Cult of the Dead Cow

American hacker organization
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Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) is a computer hacker organization founded in 1984 in Lubbock, Texas.



  • You know the internet is a very dangerous place to be, and it's being marketed right now as being this neat toy that everybody should come play with and get online today, and you don't get any warning when you log online. You don't get a warning that says look, you are opening yourself up to these possible ways of being exploited. So it is, in my opinion, a dark situation, and like I said, I think that the only way to deal with that is user education. - Sir Dystic [1]
  • The cDc is sort of like the Skull & Bones of hacking. It's easier for Sinéad O'Connor to get a date with the Pope than for anyone else to get into the cDc. - Oxblood Ruffin [2]

From "The Book of Cow"Edit

  • And when ye shall hear of warez and rumors of warez, be ye not troubled: for [such things] must needs be; but the end [shall] not [be] yet.
  • But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pains.all that i need is fuck

On Back Orifice and Back Orifice 2000Edit

  • Back Orifice is a Rorschach for Microsoft credibility. Microsoft's own official response to us was issued as a marketing bulletin! Does anybody else besides cDc find it disturbing that the Marketing Department is running the show over there?[3]


On the groupEdit

  • "CULT OF THE DEAD COW?!...These guys are a bunch of Sickos!" - Geraldo Rivera
  • "I can attest to the fact that cDc is the sexiest group of computer hackers there ever was. You may think this silly, but it's the God's honest truth." - Jane Pratt of Sassy and Jane magazines
  • "LOVE YOU SEXTY [sic] HACKERS" - Traci Lords
  • "These d00dz are dangerous!" - Happy Mutant's Guide to the Fringes of the Net
  • "The group is laying the footings for a global empire based on a desire to control and command those who would oppose them." - The Association of Research Libraries
  • "[cDc] are like a bunch of drunks huddled behind the dumpster of the internet." - GOBBLES
  • "cDc, CULT OF THE DEAD COW, is a nation of psychic signal jammers." - Suzanne d'Fault and Quaker State Tapioca Rupture, Mondo 2000
  • "The CULT OF THE DEAD COW is a cadre of hackers and subversive types..." - NETGUIDE'S BEST OF THE WEB
  • "The Elite of the Elite, The Cult of the Dead Cow. They know what's up." - Diogenes Osborne, Editor, 'Internet Cryptography Resource Guide
  • "cDc never IPO'ed. 'nuff said." - whocares, Slashdot user
  • "The cDc is one of those groups...who one feels has 'underworld connections.'" - Harlan Ellison
  • "I did not know how all-pervading and powerful you really were." - Neil Gaiman
  • "The brilliant and controversial bad boys of telecom, Lubbock's own Cult of the Dead Cow..." - Jaffo
  • "I know these guys, they've been around a long time." - Diogenes Osborne, Editor, Internet Cryptography Resource Guide
  • "Fedland doesn't like them, the media tries to either use or glorify them, and some religious folk would like to strap 'em to a stake and have a cookout." - Diogenes Osborne, Editor, Internet Cryptography Resource Guide
  • "Some people call them digital outlaws, some people call them satanists. The really misguided ones refer to them as 'malicious hackers.'" - Diogenes Osborne, Editor, Internet Cryptography Resource Guide
  • "'s pointless to compare LoD to the cDc... it's like comparing Albert Einstein to Charles Manson... Both were geniuses in their respective genre." - Erik Bloodaxe of LoD
  • "Do you think 800 lumens is enough to project the cDc logo out a window of the Luxor onto an adjoining building?" - Delchi
  • "They raped my mother, killed my father in cold blood, burnt my village to the ground, slaughtered every inhabitant, and then salted they earth so nothing could ever grow there again. Consequently, they had to leave, having no grass to eat." - Abner

On cDc's e-zineEdit

  • "cDc? I'd have to vote them 'Most Likely to Pillage the Global Village.'" - Bruce Sterling
  • "I am like Ward Cleaver compared to cDc...'June, those cDc boys are outrageous, we shouldn't let the Beave play with them!'" - SuperNigger of MoD
  • "cDc. Punks with computers. You've been warned." - R.U. Serius, Publisher of Mondo 2000
  • "cDc has wrinkles that date longer than most e-zines." - Newark, NJ _The Star Ledger_
  • "cDc is a spew of bilious rant, cultural commentary, psychological purgation, and twisted fun." - Newark, NJ The Star Ledger
  • "...they're out to titillate the Internet community with social commentaries and insights."- PC Computing
  • "Read the textfiles, there's a lot you can pick up from something like 'Screwdriver Flippin' ' that you won't get in public school." - punkle
  • "I wish those CDC guys would spend less time writing textfiles, and more time in the lab curing diseases!" - Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600
  • "If it's illegal, immoral or revolting, cDc has a file about it -- and possibly three of them." - Michael Hoy, Loompanics Unlimited
  • "the cDc provides a real service to the BBS community by confusing the hell out of the feds." - Suzanne d'Fault and Quaker State Tapioca Rupture, Mondo 2000
  • "Get 'em. Read 'em. Trade 'em with mutant kids on local BBSes. Make your reputation as a hacker god." - Happy Mutant's Guide to the Fringes of the Net
  • "...definitely cooler than the Legion of Doom." - NETGUIDE'S BEST OF THE WEB
  • "Even if you don't care about any of that other stuff, they have a really cool ASCII logo." - The Internet Yellow Pages by Harley Hahn and Rick Stout
  • "This group of cyberpunk misfits has created over 300 text files, distributed internationally, and are setting new standards of humor and obscenity." - Jaffo
  • "The language and situations in these files are extremely harsh and not for the faint of heart." - Jaffo
  • "...if you're willing to read them, you'll find yourself looking straight into the eyes of Genius. And it's not always a pretty sight." - Jaffo

On Back Orifice or Back Orifice 2000Edit

  • "...this is like trying to raise awareness about the dangers of nuclear weapons by building some and handing them out on the street!" - Hack Proofing Your Web Applications by Jeff Forristal

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