Curtis Mayfield

American singer-songwriter (1942–1999)

Curtis Lee Mayfield (June 3, 1942December 26, 1999) was an American soul, R&B, and funk singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Why can't we brothers
Protect one another?
~ Freddie's Dead, from Super Fly (1972)

Quotes edit

  • Our purpose is to educate as well as to entertain. Painless preaching is as good a term as any for what we do. If you're going to come away from a party singing the lyrics of a song, it is better that you sing of self-pride like 'We're a Winner' instead of 'Do the Boo-ga-loo!'

Song lyrics edit

  • He don't love you like I love you
    If he did, he wouldn't break your heart
    He don't love you like I love you
    He's try-in' to tear us apart.
  • People get ready there's a train comin';
    You don't need no baggage, just get on board.
    All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin';
    You don't need no ticket, just thank the lord.
  • Hush now child and don't you cry;
    Your folks might understand you by and by.
    Move on up towards your destination;
    You may find from time to time,
  • We'll all turn black
    So who's to know?
    As a matter of fact,
    Color, creed and breed must go.
    There will be no light,
    So there can be no sight.
    And you'll judge your fellow man;
    Understand bout what is right.
    A million music, a million sound
    There's neutral thoughts
    For the underground.
    • Underground, from Roots (1971).
  • Let's do it in the mornin'
    Sweet breeze in the summer time.
    Feeling your sweet face
    All laid up next to mine.
    Sweet love in the midnight;
    Good sleep, come mornin' light.
    No worries 'bout nothin';
    Just gettin' good, just gettin' good
    Just gettin' good love.
  • Oh, many say that I'm too young
    To let you know just where I come from.
    Oh, but you will see that it's just a matter of time
    My love will surely make you mine.

    Ooh, living in a world of ghetto life,
    Everyone around seems so uptight.
    Nothing's wrong.
    It's alright with my man, my man.

  • I'm giving him something he can feel.
    Oh, ho, to let him know my love is real.

    Hey, hey, hey...I'm giving him something he can feel.
    Yes, I am, babe
    To let you know my love is real.

    • Something He Can Feel.
  • Wakin' up to find yourself creamin'
    Check your fears and hope that you're dreamin'
    A little space is all that I need
    If these suckers just allow me to breathe
    Snake pits and Lucifer's burns
    Can't take the strength I've earned and learned
    Stepped in depth of the same livin' hell
    Ain't too proud to die here as well.

    Do Do Wap is strong in here;
    Do Do Wap is strong in here, hey! hey!

    • Do Do Wap is Strong in Here, from Short Eyes (1977).
  • I was someone more
    Because I was no one poor.
    To find that I too was down on my knees.
    I'm just homeless.
  • Now is always the right time
    With something positive in your mind.
    Whenever someone pulls you down,
    Just get back up and hold your ground.
    Summer, winter, fall just go
    Through the rain and through the snow.
    Just get on back to living again...right on.

Super Fly (1972) edit

  • It's hard to understand;
    There was love in this man.
    I'm sure all would agree
    That his misery
    Was his woman and things.
    Now Freddie's dead;
    That's what I said.

    Everybody's misused him;
    Ripped him off and abused him.
    Another junkie playin';
    Pushin' dope for the man.
    A terrible blow, but that's how it go.
    Freddie's on the corner now.
    If you wanna be a junkie, wow;
    Remember, Freddie's dead.

  • Why can't we brothers
    Protect one another?
    No one's serious,
    And it makes me furious.
    Don't be misled,
    Just think of Fred.
    • Freddie's Dead.
  • Oooh, Superfly
    You're gonna make your fortune by and by.
    But if you lose, don't ask no questions why.
    The only game you know is Do or Die.

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