Collective Soul

American rock band

Collective Soul is an American alternative rock/post-grunge band originally from Stockbridge, Georgia, formed in 1992. Now based in Atlanta, the group consists of lead vocalist Ed Roland, rhythm guitarist Dean Roland, bassist Will Turpin, drummer Johnny Rabb and lead guitarist Jesse Triplett. Formed in 1992

Song lyrics


All songs written by Ed Roland, except as noted.

  • You won't always get the thunder to warn you of storms ahead
    So bury all this pain and get on with your life again
    • "Sister Don't Cry"
  • Teach me how to speak
    Teach me how to share
    Tell me where to go
    Tell me will love be there?
  • I walk up on high
    And I step to the edge
    To see my world below
    And I laugh at myself
    As my tears roll down
    'Coz it's the world I know, it's the world I know
    • "The World I Know"
  • Why follow me to higher ground,
    Lost as you swear I am?
    Don't throw away your basic needs:
    Ambiance and vanity.

    Don't scream about, don't think aloud,
    Turn your head now baby just spit me out.
    Don't worry about, don't speak of doubt,
    Turn your head now baby just spit me out.

  • Now my water's turned to wine
    And these thoughts I have
    I now can claim as mine
    • "Reunion"
  • New meanings to the words I feed upon
    Wake within my veins elements of freedom
  • Silence creates necessity
  • When you're willing to render
    To the guilt you concede...
    When truth is your reason,
    Then lay the blame on me...
    When you unveil a conscience,
    And with peace you agree...
    When love is your constant,
    Then lay the blame on me.
  • Complicate this world you wrapped for me,
    I'm acquainted with your suffering.

    All your weight it falls on me;
    It brings me down.
    All your weight it falls on me,
    It falls on me.

  • For what's in a day of a dandy life?
    For what's in a day of this dandy life?
    Everything, everything, everything.
  • And here I lie with words to swear
    There's something more than the world out there.
    • "Compliment"
  • She said she can't look back to her days of youth
    What she thought were lies she later found was truth
  • In the air I'm tasting your perfection,
    Forgive me dear for my misdirection.
    As I crawl beneath this torture you adore,
    I fall face to face with my scars you've ignored.
  • Well it's ten years later and still
    I haven't a clue
    • "10 Years Later"
  • Well I would walk a million miles
    To give her all that she needs
    But she would walk a million more
    To do what she believes
    • "Perfect Day"
  • We know
    There's no longer shine on this burned-out rainbow
    • "After All"
  • Got a photograph
    Of a smile
    Taken way back when
    We could smile
    • "Over Tokyo"
  • Was it him?
    Was it me?
    Were his lies easier than my truth to believe?
    • "Him"
  • And the rain comes
    Just like a bed of nails
    And the rain comes
    Just like summer in Hell
    • "Him"
  • Hey, Baby, are you listening?
    I've battened all the hatches down.
    I've taken all of your prescriptions,
    But no remedy I've found.

    Counting the days (Yeah)
    Until some freedom can scream my name.
    Counting the days (Yeah)
    Until the gods break these chains.

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