CrossGen was a short-lived American comic book publisher that published a number of series between 1998 and 2004. Most of their series centered on a single metaplot, which culminated in the crossover title Negation War. Unfortunately, that title was never completed, due to the company's bankruptcy, and so this grand metaplot remains unfinished.

General or Repeated Quotes

This conversation was a two-page spread at the beginning of Crossgen's first four series. It takes place between two mysterious and unnamed characters, dubbed Creator and Sidekick by the fanbase.

Creator: This place grows colder, my friend. Its energy wanes. I am seeking a solution, and eager welcome your thoughts.
Sidekick: It is not like you to be so troubled.
Creator: So long ago, when it was all set in motion, it was so... fascinating in its complexity. It surprised even me. Now things are static, worlds grow cold, and what were once glorious fields of battle lay still and barren. The problem is not simply lazy warriors. The vital energies on which we all depend are fading away... it shouldn't happen like this... Yet it is! It is dying and the First do nothing to prevent it!
Sidekick: Because the First don't understand. They have no idea of the connection between their actions and the whole.
Creator: Yes. They need... motivation. They must be forced to reignite the cycle... Yet... they know nothing of my existence. To do so would change them...
Sidekick: Why look only to the First? There are many worlds open to you. So many people... If you were to step in quietly - walk among them. Then a gentle touch, to add just a small mark of your passage - a sign. Your sign. Imagine... each world, one soul, marked with the sigil, opened to the power.
Creator: Why just one?
Sidekick: I was thinking in terms of efficiency. The number is unimportant. A small number makes for a clear burden on each. Too many, and they let someone else do the work.
Creator: As we have already seen with the First. Still...
Sidekick: Come...



Issue 03


Caption (Narration Box): In Meridian, when people die, we light a pyre and gather... remembering their lives in thought or story until we're ready to let them go. Then we send their spirit to the stars as we scatter their ashes to the wind.
Sephie: I have no ashes, Papa, so this isn't a proper farewell...

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