Claud William Wright

British paleontologist (1917-2010)

Claud William Wright (January 9, 1917February 15, 2010) was a senior British civil servant who was also an expert in the disciplines of geology, paleontology, and archaeology.

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  • Physics, chemistry, astrophysics are obviously the ideal field for the tidy mind the biological and geological sciences the tidy mind often goes astray and the passive, unmathematical approach may be more suitable.
    ...The sciences that deal with natural process, geology or geography, or with life, zoology or botany, have an immensely more complicated task than physics or chemistry.
    ... A particular danger, I believe, lies in an oversimplified use of mathematical or statistical methods of investigation, in which obviously erroneous results may be obtained by a selection of only a few of many relevant factors to be considered.

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