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Cowboy Bebop (1998-1999) is a critically acclaimed 26 episode Japanese animated series by Shinichiro Watanabe about the misadventures and tragedies of a crew of bounty hunters living in the spaceship named Bebop. An animated film written by Keiko Nobumoto was released in 2001.


Asteroid BluesEdit

Spike: This is real mystic and all, but uh, do you have anything to eat here?
Old Man Bull: [Stomach growls]
Spike: I see.
Old Man Bull: The red-eyed coyote will appear in the Zona Norte at the far end of town. That is what I see. [Pause] You, Swimming Bird.
Spike: Hm?
Old Man Bull: The Swimming Bird will meet a woman. The bird will be hunted by this woman, and then-- death.
Spike: One more time...
Old Man Bull: What's that?
Spike: I was killed once before-- by a woman.
Old Man Bull: You take women too lightly, my friend.
Spike: On the contrary. Catch ya' later.

Antonio: This again?! Son of a bitch! Takin’ my money like that, ya’ cheatin’ dogs! Why the only reason you can even live here is ‘cause of what I done! I busted my tail to dig that gate!
Carlos: For criminy sakes, you always say the same thing when you’re losin’. We all dug that gate together and you know it.
Jobin: That we did. We worked like there was no tomorrow.

Spike: I’m just an old-fashioned cowboy.

Jet: Having ourselves a little nap, huh?
Spike: I had a sweet dream.

Stray Dog StrutEdit

Spike: [looking at some nunchucks] Hmm. Long chain on this one. Way of the Dragon model?

Spike: You know, you really make me laugh, Hakim-- risking your life for a dog that’s only worth a fistful of woolongs.
Hakim: What's it to you?
Spike: Nothin but a giggle, but you’re worth a barrel full of woolongs yourself, my friend.

Spike: I hate kids and pets. They’re all a royal pain in the butt!

Jet: Complaining again. Didn’t your grandmother ever tell you that a good boy has to finish what he starts?
Spike: My grandmother died before I was born.
Jet: My condolences.

Spike: Well, here’s another great moment in the legend of Spike, famous bounty hunter and dog walker.

Jet: Now don’t get too hot-headed, Spike.
Spike: You haven’t seen hot-headed yet, Jet!

Honky Tonk WomenEdit

Faye: You know the first rule in combat? [empties sub-machine gun through closed door] ...shoot them before they shoot you.

Faye: My family have always been "Romanies," wandering about in search of love. You don't know anything, do you? That's another term for Gypsies! Everyone else, like you guys, with no pride in their lives are called "Gaujo."
Spike: I'm fine with being a "Gaujo."
[Faye calls out. Ein howls.]
Faye: It's calling me... The great outdoors are calling out to me...
Jet: You can do all of this with the cops.
Spike: Let's go, Jet.
Faye: Oh, fine. I won't run. At least untie one hand! I can't even go to the bathroom like this!
Jet: Man, we got one yappy woman here.

Gateway ShuffleEdit

Spike: The music box is broken, or is it? It starts to play and a haunting tune fills the air. I awake suddenly from my dream, there is no music box and yet there it is, a tiny one, nestled in my hand and I awake from the dream again as if I were peeling an onion. It’s a dream no matter how far I go; I can never reach reality, trapped in an endless nightmare.

Faye: When you're told not to open something, well, who can resist?

Faye: You know what they say cowboy, easy come easy go.

Spike: That missile will hit Ganymede before I have a chance to recharge!
Faye: Hey there, have a little trouble?
Spike: Huh?
Faye: I can bail you out for 80%...
Spike: You're insane!!
Faye: OK, bye-bye now!
Spike: Alright, 40%, that's my last offer!
Faye: OK, I get the 60!
Jet: Deal, just do it!

Spike: "Next time", "we'll make money"? Jet, is she saying what I'm thinking she's saying, cause if she is...
Jet: I don't know and I have no opinion.
Spike: Man, she's taking a shower in our shower. That's not OK, right?
Jet: Don't know, I have no opinion.
Spike: ...fine, I'll go tell her myself.
Jet: Mmmm... huh?- Wait, Spike! [three gunshots are heard] Bad move, Spike-o!

Ballad of Fallen AngelsEdit

Spike: Isn't it bad for your health to drink it all in one gulp, Annie?
Anastasia: What's bad for my health is seeing you come back to life. It's a shock to the system.
Spike: Hey, thanks a lot for the warm welcome.
Anastasia: Hmph. Why welcome the dead? It's all futile.
Spike: But, I'm alive.
Anastasia: No, you're not. You died three years ago. That's how things work here.

Spike: Where is the girl?
Jet: When she saw all the bounty figures, she had a lapse in sanity. I'm sure she's somewhere screwing up and getting in trouble.

Vicious: When angels are forced out of heaven, they become devils. You agree, wouldn't you, Spike?
Spike: I'm just watching a bad dream I never wake up from.
Vicious: I'll wake you up right now.
Spike: What's your rush, Vicious? After all, it's been a long time.
Vicious laughs
Vicious: Are you pleading for your life?
Spike: Hardly, begging doesn't work on you, remember? Even if it's coming from the man who took you in and made you what you are.
Vicious: Perhaps, but he was a beast who lost his fangs; that's why he had to die Spike. And that's why you have to die...

Vicious: You should see yourself. Do you have any idea what you look like right at this moment, Spike?
Spike: What?
Vicious: A ravenous beast. The same blood runs through both of us. The blood of a beast who wanders, hunting for the blood of others.
Spike: I've bled all that kind of blood away.

[Spike, bandaged head to toe, regains consciousness. Faye is watching over him, humming]
Faye: Oh, you're finally up, huh? You slept too much, you've been asleep three days. Yeah, I was starting to worry about you. Hey, you should be grateful to me for staying here.
[Spike beckons her over]
Spike: [muffled] You sing off-key.
[Spike screams in pain and Faye angrily walks out of the room]

Sympathy for the DevilEdit

Spike: I thought you like jazz.
Jet: Are you dense? I was wailing the blues since the doctor whacked my bottom on the day I was born.
Spike: A baby hipster, very cool!

Jet: I didn't know you were a fan of the blues, Fatty!
Fatty: Are you kidding? I was a fan of the blues since I was in my daddy's sack, if you know what I mean!

Wen: I finally get to die, do you... do you understand?
Spike: Yeah, I understand... as if.

Spike: Bang.

Heavy Metal QueenEdit

[Inside Heavy Metal Queen's Truck, while heavy metal music plays in the background]
Spike: [Shouting] HUH!? WHAT!?
V.T.: They say "When in Rome, do as Romans do". And it's not shit-loud noise. It's called heavy metal!

[Jet's repairs to Faye's ship still aren't done]
Faye: It's so ugly... and pieces of it are still broken!
Jet: [mutters] Too bad it's not your mouth that's broken.
Faye: I heard that.

Faye: [Seeing that her bounty is dead] My 12 million...

[Spike goes outside to find his ship has been vandalized]
Spike: Ack! My ship!
Muriel: Yeah, it was trashed by those three guys. I think they were called the "Something Brothers".
Spike: You were watching?
Muriel: Uh-huh!
Spike: Then Muriel, why didn't you tell me about it?
Muriel: But I did tell you. I told you just now!

Waltz for VenusEdit

Rocco: Come on, can't you show a little mercy and compassion?
Spike: 'Fraid I'm fresh outta that stuff.

[Spike giving half his bounty to Faye]
Spike: That's all you're gonna get, Faye.
Faye: I know... don't sweat it.
Spike: Depositing it at the casino again?
Faye: It's a lot more fun than the bank.
Spike: Girl never gives up...

Rocco: How did you do that?
Spike: You're tense, I'm calm. You apply excessive force, I control that force through fluid motion. That means relaxing the whole body so that it could react instantly without resistance. You know, without thought. Do you see now? It means becoming like clear water.
Rocco: Water?
Spike: Right. Water can take any form. It drifts without effort one moment then pounds down in a torrent the very next.

Stella: Everyone says bad things about him... And he seems to hang out with some bad people... But Rocco is a good person.
Spike: I might be one of those bad people he hangs out with.
Stella: Maybe. Guess you could be one, but if you are, you’re very different. I can feel these things. Both you and Rocco have something beautiful inside you. It’s hard for most people to see it, but it’s there. I know it is, that’s why I’m sharing my tea with you.
Spike: Something beautiful, huh? I’m afraid that… afraid that I lost that a long time ago.

Stella: I... I never got to see Roco once with my own eyes...Hey, what was Rocco like?
Spike: You know without looking, right? He was a great guy. Exactly the person you thought he was.

Jamming with EdwardEdit

Jet: I'm not the type to be led around by woman.
Spike: Then lead her around.
Jet: I'm even less the type to do that.

Jet: You can't tell a woman's age just by looking at her.
Faye: [She rams her heel into his foot] And you can't tell what a woman will DO by looking.
Jet: Same with a snake!

Ed: Ed will introduce Ed's full name - Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV.
Spike: That's a long name.
Faye: Who the hell's this?
Ed: Ed made up that name for Ed, isn't it cool?
Spike: If you made it up, how can you be the 4th?

Jet: [describing Edward from conflicting interviews] 2 meters tall. Ex-basketball player. Beautiful kid. And on top of it, a gay alien.

Spike: Jet, do you know that there are three things that I particularly hate?
Jet: Really?
Spike: Kids, animals, and women with attitudes. So tell me, Jet, why do we have all three of them neatly gathered on this ship?!

Ganymede ElegyEdit

Faye: He's kidding himself if he thinks his old girlfriend's still carrying the torch for him.
Spike: And you're kidding yourself if you think every woman's like you. They're not you know.

Ed: Duty calls, THREE O'CLOCK TEA!

Jet: Nope, just wandering around with some weirdos.

Alisa: I don't need time that stands still.

Jet: I'll do this. You can go back.
Spike: You are not gonna let him go, are ya?
Jet: When I was a cop this was my beat. I'm the Black Dog, and once I bite, I don't let go. I have no regrets about her, but I'll settle this score on my own terms.
Spike: Sense of justice and duty, huh...

Toys in the AtticEdit

Jet: Humans were meant to work and sweat to earn a living. Those that try to get rich quick, or live at the expense of others, all get divine retribution somewhere along the line. That's the lesson. Unfortunately we quickly forget the lessons we've learned. And then we have to learn them. All over again.

Faye: "Survival of the fittest" is the laws of nature. We deceive. Or we are deceived. Thus, we flourish. Or, perish. Nothing good ever happened to me when I trusted others. That, is the lesson.

Ed: It's a space creature. It's spooky.

Ed: Lesson, lesson... if you see a stranger, follow him.

Spike: And what was the real lesson? Don't leave things in the fridge.

Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)Edit

Bull: That is no ordinary star. That is the tear of a warrior. [...] One who has finished his battle somewhere on this planet. A pitiful soul that could not find its way to the great spirit that awaits us all.

Vicious: Cold climates do not bother me.
The Van: True, your heart is colder than any planet. Colder than the eyes of a serpent about to strike.

Ed: 1,0,1,1, good-bye!

Junk yard worker: I don't know any woman. Like I would know! [...] I have no luck with them. I'd rather be with an armadillo.

Gren: Take care. [Faye looks up] That was close. When someone sneezes and doesn't get told to take care, that person turns into a fairy... That's what they say around here.
Faye: Then it's okay. I'm already a fairy.

Faye: I am alone. I don't need any comrades, they're not worth it. I end up worrying about things I shouldn't. You know, me being such a prize and all that. All the guys end up fighting over me like dogs. They say humans are social animals, they can't live alone. But you can live pretty well by yourself. I tell ya, instead of feeling alone in a group, it's better to have real solitude all by yourself.

Jupiter Jazz (Part 2)Edit

Gren: You said that you don't need comrades, but I am attracted to that word. To the point of tears...

Faye: You're going to die.
Gren: I'm not afraid to die.
Faye: You're lying.
Gren: Either way I won't last much longer.

Vicious: I'm the only one who can keep you alive... And I'm the only one that can kill you...

Vicious: There's nothing to believe in. Nor is there a reason to believe.

Gren: You're the one aren't you? You're Spike? Julia was always talking about you. Your eyes are different colors, I see what she was talking about now.
Spike: How did you know her? Where was she?
Gren: Right on the corner bar stool. She would slip in when I wasn't looking and ask me to play the same song over again every time she came in. Strange lilting tune, and then she would smile. Ohh what a smile, so sad...... so beautiful.

Bohemian RhapsodyEdit

Ed: [while playing chess] Eenie, meenie, miney, moe...
Hex: This is either an idiot or a genius! I like this fellow...!

Hippies: Peace to the entire galaxy and to my bank account! Love, love!

My Funny ValentineEdit

Faye: Do you want to know something about my past that nobody else does?
Ein: [yawns]

Faye: Why are you helping me?
Witney Hargas Matsumoto: The prince must protect his sleeping beauty.

[Faye has just poured out her life story to the dog in front of the bathroom. Spike flushes the toilet and emerges from the bathroom stall, shocking Faye.]
Faye: [angry] How long were you in there listening, Spike?
Spike: Too long. Your story needs editing.

Faye: [angry] I have to settle my debts with him. therefore I have the right to do to him whatever I want, as well as the right over his bounty.
Spike: [astounded] That's incredible. She just explained, in the clearest terms, a completely nonsensical argument.
Jet: That's what I said: Women don't work on reason.

Black Dog SerenadeEdit

Ed: You're going out. Get souvenir.

Ed: Bonsai, bok choy, wise guy, water boy. Lights shine bright in the old town tonight.

Fad: We can't live on with our pretty little ideals.

Mushroom SambaEdit

Younger Shaft brother: You do want to know why I drag an empty coffin around like this, don't you? It's because, I'm going to go home after putting your corpse inside... [Coffin is run over by truck]
Ed: Pieces... all in pieces!

Ed: Foody, food, food do you have any? Yes you don't? No you do?

Younger Shaft brother: My big bro ate a mushroom he bought from you and laughed and laughed, and twisted his intestines to death!
Domino Walker: Sounds like a happy way to die I'd say.

Frog: Hey, mister. This here is the stairway to heaven. You know that, don't cha?
Spike: Obnoxious little frog.
Frog: Fine, what do I care? I warned you though!

Jet: [Talking to his bonsai trees] So that's it? The secret to the universe is so simple! By the way, just who am I anyway?

Speak Like A ChildEdit

Younger Faye (on a tape): In your time, I'm no longer here. But I am here today, and I'll always be cheering for you right here. Cheering for you, my only self.

Spike: Most things get better when I kick them...

[Spike and Jet walk through a submerged corridor to a museum underground]
Jet: Tell me again why in the world we're going through all of this?
Spike: It's a lesson to remind you that treasure hunts are always trouble.
Jet: Treasure hunts? What treasure are we hunting?
Spike: Tamatebako, was it?
Jet: When he opens the Tamatebako, he turns into an old man. Now I know why.
Spike: Even if we turn back now, we wouldn't be any younger.
[Jet stops on his tracks, looks down to see a catfish-like creature suckling on his right leg]
Jet: This place is some Ryuuguujou... [grabs fish off his leg and throws it] Where'd that minx run off to, anyway?

[Jet tries to put the Betamax tape into a VHS player]
Spike: What's wrong?
Jet: The size...
Spike: What about it?
Jet: It won't go in. [tries forcing tape in]
Spike: Push harder.
Jet: But it's... [Ed comes behind them]
Ed: Ahhh, that's the wrong one!
Spike/Jet: Huh?
Ed: You got a VHS.
Spike/Jet: Huh?
Ed: It won't play beta.
Spike/Jet: Huuuh?!

Younger Faye (on a tape): Well, knowing me, I'm sure I am troubling a lot of different people.

Younger Faye (on a tape): And now a big cheer from my heart. Let's... go... me, alright! Do your best! Do your best! Don't lose me! Let's go, don't lose, don't lose me! Do your best! Do your best! Me, me, me! Don't lose, don't lose! Me, me, me! Go me!

Wild HorsesEdit

Miles: Hey, do people ever tell you you don't talk much?
Spike: Hey, do people ever tell you you talk too much?

Doohan: Do you want to use the machine, or do you want the machine to use you?

Doohan: You can still back out of this, you know.
Miles: Negative, Blue Sox fans never leave the game early.

Spike: Whatever happens, happens.

Pierrot le FouEdit

Pierrot: [introduces himself] Hello, gentlemen. I journeyed here in order to take your lives.

Jet: [learns Mad Pierrot's past] In the beginning, he escaped from the facility to seek revenge... but now he seems to actually enjoy the act of killing. Apparently his mind is continuing to regress. So he's like a child with superhuman combat capabilities. And really... there's nothing more pure and cruel as a child.

Bob: [tells Jet about Mad Pierrot] This guy's a perfect killing machine. They say that nobody who's seen his face has lived to tell about it. Those few that managed to get away were hunted down relentlessly, and they always turned up dead. They say he appears with a smile, and he leaves with a smile...

Ed: [strolling about] Faye-Faye! Smoke-smoke, Faye-Faye! Puff-puff, Faye-Faye! [Faye comes out the bathroom]
Faye: My name's Faye, not "Faye-Faye". You just say it once, okay? [Ed comes to Faye with her computer on her head]
Ed: Faye-Faye! Some weird mail came-came for Bebop-Bebop!
Faye: [sighs] I would've been able to pay it off if I had just a little more time. Would you hold still? [holds Ed's head, reads mail on computer] Hmm... "Hello, boy. You are invited to a wonderful party"? Wait a minute... this is... All right, don't tell Spike about this. It's a secret, okay?
Ed: But why? Faye-Faye, why keep it a secret?
Faye: If we don't, that lunkhead—
Spike: Will run right out to the party? [Faye sees bandaged Spike behind her]
Ed: It's secret mail-mail from Mars. [Spike reads mail; Faye leans down on a wall]
Spike: It's Space Land. Nice place to hold a party, don't you think?
Faye: Yeah, you're gonna go like that? It's uh, perfect for a masquerade, isn't it? [Spike looks at his left hand for a moment]
Spike: Maybe this is the one, the one I won't come back from. The end. [Faye is worried] Just playin' with your head. Would you rescue me if it were true? [Faye pauses for a beat]
Faye: ..Lunkhead.
Ed: [waving about] Lunkhead-lunkhead-lunkhead! [laughing]

Boogie Woogie Feng ShuiEdit

Jet: They sure are disrepectful fellows.

Faye: The more righteous a guy was in his youth, the more likely he's gonna fall for a young girl later in life.

Faye: I wonder if she's a new girlfriend.
Spike: For that, she's rather young.
Ed: [sing-song] Hotdog bun, not too young.
Faye: Maybe she's the secret love child?
Spike: 'Fraid she's too old.
Ed: Oldy, moldy, history, mystery!

Jet: I don't read the horoscope any more.

Cowboy FunkEdit

Andy von de Oniyate: My beloved steed Onyx is no ordinary horse! At times, she sets my troubled mind at ease; at others she is my chess partner.
Spike: Horses don't play chess!

Faye: No one is more annoying than someone who is just like you.

Andy von de Oniyate: See you, Space Cowboy...

Brain ScratchEdit

Spike: Why do you kill off the members of your own group? What's the point of that?
Dr. Londes: I am not forcing anything on anyone. They are merely practicing a faith that they've decided to believe in of their own free will. Tell me, why do you think people believe in God? Because they want to. It's not easy living in such an ugly corrupt world, there is no certainty and nothing to hope for. People are lost so they reach out. Don't you get it? God didn't create humans, no, it's humans who created God.

Dr. Londes: Do you want to know what the greatest and also the worst device that humans ever invented? It's television! Television controls people by bombarding them with information until they lose their sense of reality. Now television itself has become the new religion. Television has created a people who believe instantly in dramatic fantasies who can be controlled by tiny dots of light.

Spike: 'You're like a kid with a toy... You're the one that can't tell fantasy from reality. You're the one who lives in the little dots of light. If you want to dream, just do it by yourself!

Jet: It was all a kid's dream. I guess, all he could do was dream so the dreams turned dark.
Ed: And this time, I hope you have sweet dreams.
Dr. Londes: The souls that God has given us, our spirits. Our spirits, which found a way to swim through the immense network and live in the infinity of space. Is not the human body a mere shell, a form of existence all too small and weak for consciousness with such vast reach and potential?

Hard Luck WomanEdit

Ed: I think I know, I don't think I know. I don't think I think I know. I don't think I think. Ahh!

Sister Clara: Our father who art in heaven... never mind the rest. Let's eat.

Sister Clara: In this world, people have to cherish what ties they have...

Appledelhi Siniz Hesap Lufen: Yes, happiness comes in the form of a map.

Faye: It's the best, belonging is the very best thing there is.

The Real Folk Blues (Part 1)Edit

Vicious: Don't forget, a snake's venom poisons slowly after the bite.

Faye: It might be good to pair up with another woman. How about it? Wanna partner up?

Vicious: ... And you will shed tears of scarlet.

Jet: Hey Spike have you ever heard this story?
Spike: Huh?
Jet: There was a man who was injured on a hunt. The man had no means to treat the wounds and his leg began to rot and death approaches. In the last moments of his life a rescue helicopter picks him up and rushes him to the hospital. As the helicopter flies the man looks outside the window seeing white capped mountains glistening in the sunlight and he thought "That's where I was going" ... I hate that story. Men only think of their past right before their death, as if they were searching frantically for proof that they were alive.

The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)Edit

Spike: There once was a tiger striped cat. This cat died a million deaths, revived and lived a million lives, and he was owned by various people who he didn't really care for. The cat wasn't afraid to die. Then one day the cat became a stray cat, which meant he was free. He met a white female cat, and the two of them spent their days together happily. Well, years passed, and the white cat grew weak and died of old age. The tiger striped cat cried a million times, and then he died too. Except this time, he didn't come back to life.
Jet: Yeah. That's a good story.
Spike: I hate that story.
Jet: Huh?
Spike: I never liked cats, you know that.
Jet: Oh yeah. That's right.
[They laugh hysterically.]

Bull: Do not fear Death. Death is always at our side. When we show fear, it jumps at us faster than light. But, if we do not show fear, it casts its eye upon us gently and then guides us into infinity...

Spike: Look at these eyes. One of them is a fake, because I lost it in an accident. Since then, I have seen the past in one eye, and the present in the other. I had believed that what I saw was not all of reality...

Faye: Why do you have to go? Where are you going? What are going to do, just throw your life away like it was nothing?
Spike: I'm not going there to die. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive. I have to do it, Faye.

Julia: [Dying] It's all a dream.
Spike: Yeah, just a dream.

Spike: Bang
[Spike smiles, then collapses on the floor]

Series Closing Line: You're gonna carry that weight.

About Cowboy BebopEdit

  • Back when Cowboy Bebop was in production, we never knew that Japanese anime would have any impact overseas, so we totally didn't see Westerners being exposed to the show. We just made what we enjoyed making, and the fact that it got accepted in the west at all was the most surprising thing. I grew up with US movies so it made me very happy that Americans liked my things, because I was raised on their things, in a way. The moment that made the biggest impact on me here did involve Edward, because Edward was a character I made thinking that no person existed like her in real life. But when I went to Texas, there was someone cosplaying as Ed, and it was like they'd stepped out of the anime. It was completely her if she had been living. How's that for a big impact?


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