I'm worried the sun don't shine on the same dog's tail all week.
Arthur: I have no idea what that means.
Ray: It means we got lucky.

Karen Gonzales: We picked Ms. Hewes for a reason. She's the best. She said there'd be some setbacks. We knew there were going to be some ups and downs.
Larry Popler: Where the hell are the ups, Karen?
Karen Gonzales: You're a gambler. You don't change your horse mid-race, do you?
Larry Popler: If it's pulling up lame, I do, then I shoot him.
Karen Gonzales: Oh, Jesus.
Larry Popler: Two right in the head real quick. Problem solved.

Katie: [about Ellen] How's my lawyer friend?
David: She wanted to come.
Katie: But she's stuck up Patty's ass and couldn't make it.

Patty: There’s a huge difference between being number one and being number two.
Tom: Yes, there is.
Patty: You’re a number two, Tom. That’s your talent. That’s your limit.
Tom: This is what you came here to tell me?

She Spat at Me [1.06]

Patty: This was a big step. Approaching a witness under false pretenses. Offering protection you can't provide.
Ellen: Don't they teach that in law school?

Gregory: How is Katie? I liked her.
Ellen: Is that why you lied to her, humiliated her and got her to perjure herself?

Patty: [to Ellen] Let's be honest -- men are sensitive. They don't like to be dragged anywhere. We may not like it, but we know how to play second fiddle. We're bred for it. Men can't do it. At least, not the ones worth sharing a bed with.

Patty: [to Ellen] A man should want to be in charge. Now the trick is... making him feel like he actually is...Most men can't handle an ambitious woman. It may take you a few tries, but make sure you find one who can.

Ellen: Just give me a name, Gregory. I'll keep you out of this.
Gregory: So, what, I give you a name, you won't come after me?
Ellen: Not if you give us a bigger fish.
Gregory: Barney.
Ellen: What's his last name?
Gregory: Rubble. Lives in Bedrock. Hell of a right hook.

We Are Not Animals [1.07]

Michael: You were right. I was playing games with you. I was very angry, and I was acting out.
Patty: Acting out? You sent me a hand grenade and almost killed your stepfather.

Michael: Getting away from you was the best thing that could've happened to me. It gave me clarity.
Patty: Did it?
Michael: You wanted to completely control of my life, so you took away my free will. Some pretty terrific parenting, real mother-of-the-year type stuff.

Ray: Your Honor, Miss Hewes's claim of relevance is based solely on a vacation Mr. Malina took to Palm Beach. My mother-in-law has a time-share in Sarasota. Perhaps Miss Hewes would like to subpoena her.

Tom: Conscience is a liability, Ellen. You feel guilty, you unburden yourself, what happens? You feel better, but the people you're coming clean to? Trust me. Maintaining the illusion of loyalty is far more effective than admitting the breach.

Gregory: I don't know why I believed you would help me. I should've seen it.
Ray: Seen what?
Gregory: That your whole life is a lie.

Blame the Victim [1.08]

Ellen: [Choosing a cake for their wedding] Whatever you like is great with me, just nothing too... lemony.
David: Wait. No, no! I'm not deciding.
Ellen: Why not?
David: Because I'm the guy. I don't give a shit.
Ellen: Okay, fine, fair enough.

Larry Popler: Patty Hewes has ears, too. Maybe I'm talking to the wrong person.
Arthur: Larry, you don't want to threaten me. Take the money.
Larry Popler: I mopped your floors, you son of a bitch! 34 years I cleaned your shit.

Patty: [about Ellen's father] Better be careful. We plaintiff attorneys can be vicious. His best strategy is to blame the victim.
Ellen: I know.
Patty: [about the plaintiff] At all costs it was her fault; period.

Gary Parsons: So I should just go in there and lie?
Ellen: I'm saying that they will. They'll spin into gross negligence. This is the real world, Dad.
Gary Parsons: I don't need you to teach me about the real world.

Patty: You know, the truth is, Larry, I like you. But I think you're in over your head. And prison is the last place you belong. Arthur Frobisher is smart. I'm sure he's got a way to get you his blood money with no paper trail, so I'm really just here tonight to make you a promise.
Larry Poplar: Oh yeah? What's that?
Patty: I'm gonna wait and watch. Until you buy a house, or Mildred buys a car, or Chloe here buys a toothbrush. You need to understand this, Larry. No Poplar for the next hundred years will be able to spend a nickel of that money without being humiliated, disgraced, and locked up. [long pause] You all have a nice night.

Do You Regret What We Did? [1.09]

Katie: [to Gregory] You tell me one lie, and I will cut your dick off.

Nancy: [to Arthur] People expect a CEO to be strong. They see too much of the soft side, it looks like an act. You've got to be heartfelt without sounding like a pussy. Now, you think you can do that?

Arthur: I know you don't give a shit about justice, Patty. So what do you want?
Patty: I want you disgraced. I want history to erase your every achievement. I want you to feel the disgust in your children's eyes when they look on you in shame.

George Moore: I don’t like you, Ray, but I realized an amazing thing on the way over here. You’re not my problem, Arthur is.
Ray: I have a duty …
George Moore: Patty Hewes is a hair away from breaking this thing wide open. So I’m going to do what you couldn’t, Ray.
Ray: What is that?
George Moore: Put an end to this thing.

Patty: [about David] He called off the engagement?
Ellen: Maybe we went too far. [Pause] Do you regret what we did?

Sort of Like a Family [1.10]

Carl Lambert: Character is what you do in the dark.

Patty: [to Ellen] You are in this office to wait for instructions. You don't have license to think.

Ellen: I'm so sick of your bullshit.
Patty: What did you say to me?
Ellen: You heard me.
Patty: Get out. And don't bother coming back.

Patty: Gregory Malina's dead.
Ray: Oh my.
Patty: Hit and run.
Ray: That's horrible.
Patty: I guess we'll never know what really happened.
Ray: Maybe the police will find the guy.
Patty: [Grins] I won't hold my breath. And, Ray...shame on you.

Patty: I have a lot of questions.
Ray: That's what Wikipedia's for.

I Hate These People [1.11]

Patty: Don't you just love dogs?
Ray: Yeah. They're like people. Only without the bullshit.

[After Ellen finds Moore dead]
Patty: I'm sorry you went through that.
Ellen: I hate these people.

Ellen: [to Lila DiMeo’s answering machine] This is Ellen Parsons. Stay away from my fiance or I’ll come after you, you crazy bitch.

Patty: Did I ever tell you why I became a lawyer, Ray?
Ray: No, you never told me.
Patty: I thought I could change the world. Silly, huh?
Ray: I just liked getting to wear a tie every day.

Ray: You know, I always wanted to work with you Patty. Not anymore.

There's No 'We' Anymore [1.12]

Inmate: What's the matter, rich girl? Daddy won't post bail?
Ellen: Lower bunk's mine.
Inmate: Bitch, don't even. I ripped off a convenience store and a bodega before they busted my ass.
Ellen: I killed my fiancé.

David: You decide right now -- do you want us or do you want this job?
Ellen: Please don't do this.
David: Right now. Right... now! You can't decide, can you?
Ellen: David...
David: No! We're done, Ellen.

Tom: Have you seen her since she... let you go?
Ellen: I don't think Patty wants to see me.
Tom: Yeah, what you said was pretty...
Ellen: Stupid?
Tom: I was going to say ballsy, but, yeah, stupid... stupid works.

Patty: Ellen... no matter what you think, I didn't have anything to do with any of this.
Ellen: I know.
Patty: But Tom told me that you accused me of trying to kill you.
Ellen: How else was I supposed to get you back here?

Ellen: You did teach me one valuable lesson.
Patty: I'm glad.
Ellen: 'Trust no one.' Well, I don't anymore, Patty. Least of all you.

Because I Know Patty [1.13]

District Attorney: [about Ellen's murder charge] Ms. Hewes, Ellen Parsons worked for you. I don't think you can be objective about this.
Patty: I'm not! I'm not objective at all, and I'm going to turn my passionate, irrational anger against your office.

Arthur: Has the videotape been put into evidence?
Bearded Man: I don't think so. No. Then maybe Patty Hewes doesn't have it.
Arthur: What are we doing, playing guessing games? There's a goddamn gun out there pointed right at me, and you don't know if it's loaded.

Arthur: I need facts. I need information, that's all I want.
Larry Popler: Mr. Frobisher, I know!
Arthur: No, you actually don't know! You don't know shit, and you've done shit... which is exactly what you're going to get from me. I ain't paying you a penny.
Larry Popler: I don't need your money, you prick!

Ellen: [to Patty] I don't believe in the law anymore, but I do believe in justice.

Patty: So, think about it. But not for too long. If I don't hear from you by the end of the day tomorrow, I'm gonna treat some friends of mine at the Justice Department to dinner and a movie.
Arthur: You really enjoy this, don't you?
Patty: It's my job.
Arthur: Why do you hate me so much?
[Patty smiles and walks away without answering]

Season 2


I Lied, Too [2.01]

Kelly Ripa: So, tell us about this Arthur Frobisher. Pretty wealthy guy, right?
Patty: Not anymore. [smiles]

Ellen: [on Patty] The woman's full of shit. A month ago, she tried to kill me and now, she's acting like my best friend.

Agent Harrison: You got to relax, okay? Lay low.
Ellen: That's easy for you to say. You just want to arrest Patty Hewes.
Agent Harrison: And you don't?
Ellen: I want to destroy her.

Sam Arsenault: Ah, girls today could learn something from you, Patty. You know how to wear a skirt, but you're one of the boys. Always have been.
Patty: Ah, except for the vagina.

Patty: [to Ellen] I want you to know that if my daughter had survived... if Julia had lived... I'd want her to be just like you.

Burn It, Shred It, I Don't Care [2.02]

Patty: I don't think you realize what's going on here. You were found alone in your house with your wife's body. There's no sign of forced entry, and you lied to the police.
Daniel: I am going to be a suspect.
Patty: You're the spouse. You're gonna be the suspect.

Ellen: [about Daniel] Do you think he killed his wife?
Patty: I think it's best not to jump to conclusions.
Ellen: But you know him. Do you think he's even capable of something like that?
Patty: I think anyone is capable of anything.

[Ellen pulls a printed image from an envelope]
Ellen: A sonogram?
Tom: It's a boy.
[Patty and Tom laugh heartily]
Ellen: You're pregnant?
Tom: Yeah. Don't tell Deb, though, 'cause I'm supposed to be on the pill.

Claire: [to Wayne Sutry] In the future, don't demand a day-off meeting to clean up another shit storm that you should have been competent enough to keep from exploding out of your own ass. What is it this time?

Ellen: I think kids have got a really basic sense of justice. Don't you? And then, as we get older, it just gets all screwed up.
[long pause]
Tom: I don't think so. I think as you get older, y-you realize that the world is unfair and that, uh, Mommy and Daddy can't make everything okay. If you want justice, you got to fight and claw and, and do whatever you have to... to get it.
Ellen: You've been working for Patty way too long.

I Knew Your Pig [2.03]

Ellen: Patty, I was wondering if I could sit in on your meeting with Detective Huntley.
Patty: Why?
Ellen: I thought it would be valuable. I don't have any experience with criminal law.
Patty: I don't think Mr. Purcell would be comfortable with you there.
Ellen: Okay.
Patty: And I'm not running a law school.

Detective Huntley: You know, forgive me. I'm just stuck on why someone would break into a house twice and not steal anything.
Daniel: There wasn't enough time to steal anything. There was barely enough time to kill her.

Daniel: Don't manage me. I'm not a goddamned child!
Patty: Stop acting like one! Just shut your mouth and do as I say.

Polygrapher: Ever think about killing your wife?
Daniel: No.
Polygrapher: It's not a crime to think about doing bad things. If it were, I'd be in jail.

Hollis Nye: IBC was Patty's first case after she started her own firm. The stakes were very high. Losing was not an option for her.
Ellen: Is it ever?

Hey! Mr. Pibb! [2.04]

Patty: And Ellen... the next time I give you an assignment, just nod your head and get it done.

Wayne Sutry: [after teeing off] Goddamn, that's just about long enough to measure my manhood.

Walter: What's for dinner?
Claire: A cider-braised pork shoulder.
Walter: Tell me how a gal like you doesn't have a husband.
Claire: Uh, maybe because I don't want one.

I Agree, It Wasn't Funny [2.05]

Patty: [on choosing a case] It starts with a seed of anger. I can feel it in my hands and my chest, and that seed has to be nurtured, cultivated until it grows into a full-blown rage. Then I know that I can't turn back. I have no choice but to take the case because the rage doesn't abate.
Ellen: Until someone's punished.

[during Walter Kendrick's roast event]
Arthur Phillips: Seriously though, I always wondered why birds flew over the state of West Virginia upside down. And then I met this guy-- and I realized there is nothing there worth shitting on.

[after Ellen fires rounds at the paper target in the shooting range]
Ellen: I didn't hit him once?
Wes: If nothing else, I'm sure you scared him.
Ellen: How is that even possible?
Wes: It takes time. Besides, look at his face, he's terrified. No way he didn't shit himself.

Patty: If I'm under investigation, God knows what they'll try to use to hurt me.
Uncle Pete: I've said it before-- the only thing that can hurt you is Ellen Parsons.

Patty: You see anyone else checking their phone while I'm talking?
Ellen: No. I apologize.
Patty: Don't. Just tell me the truth. What do you have in your life that's more important than work?
Ellen: Nothing. I'm sorry, Patty.
Patty: I'm not asking you to be sorry. I'm asking you who called.

A Pretty Girl in a Leotard [2.06]

Greta Van Susteren: Ms. Hewes, are you implying that Walter Kendrick is responsible for a murder?
Patty: Implying it? I hope that's not what this sounds like, Greta. I'm stating it outright.

Arthur: [to Walter about Patty] Don't engage with her. You step into the ring with that woman, she will cut your balls off and jam 'em down your throat. My advice, when she straps one on, bend over, bite down hard and just take it.

Tom: Well, Ms. Maddox should consider this -- if she pursues this action, our only defense is to prove these murder accusations. Does she really want that aired in open court?
Claire: And I think Mr. Shayes should consider this -- if he can't prove my client was responsible, a jury is going to ram a $200 million bill up his client's ass.

Walter: So what do you think?
Claire: I'd have worn a shorter skirt if I'd known I was getting pimped out.
Walter: Oh, come on, Claire. Mitch lost his wife three years ago in a car accident. He's not just looking for a roll in the sack. 'Course, it doesn't hurt he's got his own island.

Claire: [at the settlement meeting] Ten million to Mr. Kendrick's preferred charity.
Tom: Three.
Claire: Eight.
Tom: Four.
Claire: Seven.
Tom: Five.
Walter: Five is fine.
Patty: I think we have an agreement.
Walter: Always nice when cooler heads prevail.
Patty: What is the charity?
Claire: The NRA.

New York Sucks [2.07]

Manu Singh: Arthur, if you want to change the world, first change yourself. Then your part in changing the world is finished.

Manu Singh: One's aim should be to know oneself truly, apart from one's place in the world.

Patty: [introducing Frobisher to the media] Arthur Frobisher is a great American. Recently, I've had the opportunity to get to know the private man, and I have been deeply impressed by his character and his resolve. I have come to see that he is by nature, a builder. He is an inspiring human being whose passion in life is to create, not destroy.

Agent Werner: [to Pete] Are you gonna give us Patty? Or are you gonna abandon your dying wife?

Wes: [to Bearded Man] Okay, look, you slipped up here, right? I'm sure it feels like you're walking around, and your dick's hanging out. It's no fun. I get it.

They Had to Tweeze That Out of My Kidney [2.08]

Dave Pell: Phil, there's a thing people say when they want you to do something you don't want to do.
Phil: What's that?
Dave Pell: 'You're gonna thank me someday.'

Manu Singh: Every gesture has two sides. One faces the sun, the other darkness.

Arthur: [to Bearded Man] I am prepared to take responsibility, but you, you are still stuck in the past. I'm not. I'm free. Today, I am... I-I walk without fear.

Agent Werner: What's it gonna be, Pete? Your wife... or Patty Hewes? You are going to a prison hospital. You got to decide, Pete.
Uncle Pete: Get me a bedpan. I got to take a shit.

Manu Singh: Arthur, you have invited a jackal into your life. And it is the jackal's nature to hunt until he has made his kill.
Arthur: What's that supposed to mean?
Manu Singh: It means you have a choice -- you must either spend the rest of your life running from this man... or turn yourself in and face the repercussions of your past.

You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant [2.09]

Ellen: [on the death of Uncle Pete] I don't know, but she blames you guys. This is like a call to war for her.
Agent Werner: Meaning what?
Ellen: Meaning you're not just targeting her now. She's targeting you.

Agent Werner: We don't work for the FBI, Ellen.
Ellen: Who do you work for?
Agent Werner: The IPF.
Ellen: The what?
Agent Harrison: Inter-Planetary Federation. You never saw Men in Black?
Ellen: Oh, you guys are jackasses.

Patty: I will give you protection, and I'll put in a good word with your family court judge.
Lonnie Samble: And if I don't talk to you?
Patty: Family courts don't take kindly to mothers who are prostitutes. It would be a shame if they found out.

Patty: Phil makes the mistake of believing that man is inherently good.
Phil: No, I believe that man is inherently self-interested, and the only way to keep self-interest in check is through free market competition.

Patty: This investigation is corrupt, and when I prove it, your career will be over.
Don McGraff: You don't want to threaten me.
Patty: I don't make threats, Mr. McGraff. This is war.

Uh Oh, Out Come the Skeletons [2.10]

Ellen: It's hard to know... what I... owe David.
Wes: And what you owe yourself.
Ellen: Yeah.

Claire: How has retirement been?
Claire's Dad: Quiet.
Claire: Quiet's good.
Claire's Dad: Most of the time. Of course, it wouldn't be so quiet if I had some grandchildren.
Claire: You know, if you wanted grandkids, Dad, you should have had more than one kid yourself.

Patty: [about Jill dating her son] You appear to be an intelligent, attractive woman. Why are you dating a child?
Jill Burnham: We both know that Michael is not a child.
Patty: Are you mentally ill?

Wes: You're safe, Rick. You have nothing to worry about.
Bearded Man: That's right. I don't. 'Cause you're going to do it. Or I call your old lieutenant. I tell him what I know. And I send you to prison for life.

Patty: [to Jill about Michael] You will break his heart. And when you do, I'll rip your face off.

London, Of Course [2.11]

Ellen: I want to apologize for pushing you to pursue Frobisher's connection to Calder security. I, uh... I got emotional. I crossed a line.
Patty: We've talked about your temper, Ellen. It's a shame that you still can't control it.
Ellen: I said I'm sorry.
Patty: I heard you the first time.

Patty: So, you were asking about marriage. Well, you know, it's funny because everyone will tell you it's about trust, commitment.
Ellen: It isn't?
Patty: No, that's exactly what it is. Trust, commitment. I mean, some things in this life are simple.

Phil: I mean, the allure of an older woman is undeniable. In junior high school, I was always more attracted to my older sister's friends.
Michael: It has nothing to do with Jill's age. Her energy is incredibly attractive. She lives in the moment.
Phil: I understand. We just don't want to see you get hurt.
Michael: Thank you, but I can handle it.

Walter: All this plotting and betrayal isn't in your nature, Claire. Must have kept you up nights. Except those nights when you were sleeping around.
Claire: Go to hell!
Walter: I probably will. But while I'm here, no one is going to take away my goddamn company!

[after the news about Patty's husband having an affair]
Patty: I can't figure out whether I should thank you.
Ellen: For what?
Patty: Sending me the pictures. You could have been trying to protect me. Let me know before the... world knew. Or maybe you were just being vindictive.

Look What He Dug Up This Time [2.12]

Ellen: I met with Judge Oliver. You were right. I think he'll play ball.
Patty: Did he try to grope you? He can be a very grabby old man.
Ellen: No, he was a perfect gentleman, except, of course, his willingness to be bought.

Dave Pell: You know how I made so much money on Wall Street back in the day?
Walter: How?
Dave Pell: Every day I'd wake up assuming I was going to lose it all. I'd go to work and make a pile more.
Walter: See that? I always assume I'm going to win.

Michael: Let's hear your thoughts on relationships. Why is it that you can't sustain one? Why do you hurt every person you come into contact with?
Patty: Michael, stop it!
Michael: Phil, Uncle Pete, Ray Fiske. People either leave you or they die. Those are the only two endings possible with you. Who's it gonna be next, Mom?

Daniel: When you were seven, your mother told me about you. We fought... over custody, and we went to court. It got ugly... and eventually, I backed down.
Michael: I'm sure my mom was pretty vicious.
Daniel: She was fiercely protective of you.

Daniel: The nine circles of hell are for the unrepentant who try to justify their sins.
Walter: I'm a businessman, Daniel. I don't give a shit about fire and brimstone.

Trust Me [2.13]


Note: This episode is 90 minutes in length

Patty: The alternative... is to believe in our case and trust the system.
Ellen: Judge Oliver doesn't believe in the system. He believes in money.

Patty: A man's wife was murdered to protect your investments. And the company you've been trading has poisoned thousands of people so you could turn your profits.
Finn Garrity: I don't know anything about that.
Patty: Maybe not. Anyway, I don't care, Mr. Garrity. I've been having one hell of a shitty month, and someone is gonna pay.

Michael: I'm not going to college.
Patty: Why not?
Michael: For you, Mom. Look at you.
Patty: What is that supposed to mean?
Michael: You need a man in your life. And you have no one left but me.

Patty: The only one that was loyal to me was Pete... and you.
Ellen: I haven't stuck by you because of loyalty.
Patty: No?
Ellen: I believe in what you do.
Patty: Well, that's all I can ask for.

Ellen: [to Patty] what's the matter? You shouldn't be scared. Actually... I take that back. You should be scared. You should be terrified.

Ellen: You know, working for you this past year, I... think I understand you. You're corrupt, narcissistic, cruel...
Patty: I can be.
Ellen: But so is the rest of the world.

Ray: Patty... there are things far worse than death. Like living with lies. You know what you've done. Now you have a chance to set things right.
Patty: Ray...
Ray: There are things far worse than death. Don't worry about dying, Patty. Face your fear. Face yourself.

Season 3


Your Secrets Are Safe [3.01]

Ellen: [to Patty] You don't have to worry about me. I forgave you. All your secrets are safe.

Patty: How long have you been with me now?
Tom: Almost eleven years.
Patty: It's time to put your name on the door.

Patty: [to Joe Tobin] When I look at you all I see is guilt.

Phil: Hold on! We've been stuck on the apartment for seven months. There must be some way we can settle this.
Patty: We have. I'm not selling.
Patty's lawyer: I think the issue here is that my client doesn't think of this as just another asset. This is her home.
Phil: Her home? Your client doesn't know what a home is!

The Dog is Happier Without Her [3.02]

Patty: You went to Ellen...didn't you?
Tom: I'm sorry. I wasn't getting anywhere.
Patty: Don't apologize. Why not use Ellen?

Tom: I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I have to get going.
Ellen: Where are you heading?
Tom: To tell my wife that we've lost everything...

Flight's at 11:08 [3.03]

Carrie Parsons: You know, Eddie is on sports.
Gary Parsons: Bowling is not a sport....Nice priorities. Bowling over family...

Don't Throw That at the Chicken [3.04]

Ellen: So how is Michael doing anyway?
Patty: He is used to be doing quite well without me.
Ellen: Well, that would make sense, you always said you are a terrible mother. [smiles]

It's Not My Birthday [3.05]


Don't Forget To Thank Mr. Zedeck [3.06]


You Haven't Replaced Me [3.07]

Patty: So you are not upset that I replaced you.
Ellen: Patty, you hired someone. You didn't replace me.

I Look Like Frankenstein [3.08]

Patty: Consider this the carrot. Believe me, you don't want the stick.

Drive It Through Hardcore [3.09]


Tell Me I'm Not Racist [3.10]

Patty: [to Judge Riley] When I find the Tobin's money, nobody is gonna care about how I did it.

Tom: I'll tell Patty.
Ellen: No, don't. And if she finds out, blame it on me.
Tom: I can't do that.
Ellen: What is she gonna do, fire me?

All That Crap About Your Family [3.11]

Patty: [to Ellen] You used me...cause it's always been about ambition with you...You act like you care about the case, all that crap about your family, your sister's wedding, I fell for your bullshit. But I know you now, I see you. You are a climber, a parasite...and you are ruthless.... Just go. I want you out of my apartment...I want you out of my life.

You Were His Little Monkey [3.12]


The Next One's Gonna Go In Your Throat [3.13]


Season 4


There's Only One Way to Try a Case [4.01]


I've Done Way Too Much for This Girl [4.02]


I'd Prefer My Old Office [4.03]


Next One's on Me, Blondie [4.04]


We'll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off of This Thing [4.05]


Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew [4.06]


I'm Worried About My Dog [4.07]


The War Will Go On Forever [4.08]


There's A Whole Slew Of Ladies With Bad Things To Say About The Taliban [4.09]


Failure is Lonely [4.10]

Patty: (to Ellen) if you back down, even once, you'll never win any of the cases that you believe in.
Ellen: (to Patty): You want someone you can manipulate, someone like Tom, who'll give you their life while you sit on your throne. You know what your problem is Patty? You chose winning over everything: your husband, your son, me...all you have in your life is your next case. There's nothing else.
Patty: (chuckles) You think success made me lonely? Failure is Lonely.
Patty: (to Ellen): You are an ungrateful child, and you are in for a rude awakening.

Season 5


You Want to End This Once and For All? [5.01]


Have You Met the Eel Yet? [5.02]


Failure is Failure [5.03]


I Love You, Mommy [5.04]


There's Something Wrong With Me [5.05]


I Need to Win [5.06]


The Storm's Moving In [5.07]


I'm Afraid of What I'll Find [5.08]


I Love Your Chair [5.09]


But You Don't Do That Anymore [5.10]



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