Crack in the World

1965 film by Andrew Marton

Crack in the World is a 1965 American science fiction/disaster film about scientists who want to extract geothermal energy from Earth's crust and launch a rocket with a atomic bomb, but an error causes a crack that spans the globe.

Directed by Andrew Marton. Produced by Bernard Glasser and Lester A. Sansom. Written by Jon Manchip White and Julian Zimet.
Thank God it's Only a Motion Picture! Taglines

Dr. Stephen SorensonEdit

  • How many men have the opportunity to turn the page of history? Newton, Pasteur, Einstein...

Dr. Ted RampionEdit

  • Suppose the Macedo trench splits open under the ocean? A crack a thousand miles long, bringing superheated magma in contact with the ocean... Earthquakes, tidal waves, mass destruction on a apocalyptic scale!


[First lines]

Dr. Maggie Sorenson: But Sir Charles, the project entrance is half a mile further on!
Sir Charles Eggerston: I know Mrs. Sorenson. I wanted to stop here to take a better look at "that". That's your drill tower, isn't it?
Dr. Maggie Sorenson: Yes it is.
Sir Charles Eggerston: What's that missile doing up there? I thought that we came here to discuss with your husband the "possibility" of using an atomic warhead.
Dr. Maggie Sorenson: "Half" a missile, Sir Charles. If you look closely, you'll see it's not armed.

Sir Charles Eggerston: A crack in the world? [Meeting erupts in chaos] Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Don't let this fall apart. We have work to do. We must hear Dr. Rampion complete his report. You were saying that the crack is extending to the east.
Dr. Ted Rampion: Along the Macedo Trench. It's following a geological flaw in the Earth's crust, known as the Macedo Fault. That runs from here, to the tip of India, veers off towards Indonesia, and terminates off the Australian continental shelf.
Sir Charles Eggerston: How do you know that the crack will stop there?
Dr. Ted Rampion: We don't.
Sir Charles Eggerston: What if the crack keeps going? Right around the world? What happens then?
Dr. Ted Rampion: Where the land masses split, the oceans will be sucked in, and the colossal pressure generated by the steam will rip the Earth apart, and destroy it.
Indian Ambassador: You mean, the world will come to an end?
Dr. Ted Rampion: The world as we know it, yes.


  • Thank God it's Only a Motion Picture!
  • Science miscalculates... underground Atom Bomb explodes earth's core... and the world totters on the brink of destruction!
  • Today's terrifying look into what might happen tomorrow!
  • The Day the Earth Split in Two!!


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