Colin Bloom

British radio personality

Colin Bloom is a British government adviser. He was International Secretary for the Conservative Party. He authored the report "The Bloom Review" (2023).

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  • [About what we should be talking about as a society, but are not:] The issue of critical minerals. Rare earth and critical minerals. This is the new oil. Like 70 % of Europe's critical minerals [...] are on the eastern boarder of Ukraine. I'm not surprised Russia wants it. [...] China have got us by the short and curlies on this. Not just us, the whole of the West. America has been asleep. Europe has been asleep. We have been asleep. We need a healthy supply chain of these critical minerals to make stuff. And at the moment nearly all of that supply chain, 90 % of it, comes through China. Either the processing or the mining of it. And that's a massive problem because it means that if they want to turn it off, we've got a problem.