Ctrl+Alt+Del (CAD) is a gaming-related webcomic written by Tim Buckley, known online as Absath.

2002 Edit

  • Ethan: A talking, flying bottle of booze? Great, I've fucking snapped.
11/15/2002, Uh Oh
  • Ethan: And yet, if I were to sneak in at night and plant an axe into your skull, I would go to jail. How is that justice?!
12/06/2002, The Last Straw

2003 Edit

  • Lucas: No! Fuck you! I am NOT downloading 160GB of porn for you!
01/03/2003, And Then There Was None
  • Ethan: See, you're cute. You can't be a cute girl and play video games. This would tear the fabric of the universe.
01/15/2003, I...Uh...Slipped
  • Grisham J. Hardbottle, P.I.: Like a tree, cut down in its prime, I was stumped.
02/01/2003 Case 132: Part 1
  • Ethan: A part of me has died today. It's all Britney Spears' fault.
02/26/2003, End of an Era

2004 Edit

  • Lucas: "...And then every single one of my brain cells cried out in joyful unison, that they would be spared further torment at the hands of this fucknut-saturated environment."
02/25/2004, Down in Flames
  • Casey Collins: Girls aren't objects. They're people too. Treat them as such. Because remember - It's pretty fucking hard to play video games with broken thumbs!
03/20/2004, Functional Thumbs
  • Lucas: You have an incredible ability to make me feel remarkably less self-conscious about my own geekiness.
06/30/2004, Whatever a Spider Can
  • Ethan: Who dares knock on my door when I'm doing stuff, so that I have to get up, and stop doing stuff?
08/16/2004, Issue 124 And a Half

2005 Edit

  • Chef Brian: Yes Clancy! My existential shell is filled with the dreams of wild chipmunks! Thank you for asking!
02/16/2005, Hot Consternation
  • Lilah: I'm going to die at the hands of an X-Box.. how embarrassing.
07/11/2005, I Blend Stuff
  • Emma: Maybe if rock-climbing required a directional pad, you'd be more willing. Oh, maybe we can find a video game that lets us pretend to be out doing something exciting.
11/16/2005, Moving Mountains

2006 Edit

  • Zeke: Relax, I'm not going to squash your skull with a single hand or anything like that.
07/08/2006, Full Speed Ahead!
  • Ethan: Phone, pillow says he'll suffocate me if you don't shut the hell up. I'm being held hostage by the bed linens. My life is in your hands, phone.
10/02/2006, Fuel For the Fire
  • Ethan: Books are only for deaf and blind people that can't enjoy movies.
11/11/2006, Digital Rules

2007 Edit

  • Lucas: A gaming religion, eh? That sounds like another excuse to wear a silly hat and get himself or our personal belongings broken.
02/02/2007, It's a Wash
  • Ethan: Demos are like conjugal visits. They give you a taste and then snatch it away, leaving you wanting more.
02/10/2007, Very Much Like

2008 Edit

  • Home Depot Employee: Yep, I've got just what you're looking for. This is our Colombian Drug Lord series of balcony railings and window frames. They all come equipped with stylish tie-hooks for easy access should you, your family, or a raiding law enforcement agency want to rappel down to a lower level instead of using the stairs. No villa hideout should be without them!
03/21/2008, They Come From Somewhere...
  • Zeke: This is all backwards. Humans are supposed to be my bitches.
07/02/2008, Silent Treatment

2009 Edit

  • Ethan: This is five liters, man. That's like a hundred of our American gallons.
01/26/2009, Renovations
  • Ethan: That's the 'idiot tax'. It's our fee for having to put up with your stupid questions.
03/18/2009, No Taxation Without Justification
  • Mickey: I've never sarcasmed someone into a coma before, but I'm up for the challenge.
04/13/2009, That's Fair

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