Copeland (band)

American rock band

Copeland is an American indie rock band from Lakeland, Florida.

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Beneath Medicine TreeEdit

  • Talk to me like you don't know what we ever fought about
    Cause I don't remember anymore.
    • Brightest
  • She says that I am the brightest little firefly in her jar.
    • Brightest
  • I'm sorry
    That I can't take this pain away from you
    And I'd put it on my own body if I knew how to.
    • Testing the Strong Ones
  • All of the world
    And all of it's powers
    Couldn't keep your love from me.
    • Priceless
  • Cause I need you
    Like the dragonfly's wings need the wind
    Like the orphan needs home once again
    Like heaven needs more to come in
    I need you here like you've always been.
    • Priceless
  • I'm sure
    I don't understand how I found a love so pure.
    • Take Care
  • Wait now prince
    There's a brilliant sky above
    And a jealous moon in love and they are
    Starved for our attention.
    • When Paula Sparks
  • You know just the right thing to say when the
    Distance rips us farther and farther and farther away
    • California
  • I'll see you soon
    Just say that you want to see me too.
    • California
  • It was your hello that kept me hanging on every word
    And your goodbye that keeps me listening for your voice around each corner.
    • She Changes Your Mind
  • You've got an extra special heart
    A perfect light that shines through
    And it seems the hardest part
    Is shining back at you.
    • There Cannot Be a Close Second
  • There's a love that transcends
    All that we've known of ourselves
    And I'll wait for it to come.
    • Coffee
  • Feel the pain teaching us how much more we can take
    Reminding us how far we've come
    Let the pain burn away from our hearts
    We have time to start all over again.
    • When Finally Set Free

In MotionEdit

  • It's a fight between my heart and mind
    No one really wins this time...
    In the endless fight of grace and pride
    I don't want to win this time.
    • No One Really Wins
  • When they come knocking on your heart's door
    Choose the one who loves you more.
    • Choose the One Who Loves You More
  • Floating and fighting, like a kite on a string
    Till you cut through my tether and changed everything
    From the sky you looked small, but I loved you the same
    So I darted back quickly to spell out your name
    And when they say that I'm just a terrible kite
    You'll tell them you're proud of my marvelous flight.
    • Kite
  • You could take everything I have
    Just don't leave my side.
    • Don't Slow Down
  • Your words hit like a train and I can't ignore it
    This moment could be our last
    You fall in love and I'm running after
    You move way too fast.
    • Don't Slow Down
  • Do what you want but I know who you are
    Say what you want but I know what you're thinking
    Go where you want but I won't be too far
    Go where want and I know where you'll end up.
    • Hold Nothing Back

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