English band

Clor is a futuristic pop band from London, UK.


  • Each of us is special
    In our own unique way.
    • Outlines
  • Eyes like yours, always looking for outlines,
    Eyes like mine, always looking for yours.
    • Outlines
  • And like a falcon spying a dove
    I swoop down on you death from above
    And like a panther out in the wood
    I sneak up on you so light of foot.
    • Tight spot
  • Tendencies like these have been reported
    But no direct link has yet been proven
    This is how you join two humans.
    • Garden of love
  • Imagine you’re driving
    On pristine new roads
    Let’s climb down from trees
    Emerge from the river
    Let’s vacate the beaches
    Of far distant shores
    Emerge from the blackness
    Into the blue, blue, blue, blue day.
    • Dangerzone

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