Cosmotheism is a term that has been used in a general sense in ways roughly equivalent to the more commonly used Pantheism, but quotes on this page primarily address the rather obscure ideology or religion based on the heavily ethnocentric and racialist ideas developed by William Luther Pierce which is called "Cosmotheism" by its adherents.

For Racialist "Cosmotheism"Edit

  • Cosmotheism - An all encompassing worldview for White Europeans around the globe.
    • Introductory sentence of Cosmotheism channel at YouTube (a rather unsuccessful channel, no longer active as of February 2012)
  • Cosmotheism is a religion which positively asserts there is an internal meaning and purpose in life and in the cosmos. There is an essential unity, or consciousness that binds all living beings and all of the inorganic cosmos, as one. And what our true identity is this: we are the cosmos, made self-aware and self-conscious by evolution. Our undeniable human purpose, is to know and to complete ourselves as conscious individuals, and also as a self-aware species, and thereby to co-evolve with the cosmos towards total and universal awareness, and towards the ever-higher perfection of consciousness and being.

Against Racialist "Cosmotheism"Edit

  • Although an older edition of Webster's dictionary defines 'cosmotheism' as synonymous with pantheism, the term has taken on certain connotations in modern usage, owing chiefly to its use by Dr. William Pierce to describe his racially-hierarchical system of thought. Cosmotheism as it appears today, promoted chiefly on the internet, is widely considered to be a racist ideology which has appropriated the terminology of pantheism in order to legitimize itself.
    • article at Ultimately derived from a previous article in the Wikipedia on Psuedo-pantheism

A Blemish on the Blossom (2001)Edit

"A Blemish on the Blossom: Pantheism and White-Supremacist Hate Groups" (2001) by Esther Hugenholtz
  • There is an increasing number of White Supremacist hate groups who try to leap onto the fashionable bandwagon of eco-spirituality in order to recruit members for their own warped ideology.
  • We cannot cast a magic spell to make the nasties go away. It is even questionable from a democratic point of view whether ‘making them go away’ would be desirable. However, we should be alert and try to ‘ban’ these sort of nazi-characters from our own Internet pages and discussion forums. We should inform those new to Pantheism that the large majority of Pantheism is in fact benevolent and that these hate-groups luckily form a tiny, but loud, minority. Let’s make sure they stay that way.
  • Neo-nazis try to infiltrate all sorts of religions and philosophies in order to recruit. We are not the only victims in their book. Nonetheless, their presence is a blemish on the blossom of Pantheism. But the blossom in itself is still as radiant as ever. Don’t be deterred from Pantheism because of a few hate-filled fringe groups.

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