Dallas (2012 TV series)

American television soap opera (2012–2014)

Dallas is an American television drama series developed by Cynthia Cidre and produced by Warner Horizon Television. The series is a continuation of the American prime time television soap opera of the same name that aired on CBS from 1978 to 1991

Season 1


Changing of the Guard [1.01]

John Ross: [on being told by Bobby that he has no right to drill at Southfork] I'm a Ewing. I have every right.

Ann: [on catching an intruder in the house] I don't miss, mister, not at any range.

J.R.: [in the nursing home, to John Ross] Bobby was always a fool. Stubborn as a mule.

J.R.: Son, the courts are for amateurs and the faint of heart. No, this is personal.

J.R. Ewing: Blood may be thicker than water, but oil is thicker than both.

John Ross: We're in the oil business, boys!

Sue Ellen: [to John Ross] Think of me as an ally. I can help.

J.R.: I'm the one who belongs on Southfork. It's mine! And only mine.

Christopher Ewing: Oil's the past, John Ross. Alternatives are the future.
John Ross: I couldn't disagree more.

John Ross: Oh, Bobby's not your dad. Everbody knows your dad sold you when you were a little baby. You'll never be a Ewing, Christopher! [Christopher starts beating up on John Ross]

Christopher: [to his potential investors, who offer him a bad deal] I ain't a virgin, but I ain't a whore, either.

Bobby: Now you listen to me boy: there is no drilling on my ranch!

Hedging Your Bets [1.02]

J.R.: [to John Ross] And son, never pass up a good chance to shut up.

J.R.: [at the Cattle Baron's Ball, to John Ross] Watch and learn.

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J.R.: [on meeting the real Marta] I'm gonna have to introduce you to my son, John Ross. He's a chip off the old block.

Ann: [J.R. has just given Ann a compliment] Why thank you, J.R. It's nice to be in a company of a legend.
J.R.: Mostly in my own mind, darlin'.

Mitch:: I guess some people are just too damn mean to die. [shakes J.R.'s hand]

The Price You Pay [1.03]

J.R.: [Ann is pointing a shotgun at J.R] Bullets don't seem to have much of an effect on me, darling.

J.R.: The best way to understand a man, is to talk to his friends... and his enemies. My friends are in the State House. My enemies are gonna be harder to find.

J.R.: [to Cliff Barnes] I'll be there when they put you in the ground, Barnes. Listen close, I'll be the one dancing on the dirt overhead.

Cliff: You are never gonna be one of them, Christopher, and don't let them destroy you like they did Pam.

J.R. Ewing: [to John Ross] I spent most of your childhood chasing after women I didn't love, makin' deals that didn't really matter. I will get Southfork back. Because you shouldn't have to pay for my sins.

Cliff: Well, you're lookin' pretty spry for all you've been through, old pal. Cliff Barnes, remember me?
J.R.: Time has not been kind to that face. But I do recall the smell of brimstone and crazy...

The Last Hurrah [1.04]

J.R.: [holding a file on Veronica Martinez aka Marta del Sol] Well, I'd say when it comes to jealousy, our girl is crazier than an outhouse rat. [smiles]
Bum: Man, I hope I'm never on the wrong end of that smile, J.R.

Cliff: I will never stop fighting for what is rightfully mine. And I know you are the same way.
J.R.: I'm a changed man, Cliff. Evidence of that is the fact that you're not being wheeled out of here with two broken legs.

Truth and Consequences [1.05]

J.R.: Daddy always said beautiful women were the most dangerous.
Bobby: [impatient to get to the point] I know all the things daddy used to say.

J.R.: Ewing Oil is back in business, Bobby!
Bobby: That's not gonna happen, J.R. [holds up a deed stating J.R. owns Southfork]
'Bobby: This is not going to happen. That's why I wanted to sell Southfork in the first place: to stop all this feuding. And leave a legacy to mama.
J.R.: You wanna carry on mama's legacy? Well, I wanna carry on daddy's.

Ann: They warned me. My whole marriage, they told me about you. But in my wildest imagination, I never thought you could stoop to this.
J.R.: Well Annie, you're just gonna have to work on your imagination.

John Ross: [to Bobby] The last thing I'd want to do is have to kick you off this ranch. Like you did to me.

J.R.: [to John Ross] Just start drillin'. By the time I'm back, Bobby will have gotten used to oil being pumped on Southfork and the damage will be done. Just don't screw it up.

The Enemy of My Enemy [1.06]

Bobby Ewing: Thank you for bringing this, but it doesn't mean that we automatically trust you again, Rebecca.

Marta Del Sol: I have money. A lot of money. Skimmed from Vicente on Southfork's sale. We could go away together.
John Ross: I wouldn't wanna go across the street with you. Now leave, before I do somethin' we both regret.

Collateral Damage [1.07]

John Ross: No, I am not gonna ask Elena to float me some barrels. I refuse to drag her into this mess.
Sue Ellen: She's in the oil business, she's in the mess already.

Bobby: [to John Ross] I really had hoped that you kids would climb out of the hole this family dug. But J.R.'s just dragging you down with him.

John Ross: Lucy, you were and always will be, my favorite cousin.
Lucy: [business like] What do you want?

J.R.: [on mobile phone with Bum] A cheated man is a dangerous man. Just ask my son.

No Good Deed [1.08]

Vicente: I just want to know one thing... where is my oil?
John Ross: It's kind of tough to do business behind bars.

Christopher: How the hell could J.R. do this to his own family?
Bobby: How much time do you have? Son, ever since momma left me this ranch, J.R. has been desperate to get it back. I just never thought he'd be so desperate that he'd risk losing it all together.

Sue Ellen: You had better not be protecting your father, John Ross, I will not let you fall on that sword.

Family Business [1.09]

J.R.: I don't see how this it's my fault.
Ann: Of course you don't, you're a sociopath!
J.R.: Well there's no need to call names.

Ann: [to J.R] If I catch you anywhere near Bobby's room, I'll shoot you, and since you have no heart, It'll be somewhere more vital.

Ann: He called me Wife number 3?
Sue Ellen: That's when I slapped him.
Ann: That deserves a muffin.

John Ross: He finally got what he's always wanted, but he's being pig-headed and selfish.
Sue Ellen: [sarcastically] That's so unlike J.R.

Season 2


Venomous Creatures [2.02]

J.R.: [to Sue Ellen] I'm only going to tell you this once, and I'll deny it the minute I leave this room, but the best decision you ever made was leaving me.

J.R.: [to Sue Ellen] With all the pull I still have in this city after all the crap I've pulled, you'll bounce back too.

Sins of the Father [2.03]

J.R.: It's a rare and beautiful thing when enemies share the same enemy.

J.R.: We both know that rich folks don't go to jail but people who clean up after them do.

J.R.: It's a sad day when an old man can sneak up on a super ninja.

Sue Ellen: I was married to your father for 17 years. I think I know when I'm being played.

Sue Ellen: Vengeance won't heal a broken heart.

Drew: I've got a fast car. It's not too late to run.

J.R.': You use those puppy dog eyes you got from me and that's going to bring the Mamma Bear out in Sue Ellen.

Ann: When I lost you, I died inside.

John: Let's not consider this work. Let's consider this screwing over Christopher and Elena.

John: I get me some a little breakfast and I think I'll be ready for round two.
Rebecca: I hear they have nice waffles at the Ritz.

False Confessions [2.04]

J.R.: Try to talk Bobby Ewing out of what he believes is right. I got a better chance with winning the good samaritan award.

John Ross: Just cause he's a pussy doesn't mean he ain't smart.

J.R.: No baby brother of mine is going to spend his twilight years in jail.

Sue Ellen: You can't change the past. The future, that's a different story.

J.R.: You really shoot Ryland or are you just protecting that trigger happy wife of yours?

Sue Ellen: When you have children, you can never give up. No matter what.

J.R.: You let that Barnes girl get a piece of our company and you're inviting a vampire into our home. She'll suck the life out of us.

Bobby: It's not like the old days where we use to knock 'em back for no reason at all.

J.R.: You asked me teach you every dirty trick I know to get Ewing Energies. I teach by example.

John Ross: You work on rigs for years you tend to make friends. Maybe it's different in laboratories where you guys just play with your own little microscopes all day.

Trial and Error [2.05]

Ann: [Ann has just left the hospital after confronting Harris over his accusation of Bobby as his alleged murderer... she notices blood spatter on the toes of her boots and then walks through the police station in stocking feet, slamming the boots on the front desk] My name is Ann Ewing. I shot Harris Ryland.

Blame Game [2.06]

John Ross Ewing:: Please tell me that look is morning sickness,[looks out window]
John Ross Ewing: at night.

Judge Wallace Tate: [to Harris] You kidnapped your daughter and let your ex-wife think she was dead. If you'd done that to me, I probably would've shot you too.

Pamela: Was all I was just revenge sex to you?
John Ross: Revenge sex is all I could afford.

'Ann: I know that look, and the feeling behind it. One time when I went to my hairdresser, he convinced me to get some highlights. So I did, and as I was on my way home I got afraid, what if Harris didn't like it?
Emma: What did he say?
Ann Ewing: Before he got home I went back and had it dyed back to the original color. But he still knew, he got furious. That was the start of him always making me feel like I was stupid for not consulting him first.

The Furious and the Fast [2.07]

Harris: I loved her because she wasn't you.

Harris: I have a right to know my mother.
Emma: No, you don't.

Gary: I never hated Dallas, just everything else that came with it.

Elena: When you talk about a means justifying an end you sound almost like them.

Bobby: I appreciate you backing me on this Gary. You were always the one brother I could count on.

Pamela: I had your back until you and Christopher decided to play chicken with the company.

John Ross: From what I remember, you couldn't stand it here unless you were hiding behind Miss Ellie's skirts or a bottle.

Elena: I'm in a bad mood, Drew. If you don't want me to take it out on you then I suggest you run ahead.

John Ross: Uncle Gary. Who the hell let you off the cul de sac?

J.R.'s Masterpiece [2.08]

John Ross Ewing: [reading J.R.'s final letter to him aloud] John Ross, if you're reading this, it means I'm dead. And if I'm dead, that means Barnes is coming after you. You must crush him before he can win. I promised your Uncle Bobby that taking down Harris Ryland would be my masterpiece. I bet my last nickel Barnes'll join forces with Ryland to destroy us. Use what I've given you to take from them what they want to take from us. When you've done that, Bobby will know what to do.


John Ross: And remember, you're my son, tip to tail.
Bum: [to Bobby, handing him an envelope] He wanted you to have this.
John Ross: [Bobby reads it silently] What's it say?
Christopher: Ain't you gonna tell us?
John Ross: [Bobby beckons to Bum] Uncle Bobby!
Christopher: Dad!
Bobby: [as he and Bum leave the den] This is between my brother and me... for now.
Bobby : [to Bum] You pay off whoever you have to pay off... so that everybody still thinks J.R. was killed by a mugger. And when the time comes, we'll take care of this ourselves... as a family.

Bobby: [Bobby enters J.R.'s bedroom and pours himself a drink from J.R.'s decanter] I knew you'd have at least one more left up your sleeve, J.R.

[looks at the letter in his hand from J.R]

Bobby: And it's a good one... I love you, brother. [takes another drink and dissolves into tears]

Ewings Unite! [2.09]

Judith: Since you are dead to me, you are no longer family.

Valene: You are just as sadistic as J.R. ever was.

Bobby: The only hope we have of surviving is if we stick together.

Emma: It was like being trapped in a giant glass bubble. I couldn't get out and no one could get in.

Bobby: Since J.R.'s dead we have to find our own inner junkyard dog.

Ryland: I trust we both want to grind the Ewing clan under our boot heels.

Bobby: We've got to get to the will reading because if we're late I'm sure he will give us nightmares.

Christopher: If my mother's alive, I'll find her. It's about time I did.

John Ross: My father's six feet under and he's still got us working for him.

Guilt & Innocence [2.10]

Drew: Tell me who you're friends with and I'll tell you who you are.

Bobby: Pull in your claws, Afton. You've caused enough trouble in the past.

John Ross: Darlin' if there were karma I would have been run over, shot, and struck by lightening years ago.

Ryland: I miss you, Emma.
Emma: I know.

Let Me In [2.11]

Pamela: Promise me that when you find out who did this you'll make them pay.

Sue Ellen: When the Ewings unite nothing can stop us. You're either on our side or you're among the casualties.

Harris: You force me to take actions for your own good girl.

Sue Ellen: If he strangled you I would sit back and watch the show.

John Ross: You need to know in your life that there are people who love you and are here for you.

Harris: Arrested for transportation of stolen goods two months ago. Women's shoes it says. He give you a pair at least?

John Ross: I ain't going anywhere until I know that you're OK.
Pamela: You'll be here a long time.

John Ross: A man needs his man cave. A place I can take a girl after I club her over the head. Or where I can read, quietly.

Christopher: What would make you people happy? You want me to go home and curl up in the fetal position.

John Ross: The whole family under the same roof again. Buckle up, right.

A Call to Arms [2.12]

Pamela: He was never going to love me more than he hates your family.

Bobby: Well if anyone in this house knows how complicated a relationship with a Barnes woman can be, it's me.

Cliff: The Ewings will pay for all of their sins.

John Ross: For once in my damn life I told the truth and she thought it was a move.

Cliff: The Ewings haven't taken responsibility for anything they've ever done.

Sue Ellen: Being a mother is about doing the hard things, even though she may hate you for it.

John Ross: Just feeling the seeds from all the lies I've sown coming back to bite me in the ass.

Elena: Don't worry. I'm not here to stage a coup.

Harris: Don't worry about the Ewings. They're like a bunch of trapped animals. They know it's over but they keep flailing about trying to convince themselves it's not.

Emma: There's no where we can go where my father won't find us.

Love & Family [2.13]

John Ross: Are you doing this because you love me or because you hate your father?
Pamela: I do.

Emma: You escaped. You did four years. I did twenty.

Harris: I cannot protect you from yourself if you're not here with me.

Cliff: You bring your daughter over from London to wreak havoc with your ex-wife. What did that get you? Shot.

Pamela: I didn't do all of this, Christopher, Ewing Energies, the babies, for an heirloom. Aunt Katherine also left you her shares in the company. I want to be your partner in Barnes Global.

Drew: You take the job, it's don't ask, don't tell.
Elena: Spoken like a stupid mule.

Elena: John Ross and Pamela deserve each other.

Ann: You're not having fun. You're falling down a long, dark hole. When it happened to me there was no one there to catch me.

Cliff: Eminent Domain. Who said that Latin was a dead language?

Cliff: I appreciate what he did with TESHA.
Harris: Not to mention running that pipeline up the Ewing's ass for you.

Guilty by Association [2.14]

Christopher: It was like I was 7 years old and my father was telling my mother was never coming home.

Sue Ellen: Just a little something I learned from J.R. If you can't count on someone to do the right thing, don't give them the choice.

Sue Ellen: Of all people, I understand breaking a few rules to protect your child.

Christopher: The woman I'm about to see ceased to be my mother the day she abandoned me.

Pamela: For a moment there I almost forgot the toxic mess I'm returning to in Dallas.

Cliff: It's the ultimate payback for what Jock did to Digger all those years ago.

Pamela: I'd always dreamed that my wedding ring would come from a gum ball machine.
John Ross: I don't know if you've heard but my family in the midst of some financial difficulties.

Legacies [2.15]

[Sue Ellen warns him to be nice to Pamela]
John Ross: What do you take me for, mama, a scoundrel?

Harris Ryland: This isn't the girl I raised.

Emma Brown: It is, because I am exactly my father's daughter.

Harris: [to Ann] You enjoying this?
Ann: Actually I'm not, Harris, because I'm not a sick, sadistic prick like you are.

[Bum reveals that he killed J.R., at J.R.'s request]

Bum: Please believe that his last act was an act of love for his family, and for you.
John Ross: [shaking Bum's hand] The only person who could take down J.R., was J.R.

[Cliff is in jail for the murder of J.R. and has refused Bobby's offer of help]
Cliff: Who killed J.R.?
Bobby: You'll *never* know, Cliff.

[Cliff has found out that the Ewings have beaten him again, with Pamela's help]
Cliff: Oh Pamela, you have just made the most grievous error of your young life.
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