Daido Ichi'i

Japanese monk, poet and artist

Daido Ichi'i (Japanese: 大道一以, 1292 - February 26, 1370) was a Japanese monk, poet and artist. He was the 28th abbot of the Tōfuku-ji monastery in Kyoto, founded by Enni Ben'en (1202‒1280).

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  • The use of circle imagery became increasingly significant in formal portraits of various Zen masters, becoming standard beginning in the fifteenth century, and became known as Ensō-zo (circle portraits). In these images,the master is shown as if contained within a painted “halo”or round window frame within the larger format of the composition. One of the earliest examples is a set of portraits contained in an album depicting twenty-eight patriarchs, each one shown as a bust portrait contained within a round “frame.” The series of portraits begins with the first patriarch, Daruma (Bodhidharma), covered in a red robe...
Another example of enso-zo ̄from this period depicts three abbots of To ̄fuku-ji: Enni Ben'en (1202‒1280), Zo ̄zan Junku ̄(1233‒1308), and Daido ̄Ichi'i (1292‒1370). The three masters are shown in half-torso portraiture, grouped together within a painted circle. Compositionally, Enni Ben'en, the founder of To ̄fuku-ji,is positioned slightly above the other two masters/
  • Audrey Yoshiko Seo. Ensō: Zen Circles of Enlightenment, 2007.

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