Cui Weiping

Chinese film critic

Cui Weiping (Chinese:崔卫平) is a Beijing Film Academy professor and social critic. She was born in Jiangsu province. She is a famous scholar, professional translator and cultural critic.

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  • As for “Grass Mud Horse”, I applaud the one who invented such a pun. Its underlining tone is: I know you do not allow me to say certain things. See, I am completely cooperative, right? Of course I think it inappropriate to utter these obscene words. I need not to demean myself below some level because of you. Even if you force me to say those words, I won’t comply. I want to keep my decency and dignity. Even if you retreat to a barbarian level, I am going to keep my identity as a civilized person. You gonna tell me I can’t do that? So, I say “Grass Mud Horse”, not fxxx your mom. What is “Grass Mud Horse”? It always works hard in harsh conditions. See, it is from the vast grassland. I like it. I love it. This whole thing is too far away from you, out of your jurisdiction. Oh well, why are you always staring at me? Am I not perfectly fine? I am innocent. I have not been snatched away by some crooked folks. I have not been put under their control. And I am not vulgar. Why do you have to worry so much about me?
    I am singing a cute children’s song – I AM A GRASS MUD HORSE! Even though it is heard by the entire world, you can’t say I’ve broken the law.
  • 这样的人才是我们民族的脊梁,是我们民族的盐和钙质,是我们民族道德重建的基石、社会重建的出发点。将这样的人加以囚禁,等于直接囚禁我们民族的良心!

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