Code Lyoko

French animated series (sci-fi)

Code Lyoko is a French animation that previously aired on Cartoon Network.


Season OneEdit

Holiday in the Fog [1.03]Edit

Jeremie: XANA is a rock group. But with all the junk you listen to there's no way you could have heard of them.

Zero Gravity Zone [1.21]Edit

Jeremie: Aelita, you are the greatest!!

Code: Earth [1.25]Edit

Jeremie: I'm... just so darn lame!

Season TwoEdit

New Order [2.01]Edit

Jeremie: Ehh, there aren't any monsters in these woods. That only happens in fairytales or in silly horror pictures- the kind that Odd likes.

A Great Day [2.04]Edit

Jeremie: Even with the latest data we got from Sector 5, I haven't moved ahead one micron.

Jeremie: It's gonna be a great day! They said so on the radio!

Saint Valentine's Day [2.06]Edit

[Responding to what rhymes with 'tulip'.]
Jeremie: I don't know. Microchip? Paperclip? Hypocrite?

Jeremie: Biology homework that rhymes, huh?

[A poem written to Sissi.]
Ulrich: To tell you how much I flip / if not with a tulip / How I'm a victim of your charms / and long to hold you in my arms. / With you I never f-feel gloomy / my little, uh... Sissi.

Final Mix [2.07]Edit

Jeremie: Kiwi, help! ... Good doggie. Chew through the ropes! ... Kiwi, no! Come baaaack!

Marabounta [2.10]Edit

Jeremie: I'm the biggest loser to ever walk the face of the earth!

Common Interest [2.11]Edit

Jeremie: A super computer is not the same as a GameBoy , Odd! You can't just pick up a bar of uranium at the corner store!

Ulrich: Here I am! You didn't think we'd let you have all the fun with Peter Duncan, did you?

A Bad Turn [2.13]Edit

Jeremie: I fight for you every day, Aelita. Against XANA!

Attack of the Zombies [2.14]Edit

XANA's Kiss [2.17]Edit

Jeremie: Great! I gotta go and get Aelita! I promised I'd give her my croissants.. She likes croissants with her hot chocolate.

Jeremie: I. Did. Not. Kiss. Heidi.

Season 3Edit

Straight to Heart [3.01]Edit

Jeremie: Okay, while he's going for broke, we'll go for lunch.

Season 4Edit

Double Take [4.02]Edit

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