DJ Paul

American record producer, rapper and DJ

Paul Duane Beauregard, (born January 12, 1977) better known by his stage name DJ Paul, is an American rapper, record producer, DJ, songwriter and entrepreneur from Memphis, Tennessee. He is a founding member of hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia and the half-brother of the late rapper Lord Infamous.

DJ Paul, founder of the group Three 6 Mafia, in 2015


  • Basically, the whole thing of the project is to take it back to my old sound, the old DJ Paul sound. Before Three 6 Mafia when I was just DJ Paul and it was just me and my brother Lord Infamous. It was like a mix of songs and it was either me or members of my crew and some of it would be my signature “Crunkstrumentals” which would be instrumentals with crunk chants and sampled hooks and this and that on it. I brought those back a little bit on my last album Yots (Year Of The Six) Pt. 2 that dropped last quarter of last year, 2016. So, there will be more of those on there, like I said it’s just the original OG Paul sound that’s what the fans been asking for and I see that what a lot of people are back into these days, there using that old three six sounds and a lot of people are sampling it and clear samples from me. They sampled the creator it takes the king to bring it back himself. I never left it alone, to be honest with you, but I just didn’t do full albums of it. It would just be a track on my albums or mixtapes, not a single but this whole Volume 17 mixtape is going to be like that.
  • Man, I really ain’t have no downtime since the fucking 90’s but I don’t really work fast but I don’t really work slow. So I have been around a lot of producers, some of the top producers in the business and I’ve seen producers go in, I’m talking about producers that have hit songs right now on the radio. I’ve seen some of these producers get up and make 100 beats a week, and out of these 100 beats they make a week, you know 400 a month, maybe one of them will end up on their own artists project. That was never the case with me. If I went into the studio and made 5 beats week all five of those at least four of those would be on the album and three of them would be singles. I just work different, when I go in I hit hard, I strike right on the nose right off the top and I don’t have to live in the studio like you see some artists doing even though I live in the studio but I just be doing other stuff.
  • I haven’t had any down time, my last album just came out the end of last year so that wasn’t even 6 months ago the album that I did with Yelawolf, the Yots (Year Of The Six) Pt. 2 album. I didn’t go straight into this project I went straight into producing projects for some other people. Stuff for Riff Raff, stuff for Jon Connor, Dr. Dre’s new artist, some stuff for my new artist Weirdo Westwood King and a lot of other people, then I just decided to go into my project. Actually, some fans decided it for me, I wasn’t even going to make a rap project this year, I had been writing EDM songs for a lot of kids. I got about four of those that’s coming out, one of them already came out with this guy named Kennedy Jones, it’s called “Never Not.” So I had been writing these EDM songs for these kids and I was just going to stick to that because that’s fun and easier, but all the fans were like “Ahh man you should bring out that straight underground shit man a Volume 17 for Summer 17. They kind of talked me into doing it. So I was like well yeah it’s time to bring it back at least before I take a break on it and go straight to producing other folks for a minute, in 1/2 year or a year I should at least hit them with some straight underground joints to hold them off for a minute. My last album wasn’t straight underground joints it had all kind of stuff on it because it came out through me and Yelawolf.
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