Close Enough

American web animated sitcom

Close Enough is an American adult animated sitcom created by J. G. Quintel for HBO Max. The series revolves around a millennial couple who are in their early thirties with their five-year-old daughter and their divorced friends who live with them in a Los Angeles duplex.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

Quilty PleasuresEdit

Calamari: My name is Calamari. And these are my friends—Walleye, Tilapia, Troutface, and Scrode.
Scrode: It's pronounced "Scrawd"!

Josh: We're not your parents!
Calamari: Of course you are. That was the price for the quilt, remember? Remember? [spiders crawl out of her mouth]

The Perfect HouseEdit

Josh: Hey, how'd you guys get here so fast? I only ordered it like 20 minutes ago.
Delivery Guy: Says here you ordered it three days ago.
Josh: THREE DAYS?! Where the hell is Emily?!

Episode 2Edit

Logan's Run'dEdit

Jaxon: So what's up girl? Wanna come back to my crib?
Bridgette: Okay, but just a hang out. I'm not some YouTube croupy.
Jaxon: That's cool. We'll do a little screen time. PBS Kids and chill. Get my mom to whoop us up get some snacks.
Bridgette: Oh, you still live with your mom?
Jaxon: And weekends with my dad's. He's so strong.
Bridgette: Wait, how old are you?
Jaxon: Me? I just turned 26. [Bridgette sighs] Months. 26 months.
Bridgette: What?

Room ParentsEdit

Nikki: Do you work out? Actually, don't answer; I wanna find out organically.

Episode 3Edit

Skate DadEdit

[as Josh gets sent to an ambulance]
Candice: Daddy, what's an ass knife?
Josh: Uh, huh. That's a different lesson!

100% No Stress DayEdit

[Josh, Alex and Candice sneak in and hide behind a wooden crate and hey watch the meat being produced]
Candice: Aw sick! Look at what they're putting in the meat!
[the Wurst Bros employees pouring dead animal parts into the meat processing machines]
Alex: That gross.
Josh: Dude, look up there! [reads a pig-shaped sign reading "Not Stolen Hams"] I bet there's hams in there.
[a muscular man approaches Josh and Alex from behind and bangs their heads together, knocking them out. Candice is left untouched]
Muscular Man: Factory Tour's on Thursdays. [he picks up Candice] Hello sweetie, I have the perfect place for you.

Episode 5Edit

Robot TutorEdit

Emily: [sees Candice leave her seat] Candice, what are you doing?
Candice: Proving I'm not dumb!
Commercial Bot: No matter. I'm password protected. [Candice types up the password] You'll never guess my-

Golden GamerEdit

Student: It's like that dude Sisyphus. He kept trying to push that car up the mountain, but he couldn't handle it, and he quit.
Alex: Eh, technically, Sisyphus couldn't quit. But you know what? You got most of it.
Lee: Well, check this out, Dorp. You're our Sisyphus.
Alex: [tears of joy] Wah, wah, wee, wah.


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