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D.Gray-man is a manga and anime series created by Katsura Hoshino. The manga series is currently serialised in Jump Square by Shueisha. The series follows the adventures of Allen Walker, an Exorcist who uses the power of a divine weapon called "Innocence", and his comrades in the Black Order as they fight against the Akuma, demons created from human souls by an ancient sorcerer known as the Millennium Earl, who plans to destroy all of humanity.

Allen Walker edit

  • Finally... I have come here, Mana. Finally, I am at the starting line. "Don't stop walking. Keep moving forth." I don't care about fate. I have chosen this path myself. I promise... whatever the cost, I won't stop walking. I will keep walking until I die.
    • 7th Night: Revelation and Destiny
  • Because I am a small man, my heart is moved by what’s in front of my eyes, not by what the world needs. I just can’t abandon what’s there in front of me. I want to protect everything I can!
    • 14th Night: Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky (Part 6)
  • Kanda, although what you said is true, I want to become a destroyer who can save.
    • 16th Night: Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky (Part 8)
  • The injuries... If I live, I can heal... Although scars will remain.
    • 26th Night: Snow Falls in the Town
  • God? I don't care about that. I...! I've made my own oaths! To myself, that I would destroy the Akuma...!! To my friends, that I would fight alongside them! To this world, that I would save it! To my father, that I would keep walking until I died... I MADE AN OATH TO THEM ALL!! Open up...! Damn it... This is the only path I can take... so I can feel alive.
    • 60th Night: The Sworn Path
  • I will fight for the Akuma, and live for the Akuma. That's what I decided. The only things that I treasured... were the Akuma. And yet, I lost sight of that. They became so dear to me... that I lost track of them. Innocence... My left is for the Akuma. My right... is for the humans. Both define me. Both are important to me... so now, I will answer you. These humans... and these Akuma... Bring them salvation!
    • 83rd Night: Two Paths and Thorns In Between
  • Tyki Mikk. There is something about us Exorcists that you do not understand... You think Exorcists are mere humans and by destroying their anti-Akuma weapon which is the Innocence... they will become powerless since they are mere humans. But the opponents you should really be afraid of are those humans.
    • 115th Night: Weak People
  • This path that I'm walking down... It's not something that was chosen for me, is it...? It's not, right, Tim...?
    • 135th Night: Repose, Partly Cloudy
  • When Mana said he loved me, did he mean me? Or...? Which was it...?
    • 167th Night: Hints

Yu Kanda edit

  • Die? I… I cannot die before I find that person.
    • 12th Night: Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky (Part 4)
  • This coat isn’t a pillow for the wounded…!! It’s the uniform of an Exorcist!!!
    • 14th Night: Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky (Part 6)
  • There are sacrifices that must be made, rookie.
    • 14th Night: Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky (Part 6)
  • You're naive. We're destroyers, not saviors.
    • 16th Night: Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky (Part 8)
  • I said I'd kill him. Now get lost. Or should I start with you guys first?
    • 92nd Night: Skin Bolic's Room
    • After Allen offers to fight Skin Bolic with Kanda.
  • "Noahs are immortal", huh...? I wonder who came up with that crap...? People die. As long as they remain humans...
    • 95th Night: Noah's Memory, Part 3
  • Your bark's worse than your bite, beansprout.
    • 157th Night: Reccitativo
  • Admit it, you don't work at all, you just fool around...!
    • 159th Night: Moving in The Storm, 2.00 AM
    • After getting shrunk from the hair tonic that the scientist made.
    • 182th Night: Darkness Touch
    • After Kanda stabs the still living Level 4 from behind, narrowly missing Allen.
  • This world is dark and it's so hard to breathe... but in this instant, when I laughed along with you, I felt that breathing just got a little easier.
    • 190th Night: The Fruitless Garden
  • Thank you, Allen Walker. You being here helped me.
    • 199th Night: Little Goodbye
  • I'm going with you... I'm saying, I'm going to be escorting you until we get to where that beansprout is.
    • 209th Night: Searching For A.W. / A Fellow Traveler
  • I was the on who awakened him into a Noah
    • 210th Night: Searching For A.W. / The Reason
  • I didn't care what happened to The Order. So during the mission in Paris... when I caught a glimpse of that guy's Noah transformation I ignored it. Without even reporting it to Komui... I just let it be
    • 210th Night: Searching For A.W. / The Reason
  • But now... This regret simply won't let me die peacefully.
    • 210th Night: Searching For A.W. / The Reason

Lenalee Lee edit

  • If there's nobody left, even if the real world is saved, I will be destroyed... So please don't die. Please don't go away anymore... For that, I... I...
    • 69th Night: When the World Ends
  • We can't just go back from here. If we turn back now, we are trampling down on the lives of those that got us this far.
    • 75th Night: The Message
  • ...We will. We will definitely win. I swear.
    • 76th Night: The Lost Released
  • Please, God I hate so much. Grant me power. For the first time, I want the Innocence so much.
    • 151st Night: To the God I Hate
  • Innocence... Please take these feelings and change them into strength to protect everbody. If you do that... I will follow you. I will follow you till the day it all ends. Wherever you take me. But... but... Please, at the end... At the end, you must... promise me you'll let me return to my brother's side.
    • 152nd Night: Now, Let's Exchange Our Promises

Lavi edit

  • I don't know, yeah? I'm suspicious of everything. I'm always suspicious of everyone around me. Someone I met yesterday could be an Akuma today. 'Cause that's the type of thing we're up against. You should understand that, Allen. We are at an overwhelming disadvantage. We're different from you, yeah? Not having that convenient eye. Akuma are mixed in with the humans. The other Exorcists and I... we end up looking at all humans as the Earl's minions.
    • 28th Night: Uniform
  • We're not their allies... We're only involved... in order to record history. A Bookman... has no need for a heart.
    • 64th Night: Level 3
  • The time spent in the Order passed on. I soon came to a point where I didn't know whether my smiling face was a lie or not.
    • 119th Night: La+vi

The Millennium Earl edit

  • I'm creating Akuma for people's sake.
    • 3rd Night: The Pentacle
  • There's a famous saying in the East. Even with a crappy gun, shoot a lot and you'll hit something. I have a hell of a lot of Akuma.
    • 4th Night: Decision and Beginning

Road Kamelot edit

  • You're so nice, Allen~ You hate me, don't you? Don't shoot. Your hand is also a weapon, Allen. But an Exorcist crying because an Akuma disappeared is a big no-no. If you act like that, no one will like you. Let's play again sometime, Allen.
    • 25th Night: Regenerate
  • I guess Noah's can cry.
    • 98th Night: Twin's Room
    • After Skin’s death.
  • You know, though I like Allen, my family is also special to me... This kind of feeling is the same as yours, Allen. Don't move. I am not quite myself at the moment. Do you want to see holes open up in the bodies of your companions?
    • 118th Night: The Demon Within
    • Allen has presumably exorcised Tyki's Noah.

Tyki Mikk edit

  • If I'm not careful, I won't be able to go back. I don't want to lose it. Just... the white side of me... and the black side of me... having both of them is what makes it so enjoyable!
    • 43rd Night: Laughing Out Loud
  • Haha... He was my enemy... Shouldn't I kill him?
  • We only look immortal... because you guys are weak!!!
    • 91st Night: A Key and Four Doors
  • As expected, you've gotta be evil to have fun.
    • 111st Night: Dark Rhapsody
  • A human huh, ... when you're like that...you really don't seem like the evil man who made the entire world his enemy,....Duke Millenium.
    • 158th Night: Flower of evil

Komui Lee edit

  • In this world, the only organisms that get cursed are humans.
    • 6th Night: Admittance to the Castle
  • Wait Lenalee! Komurin is not evil! The coffee is evil!! Hate the crime, not the person. Hate the coffee, not Komurin, Lenalee.
    • 18th Night: The Black Order Annihilation Incident Amended: The Black Order Attempted Annihilation Incident
  • Don't wallow in the pain... Think... only about victory...!!
    • 44th Night: Number on the Desktop
  • It's not a sacrifice. We're helping each other so we can live.
    • 163rd Night: The Black Order's Destructive Affair - Serious

Cross Marian edit

  • Don't try to fight the Earl with hatred.
    • 130th Night: Eyes of Hatred
  • Let's overlook everything you did to the members of the Order... I'm not that cruel a man, after all. But then... you went and messed up my clothes.
    • 155th Night: Resounding Through The Lingering Morn
  • Hey, Allen. I've never asked you before, but do you like Tim? I said I was leaving him in your care... but I'd always meant to give him to you.
    • 165th Night: Rain
    • Part of the message Cross leaves for Allen.
  • What would you do if you told you you'll have to kill someone you love when you become the 14th...?
    • 167th Night: Hints
  • In the end, do you always have to sacrifice something to protect something else?
    • 167th Night: Hints
  • A path is something you create as you walk it. The ground you've trodden hardens, and that's what forms your path. You're the only one who can create your own path. So stop wearing that mask of "Mana". Walk, on your own. If you haven't given up yet, that is.
    • 173rd Night: A Thief? A Ghost? An Innocence?
    • Part of the message he leaves for Allen.

Others edit

  • Miranda Lotto: I've never had anyone say "thank you" to me. That means I've never been helpful to anyone. I wanted somebody to say "thank you" to me and I wanted them to accept me.
    • 20th Night: Useless
  • General Kevin Yeegar: The Millenium Earl... is searching... searching for the precious Heart... It wasn't me... next who'll it be...
    • 29th Night: Crisis of the Generals
    • He sings this until his death.
  • Arystar Krory: Life is to be savored!! Anyone would want to live freely, their instincts unfettered. Let someone else tell me how to live my life? My apologies, but I must decline! So I kill. And I'll kill you, too. ~
    • 35th Night: Vampire of the Castle (5) - Eliade
  • Eliade: Be my one and only vampire, forever.
    • 39th Night: Vampire of the Castle (9) - Love
    • Her last words.
  • Reever Wenham: You shouldn't be bitching and moaning in front of returned friends who gave up their lives for our cause.
    • 44th Night: Number on the Desktop
  • Bak Chan: I'm not a stalker... I'm absolutely, positively NOT a stalker.
    • 62nd Night: Operation
    • After Allen finds Bak's files filled with pictures of Lenalee.
  • Anita: Your hair... Grow it long again. You have very beautiful black hair. You mustn't let the war get the better of you, ok? Goodbye.
    • 76th Night: The Lost Released
    • Her last words.
  • Fo: We don't fight for the sake of fighting. Nor do we live for the sake of fighting. It's because we have things that are precious to us. I think that's why people fight.
    • 80th Night: White Confusion
  • Jasdero and David: There was one cradle... There was one inside the cradle... The one became two. There was one cradle; There was one star lost in the fog, shaking in a graveyard until it disappeared.
    • 103rd Night: An Unruly Child
    • Sung just before they shoot each other in the head.
  • "Lenalee Lee": Lavi... Why...? Why did you abandon us...? You're saying we're not comrades...? WE'RE NOT JUST INK ON PAPER!!!
    • 119th Night: La+vi
    • Actually a hallucination within Road’s dream world.

Dialogue edit

2nd Night: A Full Moon Night edit

[A flashback. Three months ago, somewhere in India.]
Cross Marian: From today on, you carry the title "Exorcist".
Allen Walker: Really!?
Cross Marian: But to officially become an Exorcist, you must first come with me to the headquarters and greet the people there. [Pulls out a hammer] You do know where headquarters is, right?
Allen Walker: [Uneasily] ...yes?
Cross Marian: I'll have my golem accompany you. I'll even recommend you to your superior, Komui. When you wake up, go forth!
Allen Walker: Don't tell me you're backing out of coming with me, master!
Cross Marian: [Raising the hammer] I dislike headquarters.

3rd Night: The Pentacle edit

[Allen's Innocence has awakened.]
Allen Walker: Mana...!? No, don't do this to Mana...!! Run... RUN, DAD!!
Mana Walker: Allen... I... love you... Please destroy me.

16th Night: Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky (Part 8) edit

Yu Kanda: If you've got a problem, complain to him! Actually Komui, I don't get along with him!!
Komui Lee: You don't get along with anyone.

19th Night: The Rewinding City edit

Komui Lee: Probably... the Innocence is probably there. But it's maybe there, just maybe, so don't count on it. It's just maybe. It's not absolute, it's just maybe. But you know, it's probably there but just maybe.
Allen Walker: We get the "maybe" part already.

22nd Night: Human edit

Allen Walker: You're not an Akuma... What are you?
Road Kamelot: I'm human. What's with that face? Humans can't be friends with Akuma?
Allen: Akuma... are weapons made by the Earl to kill humans... they target humans...
Road: Weapons can be used by humans to kill other humans, right?

23rd Night: Akuma edit

Road Kamelot: I don't think anything of killing these insignificant humans. I just haaate this world, full of these worthless beings. You should all just die and go away. You know, God... he wishes for this world to come to an end. That's why he rewarded the Millennium Earl and us with these Akuma.
Allen Walker: That isn't God's will... it's the Devil's...
Road: Who cares? Either way is fine.

25th Night: Regenerate edit

[After Allen fails to save an Akuma from self-destructing]
Allen Walker: Damn... WHY DID YOU STOP ME!?
Lenalee Lee: [Slaps him] BECAUSE WE'RE FRIENDS...!!
Road Kamelot: Great, great! Running headfirst into an explosion, you're even more amusing than I expected!

30th Night: Missing in Action edit

Lenalee Lee: You're so selfish, Allen. "No one can see the Akuma's soul but me"... Carrying all the burden by yourself, and sacrificing only yourself in battle. What are we friends for? Don't make a fool out of me... Why don't you let me... fight by your side? I hate it... Your left eye... I hate it... [Cries]
Allen Walker: Sorry... Lenalee. Thank you for helping me.
Lenalee: [Glares at him] I'll always help you! [Stomps away]
Allen: [Thinking to himself, confused] So... she forgave me...? Somehow it seems like she's still a bit mad...

37th Night: Vampire of the Castle (7) - Merge edit

Allen Walker: Mana...? Even if I can no longer see out of my left eye, I intend to continue being an Exorcist... Just like my friends, I have made the vow. [Starts to cry] Mana...
Mana Walker: If that’s the case, go deeper... To a world darker than black, brighter than white… Embrace it.

45th Night: Signs edit

Arystar Krory: Could it be... that the general has already been killed...?
Allen Walker: That guy doesn't die even if you kill him, you know.
Lavi: It's strange you can say that, Allen.

52nd Night: Beginning of the Night of the End edit

Komui Lee: If the “Fall” ends, Suman's Innocence will return to its normal form. Retrieve the Innocence before the Akuma do.
Lenalee Lee: What... does that mean? Brother. [Angrily] Are you telling me to watch him die!?

63rd Night: Dark and Stormy Skies edit

Cloud Nyne: My students have already been cremated... It's just as well... Now that you've turned to ash, you no longer need to bear the cross on your shoulders...
Winters Zokalo: They were all a bunch of loser dogs. I have nothing to say to them.

69th Night: When the World Ends edit

Lenalee Lee: When you close your eyes and think of 'The World'... what do you see...?
Allen Walker: Eh?
Lenalee: Well... I don't see 'The World' like a map. I've been in war for a long time. What I see are the faces of companions inside a fence of 'The Black Order'. I'm a bad girl, huh? My friends are more important to me than the real world. To me, the death of one companion... is like a piece of 'The World' gets destroyed.

75th Night: The Message edit

Lenalee Lee: [Regaining consciousness] Lavi... Am... am I... still in the... world...?
Lavi: [Crying] Idiot.

86th Night: Around the Time You Fall Asleep edit

Komui Lee: During times of anxiety, it's best to think of fun things.
Allen Walker: Fun things?
Komui: You can't think of any? I sure can. For example, "when everyone comes back"... I'll first say "Welcome home", and give you guys pats on the shoulders... while Lenalee gets a great big hug!
Allen: Haha...
Komui: I'll give you lots of food to eat, Allen-kun... Lavi will probably nod off the minute he comes back, so I'll need to have a blanket in hand... The adults will toast each other with wine... Throw a huge party... And then, we'll all fall asleep... it'll be the best. And then, though a little late... Kanda-kun will come in with that sour look on his face.

89th Night: Tragicomedy edit

Lavi: What's going on...? The Noah aren't anywhere to be seen...
Yu Kanda: Che!
Allen Walker: What the...? What are you tch-ing me for?! You got in my way! They got away because you're slow, Kanda!
Kanda: What did you just say? How dare you say that when you came poking in later, you slow beansprout.
Allen: It's Allen. How many times must I tell you that? Oh, never mind, I forgot. Not only are you slow, but you're also slow-witted.
Kanda: Of all the nerve, I'll show you who's slow-witted! Draw! I'll shave off that white hair of yours and sell it to the old geezers!
Allen: Black hair will sell for a higher price!
Lavi: Um... Calm down you two... [Ignored]
Kanda: You'll only have one hair left when I'm through with you!
Allen: I'll make you look like a Kappa!
Lavi: This is supposed to be a touching reunion...
Allen and Kanda: [In unison] SHUT UP OR I'LL SHAVE YOU TOO!

Allen: I'm sorry, Lenalee.
Lenalee Lee: Why do you need to apologize...? If this is about Suman... you've saved him, Allen-kun. He didn't die in vain. Suman's heart must have surely... been saved by you. Welcome back, Allen-kun.
Allen: ...back... I'm back... Lenalee...
Lavi: Aw, you're crying~ [Allen glares at him]
Lenalee: You cried too, Lavi.
Lavi: N-No I didn't!!

110th Night: Sheep Soiree edit

Lavi: This is bad, Lenalee! You have to think more sexy thoughts, or you'll never find a lover!
Lenalee Lee: [Grabbing him by the collar] IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, LAVI!!
Allen Walker: [Kicking him in the face] THAT'S IMPOLITE, LAVI!!

122nd Night: Equal edit

"Lavi": Tell me... Do you know...? The Bookman, why do they exist...? Why is it humans fail to bring an end to war...?
Bookman Jr.: ...Why... ask "me"? I have no idea.
"Lavi": "I" am supposed to be you. All 48, and you, the 49th, are but a single "me". You're the one asking. You were the one who started to change. The one who should go... The one who really wanted to know the answer...

140th Night: The Other Side of the Door edit

Lenalee Lee: As long as...... I can protect everyone here...... and you as well, Brother...
Komui Lee: "I don't care if I die"? You're saying as long as it's for my sake, for everyone's sake, you'll throw away your own life?
Lenalee: Th... That's not... Brother... I...
Komui: Stay here where it's safe... I'm begging you...

156th Night: Next Stage edit

Lavi: Gramps! Are you dead!?
Bookman: ...Here comes the idiot... I'm fine. More importantly, did my hair get burnt...?
Lavi: Who cares about your dumb hair!?
Bookman: I do...

171st Night: The Other Side edit

Reever Wenham: Section Chief Peck, I would advise you not to look at Lenalee that way.
Legory Peck: Why? Does she have a lover?
Reever: She has a brother.

175th Night: Child Thief edit

Timothy Hearst: You're just like my dad! Treating me like a thing... I, I want to stay here! I won't leave even if you kill me!!
Yu Kanda: [Completely unsympathetic] I don't care. If we have to drag you-- [Marie clamps a hand over his mouth] Mmph!
Noise Marie: Forgive me. He doesn't know what he's saying!

185th Night: Born of Hatred and Love edit

Noise Marie: I think I've worked out why you and Kanda are at each other's necks so often... It's because you're so similar.
Allen Walker: Wha-?! You've got to be kidding! Don't put me together with a total idiot like him!
Marie: You're a total idiot as well. ...And yet the darkness surrounding each of you is so deep...... that I can't see how to pull you out of it.

190th Night: The Fruitless Garden edit

Yu Kanda: Are humans also born from holes?
Edgar: Not quite. Humans come from their mothers’ stomachs.
Kanda: Mothers? What are those? Where are those from?
Edgar: Hmm… About that… Director Touyi, you know, is a mother. [Kanda stares at him in disbelief] Hm?!
Kanda: …You were born from the director…?!

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