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Code Lyoko

French animated series (sci-fi)

Code Lyoko is a French 2D hand-drawn animation that previously aired on Cartoon Network on Miguzi.

Its incomplete sequel series, Code Lyoko: Evolution aired in Paris, on France 4, in January 5, 2013 and was left open-ended, as an unresolved cliffhanger.


Season One (2003-2004)Edit

X.A.N.A. Awakens, Part 1Edit

Jeremy: I hope I'm not gonna regret this in a minute. (Activates the quantum supercomputer from the chamber) Wow.

Jeremy: What's this? A video game?
Aelita: Who are you? Where am I?

Jeremy: Maya, there's not just a forest out there. There's an entire world. I count four sectors; each one is different.

Ulrich: Who's the girl with the pink hair?
Jeremy: That's Maya, a sort of artificial intelligence who lives on Lyoko.
Ulrich: Don't play with me. You created her, right?
Aelita: No. I woke as soon as Jeremy restarted the supercomputer. I don't know who I am. My memory has been erased.

Ulrich: What if it's just a video game?
Jeremy: Then it's a very dangerous game.
Ulrich: You know what I think, Belpois? If that's dangerous, I think you should shut it down and call the police.
Jeremy: I will. But first I want to help Maya, to learn what she's doing here in this virtual world.
Ulrich: Oh yeah? What makes you think you can?
Jeremy: I know I can.

Odd: I don't dream about giant purple cats!

(Ulrich is virtualized in the Forest Region for the first time)

Odd: No fair! How come he gets to be a samurai!?

X.A.N.A. Awakens, Part 2Edit

(Yumi is virtualized for the first time in the Ice Region)

Ulrich: That Japanese outfit is looks good on you.
Odd: Aw, man! I'm the only one who looks like a nitwit on Lyoko.
Yumi: Uh, mind telling me where we are?
Ulrich: In a virtual world. Don't worry! You'll get used to it.

Yumi: Oh no. I don't have a weapon. A fan? That's all?
Odd: Trying throwing it. You never know.
(Yumi throws the spiked fan, which acts as a fast-moving boomerang and destroys the two Bloks from a distance)
Yumi: Wow! I think I'll keep it.

(Aelita instinctively uses her terrain-altering power of creativity to erect an ice wall)
Yumi: Was it you who did that?
Aelita: I think so.

Jeremy: But why would I not remember anything?
Yumi: Maybe you were the only one who didn't get virtualized on Lyoko.
Jeremy: That could be it. Next time, I'll go right back and scan myself.
Aelita: No, Jeremy. This is way too dangerous. we better just shut it down.
Jeremy: But, Maya...
Aelita: Aelita. When I entered the tower, I remembered my name.
Jeremy: Aelita. That's way better than Maya.

Yumi: Hi. Find anything?
Jeremy: Yes. X.A.N.A.
Odd: X.A.N.A.? What's that?
Aelita: A super dangerous program, like a virus, which can control electricity. And it activates towers on Lyoko to gain access to your world.
Yumi: So the red tower, the weird symbol, the electricity monster, the monsters on Lyoko- all that was X.A.N.A.?
Jeremy: Only Aelita can counter it by deactivating the towers that it uses for attacks in the real world.

Ulrich: Look, we know how to neutralize X.A.N.A. We just have to get Aelita to the activated tower.
Odd: And we can fight while Einstein tries to find a way to bring Aelita back to Earth, right?
Yumi: It's risky but I think we should. After all we are Lyoko warriors, aren't we?
Jeremy: Okay. We'll do it. But we got to remember about our pact, right?
Yumi: Relax. We know how to keep a secret.


Odd: What do you say we make sure our old friend X.A.N.A. isn't behind all this?

Ulrich: X.A.N.A. in a teddy bear?
Jeremy: He's always there when you least expect him. OK. Who's ready to go?
Odd: I volunteer.
Jeremy: What did I just say, huh? We can't have a solo mission. It's too dangerous without Yumi.
Odd: But there's been two accidents and even going back in time, if there's an accident, it's all over.

Aelita: If its under X.A.N.A.'s control, it'll only become much madder. It'll go for anyone whose around. Especially his mortal enemies, like you.
Ulrich: Oh no! Yumi!

Aelita: Odd, I'm afraid we haven't any choice!
(Odd suddenly has a vision of Aelita falling into the digital sea)

Odd: We can't leave you alone for a minute, huh?
Aelita: Odd, I think I found something.

Seeing is BelievingEdit

Yumi: Nucular sabotage! That's a little over our heads, wouldn't you say?
Ulrich: What do you mean?
Yumi: Think about it! If we fail on Lyoko, the whole region will be wiped out! We got to warn the authorities.
Jeremy: Are you crazy!? They'll be an inquiry and we'll be questioned! We'll have to tell them everything! And if hey discover X.A.N.A. they'll pull all the plugs out!
Yumi: And we'll lose Aelita! I know that! But we're talking about a neucular disaster!
Jeremy: Okay. Let's take a vote. Who's for raising the alarm?
Yumi: For.
Jeremy and Odd: Against.
Ulrich: Sorry, Aelita. But I also think we can't take that big a risk. I vote for. Let's report it.
Jeremy: Well, that's two votes for and two votes against! We don't tell anybody.
Yumi: I think it means that we should tell everybody!
Aelita: Don't I have the right to vote?
Jeremy: Why of course you do. That way it won't be a tie.
Aelita: In that case, I vote for.
Jeremy: Huh!?
Aelita: I don't want thousands of people to die just to save me.
Yumi: Thank you, Aelita.

Odd: I found it.
Ulrich and Aelita: Huh?
Odd: We've been tricked. There's no water down there, just a surface layer. I'll go and have a closer look.

Fireman: A supercomputer in a factory? A virtual world?
Yumi: I swear! You have to believe me!!

Holiday in the FogEdit

Yumi: I may an idea for blocking the monsters.

(Uses her telekinetic abilities to move a jagged rock)

Jeremy: Yumi! If she gets hit one more time...

Odd: Hey, you! That's right-you. Laser Flash!

(Fires a laser arrow, destroying the Blok which devirtualizes him)

Log BookEdit

Big BugEdit

Cruel DilemmaEdit

Image ProblemEdit

Aelita: Hurry! We got to go and save Yumi!
Ulrich: Yumi? Yumi's not...
Aelita: The real Yumi! The one who's here on Lyoko. The other one was created by X.A.N.A.

Aelita: It's a guardian. A sort of digital jail adapted to the body imprisoned in it.
Ulrich: I can't destroy it with my weapon.
Aelita: I can create a clone, a false image of Yumi. We can try to convince the Guardian that's its mistaken.

Aelita: Jeremy's not answering. I'm afraid something's wrong.
Ulrich: He's all alone with the other one. If she destroys the scanners, its all over.
Yumi: Other what? Who wants to wreck the scanners?
Odd: The other you.

Yumi: You know what? You look just like me when having a bad day.

Aelita: The fact that X.A.N.A. was able to materialize another Yumi proves one thing- It proves that materialization is really possible.
Yumi: That's crazy. X.A.N.A.'s trying to help us with our materialization program.

End of TakeEdit


The Girl of the DreamsEdit


Swarming AttackEdit

Just in TimeEdit

The TrapEdit

Jeremy: Aelita and I met one year ago today.
Ulrich: It's Aelita's birthday.
Odd: Yeah, I forgot.

Ulrich: Man, it's already been a year since we met Aelita.
Jeremy: And I still haven't managed to materialize her.
Ulrich: I know. But we've managed to protect her from X.A.N.A.
Odd: How about we use our lunch hour to prepare a little surprise? She'd like that a lot.

Odd: Too bad this isn't Lyoko. At least I have superpowers there.

Laughing FitEdit



Killer MusicEdit


The RobotsEdit

Zero Gravity ZoneEdit

Odd: Leave him alone. He's got his reasons. His parents are coming to the game this afternoon. Have you ever met Ulrich's dad? If you're not first in everything then you're nothing in his book. And since Ulrich's report cards are kind of disastrous, the only way to make his dad happy is...
Jeremy: When he plays soccer.
Odd: That's right. That's why he's been training so hard for weeks now. He's gonna play today's game as if his life depended on it.

Jeremie: Odd, how's it going?
Odd: It's horrible! The telekinesis has exhausted Yumi, and the more hornets I destroy, the more there are!


Odd: Why all these questions, huh?
Ulrich: No reason. I'm just fed up of all this. School Lyoko, back to school, back to Lyoko! And this is X.A.N.A.'s fifth attack in a week. I'm also fed up about what's happening to Yumi and me. once I get the feeling that she doesn't really like me, that she doesn't have any feelings for me.

Odd: What if the attack is aimed at us directly? For example this argument between Yumi and Ulrich? Suppose X.A.N.A.'s just using Emily to mess with our heads.
Ulrich: I have an idea! He's using your ridiculous theories to distract us.

Aelita: I hope you're not going to kill each other if I leave you two alone.

Aelita: Strange. Usually the program doesn't involve any one of X.A.N.A.'s creatures. It's really weird.
Ulrich: You go. You're the closest.
Aelita: Now I understand Jeremy! It's a trap! X.A.N.A. sabotaged the devirtualization program!
Jeremy: Odd, watch out for lasers! This monster could kill you for good!

Rock Bottom?Edit

Ghost ChannelEdit

X.A.N.A. (in Jeremy's form): I've got you. We got a visitor, Jim.

Jeremy: For a program, you're a pretty good imitation.

X.A.N.A.: Soon I won't have anymore obstacles.

Jeremy: Yumi, you're right! It's a trap! Don't go!!
X.A.N.A.: X.A.N.A. is that the best you can do? An imitation to delay us?
Jeremy: He's the one who's lying! He's the phony- it's him! Everything here is phony. You never came back from your last trip. You're in a virtual world created by X.A.N.A.
Yumi: That would explain all the inconsistencies.
Jeremy: Of course it would. X.A.N.A. can make mistakes, too. He only has theoretical knowledge of the real world. What he wants is to get you all in the scanner to get rid of you once and for all!

X.A.N.A.: You are all going to die!!
Jeremy: AELITA!!

(Aelita realizes Jeremy is in danger and uses her creativity to destroy the simulation bubble)

Ulrich: Aelita, what happened to us?
Aelita: X.A.N.A. created a replica of where you live so you'd think it was reality.
Yumi: He locked us up in a virtual prison?
Aelita: But Jeremy and I did all we could to set you free.
Odd: What? Jeremy came to Lyoko? Nice one, Einstein.
Jeremy: Thanks, Odd.

Code: EarthEdit

Aelita: Well, tell me what the good news is.
Jeremy: Aelita, I don't know how to tell you, but we're waiting for you here.
Aelita: Really?
Odd and Yumi: Really!
Aelita: The materialization's gonna work?
Jeremy: Yup! It's all in here. And I gotta tell you, it was really difficult finding the figures for the right-
Odd: Hold up, Einstein.
Jeremy: To make a long story shot: It Works.
Aelita: Oh, Jeremy, it's fantastic! I can't believe it's true!
Jeremy: Hold on. It's not that simple. First, Aelita has to get the way tower in Lyoko's forest region. That's were she gonna get devirtualizd before she appears in flesh and blood inside one of the scanners.
Aelita: I'll see you later, my friends.
Jeremy: We'll be five for dinner tonight.

Ulrich: You made a video?
Odd: Yeah. It's pretty cool, too.
Ulrich: What's the title?
Odd: Break Break Break Dance.

False StartEdit

Aelita: It looks like X.A.N.A. infected me with a virus.
Jeremy: That's it! He must have done it during the transfer! There was a drop in the voltage for a very short time!
Aelita: I remember that, 'cause at that exact moment, I felt X.A.N.A.'s presence as if he were trying to hold me back.
Jeremy: And that's probably why you fainted earlier! X.A.N.A. put a virus in you because he wanted you to linked to him! And if we destroy X.A.N.A.-
Aelita: Then I get destroyed as well.

(In the Ice Region)
Aelita: It feels strange being virtualized.
Odd: Yeah, but you get used to it.

Jeremy: Aelita, we're restarting the materialization program immediately.
Aelita: It's impossible, Jeremy. The virus is still inside me! I can feel it!
Jeremy: Maybe you can be treated here on Earth.

Season Two (2005-2006)Edit

New OrderEdit

Note: The four Lyoko warriors receive a vehicle of their own, which Jeremy designed off screen. Also, Yumi has gotten an additional Tessen Fan.

Odd: You're a genius, Jeremy. X.A.N.A. better behave himself now that we got these things.

Jeremy: Odd, I haven't been to perfect the program that calculates trajectory.

Jeremy: If X.A.N.A.'s gonna start programming new monsters, it means our troubles have only just begun.
Ulrich: You think he's still evolving?
Odd: One thing's for sure. You gonna have to program our vehicles faster. Otherwise we don't a chance against those tarantulas.
Yumi: You're aunt what?
Odd: Tarantulas. I like to give my enemies a name.

Jeremy: Eh, there aren't any monsters in these woods. That only happens in fairy tales or in silly horror pictures- the kind that Odd likes.

Ulrich: Odd, go to the factory with Aelita! Deactivate the tower! It's our only hope.

Jeremy: Aelita, the Overwing is for you.

Uncharted TerritoryEdit

Note: The Lyoko Warriors discover the hidden fifth region of Lyoko: Carthage which they call Sector 5.

Ulrich: Well?
Jeremy: I compared the signature of the archive to the deed I found on the internet. They're the same.
Ulrich: What if we look around the Hermitage to find out more about this teacher?
Jeremy: Good idea.
Odd: But aren't we supposed to meet Aelita first?

Jeremy: Aelita's not in this sector anymore! She's not in any sector, really.
Ulrich: Wait. Can you explain that a little more?
Jeremy: Let's just say she's in sector that doesn't exist. A fifth sector.
Odd: A fifth sector? Have you gone bananas or what?
Jeremy: No. If I could just fix this thing! "Welcome to Carthage"?

Ulrich: What's that blue ball?
Jeremy: I think the code word Scipio made it appear.

Ulrich: How did you do that, Jeremy?
Jeremy: Let's just say I got a little help from Franz Hopper. Welcome to Sector Five. everyone.
Yumi: What does it look like?
Jeremy: A sphere, but...Whoa! It's probably bad news.

Ulrich: Jeremy, there's this...thing in here.
Jeremy: Destroy it! That thing's taking away Aelita's memory!!

Odd: You should have seen it, Jeremy. There were all these creepy crawlies and in the middle, this huge jellyfish holding Aelita.
Aelita: Can you believe it? That thing was stealing my memory!
Jeremy: One thing's for sure. X.A.N.A. wants something out of you, but what?
Ulrich: I can't wait to go back to the fifth sector. There's so much to explore there.
Yumi: I'll go with you. It'll be totally awesome.
Jeremy: Whoa! Hold on. I have to study it first. For now, it's uncharted territory.

Aelita: Uh, you're not angry at me for going back to Lyoko by myself. I...I don't know what got into me.
Jeremy: It's all right, Aelita. We understand. And we're not angry at all. I promise to spend more time with you.


Odd: Just tell that we're in a virtual world fighting against a demonic artificial intelligence. That ought to reassure them.
Yumi: Dork.

A Great DayEdit

Jeremie: It's gonna be a great day! They said so on the radio.

Jeremy: I can't believe it! Aelita is still on Lyoko!

Jeremy: Sissi, you're not yourself. X.A.N.A. has possessed you. You must not obey him.
X.A.N.A. (in Sissi's body): I've never felt so good.

Odd: How did X.A.N.A. learn to possess people?
Jeremy: It looks like he's increased his powers.
Odd: Theory in, Einstein. But how?
Jeremy: With the jumps back in time. The Supercomputer is a quantum computer the uses the property of qubites. Every time you add a qubite, its power theoretically triples.
Odd: Jeremy, do you mind saying that in English?
Jeremy: Well, the supercomputer is so powerful that it can undoubtedly do it.

Jeremy: Anyway, we now know that X.A.N.A. can control people.
Aelita: We also know that going back in time increases his power.
Ulrich: We gotta be more careful. The next round is gonna be tougher than ever.

Mister PuckEdit

Note: Yumi utilizes her telekinesis to control the direction, and perfect the aim of her Tessen fan for the first time.

X.A.N.A. Jeremy: Materialization, Yumi.

Odd: It's not nice to devirtualize your best friends.

Jeremy: Strange. I remember talking to Odd and Ulrich and then after that, nothing. Just a black hole.
Aelita: X.A.N.A. took control of you.
Ulrich: He destroyed all of Franz Hopper's CD's. Apparently, he had a problem with his notes.

Saint Valentine's DayEdit

[Responding to what rhymes with 'tulip'.]
Jeremie: I don't know. Microchip? Paperclip? Hypocrite?

Jeremie: Biology homework that rhymes, huh?

[A poem written to Sissi.]
Ulrich: To tell you how much I flip / if not with a tulip / How I'm a victim of your charms / and long to hold you in my arms. / With you I never f-feel gloomy / my little, uh... Sissi.

Final MixEdit

Jeremie: Kiwi, help! ... Good doggie. Chew through the ropes! ... Kiwi, no! Come baaaack!

Ulrich: Jeremy, what level is Aelita's memory at!?

Ulrich (to the Scypazoa): Drop her, fish face!


Odd: That crab just sacrificed itself for you. I don't get it.
Jeremy: Oh! I do. X.A.N.A. knows he can't let Aelita die. He needs her memory. Use them as allies to defeat the marabounta.
Aelita: They're protecting me.

Jeremy: If this continues all of Lyoko will be destroyed!

Jeremie: I'm really the biggest loser to ever walk the face of the Earth!
Aelita: You couldn't have known that my virus would be a problem.
Jeremy: A virus! Why, yes. That ought to work.

Missing LinkEdit

Ulrich: We still don't know how to save Yumi.
Jeremy: Don't bet on it! I just a great idea. X.A.N.A. has stolen Yumi's DNA sequence code. So it must be in his memory. And how do we get access to X.A.N.A.'s memory?
Lyoko Warriors: Sector Five.

Jeremy: Uh, Yumi, just so you know: without your DNA sequence code, you're just as vulnerable as Aelita. If you get hit, you'll disappear forever.
Yumi: Great.


Yumi: I have a little idea.
Aelita: Little or big, it doesn't matter as long as it works.
(Yumi uses her telekinesis to hurl a huge boulder at two Megatanks)

Common InterestEdit

Jeremie: A super computer is not the same as a Game Boy , Odd! You can't just pick up a bar of uranium at the corner store!

Ulrich: Here I am! You didn't think we'd let you have all the fun with Peter Duncan, did you?

A Bad TurnEdit

Jeremie: I fight for you every day, Aelita. Against XANA.

The Chips Are DownEdit

Nicolas: At your orders, X.A.N.A.

Nicolas: Now your wounds will become fatal!

Ulrich: Aelita, Yumi, Odd are you alright?
Odd: Yeah. But not in great shape.
Ulrich: I don't get it. There's nothing on the screens.
Yumi: That must be why the fire from X.A.N.A.'s monsters hurt us for real.

Attack of the ZombiesEdit

Aelita: It's one of X.A.N.A.'s tricks.



Deja VuEdit

Aelita: I'm sorry, Jeremy. But I need answers. I have to know where these visions are coming from.

Jeremy: Aelita! We're not getting any data! You have to deactivate the tower!
Ulrich: Aelita!
Aelita: This will only take a few seconds.
Jeremy: It's one of X.A.N.A.'s traps, Aelita! He created these visions to lure you over to Sector 5! Give me the controls!! Did you hear me!? Aelita!? Ulrich, Yumi drag her out of there by force!!
Yumi: What do you want us to do? Knock her out?
Aelita: It won't be necessary. I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for.

Jeremy: Aelita, even if you do find the source of these visions, what's the point if X.A.N.A. takes your memory away from you?

Cold WarEdit

Aelita: They're not hornets! They're flying mantas!
Jeremy: Huh? But they never leave Sector 5.
Aelita: We have to face facts! X.A.N.A. is getting more and more powerful.

Ulrich: Hang on. I'm sure Odd's already on Lyoko.

X.A.N.A.'s KissEdit

Jeremie: Great! I gotta go and get Aelita! I promised I'd give her my croissants.. She likes croissants with her hot chocolate.

Jeremy: I can explain everything. All this kissing is another one of X.A.N.A.'s schemes.
Odd: That doesn't make any sense. He can't control us.
Jeremy: I know. But I also know I did not kiss Heidi. So there must be a Jeremy clone somewhere.
Yumi: And a Yumi clone.
Ulrich: And an Ulrich clone also.
Jeremy: That's right. And I bet they're all just one polymorphic clone.
Odd: A poly what?
Jeremy: A polymorphic clone. It can change its appearance at will. X.A.N.A. must have sent some kind of ghost that can look like anyone it wants to.
Ulrich: But why?
Yumi: To make trouble in our group, to divide and conquer.
Ulrich: X.A.N.A.'s really smart. Not like us.

Odd: Hey, X.A.N.A. if you gonna keep changing appearances like that, do me a favor and turn into a wimp next time. (Turns into Odd himself) Oh no, not him. I know his style- small but tough as nails.

Odd: Okay, poly whatever! I'm gonna transform you now!

A Fine MessEdit

Jeremy: Odd and Yumi have been rematerialized in bodies that are not their own and so they aren't stable. If we don't do something fast, their atoms might split.
Odd: What do you mean our atoms might split?
Jeremy: Complete disintegration.

Yumi: And now let's hear it for Cat Woman.

Yumi: Odd, how do the arrows work?
Odd: You concentrate, imagine your firing and bingo, it fires.

Ulrich: And seeing how you handle those arrows, you might accidentally kill Odd before then.

Tip Top ShapeEdit

Jeremy: You don't understand, Aelita. you don't have a health record. You've never even been vaccinated. What if the nurse finds out that you're not really human?
Aelita: You mean you don't find me very human?
Jeremy: Of course I do. That wasn't what I meant.

Ulrich: Yolanda has been possessed by X.A.N.A.
Jeremy: She'll probably go to the factory to transfer Aelita to Lyoko and then deliver her to the Scypozoa.
Ulrich: I'll try and stop her.

Jeremy: Well, we could fight with Yolanda on equal terms.
Yumi: Say what?
Jeremy: I've been studying X.A.N.A.'s specters for awhile now. I think I can manage to pixelize you.
Yumi: You mean you're gonna turn us into people like those possessed by X.A.N.A.?
Odd: Instead of being X.A.N.A.fied, we're gonna be Jeremified.
Odd: In English?
Jeremy: I send out a specter and you'll become invincible.
Odd: I'll do it.
Yumi: Are you sure?
Odd: I got a little score to settle with Yolanda Paradin.

Yumi: How do you feel?
Odd: Fully charged.

Ulrich: Am am dreaming or has Odd turned into a superhero?
Yumi: Jeremy's managed to Jeremyfy him.
Jeremy: Yeah. But I don't how long he can last against Yolanda, so we have to deactivate the tower that's controlling her.

Is Anybody Out There?Edit

Aelita: Wait. (Uses her creativity to make a medium-sized platform)
Yumi: Okay. I get it. (uses her telekinesis to carry them both on the platform across the room)

Odd: Aelita, I spotted the activated tower in the north corner of the Ice Sector.
Aelita: What about Jeremy and Ulrich.
Odd: Not sure. I'll go look for them.

Franz HopperEdit

Note: Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi have their weaponry temporarily upgraded and modified for the first and last time. Ulrich's katana was capable of charging up and generating a strong energy wave that could destroy two monsters from a short distance.

Odd's laser arrows could automatically lock onto and home in on monsters; one arrow could destroy four monsters alone. Yumi's fans could also lock on and hone in on targets, and were attracted to lasers, which made them more effective shields.

Franz Hopper: That X.A.N.A. Locks the door but leaves the window wide open.
Aelita: But...who are you?
Franz Hopper: What? Haven't you understood, yet? I'm Franz Hopper. I'm the one who created Lyoko, and X.A.N.A. too. But then I lot control of it. In the very beginning, it was program that I designed to counter a military project based on a multi-agent system.
Aelita: What about me?
Franz Hopper: I created you to be the guardian of Lyoko. But I never thought I'd see in flesh and blood.
Ulrich: But then where have you been these last few years?
Hopper: Well, let's just say I was a kind of prisoner who finally damaged to escape.

Jeremy: It's not fair! Everyone blames me for everything! And after all that, we all turned the supercomputer back on together!
Hopper: True. But you're the one who played the sorcerer's apprentice. You're the one who put your friends' lives at risk. And you're the one who let X.A.N.A. destroy my diary.

Hopper: No problem. I programmed you some new weapons.
Odd: Uh, I don't see what's new about this. (Fires a laser arrow that automatically locks onto and homes in on four creepers, destroying them all in one shot) Woo hoo! Moving darts.

(Finds herself in the Desert Sector)

Aelita: Yumi? Ulrich? Odd? Franz, I'm not in Sector 5. What's going on?
Hopper: Everything's under control. Jeremy, what are you doing here?
Jeremy: I just came to see how you were managing...X.A.N.A.


Ulrich: A message in code? Written by Sissi?
Jeremy: Uh huh. I ran the supercomputer all night to translate it. And look at what it turned up.
Yumi: "I can help you"?
Ulrich: It has to be a trap by X.A.N.A. He must have managed somehow to possess Sissi without activating a tower.
Aelita: I don't think so. Otherwise, Sissi would have gone after me. She would've tried get me onto Lyoko, so that the Scyphoza could steal my memory.
Jeremy: Aelita's right. If you ask me, someone or something wants to contact us through Sissi but it's not X.A.N.A.
Odd: Well, then who is it?
Jeremy: No idea. To find that out, we'll have to talk to Sissi again.
Yumi: OK. I'll bring her over.
Ulrich: I better take a look around Lyoko. I still want to make sure X.A.N.A isn't setting a sort of trap.
Aelita: I'll go with you.
Jeremy: With the Scyphoza around? No way! It's too dangerous.
Aelita: Jeremy, stop worrying about me.

Yumi: Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?
Odd: Yeah. Good thinking.

Jeremy: How's it going over there?
Ulrich: To tell you the truth, I have no idea. Has the super-scan detected an activated tower?
Jeremy: No. Still nothing. Why?
Aelita: Hang on. I'll send you a visual.
Jeremy: What the heck is this white tower supposed to mean?
Ulrich: I was about to ask you the same thing. Do you think this tower has something to do with Sissi or with the being who's trying to contact us?
Jeremy: I don't know.

Aelita: Jeremy, it wasn't us they were after.
Ulrich: They're trying to destroy the white tower.

Jeremy: Activated tower in the Ice Sector.
Ulrich: What should I do with Aelita? Protect this tower or deactivate the other one? Jeremy,what do we do?
Jeremy: Uh...protect the white tower. No! Aelita, don't do it!
Ulrich: Aelita?


Aelita: The problem is I'm gonna need a supercomputer to process such a large amount of data. I'll to activate a tower or two.
Yumi: Uh, that didn't go very well last time. X.A.N.A. hates it when we play with his toys.
Jeremy: I know. But we don't have a choice.

Ulrich: You're wasting your time X.A.N.A. Odd has never beaten me yet. (polymoprhs into a dark version of Ulrich). Uh, yeah. Well, that changes things.

Jeremy: Bad news. If X.A.N.A. manages to gain control of the tower now, he'll be able to get into the restricted access part of the supercomputer! I could lose all the data in Franz Hopper's diary!
Aelita: Not to mention everything you programmed in yourself- our combat gear, the vehicles, the transfer codes, and my materialization program.
Jeremy: This is a nightmare. Ulrich! X.A.N.A.'s about the gain control of the tower! You have to stop it!

Jeremy: X.A.N.A. is about to steal all my data!! We're done for!!
Aelita: Hey. I don't get it. It looks like X.A.N.A has lost control of the tower.
Jeremy: Franz Hopper! Franz Hopper's helping us. What's going on your side?
Aelita: The decoding program is going full speed.

Jeremy: Franz Hopper was the creator of X.A.N.A. In his diary, he wrote down everything that happened during the creation of Lyoko. Everything.
Aelita: That's means you'll be able to find the anti-virus.
Jeremy: does. But there's something more.
Ulrich: Well, go on. Tell us.
Jeremy: Well, before Franz Hopper virtualized himself on Lyoko, and before being taken prisoner by X.A.N.A., he lived here on Earth.
Yumi: We already knew that.
Jeremy: Yes. But what we didn't know was that he had a child, a little girl.
Odd: Really? What became of her?
Jeremy: He virtualized her on Lyoko at the same time as himself.
Yumi: And? Did she fall victim to X.A.N.A. too?
Jeremy: No. She stayed on Lyoko.
Aelita: But that's impossible! If Hopper's daughter were on Lyoko, I would have definitely known that!! I'm not...?

The KeyEdit

Note: X.A.N.A. succeeds in stealing the Keys of Lyoko, and escapes the quantum supercomputer and seeks refuge in across the worldwide web.

Jeremy: This is it.
Franz Hopper: The scanners of the virtualization program are ready. In a few hours, I will go Lyoko with Aelita. Just like me, Aelita will hold the keys to Lyoko. Together, we will be the absolute masters. We will live together...forever.
Jeremy: The Keys to Lyoko. That's what X.A.N.A. wants from Aelita's memory.
Ulrich: But what could X.A.N.A. do with them?
Aelita: Escape from the supercomputer and take over the world.

(Aelita starts regaining some memories of her childhood on Earth)
Young Aelita: Did you see, Mommy?
Anthea: Don't go too far, sweetheart.
Young Aelita: He' so cute. What should I call him?
Franz: What about Mister Puck? It's the name of an elf.
Anthea: Do you like it?
Young Aelita: Oh, thank you, Mommy.
Franz: It's like math. Let me show you.

(Her mother,Anthea, mysterious disappears)

Young Aelita: Mommy?

Young Aelita: Daddy. I'm going up to my room.

Young Aelita: But, where are we?
Franz Hopper: In my laboratory. Come on.
Young Aelita: Where?
Franz Hopper: To a world where we will be safe. You and I, forever. See you in a minute honey.
Young Aelita: See you in a minute, Daddy.

Ulrich: What's going on, Jeremy.
Jeremy: It's Franz Hopper. He's bringing Lyoko back to life.
Yumi: Look. It's incredible.
Jeremy: Franz Hopper is saving his daughter.

Jeremy: All those memories of your life on Earth. That was the fragment that X.A.N.A. took from you, to bind you to him. And Franz Hopper managed to give them back to you.
Ulrich: Now you're free, Aelita. But unfortunately, so is .X.A.N.A.
Yumi: Shutting the supercomputer down is not gonna kill X.A.N.A. anymore. What are we gonna do?
Jeremy: Same as always- We'll fight! X.A.N.A. may have become more powerful, but I don't think he's invincible! If he attacks, we'll counterattack! We'll find a way to get rid of X.A.N.A. for good!
Yumi: And we'll do everything we can to find your dad, Aelita.
Aelita: You're right. The fight has to go on. After all, fighting X.A.N.A. is my job.
Jeremy: No, Aelita. It's our job.

Season Three (2004)Edit

Straight to HeartEdit

Note: Aelita develops a weapon of own: Small, deep pink energy orbs called "energy fields."

Jeremie: Okay, while he's going for broke, we'll go for lunch.

Jeremy: I don't believe it. Ulrich, listen. Whatever you do you got to stop the creepers from destroying the sphere.
Ulrich: Why?
Jeremy: Because is the Heart of Lyoko. The direct access to all the core programs of the virtual world! If the monsters destroy it, it's game over for good for Lyoko. Hurry up! The sphere has only two protective layers and the first one just blew.

Jeremy: Aelita, it's your turn now.
Odd: Her turn for what? She can't do anything.
Jeremy: Watch.

(Aelita projects an orb of deep pink energy that destroys the Creeper, which succeeds in devirtualizing her)

Odd: But how can Aelita have done that?
Jeremy: Aelita developed some new powers during the vacation. She's perfectly capable of fighting like you can.

Ulrich: Can someone tell me what happened?
Odd: Well, it seems that even if Aelita loses all of her life points, she won't disappear forever.
Ulrich: She won't? How come?
Jeremy: Of course! I was too dumb not to think of it before. Ever since you recovered your human memory, you're exactly the same as us. We don't need Code: Earth anymore to bring you in.
Aelita: That'll really help now that X.A.N.A. is determined to destroy Lyoko to keep us from finding him on the net.
Yumi: That's great, Aelita. You're a full-fledged Lyoko warrior from now on.

Lyoko Minus OneEdit

Note: The Forest Region is wiped out on Lyoko.

Aelita: Jeremy, I got a big problem.
Jeremy: Scyphoza!
Aelita: But why? Its already got all the data that X.A.N.A. needed from me. What could it want now?
Jeremy: I don't know, Aelita, but please don't stick around trying to find out.

Jeremy: Aelita, try to hit it with the energy field.

Jeremy: I don't get it. It looks like the Scyphoza has implanted something into Aelita's memory.
Odd: I'm almost there, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Aelita is alive. I don't understand!
Odd: Aelita, you gotta wake up. It's me, Odd. Hey, you can take a nap later. Whoa! Jeremy, got problem here. Something's wrong with Aelita.
Jeremy: Aelita, it's Jeremy! Wake up!

Odd: I get the feeling that Aelita's heading for the way tower.
Jeremy (sarcastically): Just what we needed.

Jeremy: What's happening now?
Odd: The sector's disappearing! Rematerialize us!

Yumi: Jeremy, did you manage to get the tower deactivated?
Jeremy: I didn't. It deactivated itself because the Forest Sector is in the process of disappearing.
Yumi and Ulrich: What!!?

Jeremy: It's no use. The Forest Sector doesn't exist anymore. X.A.N.A. has totally wiped it off the map.
Aelita: If only I hadn't gone into that way tower and if only I hadn't punched in that code.
Jeremy: Don't you see? X.A.N.A. used you, Aelita. He launched an attack just to lure us to Lyoko.
Odd: But why would he do that?
Jeremy: If the surface sectors disappear, we won't be able to get to Sector 5 anymore.
Odd: You mean that X.A.N.A.'s gonna destroy all the sectors?
Jeremy: That's right. If only I could find a way to virtualize you directly into Sector 5.

Tidal WaveEdit

False LeadEdit

Yumi: Odd!
(Utilizes her telekinesis to bring him back to the surface)
Odd: Thanks, Yumi.

Jeremy: Ulrich, this is all X.A.N.A.'s doing, you hear!? Bring everyone back home!!

Ulrich: Something very uncool is happening down below.
Aelita: Ulrich, hit the enter key.
Ulrich: Oh, great. There's a possessed by X.A.N.A.'s who's trying to destroy the supercomputer.
Aelita: X.A.N.A.'s plan is diabolical. If the supercomputer's destroyed, Lyoko will disappear forever and all of us along with it!


(Aelita finds herself virtualized for the first time in the Forest Region of Lyoko)
Young Aelita: Daddy? Daddy, were are you?
Franz Hopper: Here I am, Aelita.
Young Aelita: Daddy!
Franz Hopper: I can't materialize myself into human form yet as you can, Aelita. I still have more work to do on Lyoko. This world needs to develop more.
Young Aelita: Daddy, there are some strange-looking creatures over here.
Franz Hopper: Run, Aelita! Run!!

Franz Hopper: Aelita. Aelita, I have to make contact with X.A.N.A. Persuade him that we can live in peace with him.
Young Aelita: Who is X.A.N.A.?
Franz Hopper: A multi-agent computer program I created. It has achieved self-awareness and autonomy and it's trying to eliminate us now.
Young Aelita: But why, Daddy? Daddy?
Franz Hopper: Whatever, you do don't leave this tower!
Young Aelita: Daddy!? Daddy!!! Daddy!!

Aelita: Jeremy, do you...think my father's still alive? My father, Franz Hopper. Do you think it's possible to re materialize him?
Jeremy: No. What I mean is there's no way to.
Aelita: But he managed to survive when X.A.N.A. captured him the first time. Why not a second time?
Jeremy: Your father sacrificed himself for you, Aelita. And he had to use what little strength he had left to bring you back to life.
Aelita: I know. But, I thought there could be a hope, that maybe you could find a way.
Jeremy: Impossible! I checked every inch of Lyoko and there isn't the slightest sign of him. Aelita, Ive been trying really hard for you to into the worldwide web, so you can fight X.A.N.A. And you should think the way I think. I mean, think about the future.
Aelita: And just forget my past, huh!? You think it's easy!? You didn't spend ten years of your life as some computer software! I wish I never recovered my memory!!

Young Aelita: Daddy! Daddy! I'm coming, Daddy!
Franz Hopper: No, Aelita! Get back to safety in the tower! You possess the keys to Lyoko, Aelita! X.A.N.A. must never get his hands on them! Do you understand!? It's over, Aelita. X.A.N.A. is too powerful. He's become a threat to all mankind. I've got to shut down the supercomputer!
Young Aelita: But does that mean we'll die?
Franz Hopper: No. But you mustn't forget me! Ever! Never forget, Aelita.

Aelita: Bizarre. You'd think they were surprised to see us. Energy Field!

Ulrich: Your telekinesis thing is pretty cool.

The PretenderEdit

note: The Desert Region is deleted from the map.

Odd: Start up the stats program, Einstein.
Ulrich: You're gonna cry when you see the results.

(Aelita hits a Tarantula with a deep pink energy field)
Ulrich: Hey, Aelita! You're heating.
Aelita: I know, but you guys are just too clumsy.

Ulrich: I may not have my saber, but I can run. Odd, we can't take a chance of Aelita going into the way-tower. You gotta try to launch a return in time!
Odd: I thought we were never to do that while she's under X.A.N.A.'s control.

Jeremy: It's all over.
Odd: For the Desert Sector, yes. For Yumi, I hope not so move it.
Jeremy: Return to the past now.

The SecretEdit

Yumi: Sorry, William, but I think you can't be trusted.


Aelita: The bugs also affect the monsters.
Ulrich: Well, that makes things even for once.

Aelita: There is one way to do it.
Jeremy: Go on. I'm listening.
Aelita: Destroy the Ice Sector.

Aelita: Jeremy, it's the only way to recover some energy and avoid total destruction of the supercomputer!
Jeremy: She's right. There's no other way. Go on, Aelita.

Temporary InsanityEdit

Aelita: Energy Field.
Odd: "Energy Field"? You think we're on Lyoko or something?

Nobody in ParticularEdit

Triple TroubleEdit

Odd: You all got superpowers: Telekinesis, energy field, triplicate- You all can make stuff appear. Me? I got zilch. The only power I ever had was future flash and it got wiped out when Jeremy was updating the supercomputer. And he never reprogrammed it because it was, and I quote, useless.

Jeremy: It's a special power just for you and nobody else: Teleportation!
Odd: You're the best, Einstein! If I were a girl, I'd propose to you immediately.

Odd: Jeremy, I take back my marriage proposal!

Jeremy: I fixed the bug. If you want, I can reprogram it with no more glitches, and even make it a whole lot stronger.
Odd: No thanks.
Ulrich: You sure?
Odd: Pretty sure. I mean, a guy like me doesn't need superpowers.

Double TroubleEdit

Note: The Mountain Region is deleted, leaving only the Carthage Region left.

Aelita: There is one thing we could do. If we could recruit another Lyoko Warrior, it would give us some breathing.
Yumi: And who did you have in mind?
Aelita: There's William. He's already shown us what he can do.
Yumi: No way. We discussed this. William's too much of a hothead. No, he can't be trusted!

(A possessed Aelita goes into the way tower)
Yumi: NO! Oh, Jeremy. There was nothing I could do. Jeremy, we're going to lose the Mountain Sector! Don't forget to bring Aelita and me in!

Jeremy: The Mountain Sector has completely disappeared. There's no way of getting into Sector 5 now.
Aelita: Now X.A.N.A. can attack the Core of Lyoko and destroy it for good. and they'll be nothing we can do against him.
Jeremy: Lyoko's gone for good and without it, there's not a thing we can do to fight X.A.N.A. Wait! These are the results of the calculations I made this morning.
Odd: Well, tell us. How is it?
Jeremy: Hmm. I think I may have found way to virtualize you directly into Sector Five at last.
Ulrich: You mean the fight against X.A.N.A. goes on?
Jeremy: He's not rid of us yet.
Yumi: If that's the case, we're gonna need another. After what's happened, we don't have a choice it seems.
(The others stare at her teasingly)
Yumi: So what? I changed my mind.

Final RoundEdit

Note: All of Lyoko is disintegrated, leaving the Lyoko Warriors defenseless against X.A.N.A. who has a new servant, William Dunbar as the newly recruited sixth member.

Yumi: You swear not to give away the secret?
William: I swear.
Jeremy: Good answer, William. Now for the first test: the Scanner. We're going to create a virtual image of you inside the supercomputer. After that, you'll be immune to the returns to the past. That'll really make part of the group.

(As she is devirtualized by the X.A.N.A.-possessed William)
Yumi: I knew it was a bad idea to bring you into the group.

(She, Odd and Ulrich appear in the Scanner Room; dejected)

Jeremy: Nothing can stop them anymore.
Aelita: They're going to destroy the sphere!
Jeremy: Almost there!

Jeremy: I couldn't re-materialize Franz Hopper. I didn't have enough time.
Aelita: We've lost everything.
Jeremy: William as well.

Jeremy: We have no other way to fight X.A.N.A. now. The entire world is in danger.
Ulrich: It's impossible even to imagine it.
Yumi: And you think he's-
Odd: This is horrible.
(Aelita looks sadly at a photograph of Franz Hopper)
Aelita: I was really hoping I'd see my father again.
Jeremy: I'm sorry. I did everything I could.
Aelita: I know you did, Jeremy.

Jeremy: What the!? This is incredible!
Odd: Well, tell us. What's going on?
Jeremy: I just received a coded message; a message directly from the internet. And it's signed...
Aelita: Who!? Tell us, Jeremy!
Jeremy: Franz Hopper.

Season Four (2006-2007)Edit

William ReturnsEdit

Note: Lyoko is successfully recreated by the restoration program Jeremy and Aelita received from Franz Hopper.

Aelita: Thanks to the data we got from my father before he disappeared into the network, Jeremy and I have just about recreated Lyoko.
Odd: You're recreating Lyoko?
Aelita: We may even be ready by tonight.

Odd: I don't want to be a partypooper, but there doesn't seem to be much happening.
Aelita: The data my father transmitted wasn't enough.
Jeremy: I guess we must've been really crazy to think that we could recreate Lyoko.
Yumi: Hey, wait. Look at that.
(The outer shell of Lyoko emerges in the digital sea)
Ulrich: That's incredible. It worked.
Odd: Aelita, Jeremy, you guys are gods.
Jeremy: Well, sort of but not quite. So far we only managed to recreate Sector Five of Lyoko. We still have to recreate the other sectors. But we should be able to do that soon.
Yumi: It can wait a night or two. You guys deserve a good night's sleep.
Aelita: Yumi's right, Jeremy. We're going to need all of our strength to look for William. We'll get started tomorrow.
Jeremy: Alright.

Aelita: Thanks, William. Without you I'd been Sissi's next victim, and that's even worse than...
William: Than becoming a prisoner of X.A.N.A. Is that what you're saying?

Jeremy: Ulrich, there's something strange going on with William.
'Ulrich: Why? What's wrong?
Jeremy: He left for the factory with Aelita. I picked up the signal of their cellphones. I'm pretty sure this is X.A.N.A.'s doing.

Aelita: Jeremy, what's going on?
Jeremy: Be very careful, Aelita. William's coming after you!
Aelita: What's the matter with him!?
Jeremy: I don't know! The tower in Sector 5 hasn't been activated, but it seems that William is under the control of X.A.N.A. You better get out of there fast, Aelita!!

Yumi: What's going on, Jeremy?
Jeremy: Looks as if William wants out of Sector 5.
Yumi: But I thought you hadn't managed to create any other sectors yet.
Jeremy: That's what makes it so hard to understand. At the end of Sector 5, there's nothing except...the digital sea! If he jumps into it with Aelita, she'll be virtualized for good; just like her father!
Ulrich: Don't worry, Jeremy! We'll all we can to stop him!
Yumi: But for that we're going to need our vehicles.
Jeremy: Right. I'll see that you get them in no-time flat.

Ulrich: You think William's gone forever?
Jeremy: No. I think he just went back to his new master: X.A.N.A.

Aelita: Why would William want to drag me into the digital sea? I don't get it.
Jeremy: I think it's part of X.A.N.A.'s new strategy and so we gotta be very careful. William could come back at any time.

Double TakeEdit

Note: Jeremy gives Yumi, Odd, Ulrich and Aelita's weaponry "upgrades and modifications" and "amplifies" their unique abilities to slightly higher power levels. Ulrich gains a second katana, Aelita can now fly due to angel wings, and Yumi's strengthened telekinesis makes her more relaxed when using it.

Jeremy: Do you mind!? Some of us are trying to work here! I've already spent a lot of sleepless nights recreating the rest of Lyoko, and improving the virtual equipment for all of you. So, don't forget, that while you're doing your bad stand up act-
Ulrich: It wasn't me! It was him!
Jeremy: That William is stuck on Lyoko under the control of X.A.N.A.! And if we don't do anything, people are gonna start noticing his absence. So keep it down.

(Admiring their brand-new outfits and slight upgrades to their own weaponry)
Ulrich: Twin blades? Quicker for getting a close shave.
Yumi: I love your skirt, Aelita.
Aelita: Thanks. Those shoulder pads aren't bad either.
Jeremy: Hey, you two can discuss fashion later. The activated tower is north by northwest.

(As Aelita falls, white angel wings emerge from her back, breaking her fall)
Aelita: Where did these wings come from?
Jeremy: You like 'em? They're just a little surprise I invented in my spare time, Aelita.
Aelita: Jeremy, you are the wind beneath my wings. (Jeremy blushes)

Yumi: Jeremy, William's trying to push in the digital sea!
Jeremy: Yumi! I'll bring you back in! Oh no. It's not working!
Odd: What do you expect? Everything's breaking up?
Ulrich: That's bad news.
Odd: Only one thing left to do.

Opening ActEdit

Yumi: You may be possessed by X.A.N.A. but you're still a rookie on Lyoko, William!
William: Attack!!

Yumi: Jeremy, where's that vehicle, huh? The old William was hard to get rid of, butt his one's a lot worse! Ya!
(Uses her newly strengthened telekinesis to perfect the targeting range of her Tessen fans, unexpectedly hitting William from behind)

Ulrich: If you're trying to get a date with Yumi, I'm not so sure that's the right way!

Wreck RoomEdit

Note: Yumi uses her somewhat amplified telekinesis for the first time.

Jeremy: This is a disaster. William's copy doesn't have the same personality as the original.

Jeremy: Aelita, get a move on!! If he leads you into the digital sea, you'll be virtualized for good! The same as your father!

Yumi: You sure are a tough customer. Ya!
(Telekinetically hurls a rock at William, but he shatters it with his Zeiwlander)

Jeremy: Aelita, you're going to have to wait before you enter the tower.
Aelita: Okay. (to Ulrich) One for each of us.


Note: The group's virtual submarine is completed, which enables them to go into the digital sea and travel right through the worldwide web itself.

Jeremy: I can't believe it. Pretty soon we'll be able to track X.A.N.A. on the network.
Aelita: I may even be able to localize my dad.
Jeremy: That would be great, but we can't get our hopes up, even if it's still possible.
Aelita: I know. But I completely lost hope when X.A.N.A. destroyed all of Lyoko.

Ulrich: Hey, big shot!? Wanna mix it up a little!?

Ulrich: You're not gonna win, William!! Better let your master know!!

(Is saved by Yumi's Tessen fan)
Ulrich: It's a pleasure to see you again, laddies.
Yumi: It's always nice to feel needed, isn't it?

Odd: 3:59 and 45 seconds! 46, 47...
Jeremy: It's done. The programing for phase two is underway.
Yumi and Aelita: Yeah!
Aelita: Jeremy, our ship is finally completed.

Aelita: My father used to read this book to me when I was five.
Jeremy: Viking Gods and Legends?
Aelita: Look at that. It was about a mythical ship that could even sail on land. And it always reached its destination, no matter what wind was blowing.
Jeremy: "The Skidbladnir"?
Yumi: I really like that name.
Ulrich: Yeah. I like it, too.
Jeremy: Okay! Our new ship's name is Skidbladnir.
Odd: Or what about "Skid" for short?

Maiden VoyageEdit

Note: The four Lyoko Warriors use the Skidbladnir to travel into the digital sea, and the internet for the first time. In addition, all five have new attire in the real world.

Ulrich: Hey, you guy see that dark thing up there?
Aelita: Yes. I'll shut the lights to get a better view.
Yumi:Aelita, you think that's Lyoko?
Aelita: I don't know. But whatever it is, its gravity is pulling us toward it.

Ulrich: Yeah. It's nice to be back on Lyoko.
Aelita: But it's not Lyoko.
Ulrich: Huh? What?
Aelita: It's not Lyoko! Hang on now! Retro breaks!

Yumi: There's something else up ahead.
Ulrich: Hey! It's ugly and uglier. They look like some sort of eels.
Odd: I never met an eel I didn't like.
Aelita: Heads up! I'm breaking off!
Odd: I've seen spiked heels but spiked eels, never.

Jeremy: Get those congers off your tail and then launch the Navskids.
Odd: What? We're gonna fight them one-on-one?
Jeremy: Exactly, Odd, just like in Galactic Invaders.
Odd: Okay! Bring 'em on.

Odd: Hey, these are more riled than the Overboard. Gangway!
Jeremy: Now be really careful! If you get hit it means you'll be lost at sea!
Odd: Got ya, Einstein. Fire torpedoes. Unbelievable! It's up to you, Yumi!
Yumi: They're tough customers.
Odd: You said it.
Ulrich: Yumi, behind you!
Yumi: Okay, come and get me. Now! Got it!
Ulrich: Nice one, Yumi. You get better and better.
Yumi: Maybe but not good enough.
Jeremy: Careful. Don't forget that the Navskids autonomy is limited.
Yumi: We'll do what we can, Jeremy, but these monsters are hard to hit.
Jeremy: Well, don't try to work any miracles. Just keep them away from the Skid.
Ulrich: Right.

Ulrich: Hey, fish freak! Looking for some more bait!?

Jeremy: I would never have guessed that the world information network was a real live ocean.
Odd: Yeah. With fish and everything. Big ones, too.
Aelita: To think that my father is in the network somewhere.
Yumi: Yeah. And so is William.
Ulrich: That huge sphere we saw. What was that anyway?
Jeremy: Another virtual world just like Lyoko. A replica that X.A.N.A. must have created from the data that he stole from Aelita. I really wonder what he's planning of doing with it.
Ulrich: We'll go and explore it.

Crash CourseEdit

Ulrich: I'll go.
Odd: No. I should be the one. I already lost lots of life points, and you still got all yours. You'd be more useful here. What's more, that's exactly what we did during he swimming pool attack.
Ulrich: I don't ever what to hear about the swimming pool again!!


Jeremy: Unbelievable! You guys are on an exact copy of Lyoko, except there's only one sector- the Forest.
Aelita: X.A.N.A. created another Lyoko on the network? But why?
Jeremy: I have no idea. But you can bet it's not to save humanity. And knowing our friend X.A.N.A. I Bet he's made other copies exactly like this one.

Aelita: Jeremy, can you generate more power to the shields?
Jeremy: I think so. To reinforce the Skid I have to grab a chunk of energy from the supercomputer itself.
(Aelita begins to use her creativity in conjunction with her energy fields to erect a shield of deep pink energy)
Aelita: Isn't taking energy from the supercomputer...kind of risky?
Jeremy: We have no choice. It's the only solution I can think of right now.

Yumi: You look awfully serious. Did I scratch the paint of the Skid or something?
Jeremy: I'm just worried about this Lyoko copy. If there's another Lyoko out there, it means that there's another supercomputer out there as well. To destroy this new supercomputer, I'm going to have to find a way to materialize you into the real world from the copy.

I'd Rather Not Talk About It!Edit

Yumi: Hurry! Every second counts.
Aelita: I'm on it. But I'm not as fast as Jeremy. X.A.N.A. has sent William and some monsters into the core chamber. You two get down to the scanner room. We have to protect the Core of Lyoko.
Yumi: What about the tower?
Aelita: Guess I'll have to manage that alone.
Ulrich: No, not alone. Old reliable Ulrich is here.
Yumi: Ulrich.
Ulrich: I shook off the boar, but it went back into the forest. I'm afraid it could find Jim and Jeremy.
Aelita: We have no time to waste.

Aelita: Are you ready? Transfer Odd! Transfer Yumi! Scanner Odd! Scanner Yumi! Virtualization.
(Yumi and Odd are virtualized into Sector Five)
Aelita: I already called up your vehicles. They'll be waiting for you in the Celestial Dome.
Yumi: Gotcha.

Odd: Hey, isn't that your boyfriend up there?
Yumi: He's not my boyfriend! He's a little too clingy for me, anyhow.

Yumi: Odd, the first shield layer's about to give! We have to do something!
Odd: I know. And I got an idea.
Yumi: Oh yeah? What's that?
Odd: Skydiving! Woo-who!

William: That was a volley shot! It's all over for you!
Yumi: And I would call that wishful thinking, William dear.

Hot ShowerEdit

Aelita: The scanner is picking up a trace of digital DNA in the area. It might be William or it even may be...
Ulrich: Your father? Well, what are waiting for? Let's check it out.
Aelita: Okay.

Ulrich: Hot.
Odd: Yeah, well, this is a desert.

Ulrich: It's all over!
Aelita: No, Ulrich. Not yet!
Ulrich: What are you doing!?
Aelita: I'm forcing X.A.N.A. to make a choice.

Aelita: Hurry, Odd. Devirtualize me!
Odd: What!? Are you crazy?
Aelita: Do what I say!
Jeremy: Odd, Aelita's right. It's our only hope.

Aelita: To win, sometimes you have to know how to lose.
Jeremy: You think X.A.N.A. understands that?

Aelita: X.A.N.A. wanted to capture me more than he wanted to destroy the supercomputer. With me back on Earth, he couldn't do either of them.

Lost at SeaEdit

Yumi: Take this, fish face!
Odd: Not bad. Yumi's pretty effective when she's mad. I got one on my tail! They're sticking to me like glue.
ulrich: Yeah, bulls eye!
Odd: Nice one, good buddy.
Ulrich: Wanna team up for the last one?
Odd: Yeah, let's do it!

Aelita: Hey! Where's Yumi?
Jeremy: Huh? I don't have trace of her. I've lost her!
Aelita: She must have gotten hit by a conger.
Ulrich: But...that's impossible.
Odd: Einstein, you think she might have been virtualized for good?
Jeremy: No. I don't think so. The data recording from the fight doesn't show any sign of her having been eliminated.
Aelita: That means she's still somewhere on board her Navskid, somewhere in the digital sea.

The LakeEdit

Note: Yumi successfully virtualizes herself on Lyoko.

Yumi: You can never beat us, X.A.N.A.! You hear!?

Yumi: No, William! You're a Lyoko warrior! You swore to it!!

(Flashes back to the events of "Final Round")

Yumi: You swear to keep our secret?
William: I swear.
Jeremy: Good answer, William.

Aelita: Just in time. Is something wrong, Yumi?
Yumi: For a second there, the real William came back, Aelita.
Aelita: That means we'll bring him home someday.

Lab RatEdit

Note: This episode did not air on Cartoon Network but was aired online.
Note: Jeremy's method of teleportation has proven to quite effective, as it transports Odd and Aelita to the real world for the first time without any glitches.

Odd: But we're dressed like on Lyoko. How come?
Jeremy: Because the teleportation isn't a real devirtualization. Those aren't your real bodies that I materialized onto Earth.
Odd: Wait a minute, Einstein. Are you trying to say we're not really us?
Jeremy: You're you, but those aren't your real bodies. More like some kind of specters in the image of your virtual avatars.
Odd: Aelita and I became specters? Wow! Pretty impressive, huh?
Jeremy: If you say so. Anyway, hurry up and find the supercomputer. The teleportation won't last forever.
Aelita: How long have we got?
Jeremy: 20, thirteen minutes.
Odd: Okay, Einstein. And just where does he expect us to find the supercomputer? Behind a tree?
Aelita: Good guess, Odd.

Ulrich: Yumi, wait. Can't we make up? Look, if someone forgot my birthday, I wouldn't make a big deal out of it.
Yumi: That's because I never ever forget it!
Ulrich: Ugh! Okay, not you...but what I mean is-
Yumi: Look, quit while your ahead! You're just making things worse.

Aelita: Where to?
Odd: This way.
Aelita: How can you be so sure?
Odd: Because my sense of direction is infallible.

Yumi: Not so fast, pretty boy!
(Uses her strengthened telekinesis on her Tessen fans to control their direction. Unfortunately, William catches and disintegrates them, leaving Yumi virtually defenseless)
William: It's over, Yumi!
Yumi: Jeremy, mayday! S.O.S. I need two more fans, like, right now!
Jeremy: "Right now" is a tall order, Yumi. Let me see what I can come up with.

Aelita: Go on! I'll take care of them.
(Uses her light yellow-colored energy fields to erect a dome-shaped shield around herself)

Ulrich: There's no use dissing ourselves. After all, we did our best.
Aelita: Maybe but we still got to find out what X.A.N.A. plans to do with those cybernetic spiders.
Jeremy: Yeah. We're gonna go back to Jungle, teleport you back in, and destroy that supercomputer.

Bragging RightsEdit

Note: The replica of the Forest Region is destroyed via Odd wiping out its supercomputer in the Amazon.

Yumi: Jeremy, why can't I get the door open?
Jeremy: Oh, right. Last time, Aelita used her creativity to open it.

Odd: Only three of them? My laser arrows, and it's game over.
Aelita: Odd.
Odd: That wasn't bragging. It's a simple truth. Shield.

Dog Day AfternoonEdit

A Lack GoodwillEdit

(Yumi uses her multiplied telekinetic abilities to control Odd's Overboard to destroy a Creeper)
Odd: Oh no! My Overboard!
Yumi: Another one bites the dust.
Odd: Don't even do that again! I'm telling you! I hope you didn't mess up the paint-job.

Distant MemoryEdit

Note: Franz Hopper officially appears as a white floating orb of white light.

Aelita: Daddy? Where are you? "There isn't much time." Time for what? "See you in a minute, my dear"?

Aelita: You know when I said how everything was the same as I remembered it, I meant it.
Franz Hopper: I'm glad you like it.
Aelita: Everything's here except for one little thing.
Franz Hopper: Oh? And what's that?
Aelita: My mother.
Franz Hopper: remember dear. Your mother disappeared.
Aelita: Yes and I want to see her again more than anything in the world, and you know that. You've always known. And since your a perfectionist you'd have had recreated her here in the simulation bubble. That is- Unless you weren't really my father!
Franz Hopper: Aelita!
Aelita: Stay away from me, X.A.N.A.!

Hard LuckEdit

Note: The Desert Replica is destroyed, further weakening X.A.N.A.'s strength and energy.

Guided MissileEdit

Kadic BombshellEdit

Canine ConundrumEdit

A Space OddityEdit

Cousins Once RemovedEdit

To Soothe the Savage BeastEdit

Wrong ExposureEdit

Bad ConnectionEdit

Cold SweatEdit

Aelita: Jeremy.
Jeremy: A problem?
Aelita: This tower runs William's teleportation mode, and maybe several programs that X.A.N.A. uses to control him.
Jeremy: And?
Aelita: So if we hack into the data we could find a way to free William.

Jeremy: Okay, Aelita. I got what I needed. You can enter the Code: LYOKO.

Down to EarthEdit

Note: William is successfully released from X.A.N.A.'s control.
Note: The Skidbladnir is destroyed by the mighty Kolossus.

Yumi: Good news.
Jeremy: Just a little. I finally figured a way to wipe out X.A.N.A.
(All five are shocked)

Fight to the FinishEdit

Note: This marks the all-out "final battle" between X.A.N.A. and the Lyoko Warriors.
Note: Franz Hopper sacrifices his own life to allow Jeremy to "eradicate" X.A.N.A. entirely.

Jeremy: What is he trying to do? The power! Aelita trying running the program right now!
Aelita: What!? But my father!
Jeremy: Your father is supplying the energy we need. Try to run the program again! Now!
Aelita: No!! No!
Jeremy: Aelita, if you don't launch the program now, then your father will have sacrificed himself for nothing. Do it! Do it!
Aelita: No!

Jeremy: Huh? The program is destroying all the replicas. X.A.N.A. is dying!

Jeremy: Aelita, we've done it. X.A.N.A.'s been destroyed. I'll bring you hoe now.


Note: This is the epilogue of the 2D animated series, though followed by the incomplete, live-action sequel series, Code Lyoko: Evolution.

Jeremy: Well, it'll all be over this time. Do any of you wanna say something?
Yumi: We've had our ups and downs, hours of detention, hours of glory-the five of us. I've gotten used to life with Lyoko. Now it's time for new life without it.

Odd: Without Lyoko life's gonna be awfully boring, don't you think?
Ulrich: Boring? Finally time for music and sports is not exactly what I'd call boring.

Odd: What about you? Why didn't you want to shut the supercomputer down? And don't give me Jim's "I'd rather not talk about it" routine.
(After flashing back to his fond memories as a dutiful Lyoko warrior)

Ulrich: I like being a hero.

Aelita: If we shut down the machine, it means saying goodbye to my past, and to my father.

Aelita: All of this is so terrible and great at the same time, but...
Jeremy: But now it's time to move on to something new?
Aelita: Yes. Something more carefree.
Jeremy: I'm starting to think that way, too, Aelita. To think that after all we did and no one's ever gonna know anything about it.

Code Lyoko: Evolution (2013)Edit

Note: This new series starts one year after the 2D original show.

X.A.N.A. 2.OEdit

Note: X.A.N.A. makes an unexpected return after one year of peace.
Note: Lyoko is reactivated but the Forest and Ice Regions are lost due to the long inactivity of the supercomputer.

(The electric pipes suddenly malfunction)
Aelita: Tell me you saw it!

Yumi: Just what did you see?
Aelita: Strange lights. Not natural at all. And those lines of code. I've seen them too much already.
Ulrich: X.A.N.A.? Didn't we destroy it?
Jeremy: It may have had a backup system.
Ulrich: Sure. but Lyoko, the Lyoko's all over now.
Aelita: X.A.N.A. may still be alive and you're just sitting here? Back then, you never had any doubt.

Jeremy: Lyoko is reborn. But, wait. Two sectors are gone. Must be from the long inactivity of the supercomputer.

Jeremy: Oh no. Aelita, there's a tower activated in Sector 5!
Odd: e already see a tower and it's not activated.
Jeremy: No. There's another tower.


Note: The Lyoko Warriors discover another virtual realm called the Cortex which is powered by an additional supercomputer identical to theirs.

William: Hey, it's me!
Aelita: I know. Your super smoke makes me nervous.
William: Sorry.

Jeremy: Aelita, get out of there!
(Aelita suddenly sees a photograph of her late father, Waldo Franz Shaceffer, on the interface)
Aelita: Huh? Daddy?

Jeremy: Are you sure it was your father?
Aelita: I don't understand. What does he have to do with the Cortex?


Note: Yumi, Odd and Ulrich are now capable of deactivating towers.

Jeremy: The tower was deactivated by Yumi.
Ulrich: Yumi?
Jeremy: I think it's those source codes within you that allow you to deactivate towers.

Miss EinsteinEdit


Note: William Dunbar is welcomed back as the fifth Lyoko Warrior.

Yumi: What are they playing?
Odd: The one who has the bigger sword?

Ulrich: Thanks.
William: I believe you have a tower to deactivate.


Ulrich: Don't worry, Aelita. Your dad's a great guy.
Odd: Yes. He even sacrificed himself for us to destroy X.A.N.A.
Jeremy: I agree.

Aelita: Daddy? Is you who has done this? Are you the one who invented this machine? Answer me, please. Are you responsible for X.A.N.A.'s return?

Jeremy: Aelita, what are you dong?
Aelita: I need to look around. No. I need to feel Lyoko. This desert-It's so calm and serene like my father. Not like the Cortex, which is chaotic.



How to Fool X.A.N.A.Edit

The Warrior AwakensEdit

Ulrich: Jeremy, those things are not programmed creatures. Their human beings.
Jeremy: What?
Ulrich: Yumi, William, we were all wrong. You're not fighting against programmed monsters but human avatars, like us.

Yumi: We'll never make it! Their too fast. William, super smoke!

Jeremy: I'll send you your staff.

Ulrich: Yumi, you can do this! Be smarter than him! Go where he's not expecting you.


Laura: I can't believe it. I'm in charge of a quantum supercomputer.

Laura: X.A.N.A. is an artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligences are logical. It must be using prime numbers to change the sequence of the two towers.

Aelita: Leave me alone. I hate you.
Jeremy: It wasn't your mother, Aelita. It was just another of X.A.N.A.'s tricks.
Aelita: Yes, but...
Jeremy: I understand how much it meant to you. But remember, X.A.N.A. is just a program. It can make mistakes. We'll find a way to beat it for good this time. I promise.

Aelita: Laura, thank you.

Chaos at KadicEdit

Jeremy: Laura, what are you doing!!
Aelita: Jeremy, what's happening?
Jeremy: Laura brought her father here!
Aelita: What!? Yumi, devirtualize me!

Friday the 13thEdit


Aelita: But why this date, June 13, 20003?
Jeremy: Maybe that was the day when he argued with your father.
Aelita: Then why doesn't he do something?
Jeremy: He doesn't waste time. He fears us.


Laura: You're not very discreet. Your father created Lyoko, right?
Aelita: Just what right do you have to get into other people's lives and tell nonsense?
Laura: Franz Hopper- a computer scientist who taught at a school that hides a quantum supercomputer? It wasn't that hard to figure out. By the way, why he disappear? Don't tell me he preferred his research over his little girl? Did he abandon you?
Aelita: My father did not abandon me. He sacrificed himself for me. And what about your daddy? Don't you think he would sacrifice himself for you?

Tyron: So, tell me, you little avatars. What is this essential news I need to know. Do you know who I am?
Aelita: We sure do, Tyron.
Tyron: Professor Tyron.
Aelita: Professor Tyron, do you know about X.A.N.A.?
Tyron: X.A.N.A.? Never heard of it. What is it? A video game?
Aelita: X.A.N.A. is definitely not a game! It is an artificial intelligence that is trying to control the network. We have reason to believe it is hiding in your supercomputer.
Tyron: Heh. Impossible. If anything were hiding in my supercomputer, I would know about it. Tyron fears no one! Especially not this X.A.N.A. that is supposedly hiding inside my supercomputer! Do you want the proof!!?

The CodelessEdit

Odd: So, how many codes did I lose?
Jeremy: All of them.
Odd: What!?
(shows X.A.N.A.'s power at 85%)

An Assured Professional FutureEdit

Jeremy: Aelita, I don't have much time. graven is Tyron's minion.
Aelita: What!? Are you all right?
Jeremy: I'm OK. But he talked about a beacon, I think is somewhere on Lyoko.
Aelita: Okay. We'll track it down.
Jeremy: Be careful.

Graven: One of those avatars might be yours. No. None of them looks like you. Perhaps you're the one left behind. The one who is not trusted.

Graven: Good job, kid. You almost got me. Tyron said not to underestimate you.

Aelita: Bye, Graven. Have a nice return to the past.


Aelita: Can you send the Megapod?
Laura: Let her persist. Once she gets devirtualized, she'll realize how stubborn she was.

Aelita: Mom!? It's my mom! She's with Tyron!
Jeremy: Calm down, Aelita. Are you sure it's your mother?
Aelita: Yes! I recognize her. She's in the lab with him! I'm sure of it!

Aelita: Why did you stop me!? I had time to inject the virus!
Jeremy: We all decided to, Aelita. Your mother's still alive.
Aelita: I know, but X.A.N.A. has 85% of its power.
Jeremy: But the supercomputer is the only link with your mother. If we had destroyed it, you will never see her again.
Aelita: Why do think I want...?
Jeremy: What you want is to see your mother again. We couldn't let you make such a sacrifice. Look, if X.A.N.A. gains 95% we'll inject the virus. Okay?

The TrapEdit

Aelita: Mom. I saw her. I'm sure of it. I saw my mother in the Cortex. She's alive. Daddy, I promise I'll do everything I can to find her. Everything.

(Aelita flashes back to time the photograph was taken)
Young Aelita: You can't catch me.
Anthea Hopper: Got you, sweetheart.
Young Aelita: Daddy.
Anthea Hopper: Daddy.


Jeremy: Tyron noticed our presence because of a new security system he's installed. But he doesn't know we are hacking his sound system. I repeat: He doesn't know we are hacking his sound system!
Aelita: Hurry, Jeremy!
(Throws an energy field at a Ninja, devirtualizing him)

Aelita: Mom! Mom, it's me! Aelita! Listen to my voice. Can you remember my voice?
Anthea Hopper: What is going on? Am I dreaming?
Aelita: Mom, it's me! Your daughter, Aelita! Hear my voice!
Anthea Hopper: My daughter is dead. Who are you?
Aelita: Mom, I survived, thanks to Daddy. He put me on Lyoko! I love you, Mom! Mom!!
Anthea Hopper: Lyoko? Franz? Aelita?

False PretensesEdit

Jeremy: "Impossible to tell the difference." Laura, are you interested in creating a little program?
Laura: Thoroughly.


Jeremy: I propose that Laura be expelled from the Lyoko warriors!
(Everyone except William raises their hand)
Ulrich: Jeremy, you can launch a return to the past. She won't remember a thing.
Laura: (looks smug): That doesn't work on me.
Jeremy: Not so fast. I created a new version. This way, the supercomputer will focus only you and...bam!
Odd: You're the best, Einstein.
Laura: You can't do that!
Jeremy: Oh, yes I can.

Jeremy's BluesEdit

Temporal ParadoxEdit

Jeremy: It was a close one. Tyron nearly found us.
Odd: Think about it. If you hadn't sprained your wrist, we'd have been stuck with J.I Jim forever.

(Shows the virtual avatars of Yumi, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich and William on his iPhone)
Tyron: I'm guessing these faces don't look familiar to you?
Laura: They look like caricatures of Jeremy Belpois' gang.
Tyron: Jeremy Belpois?
Laura: A kid in my class. He's also really interested in quantum physics. But I'm better than him at some other subjects.
Tyron: Thank you, Miss Gauthier. This interview has been more than productive.


Jeremy: Sorry, Yumi. It left you with almost nothing.
Odd: Almost nothing is better than nothing! We lost everything!
William: Let's scare ourselves. How much power is X.A.N.A. at now?
Jeremy: 95%
Odd: What about 96%?
Aelita: No. We said at 95% we attack!
Jeremy: You know what that means.
Aelita: Of course I know. I won't be able to contact my mother. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. All the risks you've taken. I want to find my mother, but if X.A.N.A. wins, that won't mean a thing.
Jeremy: Aelita, have I ever told you how awesome you are?
Aelita: Plenty of times.

Ultimate MissionEdit

Note: This "season finale" has ended on an unresolved cliffhanger.

Jeremy: Aelita, you all right?
Aelita: I'm fine. I was thinking of my mother.
Yumi: Look, if you want to contact your mother one last time, we're okay with it.
Aelita: No. We've waited long enough. X.A.N.A. must be destroyed.
Odd: Are you sure?
Aelita: My mother may work for Tyron, but she has a life on the other side. I can only to talk to her through Tyron's supercomputer for now, but I believe I'll find her. I will find another way. If she knew the danger X.A.N.A. is I'm sure she would tell to fight it.
Yumi: I think so too.

Odd: That did not end well.
Yumi: X.A.N.A. was never his strong.
Aelita: What if X.A.N.A. became too powerful for us? Too powerful for us to destroy?
Jeremy: We were caught off guard. That's all. You have twelve hours until I can re-virtualize you on Lyoko.

Aelita: Tyron!? Let me go! I don't feel good.
Mr. Delmas: Aelita, what's wrong? Aren't you happy?
Aelita: About what?
Mr. Delmas: That your mother is alive?
Tyron: It's understandable to feel shock that your mother is alive and remarried at the same time. But whether you like it or not, I'm your stepfather now.

Anthea Hopper: Aelita, my love. I don't know where to start. I'm just so happy to know that you're alive. It's like a miracle. You're going to meet Mr. Tyron, my dear Lowell. You can completely trust him. I'm having him bring you back to Switzerland, where we can finally see each other again. I love you, Aelita.

Tyron: Now that it's just the two of us, we can talk more clearly. You are to obey me, you understand? First of all, I want to contact your friends and tell them to stop everything. I know all about your virus.
Aelita: No!
Tyron: If you don't obey me, I will ensure that you never see you mother again. But if obey me, you can tell her want you want, even leave with her. I don't really care. I already got what I wanted from her: your father's archives. So?
Aelita: I can't do that.
Tyron: To virus up a supercomputer is more important to you than seeing your own mother again!?
Aelita: We already told you. We have nothing against your system. Only that your system houses X.A.N.A. And X.A.N.A. is very dangerous.

Yumi: Let me in!!
Jim: It's a private matter!
Yumi: A private matter!? You gotta be kidding! Aelita!!?
(barges in and is shocked to see Tyron)
Aelita: Hurry, Yumi!!

Tyron: Well, stop them!
Jim: I can't use force. It's against my jurisdiction.

Aelita: Tyron and my mother are married. He became my legal guardian. My mother doesn't about us or X.A.N.A. He's manipulating her.
Jeremy: What? Didn't we cover our tracks? Where are you?
Aelita: The passage in the park. Why?
Jeremy: Stop! A GPS signal is near you. The man with the receptor just entered the park.

(Captures Yumi in the park)
Tyron: Were is Aelita!!? Where are the others!! It's Tyron. Let me know if there's a presence inside. I'll hold.
Man: Two presences detected in the Core. They just entered.
Tyron: Shut down the supercomputer! Now!! That's an order!!
Yumi: No!! You don't understand!!
Tyron: On the contrary, I understand quite well. I'd rather shut down my supercomputer than lose all my work to your filthy virus!!
Yumi: But my friends...If you shut it down, they will-

Aelita: Jeremy, the light from the Core is dimming. What's going on?
Jeremy: Oh no! It can't be!
Ulrich: What's happening?
Jeremy: Tyron is shutting off his supercomputer! Aboard the mission! Come back to Earth!
Aelita: Jeremy, I'm opening a patch for the virus for you!
Jeremy: Aelita, you don't have time! You need to get out of there!!
Ulrich: What good will it do if Tyron shuts off his supercomputer?
Aelita: He's only doing this to prevent us from acting! But he'll just turn it back on again!
Jeremy: Oh no. The shut down procedure is clouding your virtual signatures! You have to go to the Skid immediately!
Ulrich: Okay, we're on it!

Odd: What's going on?
Jeremy: Tyron is shutting down his supercomputer! You have to get to the Skid fast!!
William: Or else...?
Jeremy: Or else you'll be lost forever in the digital sea!

Jeremy: You lost the game, X.A.N.A.

Code Lyoko: Rebirth (2018)Edit


Virtual MessEdit



































  • Jeremy Belpois
  • Aelita Schrieffer (Sharon Man)
  • Ulrich Stern (Barbra)
  • Odd Della Robbia
  • Yumi Ishiyama (Mirabelle)
  • William Dunbar (Code Lyoko: Evolution)
  • Kiwi (Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4)


  • Jim Morales
  • Jean-Pierre Delmas
  • Sissie Delmas
  • Herb (seasons 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Nicolas (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Milly (Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Tamiya (Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • William Dunbar (Seasons 2, 3 and 4)
  • Laura Gauthier (Code Lyoko: Evolution)
  • Hiroki Ishiyama (Seasons 2, 3 and 4)


  • Samantha Knight (Seasons 1 and 3)
  • Talia (Season 1; "The Girl of the Dreams")
  • Waldo Franz Shaffer/Franz Hopper (Seasons 2, 3,4 and Code Lyoko: Evolution)
  • Anthea Hopper/Anthea Tyron (Seasons 2, 4 and Code Lyoko: Evolution)
  • Emily (Seasons 1 and 2)
  • Heidi Clinger (Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Michael Belpois (Seasons 2 and 4)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama (Seasons 1, 2 and 4)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stern (Seasons 1 and 4)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Della Robbia (Season 4; "Bad Connection")


  • X.A.N.A.
  • Lowell Tyron (Code Lyoko: Evolution)
  • The Ninjas (Code Lyoko: Evolution)



  • Energy Fields (developed in the Season 3 premiere)


  • Laser Arrows


  • Katana/Saber (gains a second in Season 4)


  • Zeillander


  • Tessen Fan (gains a second one in Season 2)
  • Bo Staff (Code Lyoko: Evolution)



  • Tower Deactivation
  • Creativity
  • Second Sight (on occasion)
  • Levitation (Get Ready to Virtualize)
  • Winged Flight (Season 4 and Code Lyoko: Evolution)


  • Anticipation/Future Flash (Season 1; 4 Episodes)
  • Superhuman Climbing/Cat Climb
  • Enhanced sense of Direction
  • Feline Execution
  • Time Control (Quest for Infinity)
  • Tower Deactivation (in Code Lyoko: Evolution)
  • Enhanced Marksmanship (gained and lost in Franz Hopper)
  • Teleportation (Triple Trouble)


  • Levitation
  • Super Smoke (when possessed by X.A.N.A.)
  • Enhanced Eyesight


  • Superhuman Speed/Super Sprint
  • Triplicate
  • Triangulation (Seasons 1, 2, 3)
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Tower Deactivation (in Code Lyoko: Evolution)


  • Telekinesis
  • Enhanced Balance
  • Superhuman Agility
  • superhuman Reflexes
  • Tower Deactivation (in Code Lyoko: Evolution)
  • Enhanced Marksmanship (Franz Hopper)

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