Japanese manga series

D•N•Angel is a manga and anime series by Yukiru Sugisaki.

Dark Mousy


  • You don't have to like someone forever just because you like them at first!
  • I may be a pervert, but I would never stoop so low as to steal a lady!
  • If you woulda just called my wings out in the first place we wouldn't be in this sticky, not to mention lame complete and utter FAILURE of a situation.
  • She's pretty cute when she's sleeping.
  • It's more like eternally stuck in the mud.

  • If you love somebody, set them... traps.
  • That was so quick, you'd make a ninja go pale.
  • AAAAHHHH!!! I have to do something! Right now! Hang on, baby! Mommy's coming to save you!

  • Humans are not endless.
  • Risa is a bitch.
  • If touching those feelings hurts you, don't go and touch them.
  • My name is Krad. But you do not have to remember it, because here you will die.
  • The 'noble' black winged half.


  • His stupidity is up 50% from normal levels.
  • You guys are having way too much fun with this.
  • I'm scared to go over there!


  • He told me...that which is incomplete seeks completion...yet...that which is incomplete is no better than that which is complete. Do you understand?
  • Thier tortured howls echoed...
  • ...and one by one he would destroy them...
  • Are you, what they call, a heart?
  • I wanted to give you a heart.
  • You'll break. Humans are so fragile.
  • The roses...
  • ...pervert?

Saga Keiji


  • He looked totsy with you than any other photos we've taken of him..

  • He wouldn't notice if I got a crew cut, shaved my head bald, or grew an afro!
  • Wha? Bu? Dar? What language is that?
  • they said that looking under the same sky is the one you love.
  • Mom, dad,Risa became a dilequent!

  • At least I'm the cute one!!
  • I can't lose to my older sister! Right now she's beating me with 2 millimeters in chest size!

  • How can you be thankful to the person who hurt you? How? How can you smile at the person who took away that which was most precious...?
  • Nice to meet you... or have we met already?
  • Daisuke......can I keep this coat?
  • On the other hand, because you are the way you are, Niwa... I can't bring myself to hate you. And to me, that is... The one thing in this world that truly ever gave me joy.

  • Is that face yours? Or is it someone else's?
  • Hold on Diasuke!...alligator?!
  • About the dogs that chase Diasuke...



During a rehersal of "Ice and Snow":

Satoshi (as Dark): Why do you always run away from me?!
Daisuke (as Freedert): Our backgrounds are so different... We-- this can't be happening!
Satoshi: *notices that Daisuke's dress has torn*
Satoshi (as Dark): Freedert!
Satoshi: *grabs Daisuke and pulls him towards him*
Daisuke: HEY! Sa- Sa-- Satoshi?
Satoshi (as Dark): I love you.

Keiji: Let's get down to business, Daisuke... undress.
Daisuke: What?! Are you kidding me?! No way! Forget it!
Keiji: I can't be sure with your school uniform on. Funabashi, if you please.
Funabashi: Excuse me.
Daisuke: Hey!! AAAAHH!! Stop it! Pervert!
Keiji: Be quiet and take it like a man!
Daisuke: What are you doing to me?! NOOO!!
Keiji: Relax! It only seems weird at first!!
Funabashi: Sir... may I ask why you're undressing...?
Keiji: I'm not! Uh... it's just loose....

Dark: Daisuke. Stop acting like an old married couple!! This wholesomeness is... unwholesome! How can you act so calm! If this is all that happens on your date, that's pathetic!
Daisuke: Yeah, whatever...
Dark: Why aren't you getting more excited?! Come on, I want you to change into me!
Daisuke: I don't want to change! Don't you get it?!
Dark: I see. You're... restraining yourself. In that case, let's just hold her hand.
Daisuke: Wha-?! Bu-!! Dar-!!

Riku: Because I said those stupid words.. Just.. Forget about it... I know that you like Risa.. I know..
Daisuke: I did at first, but.. But now.. The one I like is Ri.. Ku.♥

Risa: I had a feeeling you would come...I wonder why.
Dark: If you call me I'll always come.
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