Corridors of Blood

1958 film by Robert Day

Corridors of Blood is a 1958 film about a doctor who fights for the use of anesthetic in surgery, only to become addicted to it himself.

Directed by Robert Day. Written by Jean Scott Rogers.
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Mr Blount: A good day's work, Bolton! You're getting faster all the time. Beats me how you do it!
Dr. Bolton: No matter how fast I still can't save them!
Mr Blount: Yes, most distresing, but, alas, inevitably you can't have operations without screams. Pain and the knife, they're inseparable!
Dr. Bolton: I beg to differ. Someday surgery must and will be made painless.

Hospital chairman: Mr. Bolton, the committee have decided against holding any further demonstrations
Dr. Bolton: Well, Charles, you've lost faith with me too?
Hospital chairman: The decision's for your own good.
Dr. Bolton: You can't stop me. Operations without pain are possible, and I'll not rest until I've proved it to you!


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