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Cold Case

television series

Cold Case (2003–2010) is an American CBS police procedural television series. The series revolves around a fictionalized Philadelphia Police Department division that specializes in investigating cold cases.


Season 1Edit

Look Again [1.1]Edit

Nick Vera: Rush, your boyfriend's downstairs.
Lilly Rush: I'm single. You sure it's not your boyfriend?

Todd Whitley: What is the point of all of this, after so many years?
Lilly Rush: People shouldn't be forgotten. They matter.
Todd Whitley: You're a crusader.
Lilly Rush: I guess I am.

Gleen [1.2]Edit

Lilly Rush: From 1983
Nick Vera: An '83 case can wait. Come on, Lilly.
Lilly Rush: No, it can't. It waited long enough.

Albert: Compulsive Sexual Behavior. It's a psychological condition, it shouldn't be criminalized.
Chris Lassing: You walked naked through a girls' middle school, Albert, and that shouldn't be criminalized?

John Stillman: Why do women always have high hopes for men that want to kill them?

Gwen Deemer: Why should I trust you, huh? I don't even know you!
Lilly Rush: No, you don't, because if you did, you'd know I was just getting started.

Our Boy Is Back [1.3]Edit

Carl: I wish we could have met under different circumstances...

Lilly Rush: Did we get any prints?
Nick Vera: Uhh... this guy doesn't leave prints.

Churchgoing People [1.4]Edit

Det. Sherman: It was a typical job during the crack era. Guy comes around looking for some company, ends up robbed and killed by the girl.
Lilly Rush: Why'd you think it was a hooker?
Det. Sherman: Ever been to Kensington Avenue, darling? It's hookerland.
Lilly Rush: Yeah? I grew up in Kensington.
Det. Sherman: So what was he doing there? Seeing the sights?

Caroline: Mitch didn't use drugs or prostitutes. We are churchgoing people.

Tina: Nice families don't talk about these things.

Ryan: And you know what, I want you to drop my dad's case.
Lilly Rush: When I'm so close to the truth? Not a chance.

The Runner [1.5]Edit

Lilly Rush: Garbage dump?
Nick Vera: You don't mind a little dirt, do you, Rush?
Lilly Rush: I hang around you, don't I?

Love Conquers Al [1.6]Edit

Lilly Rush: We're here to talk to you about Bennett Cahill.
Jane: Did something happen to him?
Scotty Valens: No. Alive and kicking.

Al:' [about Paige] I loved her. She ran wild on me, so it hurt. Jealousy ain't against the law.

Scotty Valens: [regarding cold cases] So, what, I work a few of these and then go on the line?
Lilly Rush: You act like this is the B list, Scotty.
Scotty Valens: Ain't it?
Lilly Rush: Not to me.

Scotty Valens: Who's that charmer?
Lilly Rush: A.D.A Kite, he's above cops.
Scotty Valens: Ain't above checking you out.

Jane: I don't think you're hearing me. He loved me so much, he committed murder.

Jane: He got a gun, took her to a field, and got her out of our lives.

Lilly Rush: Blood, blood, and more blood.

A Time To Hate [1.7]Edit

Scotty Valens: [to Deborah] Did you kill him? Because that would solve our case.

Deborah: Danny wasn't cruel. The world was.

Daniel: I love you. Nothing has to change.
Deborah: What do you mean?
Daniel: I mean I do love you. I love you.
Deborah: But not the way you're supposed to.

Anthony [the bartender]: Are you sure you're gay?
Daniel: Are you sure you're Italian?

Scotty Valens: [about case files] They get jumbled up a lot?
Lilly Rush: Things are getting better. People are learning the alphabet. Except Vera.

Fly Away [1.8]Edit

Scotty Valens: 9-1-1 call in came in at 11:16 pm, a few minutes after Rosie and Toya hit the ground. Voice was a black male, never ID'd.
Lilly Rush: Plus Rosie's landlady reported a black male running from the scene.
John Stillman: Black man hauling ass through lily-white Port Richmond? Stands out like Vera in a bikini.

Scotty Valens: People make mistakes. They clean up.
Lilly Rush: Your mom ever forget to feed you 'cause she was too drunk or tired or out looking for a man?
Scotty Valens: [pause] Nah.
Lilly Rush: Toya's a dime a dozen. Unwanted kid. Mom runs out of food stamps, makes an excuse why there's no dinner tonight or, uh, no breakfast, either, so thank God for the free corn flakes at school, if you get there early, and maybe some kid'll give you scraps out of his lunch box later on.
Scotty Valens: So your mom was going through bad times.
Lilly Rush: Scotty, there was never a good time.

Lilly Rush: You used your position to get in her home and check out her little girl. Knowing the power you had and Rosie wasn't the only one. You were like God to these women. You had the power to give, to take and you did.
Josh Freely: Like anyone gives a damn. Trailer park trash. Welfare queens. Like you care what happens to them.

Josh Freely: You just wait for the knock on the door, Rosie. When you least expect it.

Sherry Darlin [1.9]Edit

Lilly Rush: She didn't love you, James. And I'm your girl now.

The Hitchhiker [1.10]Edit

Lilly Rush: So you want to do me, huh?
Henry Floyd: Not sure. Twirl around once.

Scotty Valens: We can't get a car for another hour.
Lilly Rush: OK.
Scotty Valens: Pretty pathetic, the department don't get enough cars to go around.
Lilly Rush: You're just now noticing our crap resources?

Henry Floyd: What are you looking at?
Lilly Rush: [whispers] A dead man. And get those feet off my table.

Henry Floyd: [to Lilly] Oh, you've seen Janice? So you know what an upgrade you'd be.

Scotty Valens: I could win ten grand over there, I still ain't paying a cabbie 300 bucks to drive me home.

Lilly Rush: You waste your money on the daily numbers?
Scotty Valens: Every morning.
Lilly Rush: Five bucks down the drain.
Scotty Valens: I can afford it.
Lilly Rush: So what do you do if you win? You going to retire?
Scotty Valens: Nah, I'd keep doing what I do. I'd just dress sharper if that's possible. And brag a lot more.
Lilly Rush: If that's possible.

Matt: What do you say, Dorothy, should I double down?
Dorothy: You're showing a four. Book says no, but hey, you're hot.
Matt: Me? Or the cards?
Dorothy: Both [winks].

Ivan: [to Matt] Die! Just die! A boy like you, no one will miss!

Matt: It's been nice playing with you, Dorothy.
Dorothy: You should never quit after a win!
Matt: I have the feeling my luck's run out.

Hubris [1.11]Edit

Barry: Maybe you could love me...
Holly: No. I'll never love you either.

Scotty Valens: So you stalked her?
Barry Tepler: I pursued her... with too much enthusiasm.

Monique: [to Holly, about Prof. Minard] ...But there's a new girl every year... and yours is almost over.

Glued [1.12]Edit

Lilly Rush: Is there any reason why you're looking back on it now? Today?
John Stillman: [chuckles] What am I, one of your suspects?
Lilly Rush: Well, you're avoiding my questions like one. Alright, I can take a hint -- be mysterious.

Scotty Valens: Did you ever actually see him or his pals hit the boy?
Sean Murphy: If I would've seen something, I would've intervened. I'd have kicked those... African-American young gentlemen's asses.

Prostitute: We gotta make a living same as you!
Will Jeffries: That's what we're counting on.

Nicole Barnes: I prayed with all my heart and soul.
Lily Rush: For what?
Nicole Barnes: For God to take away all my burdens. And he did. He took away Timmy.

Lily Rush: I thought you liked cats.
Kite: Cats... not mutants.

The Letter [1.13]Edit

John Stillman: You find Blanche, maybe we find out the reason why Sadie was going to New York.
Nick Vera: Like the geezer's going to remember.
John Stillman: [to Jeffries] You and Mr. Sensitivity track down all the milk companies that delivered to the boarding house, Rush and Valens will be on geezer patrol.

Will Jeffries: [scanning through the records using the microform] This thing's making me seasick.
Nick Vera: At least I got my roll on, you couldn't even do yours.

The Boy In The Box [1.14]Edit

Sister Vivian: Sister Grace... She wasn't a good nun.
Scotty Valens: No kidding.

Sister Vivian: There are no cows in the woods.
Arnold: That's what you think!

Fred Banks: Sister Vivian was pretty cruel... but murder?

Disco Inferno [1.15]Edit

John Stillman: So, we're talking about a bullet fired 26 years ago for a gun we don't even know exists anymore.
Will Jeffries: Registered to a man we can't find.
Scotty Valens: Yeah?
John Stillman: The word longshot comes to mind.

Nick Vera: Maybe this Benny guy started the fire.
John Stillman: Yeah, right after he got shot in the face.
Nick Vera: Good point.

Sonya: [to Benny] I should kill you for making a slut outta me!

Doreen: Why you gotta be so selfish? You already got Benny in the sack. Why can't I have him on the dance floor?

Ken: I was gonna deal that to Chaney for thousands!
Doreen: You shoulda thought of that before you snorted up all his merchandise.

Mr. Rosen: You better stop talking, young man.
Ken: Or?
Mr. Rosen: You don't wanna know 'or'.

Volunteers [1.16]Edit

Scotty Valens: Do not give out addresses except in emergencies.
Lilly Rush: I'd call a double homicide an emergency.

John Stillman: We got the FBI file on Jane.
Scotty Valens: They had a file?
Lilly Rush: And they gave it up?
John Stillman: Public record now.

Elisa: [to Lilly] You're a detective? But you're so beautiful.

Lionel: The way I see it, the white man's got your mind, and the white woman's got your johnson.
Gerard: She's a friend.
Lionel: Our friends don't come in that color.

The Lost Soul of Herman Lester [1.17]Edit

Billy Berkenpass Sr.: So I made a call. Get off my property.

Billy Berkenpass Jr.: No telling what the round ball will make a grown man do.

Resolutions [1.18]Edit

Scotty Valens: Should have brought a coat.
Lilly Rush: Yup. Want mine? Wouldn't make you any less of a man.
Scotty: I'd rather freeze now.

John: Maybe when I'm done here I could buy you a steak.
Lilly Rush: I'm vegetarian.

Scotty Valens: We'll protect you, Russell.
Russell: I read crime novels. You guys can't do nothing.

John Stillman: Nice or not, no one gets a free murder.

Russell Brinkley: Ah crap, I didn't see anything!

Late Returns [1.19]Edit

Scotty Valens: He [David Lake] ain't wearing his glasses.
Nick Vera: So?
Scotty Valens: So... where'd they go?
John Stillman: I lose mine three times a day.

Will Jeffries: You know a guy named Darren Cleeman?
Marvin: No.
Nick Vera: Really? He called you last week.
Marvin: Well, maybe he got a wrong number.
Will Jeffries: You talk to wrong numbers for six minutes?
Marvin: Well, maybe I got lonely.

Nick Vera: Never found her killer.
Lily Rush: Never say never.

Greed [1.20]Edit

Randy Price: [to Lilly] You're a homicide detective? I've got to start committing some real crimes.

Lilly Rush: You're in the market, boss?
John Stillman: Half of America is, Lil.
Will Jeffries: Not my half.

Randy Price: [about the tip] I told you it was good.
Lilly Rush: So why didn't you let the cops know about it back then?
Randy Price: I wouldn't have profited from that. I was saving it for a rainy day.
Lilly Rush: And now it's pouring.

John Stillman: Well, it could have ended up worse, you could have ended up like Danville.
Roger Collins: Broke?
John Stillman: Dead.

Scotty Valens: You got plans?
Nick Vera: Are you kidding? I'm married. I'll take any excuse not to go home.

Maternal Instincts [1.21]Edit

Lilly Rush: [about Rebecca/Linda] She miscarried in September of '85 and gave birth in October of '86. She had to have gotten pregnant again fast.
Nick Vera: According to the way Silver described her, that would have taken all of an hour.

Scotty Valens: There she is, best and brightest physician in all of Philadelphia.
Frannie: Shut up, Vaylens.
Scotty Valens: It's Valens. V-A-L-E-N-S.

Rebecca: [to Kyle Silver] Don't you want to put your tongue in my mouth?

Sean: Why should I believe you?
Lilly Rush: Look at me. Am I lying?

The Plan [1.22]Edit

The Wilkes Military Academy's slogan: "From the child comes forth the soldier."

Dominic LaSalle: You're playing your hand badly, Detective Rush... See in poker, like in business, or warfare, the optimal strategy is not to have one. Or, rather, not to show it. You wear yours like a bad dye job.

[Just after fleeing the pool, the boys realize they've lost the paper outlining Dominic's plan]
Dominic LaSalle: Listen, here's what we're gonna do. Never, ever tell. If we're ever caught, each man takes the fall. Alone. Like a soldier.

[Sgt. James Creighton is visiting Dominic in the ICU, holding a Bronze Star medal he earned in the Army]
James Creighton: He should have this. What he did; what they all did... took more guts than I ever had.

James Creighton: [to Lilly] I watch boys. Just like Nash did, I watch boys, and I know that I'm becoming him. Please put me away. Stop me. Let them have their lives. Let them become men. Just let them go.

Lover's Lane [1.23]Edit

Season 2Edit

The Badlands [2.1]Edit

Nora Lincoln: Mom, leave her alone.
Della Lincoln: The girl needs help.
Nora Lincoln: Daddy?
Derek Lincoln: Don't look at me. I got a daughter who majors in business, a wife who majors in other people's business. Me, I'm just a restaurant owner.

Nick Vera: A triple murder gets you a date with the needle real quick.

J.T. Simms: I got a problem with you. See like, 50 problems.
Derek: I ain't giving you no money.
J.T. Simms: You pay the tax, or come roll with my crew.

Lilly Rush: That's a bad case of death.

Della Lincoln: I want you outta here!
J.T. Simms: This ain't your business.
Della Lincoln: You disrespect yourself, that's your business. You mess with this block, it's mine.
J.T. Simms: You think this is your block?
Della Lincoln: Oh that's right, and unless you want your friends to see you get smacked by an old woman, you best move!

Scotty Valens: J.T. Simms?
J.T. Simms: What did I do?
Scotty Valens: You tell us about the murders at that chicken ribs place last year.
J.T. Simms: Don't remember nothing about it.
Nick Vera: You sure? Cuz if my boys saw me almost getting bitchslapped by an old woman, I know I'd remember.

J.T. Simms: Check out homicide Barbie!

Factory Girls [2.2]Edit

Will Jeffries: Who's Fanny?
Lilly Rush: One of the factory girls.
Nick Vera: Do you think she shot her husband?
Lilly Rush: We better find out...
Will Jeffries: I'm going with you. I'd LOVE to meet an 80-year-old who shot a guy...

Dottie: Once again, Mr. Walker and Alice were not friendly!
Scotty Valens: What was the problem?
Dottie: A secretary doesn't tell secrets.

Will Jeffries: How does a woman in 1943 make that kind of money?
Scotty Valens: Like I said, naughty.
Lily Rush: Your mind goes right to the gutter.
Scotty Valens: Who wants to bet me?
Will Jeffries: I do. 20 bucks.

Lily Rush: Could your memory be mistaken?
Martha: You get old, you start forgetting things. You don't start making them up.

Dottie: You have a good man overseas and he deserves better!
Alice: Someone like you, you mean?
Dottie: Maybe so.
Alice: I know you'd love that.
Dottie: Well listen to the 5 cent tramp.
Alice: Says the fussy old maid.

Buddy: A single woman was considered to be a real flop.

Daniela [2.3]Edit

Chris: New York's only a few hours away, so if you're not busy, maybe sometime, I mean only if you want to, we can... go see the Eiffel Tower or something.

Lily Rush: Hey, Jeffries. Looks like this job might have died on us.
Will Jeffries: That's not all that died. We just luminoled the scene. It's a bloodbath.

Daniela: Get some bread for this ring, get that jive turkey landlord off my back!

John: We wouldn't be here if that screaming bitch didn't run out on us.
Chris: Cuz you're a pervert, man. Cassie didn't want to be your damn porn star.

Chris: The Empire State Building.
Daniela: What?
Chris: It's on your wall. And the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of whatchacallit.
Daniela: Pisa.

The House [2.4]Edit

Lily Rush: Hank would never cry "Uncle". You got to admire that, guy had heart.
John Stillman: You're supposed to be on the side of the law, Lil.

Lily Rush: The guy was doing 20 years... for stealing a pair of shoes?

Lily Rush: So this guy died twice?
Scotty Valens: Told you this place is haunted.

Inmate: How's it feel way up there on that wall, huh, Hank boy?
Hank: Lonely!

Who's Your Daddy? [2.5]Edit

Brad Atwater: [to Mei] You wanna translate here, cuz I don't think Miss Saigon understands me.
Channary: I am from Cambodia. Saigon is in Vietnam and I understand completely.

Mark: I knew this would come back to haunt me.
Scotty Valens: Yeah, well. Boo.

Booker: See you ain't wearin' no wedding ring.
Lily Rush: Well, you know I just can't find the right ex-con drug-dealing smack addict to settle down with.

Scotty Valens: Hey, what was on her mouth that you wiped off?
Booker: Piece of dirt.
Scotty Valens: As a complete stranger, but you felt compelled to clean her up?
Booker: Woman had a beautiful face. It bothered me.

Channary: Beauty is an illusion.
Sen: A nice one.

The Sleepover [2.6]Edit

Scotty Valens: People know this ain't the best place for swimming laps?
Lily Rush: Name like "Devil's Pool" kind of says it all.

Ariel: [about Tiffany and Brandi] I was JV and those two were Varsity bitches.

Tiffany: [to Brandi] Guess what, bitch! Time to buy a diary cause I'm not keeping your secrets any more.

Kelly: Hey, there's Ariel.
Rita: Mom, we're not friends anymore.
Kelly: Why not?
Rita: She's friends with Brandi now. Brandi doesn't like me.
Kelly: Well, then Brandi's an idiot.

Mr. Beaudry: She was capable of things that no parent wants to think about.
Will Jeffries: Like killing Rita?

Ariel: I didn't know.
Lilly: Didn't know what?
Ariel: I didn't know you lived through it.

It's Raining Men [2.7]Edit

Will Jeffries: So, who were these gay men?
Carlo: You want me to out them?
Nick Vera: For a homicide investigation, you bet.

Artie: The gift I want is justice.

Carlo: I'm ugly now, I make money cleaning birdcages. But look at me there. I was gorgeous.

Lily Rush: [about Carlo] Now how's a guy like him make it when so many others don't?
Artie: If God was punishing people for their sins, he had a badly researched list.

Finch: Things don't get done when you rant, and rave, and threaten. Things get done quietly.
Jeff: We'll be dead. That's quiet.

Red Glare [2.8]Edit

Lily Rush: It wasn't just Elliot that died that day. A whole family died too. You wanna be a man of action? This is your last chance.

Reina Kraus: [about Elliot] He was true to her, which made me love him even more.

Scotty Valens: But when Elliot was killed, you didn't report this Ribble guy to the police?
Mr. Sealey: That would have been pointless. Wade Ribble was the police.

Mr. Sealey: First rule of the witch hunt, don't limit yourself to the witches!

Scotty Valens: Those statues ain't going nowhere.
Mrs. Lang: Neither is Elliot.

MindHunters [2.9]Edit

John Stillman: You read a lot, huh, George?
George Marks: It's what I do.
John Stillman: Spend a lot of time with those records, reading about our dead women.
George Marks: Yeah, it's better than fiction, right?
John Stillman: How so?
George Marks: No one reads them, no one cares about them. But me. Oh, by the way? [smiling] You're not gonna find anything in my house.

Scotty Valens: Know what I think? This guy? Never got laid once in his life. Because, you know, it sounds to me like he's got a real problem with the ladies. You know?
George Marks: You're the one with the lady problem from what I hear. Nothing that a little thorazine can't fix.

George Marks: Fine line between being human and an animal. Look at you.
Nick Vera: So, tell me about those dumb animals, George!
George Marks: I once read a pursued animal will run on broken toes, fractured shins, bloody stumps of feet. There are worse things than rape, Nick. Things that go on for hours...

George Marks: Ever wonder what Mrs. Jeffries begged for on that lonely highway before she died?
Will Jeffries: Not gonna work, George. Sorry.
George Marks: Because I know. Don't forget your deer eye.
Will Jeffries: Deer eye, George? You, uh, a taxidermist?
George Marks: Done talking to you.
Will Jeffries: Because if you never hunted, why you have these at your place?
George Marks: Done talking. I want the blonde.

John Stillman: [to Lily about George] Put him in those woods, Lil.

Discretion [2.10]Edit

Will Jefferies: Well that was 6 hours well spent, I'll tell you that.
Lily Rush: Ah, the training seminar.
Will Jefferies: Yeah, this guy has never been on the line, never worked a homicide, but he's an expert.
Nick Vera: His answer to everything, auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Will Jefferies: So New Haven's the beginning, North Philly's the end.
Lily Rush: What's the middle?
Nick Vera: (sarcastically) Auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Scotty Valens: Maybe I'll look at this job, Sinclair Thomas.
John Stillman: You got any direction?
Scotty Valens: I just like his name.

John Stillman: It's got to be personal – you don't stab someone twelve times just to rob them and then leave the car and money behind.

Blank Generation [2.11]Edit

Nick Vera: What's wrong with your cats?
Lily Rush: [glares] Nothing!

Nick Vera: Every cult you ever read about, the leader's doin' all the ladies.
Will Jeffries: [shrugs] It's good to be king.

Matthew: I came back to save you!
Alison: And I'm saving you.

Scotty Valens: [about Elisa's letter] She wrote about this birthday party. Her friend turning 14 and how we're both there sneaking looks and talking about how the river smells, and in her head, she's waiting for the light to fade so I can hold her hand in the dark and no one would see. Don't tell me that note is the end. It's the beginning.

Stewart: Matthew, what do you want from me?
Matthew: I want to forget you.

Maurice: Suicide's for cowards.

Lily Rush: Maybe you shouldn't be here right now?
Scotty Valens: Then you tell me... where I should be.

Yo, Adrian [2.12]Edit

Nick Vera: Two years in the lockup for putting steppops in a coma?
Mad Mo: Those records are supposed to be sealed.
Nick Vera: Don't worry, we taped them back up.

Mad Mo: Killing somebody has a way of throwing a man off track.
Will Jeffries: Not for Tommy Sugar. He's been Philly's top boxing promoter for the last 25 years.
Mad Mo: Well that's some truth, and here's some more: the night Jerry Stone died, Tommy Sugar was born.

Lily Rush: Gina, just so you know, your dad was genuinely sorry about Jerry.
Gina: Yeah. Too bad he didn't feel that way before he let Mad Mo kill him.

Time To Crime [2.13]Edit

Will Jeffries: So, the baby was born, left the hospital and never made it home.
Lilly Rush: Maybe it went to another store?
John Stillman: Or maybe someone kidnapped it.

John Stillman: You know the mayor's gun recovery program?
Lilly Rush: Turn in a gun, get a pair of sneakers?

'Uncle Sam' Larson: Hey, I saved their lives!
Scotty Valens: And made 89 bucks to boot.

John Stillman: Cell phones were science fiction in '87, Scotty.

Rodney: Looks awfully young to be one of my customers.
Nick Vera: Come on, Rodney, you'd sell to a toddler if they had the cash.

Will Jeffries: That Mac-10 wasn't delivered to any gun store in Philadelphia.
Nick Vera: Yeah, and I got the paper cuts to prove it.

Scotty Valens: I'm not interested in your sister, Lil.
Lilly Rush: Good, cause she's a train wreck.

Rodney Johnson: The statute of limitations for theftery is up, right?

Eric Morrison: Hey, if you see Truly again, would you apologize to her for me? You know, for being such a demented kid?
Scotty Valens: Tell her yourself. Ain't like she lives in Antarctica.

Jessie Odoms: I was such a fool. Thought my heart was actually breaking. Crazy, right? Considering what God was about to teach me about real heartbreak.

Eric Morrison: Then I'll just get another gun and hunt you down with it.
Truly Sinclair: You can try, Eric. Just remember you ain't the only one gonna be armed.

Boy #2: [about the gun] Give it back!
'Uncle Sam' Larson: You lucky to be alive, you that? Now git! Before I really bust a cap in your scrawny asses!

Lilly Rush: How much you pay for this, back in 2000?
Jason James Sr.: 89 bucks.
Scotty Valens: That's cheap.
Lilly Rush: Well, it was used.

Truly: I seen those drawings you make, that list of people with skulls by their names.
Eric: Ever hear of the word 'privacy'?

Truly: I was here in '99. Hell, I was here in '89. Feel like I been here since '09.

Revolution [2.14]Edit

Brian: I was clean when I did it... I could see right to tomorrow... all the way down the line.

Wishing [2.15]Edit

Colin: (referring to his stuffed rabbit) Mr. Wilson! Thanks, Mom. (referring to the movie they're going to see) I wish he could come! Is it rated "R"?
Sarah: Honey, Mr. Wilson is a rabbit, so he ages in rabbit years. He's been around a good long time.

Colin: (about his Valentine's gift) Nathan, how is Leah gonna know that I love her if they're mush?
Nathan: Make a wish. Fountains are the best place to make a wish about feelings. Everyone knows that.

Colin: I'm not supposed to open the fridge or the cupboards. I'm supposed to wait for Mom.
Leah: Where is she?
Colin: Taking a bath. A long one.
Leah: How long?
Colin: She went in two days ago.

Det. Rush (to Josh): Who did Mac want Colin to stay away from?
Josh: His girlfriend. Leah.
Det. Rush: This have to do with the Valentine's?
Josh: The music room. He jumped her.
Det. Vera: What? Sexually?
Josh: Colin was the nicest guy on Earth, but I guess he's still a guy.

Nathan (about Colin): With both of us gone, the world would have eaten him alive.

Revenge [2.16]Edit

Scotty Valens: Hey, pervert! We're talking to you!
Ken Bream: What did you call me?
Scotty Valens: I know what you are. I make a study out of people like you.

Ken Bream: Do you know the feeling when you wake up from a nightmare, and you realize it's just a dream? How good that feels? That relief? When I wake up, I realize it was all real.
Rudy Tanner: I didn't kill him.
Ken Bream: I saw the pictures.
Rudy Tanner: That's all it was. It was just pictures.
Ken Bream: And that was enough. You deserve worse than this. But it'll have to do.
Rudy Tanner: [smirking] Then let me tell you the truth, 'Dad'. He was the best piece of--
[Ken shoots Rudy]

Scotty Valens: Look, whatever your mom's failings were, your dad did worse.
Archie Tanner: No. No, he- - He loved me.
Scotty Valens: That ain't love, Archie.

Ed Kripke: God, help me. I left him. I hadn't had a hit in days, you don't know what it's like.
Will Jefferies: [sarcastically] Guess I'm missing out.

Lilly Rush: Non-filters. Reminds me of home. My Mom had a two pack a day habit.
Archie Tanner: Good for her.
Lilly Rush: Little vodka to smoothe it all out. Some nights more than a little. Then it was my job to clean her up, put her to bed.
Archie Tanner: That sounds great.
Lilly Rush: [laughing] It sucked! [pause] I did it anyway. Know why? Because after I tucked her in some nights? She'd reach out, like this. [Lilly reaches out to brush Archie's face] And that made it okay. Her doing that, loving me. I would've done anything for that.
Archie Tanner: Yeah?
Lilly Rush: Yeah. Like you did. For years. For your dad.
Scotty Valens: But then Kyle came along. Right? Took your bedroom, your stuff.
Lilly Rush: Your dad found someone new to love. And he was going to take him away. And leave you behind!
Archie Tanner: Canada or Europe.
Lilly Rush: You were only thirteen. You needed your dad.
Archie Tanner: I believed him. You know?
Scotty Valens: You believed?
Archie Tanner: What he always told me. That I was his 'star'.

Schadenfreude [2.17]Edit

Nick Vera: You know whether Linsey and Mike ever met again?
Timmy Horan: She'd be dead if they did.
Scotty Valens: Which she is, Tim.

Ravaged [2.18]Edit

John Stillman: Nicky, how'd it go with Megan?
Nick Vera: Fine. (Everyone stares at him.) We're going to this place, tonight, hangout for high school.
Will Jefferies: Bow chicka wow wow.
Nick Vera: Shut up!

Strange Fruit [2.19]Edit

Linda O'Hara: About time they got some female detectives on the force, they didn't like girls in the club till '73.
Lilly Rush: Pretty rough for a female cop's victim.
Linda O'Hara: Rough? Commissioners put first-timers on the worst street corners, no patrol cars, no backup.
Lilly Rush: Can't live with them, can't kill them off.

Kensington [2.20]Edit

Monty Fineman: Butch was the one who did all the yelling, but Joe's silence, that's what said the most.

Creatures of the Night [2.21]Edit

Larry Papas: It's going to be on my tombstone: "He hired a serial killer."

Best Friends [2.22]Edit

Nick Vera: You got a name for our bones?
Scotty Valens: So far 6 young black women disappeared or assumed dead around '32. (to Jefferies) Saved that stack for you, it's a birthday present.
Nick Vera: When's your birthday?
Will Jefferies: Tomorrow.
Scotty Valens: How you celebrating?
Will Jefferies: I'm 60, I'm almost dead, I'm going home tonight writing out my will.

Nick Vera: You stabbed a lady in '43 and spent 5 years in prison.
Little Georgie: Woman got in the way of me and my dance moves.

The Woods [2.23]Edit

George Marks: I did a bad thing, mother.
Simone Marks: What did you do?
George Marks: I took out their eyes.

George Marks: [to Lilly] I told you long ago. We would go hunting together in the woods, you and I.

George Marks: God's a sociopath. Free from all pretense of love and loyalty.

George Marks: Too bad you couldn't save her.
John Stillman: Save who?
George Marks: Your daughter. From the big bad wolf, his sharp wet teeth.
John Stillman: Let me talk to Lilly, George.
George Marks: A real father would've eviscerated the thug who soiled his little girl. But you, you just talked.
John Stillman: Now you listen to me. You won't get out of this alive without my help, George.
George Marks: I know all about your help, it comes 18 years too late.

George Marks: Lilly, I am a god in these woods!
Lilly Rush: No, George! You're a little boy...whose mother didn't love him.

Season 3Edit

Family [3.1]Edit

(Jimmy is stalking to a nurse about him and his girlfriend having an abortion).
Jimmy: I thought if it was early, it was easy.
Nurse: Murder isn't easy.

Josie: We've done some looking, seems you and your wife put a lot of time and money into trying for a baby.
Jered Wyatt: Maybe for a short period.
Will: 6 years.

The Promise [3.2]Edit

Nick: (To a fraternity house leader about a pledge) He's cute, French maids do it for me too.

Bad Night [3.3]Edit

Vicky: Hey guys, wait up. It's not cool to ditch a wheelchair girl.
Donna: Oh my god Vic, I'm so sorry.
Vicky: In case you haven't noticed, this thing doesn't have turbo on it.

Elena: I'm moving from the house where I raised that little boy on my own. All I want is to leave his spirit with some kind of peace. It's where good karma comes from, you know.
Lilly: I don't really go in for that kind of thing.
Elena: Do you go in for finding the truth?

Colors [3.4]Edit

Will: Detective Jeffries and Valens Moody, want to talk to you about Clyde Taylor.
Moody: Why do you want to come here, drudging up that old mess?
Scotty: May have a crack in the case.
Moody: From 60 years ago, what crack you got?

Will: (about his sister) Well that's the problem, you never know. Woman's forty-five, acts all of fifteen.

Committed [3.5]Edit

Claudia: If someone took my poetry away, I would totally be in a mental hospital.
Otis: You would totally be in law school.

Zelda: Hey! If a worthless, drunk, son of a bitch falls down the stairs and no-one's around, did he really fall?
Vera: According to the police report, yes, and at your hand.

Scotty: Nurse Olsen, let me ask you, you notice anything different about Bettie Petrowski when you signed her out of the hospital?
Nurse Olsen: Different?
Scotty: Yeah, like maybe she's not the same person she used to be.
Will: Like maybe she's Carmen.

Saving Patrick Bubley [3.6]Edit

Lilly: Maybe, but I'll quit before I look in the mirror and see Fulcrum's face staring back at me.
John: Well I've seen your old partner's face, nobody wants that.

Start-Up [3.7]Edit

Taylor: I found it on the hard drive, I was recovering it for extra credit.
Scotty: Sounds like you're good at this.
Taylor: Nah, I just can't do P.E.

Honor [3.8]Edit

Janet: I didn't know where Carl was, truly, even when he was right in front of me.

A Perfect Day [3.9]Edit

John: Takes some kind of rage breaking a kid's arm in two places.
Lilly: Some kind of monster.
John: I'd like to meet whoever's responsible face to face.
Scotty: Hearing you loud and clear boss. They'd better still be out there.
Lilly: Kind of job you hate to catch, but worth the most to close.

Scotty: Well maybe we'll talk with the former owner.
Mattie: Good luck, cheap pervert took a nosedive into his cheese fries, 10 years back.

Frank's Best [3.10]Edit

Stump: Hey, I've been straight since I got out of jail.
Will: For the whole two weeks, huh, Stump?

Vera: We asked around, heard your ex-husband wasn't the nicest guy, Antonia.
Antonia: Well, that's the understatement of the century.

Vera: The measure of a man is his family, so your dad was a failure.

8 Years [3.11]Edit

Sally: My daddy says "If you plan big, you'll just disappoint yourself."

May Pearson: You can't take me there, on what basis?
Scotty: Obstructing a police investigation -88, New York bench warrant -94.
Det. Nick Vera: And irritating two homicide guys 2006.

Lilly: Olivia got chomped by a neighbor dog.
Stillman: (joking) Did he get the other eye?
Lilly: (giving a dirty look) That's not funny!

Lilly: You find this Mack?
Scotty: Six feet under in Trenton.
Jeffries: Tough interview...

Detention [3.12]Edit

John Finn: We should visit Trevor's parents, let them know we're looking into this again, and be sensitive.
Scotty Valens: Don't want to get their hopes up for nothing.
Kat Miller: You think the murder angle will get their hopes up?
Scotty Valens: They lose a son either way, him being murdered means maybe it ain't their fault.

Abe Monti: I'm going to the teacher's lounge, to get an aspirin. While I'm gone, do me a favor and just consider why it is you insist on being cruel to one another.
Trevor Dawson: Because it's high school, and we hate ourselves?

Raquel Montero: And when the boy you like would rather kill himself than kiss you, that feels bad too.

Debut [3.13]Edit

Vera: So you's coming to the Sixers game on Wednesday?
Lilly: Uh, sorry I'm not into hockey.
Vera: It's basketball.

Landon: A lady doesn't get angry, although, sometimes what she does instead is worse.

Dog Day Afternoons [3.14]Edit

Scotty: There you are.
Lilly: Oh, you've been looking for me?
Scotty: Not me, some dude on a Harley.
Lilly: Oh.
Scotty: Yeah, Ray something or another.
Lilly: (depressed) Oh.
Scotty: Must be something personal. (Lilly glares at him) Just saying.
Vera: Guy on a Harley, always sexy.
Will: Sure there's nothing you want to share, Lil?
Lilly: Yeah, he shows up again, tell him I'm dead.

Phil: Thing is, when someone opens a door, you got to be ready to go through.

Sanctuary [3.15]Edit

Vera: Priests are supposed to aim higher than the average slob.
Father Peralta: My church is in a warzone, filled with desperate people, they sin to stay alive. You want to do some good for them, you get your hands dirty if you have to, for the greater good.

Vera: Look, you give a damn, makes you a great cop in most situations.

One Night [3.16]Edit

Lily Rush: Can I help you?
John Doe: I have information on a murder. The boy who died. His name was Steve Jablonski.
Lily Rush: Jablonski. Sounds familiar.
John Doe: He was buried alive 26 years ago.
Lily Rush: Right. That was horrible.
John Doe: Yes, it was.
Lily Rush: You got some information?
John Doe: [placing a shovel on a table] I buried him with this.

Will Jeffries: Why'd you make him write his own will?
John Doe: People should have the chance to put their affairs in order. To make sense of their lives. To say good-bye.
Will Jeffries: Now, that's real standup.

Scotty Valens: It was raining when you picked him up tonight. It was cold out?
John Doe: Yes, it was very cold.
Scotty Valens: But your car is warm. It's dry. Justin gets in, he's shivering. Maybe he's grateful for the warmth, maybe not, all that matters is he's this close. You can smell his skin, his hair, his breath. Anything can happen.
John Doe: You're way off base.
Scotty Valens: You like teenage boys.
John Doe: That's not why I picked him--
Scotty Valens: When he begged for his life, what'd you make Justin do?
John Doe: That's not why I picked him!
Scotty Valens: Then why pick 17-year-olds?
John Doe: Because the little bastards think they'll live forever! But they won't.
Scotty Valens: No. You make sure of that.
John Doe: In the end, they give up, too.

John Doe: They get into cars with strangers and believe they'll live forever.
Lily Rush: You think that's a crime?
John Doe: It is because they won't. They should know that and not be disappointed later.
Lily Rush: Like you once were.
John Doe: I've been dying for 26 years. I never believed.
Lily Rush: Didn't you? And I'd give anything to never have walked into that attic. Never looked down the barrel of his gun. So I could still believe that I'd live forever. Remember?
John Doe: No.
Lily Rush: It's the most beautiful thing we'll ever do. Believing that.
John Doe: I don't remember.
Lily Rush: I do. Wintertime alone on the street learning to ride my bike. It's almost dark. I remember the wind in my face, and closing my eyes, and suddenly I'm flying. You don't hate them because they believe they'll live forever. You hate them because we once did, too.

Superstar [3.17]Edit

Fritz: I'm screwed, that's my problem. I never should have agreed to this thing. It doesn't help me if I win, I'm supposed to win, you're a girl.
Andi: Thanks a lot.
Fritz: And if I lose, I'm over.
Andi: So win.

Vera: You think Susan could have harmed her?
Grace: She was radical, believed in making change by any means necessary.
Vera: I ain't doing that interview.

Grace: Have you ever been dragged through the mud so many times by a guy that you lash out in an inappropriate way?
Lilly: You consider poisoning someone inappropriate?

Vera: And a small thing like a guy coming home late turns into a three hour referendum on all the cheap things Nick Vera has ever done.

Willkommen [3.18]Edit

Clinton: I'm buried here, sale's going to start soon and I've got to serve people.
Vera: Yeah, you wouldn't want to lose your job. Criminal record I hear can make it hard to find work.

Nora: I didn't want Clinton to say anything, because my career is really about to take off.
Scotty: And getting convicted for murder might get in the way?

Dennis: I don't think I like shutting off my memory, living in the now, you forget too much.

Beautiful Little Fool [3.19]Edit

Violet: I swear, 1929 is going to be the most splendid year of my life, I'm going to see the world.
Ginger: And I swear to meet a wealthy man who's also handsome.

Kat: Could've sworn I saw Muriel through the curtains.
Vera: She must leave the house sometimes, lie in wait whilst she gets the morning paper.

Violet: Do you ever miss being part of the human race with the rest of us, or do you like life up on your mountain?

Death Penalty: Final Appeal [3.20]Edit

William Danner: Internal Affairs will get to the inventory in their own time.
Stillman: But that could take 10 years, Andre Tibbs has got two days.
William Danner: Tough.
Jeffries: So if an innocent man dies tomorrow night, you don't care.
William Danner: I've told you my position on this, now please before I drop kick you out of my office.

Barbie: Beep beep beep, paging Mr. Drugdealer.

Andre: Everyone's got their own problems, see there, and when there's bottom and there's no place you can go but there, and when you hit that, you die. Or you close your eyes and believe.
Kate: Believe what?
Andre: There's something bigger out there than what's eating you alive. Something better.
Kate: Is there something better?
Andre: Up to you to find it.

The Hen House [3.21]Edit

Lilly: We hear you had a few bumps along the way, an altercation on a city bus.
Helen: Misunderstanding.
Kat: Hospital stay after disrupting a wedding, locked the bride in a choir room and walked down the aisle yourself.
Helen: She wasn't really right for him.

Scotty: Man you're making me nervous, why don't you sit down?
Jeffries: Because my ass has been planted all day, growing roots in that seat.

The River [3.22]Edit

Lilly: He take the hint, stay away?
Anne: Asked me to marry him a few months after Grant died.
Jeffries: Guess that'd be a no.

Vera: Saying that maybe I'm not 100% totally washed up in the dating world.
Jeffries: Because a crack ho called you?
Vera: Why do you have to say it like that?

Joseph [3.23]Edit

Lilly: Did you know she asked Joseph not to testify against Corey?
Ted: Where did you hear that?
Lilly: Please answer the question.
Ted: Well, someone misunderstood, I'm sure.
Lilly: No, she was pretty clear about it. Believe the phrase was "Do not testify against Corey."

Lilly: Crystal? I'm Detective Rush
Crystal: I'm pretty popular with you guys these days, huh.

Season 4Edit

Rampage [4.1]Edit

Mr. Coutler: Well it's easier for you to pretend we're monsters isn't it?
Detective Valens: Excuse me?
Mr. Coutler: Just like the newspapers did, the TV. What everyone forgets - that day, we lost a child too.

Davey: I kinda lost my trust in people after that. I guess that's why I ended up here. [Davey works at a horse stable].

Cameron Coutler: [Aiming a shotgun] Smile for the camera, sucker. [Fires, hitting Lewis in the waist]
Barry Lewis: [Pleading] Hey! Hey! Heyyyy! Hey!
Neil: Let 'im bleed. [Cameron pauses, then turns and leaves.]

Davey: You don't understand. I would've done anything for Tina... because all I ever wanted was for her to like me. But I let her down when she needed me the most.

Lilly: For every gun that's fired someone can't be in an enclosed room, or walk, or see their child again. It's not just you who pays, Tina. It never is.

Tina: They were little kids, they were moms and dads... and they never hurt anybody!
Lily Rush: And it didn't matter to Cameron and Neil, they were human time bombs, just waiting to go off.
Tina: And I lit the fuse.

Tina: Hey, guys. You want to make a porn film? Bow chicka-bow-bow!
Cameron Coutler: Girlfriend's seriously tweaked.
Tina: Or I could film you, killing everyone. You're always talking about it, so do it already!
Neil: Okay man, let's get outta here. [Neil starts to leave; Cameron holds up a hand]
Tina: What, you scared or something?
Cameron Coutler: How about I kill you first?
Tina: Then who's gonna make you famous, big boy?
Cameron Coutler: Girl's got a point.
Neil: So what's the plan? Cameron?
Tina: Kill 'em all. Kill everybody! [Cameron grins]
Cameron Coutler: Get the camera.

The War at Home [4.2]Edit

Kat Miller: (about her daughter) She's pouting because I wouldn't let her come with.
Lilly Rush: 8-year-old wants to see a crime scene?
Kat Miller: She's a weird kid.

Lilly Rush: In my family, cooked pretty much meant whatever was spinning under the heat lamp at 7-Eleven.

Brenda: You said it was about Dana. Did you find her?
Scotty Valens: Her arm, we're thinking the rest of her might be dead.
Brenda: Missed the sensitivity training did ya?

Scotty Valens: Your husband's overseas, Paula?
Paula: Ass-deep in the Sunni Triangle.
Lilly Rush: Not exactly a garden spot.
Paula: Desert air must appeal to him, he keeps re-enlisting.

Paula: You probably think I'm some bimbo home-wrecker.
Scotty Valens: Pretty much.

Dana: A little girl. And they tell ya, you see anyone in the road, you, you just run 'em down.
Geoff: Even a kid?
Dana: They use the kids to get the convoys to stop. I didn't see a trap, I saw a little girl who could've been Lindsey, so I slowed down and that's when we got hit.
Geoff: Dan...
Dana: Typical girl soldier right?
Geoff: That wasn't a girl thing, it was a human thing. I would've done the same.

Sandhogs [4.3]Edit

Det. Jeffries: They say if it's deeper than a grave, a sandhog dug it.
Det. Vera: Looks like this poor schmuck might have dug his own.

Lilly: You know your sandhog history, boss.
Lt. Stillman: The neighborhood I grew up in Lil, you either became a cop, a fireman, or a sandhog. I got this thing about being burned or buried alive.

Kat Miller: Back then, people stuck it out, even if it didn't make sense.
Alice: Just the times. He was still married and white, and I was neither.

Baby Blues [4.4]Edit

Frannie Ching: Some people say SIDS doesn't really exist. Babies don't die for no reason.
Lilly Rush: But...
Frannie Ching: But you can't say for sure. Med school taught me we know less about life and death than we think.

Molly Felice: They said we could have it all: family, husband, career. They just didn't say how.

Brie Romeo: Believe me, the babysitter knows all your dirty secrets. The Felices had some big ones.

Molly Felice: The world's such a dangerous place for a baby and I'm not a good mother.

Saving Sammy [4.5]Edit

Scotty: You don't like yellow, do you, Brent?
Brent: Three red flakes, two blue, one green, no yellow.
Scotty: Not my favorite color either.
Brent: Well, now that we got that settled.

Lilly: I'm here to say goodbye, Ray.
Ray: Like goodbye goodbye? Like sayonara, adios forever?
Lilly: This isn't a joke.
Ray: Who's laughing?

Lilly: Don't leave, Joseph, please.
Joseph: Look, I'm not your consolation prize.
Lilly: I don't want to be alone!
Joseph: Maybe you do. (walks away)

Static [4.6]Edit

Bones: Teenage boppers always did love "The Hawk".
Vera: Sounds like he did some loving back.
Kat: The kind that gets you arrested.
Vera: Or shot in the head with a .38.

The Hawk: What's your kind of dream Jenny?
Jenny: Getting out of this town.
The Hawk: Going where?
Jenny: Anywhere.
The Hawk: That's a nice place, Anywhere, I've been there myself many times.

The Key [4.7]Edit

Bill: This is a member's only establishment.
Vera: So's police headquarters, how about we check down there instead.

Allison: I wasn't happy Libby was banging my husband, but somebody had to do it, right?

Libby: You've got your whole life ahead of you, you can do anything that you want. Just don't wait till it's too late.

Libby: All my life I've been somebody's daughter or wife. Always someone else's somebody. I never had the chance to just be me.

Fireflies [4.8]Edit

Vera: Thanks for sharing, now git before I drop kick you out of here.

Cherise: You said we'd be friends forever.
Melanie: No such thing as forever.

Scotty: (to Melanie) And that's why he bought you into the woods, you were brave.
Lilly: In a world that wasn't.

Lonely Hearts [4.9]Edit

Lilly: You think it's impossible he could've been interested because of how she looks.
Vera: Yeah, Lilly. Impossible.

Eugenia: One day you're on vacation in Denial City, next day you're in a prison of your own stupidity.

Forever Blue [4.10]Edit

Brogan: Cops didn't do that in the old days, not when you came on the force.
Stillman: Department has changed a lot.
Brogan: Have you changed, Lieutenant?

Jimmy: That was just talk, we're cursed with this thing.
Sean: My folks, been married forever right. But whatever they had died years ago, and I look around and I see everyone like that, staying because of the church, because it's expected, because they got nowhere else to go. Cursed? We're the lucky ones, Jimmy.

Lilly: The world back then didn't understand. You believed it was wrong, but that kind of thing comes around once in a lifetime and you got to hold on, or you'll lose it. Coop was right, you were the lucky ones, Jimmy.

The Red and the Blue [4.11]Edit

Garrett: (holding up a gun) You know what this is, folks?
Jeffries: Besides the obvious.

Stillman: Scotty hates country.
Jeffries: That's just wrong. I'll loan you come CDs.
Stillman: "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy."
Jeffries: "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off."
Scotty: Can hardly wait.

Kylie: That Truck was a looker. I'd never take out someone fine as him.
Kat: Tight alibi.

Ty: Someone's got a chance to rise up, you gotta get out the way.

Knuckle Up [4.12]Edit

Scotty: We got a name on that kid that was the ringleader of this fight club, it's Cole Palmer, senior, aka Ares.
Vera: Ares was the Greek god of War. Rawfodog spelt backwards, god of war.
Scotty: So the same kid posted the video?
Vera: Not bad, huh?
Scotty: Yeah dude. You really need a girlfriend.

Cole: Oh, that's right. Only cops get to beat the crap out of people.

Blackout [4.13]Edit

Tad: She had no power over me.
Kat: Mothers always have power, whether you like it or not.

8.03 AM [4.14]Edit

Lilly: You need a reason to open a job.
Kat: No-one left to speak for Skill, for Madison. Except us, maybe that's reason enough.

Toomey Nelson (to Kat): Yo, baby girl. Where them stilettos and the tube top?
Kat Miller: Yeah, well. I be respectable now.

Shirley Reed (to Madison): I just... wanna not feel things anymore. So just let me do that, OK?
Madison: I wanna go home. Please, mom.
Shirley Reed: It's just like heaven here, sweetie. Don't you see how pretty it is? We're in heaven.

Shirley Reed: Madison used to give me that look, too. So disappointed in me...again.
Lt. Stillman: Looks like you got clean.
Shirley Reed: I tried so many times. But if addiction was a battle, rehab was war.

(When Michael and Skill find Madison in the house with the meth addicts)
Skill: Hey. Hey, your boyfriend here. He came to bring you home.
Madison: There's nothing for me there.
Skill: Nothing for you here, either. (finds a meth vial on Madison.) Yo, come on. Get on up! You don't belong here. You're just a kid.
Madison: So are you.
Skill: Me and you... we're worlds apart.

Blood on the Tracks [4.15]Edit

Lt. John Stillman: (barking) Miller! In here. Now. (Kat looks at Scotty, slightly panicking, and walks into the lieutenant's office.)
Kat Miller: What's up?
Lt. Stillman: (showing her a juice box) How in the hell do you open this thing?
Kat Miller: There's this new device called a straw.
Lt. Stillman: Straw? (Kat rips the straw from the side of the box and unwraps it.)
Lt. Stillman: I didn't see that.
Kat Miller: Why don't you let the four-year-old show you. Hey, Sean. How 'bout some juice, buddy?
Sean: Sure. (Stillman examines closely as Sean plunges the straw into the juice box and takes a sip.)
Kat Miller: (to Stillman) You wanna go interview a murder suspect or something, boss? Calm yourself down?

Tom Zimmerman: I was already home.
Jeffries: Alone?
Tom Zimmerman: Yeah.
Nick Vera: Great alibi, Z. Did the butler do it, too?

Johanna: I thought it was you and me against the world.
Jack: It still is. Let's do this together, be strong with me, Jo.
Johanna: You always were the strong one.
Jack: It isn't strength. It's like I don't have a choice.
Johanna: No choice... I think I understand now.

The Good-Bye Room [4.16]Edit

Lilly: Could be someone was keeping it secret.
Barbara: Who?
Lilly: Someone with a secret of their own.

Karen: You're a nutjob if you think any of us are going to put our legs in those torture devices.
Sister Margaret: If you'd kept your legs together in the first place you wouldn't be here.

Shuffle, Ball Change [4.17]Edit

Vera: Looked up your record Carlos, you got a long history for using your fists freely.
Lilly: They got a word for that, sweetheart.
Carlos: Passionate.
Lilly: Homicidal.

A Dollar, a Dream [4.18]Edit

Scotty: Environmental group found it, testing the bottom of the lake.
Lilly: For what?
Scotty: The stuff... they test for.

Offender [4.19]Edit

Lilly: Bound? You're saying the guy was pushed?
Stillman: He was a registered sex offender.
Scotty: (sarcastically) Oh, that's a darn shame.

Scotty: Your thing?
Ernie: My preference was blond-haired boys, ages eight to twelve, slight build, introverted. I was always very specific.
Vera: Gee, I guess we're way out of line here.

Stand Up and Holler [4.20]Edit

Vera: Just made the Varsity cheerleading squad, popular, pretty, lots of friends. Who'd want to kill someone like that?
Kat: I would.

Becca: Losers are so pathetic, spend all their time projecting their ugliness onto other people. It's sad really.

Torn [4.21]Edit

Philippa: It hurts to even think about.
Francis: It hurts not to.

Cargo [4.22]Edit

Stillman: Might be the key to solving this guy's murder.
Scotty: And catching a ghost.

The Good Death [4.23]Edit

Lilly: Mom, the doctor said if you drink anymore you're going to die. It's that simple.
Ellen: Doctor has it backwards, I die if I don't.

Amelia: I think they were angels waiting to take her to the other side, to Heaven.
Jay: I might be headed to a different neighborhood.
Amelia: Hell is only for people who have forgotten how to love.

Stalker [4.24]Edit

ADA Alexandra Thomas: The older kid, the daughter, survived a bullet to the head.
Lilly: I can't decide if that's lucky or not.

Season 5Edit

Thrill Kill [5.1]Edit

Dylan Noakes: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, guilty for... being a freak. Welcome to the US of A, right?

Nick Vera: You're reaching, Lilly.
Kat Miller: And you're reaching for my kung-pow chicken.
Nick Vera: It's family style, so what?
Kat Miller: Do I look like your family?

Dylan Noakes: Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Dylan Noakes: I thought I knew how cruel and ugly the world was. I was wrong. They were just kids. You know? We all were. Sometimes I dream that, um, they're still alive. And we all get to start over again.

That Woman [5.2]Edit

Nick: (to Jerry Wood) You're a Grade D slice of jackass, Jer. Better hope your alibi holds up.

Kat: It's a purity ring, Carrie's ring.
Lilly: Purity, like...?
Kat: Like, till I'm married, this finger belongs to God. And so does my virginity. Veronica's babysitter has one. Doesn't stop her from getting busy on my couch, though.

Nick: Why don't you come downtown and take us down memory lane.
Nathan: Wait, I, uh... She attended a handful of Hearts Wait Club meetings but I didn't... I didn't really know her.
Lilly: But just a coincidence you left the school a month after Carrie was murdered?
Nathan: No, actually. It was rattling. It... made me really search for answers.
Nick: Us too. Come on, let's go.

Running Around [5.3]Edit

Sarah Gunden: It's a farm supply store down the road from my home. They'll find me.
Vera: How? Smoke signals?

Rachel Wagler: But aren't you scared? Nothing's the same as home.
Anna Gunden: No one's telling us what to do, either. "Keep your voices down, girls." "Don't be so proud, girls." It's hard to figure out who you are when you're just following rules.
Rachel Wagler: You promise to stay close.
Anna Gunden: Yes, and if you get scared just remember: Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Vince: I didn't do nothing!
Kat: Then why were you running?
Vince Patrielli: Felt like a work-out.

Scotty: How did I know I'd be talking to you again, bitch?
Vince Patrielli: Don't know. Woman's intuition?

Devil Music [5.4]Edit

Store Owner: Kinda out of the realm of possibility that you'll find some 50-year old bullet.
Vera: Could've gotten lodged in a wall or a floorboard.
Store Owner: So what? You think you're digging up my floors or walls?
Vera: It's not out of the realm of possibility.

Thick As Thieves [5.5]Edit

Scotty: [storms angrily into room.] Turned me into IAD didn't you?
Alexandra: Your charm never ceases to amaze.

Wunderkind [5.6]Edit

Scotty: Wait, so mom just steals her dead son's social?
Vera: Probably figured he wasn't using it.
Scotty: With parents like that, who needs enemies?

Augustine: We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

World's End [5.7]Edit

Stillman: Yeah, who do you want to be with when the world ends?
Vera: I want to be with the guy who knows it's a hoax.

Vera: Busy. People keep killing each other, so, you?
Toni: Same. People keep getting sick.
Vera: Never changes.
Toni: Nothing ever does.

Vera: [after interviewing a conspiracy theorist.]] Is the boss punishing us for something?
Kat: Told you not to steal his paperclips.

Penny: Thing is, time's ain't that bad. There's good if you know where to look.

It Takes a Village [5.8]Edit

Lilly: Family's probably still hoping for a safe return.
Stillman: Don't they always?

Boy Crazy [5.9]Edit

Lilly Rush: There's no water in her lungs. Not likely she drowned.
Nick Vera: Saying she was dead when she hit the water? No one caught it back then?
Lilly Rush: Wasn't going for a midnight swim in this red dress.
Nick Vera: So somebody dumped her?
Lilly Rush: Tough to kill yourself if you're already dead.

Kat Miller: Yup, it's a girl.
Will Jeffries: Not where I come from.

Will Jeffries: Was she always a tomboy?
Archie Randall: Like the son I never had.

Lilly Rush: You had quite a rap sheet the tender age of sixteen. Breaking and entering, trespassing...
Dom Barron: Yeah, skipped school, too, want to write that down?

Kat Miller: I'll track Melissa down, see what she says.
Red Buckley: Let me know if she's single.

Scotty Valens: She was a boy inside of a girl who liked a boy?
Will Jeffries: That about sums it up.
Scotty Valens: Making my head hurt here.

Lilly Rush: [looking at the stained glass artwork at Dom's place] It's the same image, over and over. Every piece, that... one figure, alone against the world.
Kat Miller: Kind of like Sam.

Justice [5.10]Edit

Nick Vera: Maggie Lafferty! Philly PD.
Maggie Lafferty: Would've never guessed; cheap suit and all.

Nick Vera: My point is, sometimes women say 'no' when they don't mean it. Cause if they didn't, they'd be thought of, you know...
Kat Miller: Hoes?
Will Jeffries: Digging that ditch deeper...
Nick Vera: I would never call a woman a ho. All I'm saying is what's a guy to do? Back off at the first no? Human race would go extinct.
Kat Miller: No means no! How many ways you need that spelled out?
Nick Vera: The name of the game is pursuit. You run, I chase.
Kat Miller: You ain't chasing me anywhere.

Nick Vera: Sayin' we got a serial rapist?
Lilly Rush: Saying we got a new pool of targets.
Kat Miller: And any one of them could have killed him.

Family 8108 [5.11]Edit

Ray: You sock 'em back?
Billy: I thought fighting was bad.
Ray: It is, but standing up for yourself is another thing, son. Don't forget that.

Sabotage [5.12]Edit

Scotty: [dressing up in the morning at Alexandra's place] I was just looking for that shirt.
Alexandra: And here I was beginning to think you were a vampire.
Scotty: Yeah, why is that?
Alexandra: First time you stayed till sun-up.

Spiders [5.13]Edit

Spider: I've got a piece of advice, I'd feel really selfish if I didn't share it.
Tamyra: Okay.
Spider: You're supposed to picture them naked, when you're on the stand, if you're nervous.
Tamyra: Oh, I would, but, um, it's my dad, so...

Andy in C Minor [5.14]Edit

Vera: Could have had a nosebleed playing piano.
Stillman: Deaf kid playing the piano, Nick?
Vera: Spot of blood ain't conclusive, Boss.
Stillman: [Gestures to man] James. [James turns out the lights showing large amounts of blood in the room.] Conclusive enough for you?
Vera: That ain't a nosebleed.

Vivian: Well, if you have your own language you feel comfortable with your own.

The Road [5.15]Edit

Lilly Rush: You got something else going on?
Scotty Valens: Was planning on washing my hair, actually.

John Smith: Your perfume, it's flowery. Not what I'd expect from someone in your position.
Lilly Rush: Don't wear it.
John Smith: [turning to Scotty] Cologne then?
Scotty Valens: It's aftershave. Nothing flowery about it.

John Smith: Once hope is gone, dying is just a formality.

John Smith: If only you had videos of your own. Of course, there'd be no one in them, no one to show them to.
Lilly Rush: Shut up.

Bad Reputation [5.16]Edit

Will Jeffries: What do we have about Pete Doyle?
Eddie Saccardo: Besides the fact that he's favoring his left hand?

Lilly Rush: You memorize his rap sheet?
Eddie Saccardo: Nope. We used to date.

Slipping [5.17]Edit

Jeffries: Hey, hey, hey, hey. [Take milk off Vera and gestures to his name on it] Can't you read?
Vera: Since when is milk private property?

Ghost of My Child [5.18]Edit

Lilly: Oh boy, this should be a waste of time.
Kat: A lot of people you give the benefit of the doubt, but not addicts, huh?
Lilly: I was raised by one, got no illusions left.

Lilly: Louie! You didn't have to dress up for us.
Louie: Well, if not for you, then who, Rush?
Vera: Me, clearly.

Season 6Edit

Glory Days [6.1]Edit

Al: (to Will) I know you only played defense but try and keep up.

Lilly Rush: (about the case file being water-damaged) Leaky pipes. Nothing but the best upkeep for the cold ones.
Scotty Valens: Yeah, this will look great in court.

Eddie Saccardo: (running into Lilly and Nick in the hallway) Hi.
Lilly Rush: Hey.
Eddie Saccardo: Good to see you.
Lilly Rush: Yeah. I mean...
Eddie Saccardo: Right.
Lilly Rush: Well...
Eddie Saccardo: Well. Scuse me. (walks off with a suspect)
Nick Vera: Speak English much?
Lilly Rush: What!?

True Calling [6.2]Edit

Vera: Hey, how you doing Carla? I got a cold one, needs running through IVIS ASAP.
Carla: Two weeks.
Vera: It's kinda important.
Carla: Aren't they all?
Vera: Ha-ha, yeah, I hear you. I'm talking special circumstances, uh, the victim was a teacher, you know what I mean? Remember your favorite teacher? Imagine if she got killed.
Carla: I hated my teachers.

Valens: Even back at Reeves High, stealing from the teacher's lounge.
Ramos: That wasn't me.
Stillman: Prison, parole, prison again. Maybe crime isn't your thing.

Vera: Ballistics report on .22 that killed Laura McKinney. [Lilly goes to take it] Ah, this cost me big. Two tickets to Wicked and dinner. I need you to appreciate that.
Lilly: You're my hero.

Kat: You meet Will's girlfriend yet?
Stillman: No, but I heard her all the way down the hall.
Kat: Delightful woman.
Stillman: You get anything from her?
Kat: Hope so, or he's about to pitch an old lady out the window.

Wednesday's Women [6.3]Edit

Vera: Well, it had to be one of ya. Just didn't get up and walk away.
Lilly: What's missing now?
Kat: His cinnamon roll. [Vera shoots her a glance] Don't look at me, I don't eat breakfast.
Vera: You ate my coffee cake.
Kat: Two years ago!
Lilly: Least someone's eaten it. Gotta be food in there older than our cold jobs.

Roller Girl [6.4]Edit

Kat: Uh-uh, no way! Last time you hooked me up with a guy, he wore flip flops and forgot his wallet.

Shore Leave [6.5]Edit

Stillman: I love the smell of toxic waste in the morning...

[Vera notices Will's tie hanging over some paper. He grabs a stapler and staples it to the paper.]
Will: My tie!
Vera: That's for aiding and abetting in a decapitation of my best tie last week!
Will: What makes you think that I had anything to do with that... incident?

The Dealer [6.6]Edit

Vera: I hate cars salesman.
Will: You could use a new ride.
Vera: What's wrong with my car?
Will: Nothing... if you like being single.

One Small Step [6.7]Edit

Valens: What? Like that junkie you busted open back in '68.
Dick: Freak pulled a knife on me. What am I supposed to do, bleed on him?

Triple Threat [6.8]Edit

Will: My tax dollars paying for this circus. I can hardly hear myself think.
Kat: In my school we were lucky to get a field trip to the dump.

Valens: So after tap class, Chelsea Cutler tended her bees...
Kat: I'm working on it, okay? Don't hate. And why do you keep saying "she", could have been a guy, you know?
Valens: Come on. You know how the ladies love to poison.
Kat: Better watch what you drink.

Pin Up Girl [6.9]Edit

Vera: Rita was on the cover of almost 30 pin-up magazines.
Kat: [motioning towards the magazines that Vera just brought in] Those from here?
Vera: [looking around at everyone] Research.

Monty: See, the thing about a good photo... is you can stare at it over and over and still find a new meaning in it.

Street Money [6.10]Edit

Dexter: Um... I, um... I assure you, I um, plan to take better care of our district than I do my apartment.

Wings [6.11]Edit

Vera: Croatia for a vacation, huh?
Will: It's a beautiful country.
Vera: What, Beirut was booked?

Vera: Looked for Republican Hotel employees. The maid who cleaned the room the next, all dead.
Will: Found another T. C. Bromley off Google. One-hit-wonder Arthur... from 1882.
Vera: That makes our doer what, 130?

Lotto Fever [6.12]Edit

Kat: Saw the latest jackpot, just went up to 33 million.
Will: Nick sucked you in on that pool?
Kat: Well, 33 will pay for a lot of old Blue Note vinyl. What about you boss?
Stillman: Got a better chance of winning American Idol.

Breaking News [6.13]Edit

Valens: They say causal Friday, what are you trying out for the team mascot, Nick?

Vera: Pretty girl. Looked great in a leotard. Did you see that special she did on aerobics?
Lilly: You in to aerobics, Nick?
Vera: What's it to ya?
Stillman: Don't let me catch you in a leotard.

The Brush Man [6.14]Edit

[Lilly walks into the ladies' room and sees Vera there shaving]
Lilly: Whoa, whoa.
Vera: A little privacy!

Witness Protection [6.15]Edit

Will: It's a specialized system. Not some push and play you get at the mall!
Vera: You're not going to let this go are ya?
Will: Lil, explain to Nick when you're a guest in someone's home, you treat it like a castle.
Lilly: Trouble in paradise?
Vera: I accidentally put a beer down on one of King Arthur's speakers here, for which I've apologized, multiple times!
Will: First of all, it's a tube amp, not a speaker. And you not only used it as a coaster, you moved it!
Vera: Maybe two inches.
Will: Yeah, sent the acoustics straight to hell and warped my Benny Carter vinyl.
Lilly: Two words for you guys: couple's counselling.

Leigh: Can I at least call my mother? Do you know what she must be going through? We've disappeared into thin air.
Ben: It's safer for her, for all of us, if no one knows where we are, Leigh.
Leigh: You'll do anything to avoid my mother, won't you?

Curtis: Well, law school teaches you three things: delay, deflect, derail and deny.
Kat: That's four.

Jackals [6.16]Edit

Libby: Two things I know, sweetheart, hair and guys who like to hit women. Only one of them I can fix.

Burke: And I don't appreciate you ambushing my clinic time.
Vera: How about I pretend I'm your proctologist and shove my foot up your ass?

Officer Down [6.17]Edit

Vera: Yeah, and it's freaking depressing. Somebody crying about losing their girl, their house. I don't need to hear it, I'm living it.
Will: You got no culture.
Vera: If I admit it, will you turn it off?

Beatrice: Look, I want you out of my apartment! I got my rights!
Kat: I'll give you a right, and a couple lefts too if you don't start talking straight.

Mind Games [6.18]Edit

Vera': Richard Keesel, consecutive lives for starting two fatal fires. Remind me not to invite you to a barbecue.

Libertyville [6.19]Edit

Paul: Making tracks? The girl was a prude. My dog Snowflake had a better sex life than I did when I was going with her.

Stealing Home [6.20]Edit

Will: [To Scotty over his Cuban heritage.] Oh, Cuban Pete's all over this one.

Kat: Sounds good, sign me up.
Vera: Can you catch?
Kat: Hell yeah, I can catch.
Vera: You throw like a girl?
Kat: You guess like a white guy?

Vera: Oz into recycling?
Kat: Nope. But an old CI of mine is. Goes by Clifford.
Vera: As in big red dog?
Kat: As in white boy with dreads.

November 22nd [6.21]Edit

Scotty: It was broad daylight. No one sees nothing?
Will: Well, half hour after Kennedy was shot. Everyone's glued to their TVs. Three gunshots, the sixties were young. I was... playing touch football at recess.
Scotty: Recess? Thought you were like 45 when it happened.
Lilly: No, you're thinking of when Lincoln was shot.

Scotty: Got any names?
Monkey: Yeah. Jackass 1 and Jackass 2. Hoping they're both dead by now.

Will: Baltimore Red. Wimpy Lassiter. The Rifle. Ridiculous.
Kat: Every banger I tracked had some kind of nickname too. This one: Snoopy. Searched every doghouse, outhouse, guess where I found him.
Will: Online dating?
Kat: Dude was pumping gas next to me, big old Snoopy medallion round his neck.

The Long Blue Line [6.22]Edit

Lilly: Pennsylvania Military Institute, all male for 162 years.
Will: Well, mid-90s Justice Department forced almost every state military academy to admit qualified female applicants. Even Valley Forge and The Citadel are coed now.
Vera: PMI was only of the last holdouts till 4 years ago. Can't believe this is still an issue.
Lilly: Male institutions dragging their feet to admit women? Yeah, glad that's behind us.
Vera: Next thing you know, they'll start letting them be detectives.

[Scotty Valens and Lilly Rush are being shown the floor of Echo Company's barracks at the Pennsylvania Military Institute, where Kate Butler stayed in her time there.]
Scotty: [Reading a plaque on the wall] 'A cadet shall not lie, cheat, or steal, nor shall he tolerate those who do'.
Lilly: Honor Code; notice they got one in every building.
Lawrence Gardner: Single-sanction policy, ma'am; one violation gets you drummed out.
Scotty: Pretty strict code for most mortals.
[The three have reached the former room of PMI's first two female cadets. Cadet Gardner turns around before unlocking the door; he holds up the gold class ring on his right hand and speaks as if quoting scripture.]
Lawrence Gardner: And on the Eighth Day, God created PMI.

[Colonel Murillo, Commandant of the Pennsylvania Military Institute, has been called to the Philadelphia PD's offices for questioning.]
Lilly: Thank you for coming in, Mr. Murillo.
COL Murillo: It's Colonel Murillo. I think I've earned that.
Stillman: You can have a seat.
Lilly: You have a problem with Cadet Butler enrolling at PMI, Colonel?
COL Murillo: What's this all about? [Looks at Stillman] Lieutenant?
Stillman: I believe the detective asked you a question.
COL Murillo: What I have a problem with is irrelevant in view of what the courts have decided, now isn't it?
Lilly: It isn't when you allow a student to be assaulted on campus.
COL Murillo: That's a bit presumptuous. Am I on the stand here?
Lilly: You knew Kate was attacked; you should have stopped it from going further.
COL Murillo: I knew no such thing.
Lilly: We have a cadet who witnessed it. Told you what he saw.
COL Murillo: What Cadet Keith Henderson told me was hearsay: I chose to go directly to the horse's mouth.
[A flashback scene occurs with Kate Butler reporting to COL Murillo's office; when asked if she was assaulted by an upperclassman in the barracks the previous night, she denies it, despite Murillo reminding her of the Honor Code, which forbids a cadet from lying.]
Lilly: So that's it? You just let her go?
COL Murillo: What the hell would you have me do? The Honor Code is the backbone of the Institute. If she says it didn't happen, it didn't.
Lilly: She was trying to suck it up. To fit in with the male cadets.
COL Murillo: Well, then. She made her choice, didn't she?

Into The Blue [6.23]Edit

[Major Moe Kitchener, Operations Officer at PMI, is being questioned by Valens and Rush.]
MAJ Kitchener: What happened between Cadets Stewart and Butler was tragic and shameful. But if you're looking to spread the blame, I suggest you start with the courts.
Lilly: The courts... killed Kate Butler.
MAJ Kitchener: Do you know how many Congressmen have graduated from PMI? Twelve. Six Senators; eight four-star generals. Those courts ordered us to change the way we do things here! [Smiles ironically] Now here we are.
Scotty: Stuck installing women's latrines and tampon dispensers.
MAJ Kitchener: There are over sixty women's colleges in this country. Do you see any men banging down the doors, trying to get in? The value of a separate education, is that it is SEPARATE!
Lilly: You sound bitter, Moe.
MAJ Kitchener: Because of this catastrophic experiment, an army of lawyers and press stand ready to shut down the institution I love. The one thing I share with my father, and his before him. Excuse me, if I forgot to shed a tear for Hank Butler's daughter!

[Lilly Rush is questioning Moe Kitchener in a soundproofed room again.]
Lilly: Gotcha, Moe.
MAJ Kitchener: [Casually] That so?
Lilly: Sent Ryan for that footlocker, made Cadet Butler's body disappear, and you framed Lawrence for the job.
MAJ Kitchener: What? Now you're gonna tell me that kid is really dead?
Lilly: I just... I just know he didn't do it. That's all that matters.
MAJ Kitchener: Stories. You're just telling yourself stories.
Lilly: You even tried to take out a cop.
MAJ Kitchener: You?
Lilly: You're busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking competition, Moe!
MAJ Kitchener: [Sighs] You can only keep the flood back for so long, Detective.
Lilly: The flood?
MAJ Kitchener: Pretty soon it's gonna pull you down. For good.
Lilly: [Slamming her hands on the table right in front of Kitchener] You put that girl in a BOX!
MAJ Kitchener: I put you there too, sweetheart.
[Cracks appear in the walls, and water begins to flood in from under the door.]
Lilly: No... No, I got out! I got you!
MAJ Kitchener: Not from where I'm sitting.
[The flood of water increases and Kitchener vanishes when Rush looks away; it is revealed she has been dreaming, unconscious after MAJ Kitchener rammed her car while she was driving across a bridge, attempting to murder her a second time.]

Season 7Edit

The Crossing [7.1]Edit

Hood Rats [7.2]Edit

Jurisprudence [7.3]Edit

Soul [7.4]Edit

WASP [7.5]Edit

[Angry Moe Kitchener has made bail, Lilly Rush has been using her connections with city police to harass him. Moe knows Lilly is behind it, and pulls his car up right beside hers one evening.]
Moe Kitchener: Big date tonight?
Lilly Rush: I was just heading out to mess with you some more.
[Lilly places her pistol in her right hand; she makes sure Moe sees it.]
Lilly Rush: You wanna back up your car now?
Moe Kitchener: Your car dry up or they get you a new one?
Lilly Rush: I said back away.
Moe Kitchener: You gonna shoot me, Detective? Now, how do you think that'll look after I've filed a complaint? The more you push, the less I have to lose.

Dead Heat [7.6]Edit

Jeffries: Sonny was a rock star. Women, money, cars. He got mixed up in any trouble,PPD gave him a pass just like Iverson and Barkley.
Vera: Come on! Jockeys? Those knee knockers get the ladies?
Rush: Hmm, still a man on a horse. Confident, athlete... Winning combo.
Jeffries: I'm saying this town loves a winner.
Vera: Somebody shoot me.

Rick: Know what it's like to weigh 110 pounds?
Vera: Not since fifth grade.

Rick: 1200 pound horse shattered my pelvis in '92. You got something to say, say it.
Vera: I hope the horse was OK.

Read Between The Lines [7.7]Edit

Chinatown [7.8]Edit

Forensics [7.9]Edit

Iced [7.10]Edit

The Good Soldier [7.11]Edit

SSG Mike Donley: It doesn't matter where you've been. It only matters where you go.

Lilly Rush: It's been four years, Bobby. What took you so long to come forward?
SPC Bobby Kerns: Special Forces. Went from training at Fort Bragg to two tours in Afghanistan. Just got home.
Lilly Rush: A bus ticket doesn't prove he was with you.
SPC Bobby Kerns: Ma'am, Army thinks one of its top soldiers is a criminal. You gotta make it right. Staff Sergeant Donley changed my life; the least I can do is honor his.

[After a flashback scene showing Kevin Harkin's father arguing with him and SSG Donley, angrily refusing to allow his son to enlist]
CPL Victoria Montero: The guy didn't get it. The more he fought, the more he pushed his son to enlist. That's how kids are.
Lilly Rush: Is that what happened? Kevin enlisted?
CPL Victoria Montero: He went infantry. He was maybe a week into deployment in Iraq... killed by a sniper.

[In a flashback scene told by Jerry Harkin, Kevin's father, SSG Donley arrives at Kevin's funeral to offer his condolences. Jerry follows Donley, angry and meaning to confront him, but finds Donley speaking quietly with Kevin's younger brother, Ethan.]
SSG Mike Donley: Ethan, right? Your brother talked a lot about you. I know what everybody must be telling you right now; that you gotta be strong for your pop, and you got big shoes to fill. But none of that answers your questions, right? About why all this had to happen? I wish I could tell you; I can't. No one can. But if you ever get sad about your brother, I want you to remember this.
[The flashback ends abruptly; Jerry Harkin is trying to compose himself.]
Jerry Harkin: Sorry.
Lilly Rush: Take your time.
Jerry Harkin: He, um... he told my son Ethan that... he shouldn't feel sad about never seeing Kevin again. Because, every time he saw a soldier on TV, on the news, on the street- anywhere- that... he was seeing a piece of Kevin. That Kevin was now... a part of something bigger. Now, I might not have agreed with Mike that much but... what he said stays with me today. It's how I get by.

The Runaway Bunny [7.12]Edit

Bombers [7.13]Edit

Metamorphosis [7.14]Edit

Two Weddings [7.15]Edit

One Fall [7.16]Edit

Flashover [7.17]Edit

The Last Drive-In [7.18]Edit

Scotty Valens: Just came to see how you were doing.
Nick Vera: Well, five hours a day I get to talk about my feelings. Can't sleep 'cause my roommate's up every five minutes washing the germs off his hands, and lecturing me about palm oils in my diet. Highlight of the day is, uh, taking on my fellow detectives in ping-pong, but other than that things are looking up.
Scotty Valens: How's the Jell-O?
Nick Vera: Not bad. Mac and cheese sucks.

Bullet [7.19]Edit

Free Love [7.20]Edit

Almost Paradise [7.21]Edit

Shattered [7.22]Edit

Lilly Rush: (looking for her missing sister) She's got this deranged boyfriend after her. She really knows how to pick them.
Scotty Valens: Easy.
Lilly Rush: I don't know why I should care anymore.
Scotty Valens: Still blood. Still hurts.
Lilly Rush: Look, I'm sorry I dragged you into this mess.
Scotty Valens: Nah. I should have told you before.
Lilly Rush: I mean, I feel like I'm still responsible for her. But I don't know how to... keep doing this.
Scotty Valens: She went through what you did, too.
Lilly Rush: Well, you would think it would have brought us closer, but I barely remember a time when we got along. When we were just sisters.


  • Kathryn Morris - Senior Homicide Detective Lilly Rush (2003-2010)
  • Danny Pino - Senior Homicide Detective Scotty Valens (2003-2010)
  • John Finn - Lieutenant Homicide Commander John Stillman (2003-2010)
  • Jeremy Ratchford - Senior Homicide Detective Nick Vera (2003-2010)
  • Thom Barry - Senior Homicide Detective Will Jeffries (2003-2010)
  • Tracie Thoms - Senior Homicide Detective Kat Miller (2005-2010)
  • Justin Chambers - Junior Homicide Detective Chris Lassing (2003)
  • Sarah Brown - Junior Homicide Detective Josie Sutton (2005)

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