Da Vinci's Demons

British-American drama television series

Da Vinci's Demons (2013 - 2015) is an American historical fantasy drama series, airing on Starz, that presents a fictional account of Leonardo da Vinci's early life as he is implicated in the political schemes of the Medici and Pazzi families and their contrasting relationships with the Catholic Church. These events occur alongside Leonardo's quest to obtain the Book of Leaves as he finds himself entangled with a cult known as the Sons of Mithras.

Season 1


The Hanged Man [1.01]

The Jew: I am a son of Earth and Starry Heaven. I am thirsty. Please give me something to drink from the fountain of Memory.

Al-Rahim: You have heard the phrase "time is a river"? What most fail to grasp is that the river is circular. One man's death opens the doorway to the birth of the next.

Lorenzo: I'm also told that you are a trouble-maker, you are arrogant, impolitic, and utterly incapable of keeping your opinions to yourself.
Leonardo: Arrogance implies that I exaggerate my own worth. I don't.

Becchi: If man were meant to fly...
Leonardo: ...he would have been born with wings, yes. But a similar assertion could have been made prior to the invention of gunpowder. Or the wheel. Or any other invention conceived since the fire. I believe man will fly. And I base this assumption on the fact that God has blessed us with minds that are capable of imagining it. Anything that can be dreamt of will eventually be built. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

Lorenzo: A clockwork loses its luster once one glimpses the gears beneath its face.

The Serpent [1.02]

Piero: Shouldn't you be working on Lorenzo's musket?
Leonardo: Well, unlike you, father, I'm actually capable of doing two things at the same time.
Piero: Drinking and digging your own grave?

Becchi: His Magnificence thought it wise to bring a military strategist to the demonstration. In order to better evaluate your work.
Lorenzo: I wish I'd brought a boat.

The Prisoner [1.03]

Leonardo: If I dropped everything every time one of you decided to pursue some ill-conceived and asinine flight of fancy, I would never get anything done!
Nico: Well I'll remember that the next time you decide to strap me or Vanessa into your glider wings.

Lorenzo: My brother saw one mad nun and thinks the Devil is at large in Florence.

Giuliano: Attend to your guns, Da Vinci. I've been tasked to handle this matter...
Leonardo: And you're doing an admirable job. I hear you actually slaughtered one of the poor Sisters on the way in.
Giuliano: It was an accident.
Leonardo: Incompetence often is.

Giuliano: When you start licking paintings I think it's time to accept that the devil is here.

Lucrezia: Clarice, I know you love him, how can you even stand to look at me?
Clarice: Because I know you will never be up on that wall.

The Magician [1.04]

Giuliano: [To Lorenzo] I think I have a cat in my bag. Would you like to kick that, too?

Leonardo: [To Dragonetti] Il Capitano. I didn't take you for a religious zealot. A bully and an arse-hole, yes..a zealot?

Lorenzo: Leonardo! Leonardo! Leonaa...Oh so you have the gall to remain in Florence. You're either brave or unimaginably stupid.
Leonardo: It's a bit of both.

Becchi: Whatever promise they made, they will not honor it.
Lucrezia: You have no idea of my circumstances. There's more to this than Florence or Rome or my life.

Lucrezia: Consider it mercy. This is the fastest, most painless death I can offer and I will see that it takes.
Becchi: This isn't mercy. This is you tying off loose ends.

The Tower [1.05]

Lorenzo: [About Isabella] That pan-faced wench wouldn't know art if it sat on her face, which her Friar clearly longs to do.

Leonardo: At worst, it speaks of political chicanery to question anyone's intimate relations in this manner, 'cos I have nothing to be ashamed of and I have nothing to defend.
Vanessa: I can vouch for that. They should put me on the stand.
Zoroaster: Hearing how he deflowered a nun won't help.

Podestà Marino: If the people believe him [Jacopo Sartarelli] amoral, I can't pass a guilty verdict without appearing corrupt myself.
Francesco Pazzi: You'll do as instructed.
Podestà Marino: I'm an elected official. I'll do as someone pays me to do.

Verrochio: And have you given the same amount of thought to what would happen if it doesn't work?
Leonardo: None whatsoever.

Leonardo: This is how history will remember you. Lies, truth, it's irrelevant. The best story wins.

The Devil [1.06]

Leonardo: Ave, Vladislaus Dracul Filius, vaivoda partium Transalpinarum. Prince of Transylvania and Wallachia, son of Vlad II known as Vlad Dracul or Vlad the Dragon, which makes you Vlad III, Son of the Dragon, or as it is known in your language: Dracula.

Leonardo: You two can go on. I feel like I could sleep for the next week.
Nico: As could I.
Leonardo: That's because we've all been poisoned.
Nico: What?!
Leonardo: Drink some antidote.
Zoroaster: That bastard he slipped something in our drinks?!
Leonardo: No. I did.

The Abyssinian: Hell happens when the evil of the world exceeds our belief that we can conquer it.

The Abyssinian: I must tell you of the key you seek.
Leonardo: The other key that opens the Vault of Heaven?
The Abyssinian: It's waiting in Rome, there for your taking and when you have both keys...Your mother, Caterina, she is alive. She carries the Book of Leaves for us, beneath the hitching post of the sun in a town made of stone, in the land on my map.

The Hierophant [1.07]

Giuliano: Let's be clear on this: I get no choice in this matter.
Lorenzo: None. Because you are my brother, you get an explanation of why you have no choice.

Giuliano: You're a saint.
Vanessa: I think we disproved that last night.

Vanessa: [To Giuliano] Your palace is a prison with better linens.

Leonardo: [To Sixtus IV] You press for my devotion. It's only to place me here as another relic in this tomb that you've constructed.

Leonardo: To be haunted by your mistakes, Nico, that's a fate far worse than death.

The Lovers [1.08]

Al-Rahim: There is a ship bound for Cape Verde, the Basilisk, under command of António de Noli. As we speak, de Noli is in Florence, loading a barge with provisions for a journey. At dawn, he takes the barge to Pisa, where the Basilisk is anchored. You, Leonardo, must book passage on that ship. With your navigational skills, the Basilisk will survive the storms and reach another land entirely - where the Book of Leaves awaits.


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