D. P. Agrawal

Historian, archaeologist, author

D. P. Agrawal (Dharma Pal Agrawal), born on 15 March 1933, is a historian of Indian science and technology, archaeologist, and author. He has published works on Indian archaeology, metallurgy, the history of science, and palaeoclimate.

Dharampal Agrawal with Rajiv Dixit


  • The Indus civilization is still alive today.
    • As quoted in Bernard Sergent: Genèse de l’Inde, p.128. The quoted phrase, which Sergent dismisses in footnote (p.425, n.146) as “a Hindu nationalist myth”, is from Dharma Pal Agrawal: L’Archéologie de l’Inde, CNRS, Paris 1986, p.2. , quoted in Elst, Koenraad (1999). Update on the Aryan invasion debate New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan.

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