2004 visual novel by Key

Clannad (クラナド Kuranado) is a Japanese visual novel which was developed by Key and released on April 28, 2004. It was later adapted into two manga series in 2005 and 2007, an animated film by Toei Animation in 2007, and a television anime series by Kyoto Animation, also in 2007. The series follows Tomoya Okazaki, a third year high school student who dislikes his life. However, Tomoya finds that his life is about to change when he meets a girl one year older than him named Nagisa Furukawa.

Sentai Filmworks has released the entire series both subtitled and dubbed in English.

Visual novel


Nagisa Furukawa

  • Do you like this school? I have to say that I love it very, very much. But soon everything changes, well at least it does eventually.

Fuko Ibuki

  • I shouldn't be saying this, but it turns out to be cute.

Kyou Fujibayashi

  • A date starts the moment you start waiting.

Misae Sagara

  • You really do enjoy making women cry, don't you?

Yoshino Yusuke

  • If there is love, then even lies are the truth.

TV anime


On the Hillside Path Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter [2007.1]

[Tomoya is walking to school while narrating about his town.]
Tomoya: I hate this town. It's too filled with memories I'd rather forget. I go to school every day, hang out with my friends, and then I go home. There's no place I'd rather not go ever again. I wonder if anything will ever change? Will that day ever come?
[Tomoya is walking up the hill to school and sees Nagisa for the first time.]
Nagisa: [Short pause] Anpan! Do you like this school? I have to say that I love it very, very much. But soon everything changes. Well, at least it does eventually.
Tomoya: A girl I don't know...She isn't talking to me...She's probably talking to someone in her heart.
Nagisa: Fun things...Happy things...They'll all...They'll all eventually change some day, you know? But can you still love this place?
Tomoya: [Aloud] Just go and find more. [Nagisa notices Tomoya. There is a long pause.] All you have to do is find other fun and happy things. It's not so hard. Come on, let's go. [Tomoya walks ahead. Nagisa follows. Tomoya narrates.] And so we begin...A long, long upward climb...

[Tomoya is walking to school and meets Nagisa for the first time.]
Nagisa: Do you like this school? I really, really love it. But nothing can stay unchanged.
Tomoya: [In thought] A girl I've never seen before. The words weren't directed at me. She must be talking to someone in her heart.
Nagisa: Fun things...Happy things...They can't all possibly stay unchanged. Even so, can you go on loving this place?
Tomoya: Just find something. [Short pause] Just find something new that's fun or happy. Come on, let's get going. [In thought] We start to walk up...the long...long...uphill climb.

[Tomoya enters the Furukawa Bakery.]
Tomoya: Nobody's here? [looks at the bread stand]
Sanae: That's this week's new item. Please try it if you'd like.
Tomoya: [thinking] Furukawa's sister? Or mother?
Sanae: There's no need to pay. Since they're leftovers. The concept behind them was calm and soothing.
Tomoya: Calm and soothing...In that case...[takes bread] I'll accept your kindness. [bites it]
Sanae: There's a rice cracker inside. I named it rice cracker bread.
Tomoya: [chewing] Your naming sense is pretty incredible...Much like your sense for baking bread.
Sanae: Right? [walks to Tomoya] My idea was a winner! [frowns] Um... Is something wrong?
Tomoya: You bet there is... Quite frankly... This is a failure.
Sanae: [stutters] I-It didn't taste good?
Tomoya: There were issues with the taste...but before that, it's too hard to eat. This stuff is meant to be leftover. [looks up at Sanae crying]
Sanae: [crying] My bread was... My bread was...
Tomoya: H-Hey!
Sanae: Meant to be a leftover! [as she runs out of the bakery, crying]
Tomoya: I guess this mother would explain the daughter...Here's hoping that the father's normal.
Akio: [comes in and kicks Tomoya on the back] Hey!
Tomoya: [turns around] What is it? [looks at Akio, thinking] He was even worse.
Akio: You said the forbidden words. [points bat at Tomoya and jabs him] You should have stuffed it down quietly and told her it was good. That's your duty. As a human being! The truth is always cruel. Don't you feel...bad, giving it...STRAIGHT TO HER?! Everyone that lives around here...says that her bread is good! It's the unspoken rule! It's the law! So you better obey! Else I'm gonna beat you silly! [looks at Tomoya's uniform] That's the uniform of my daughter's school. Would you be by any chance be a friend of Nagisa?

[Tomoya, Sanae, Nagisa, and Akio at the Furukawa's dining table.]
Sanae: That's right! We didn't ask your name yet!
Nagisa: He's Okazaki-san. Tomoya Okazaki-san!
Akio: Hmph! What a puny name! Go with something like Galactic Okazaki.
Sanae: That's sounds wonderful. May I call you Galactic-san?
Akio: And make your last name Cosmos while you're at it! Galactic Cosmos! Isn't that a great name?
Tomoya: My name is Okazaki Tomoya!
Akio: You sure are picky! Hey Sanae, can you think of a good name?
Sanae: Let's see...How about adding something at the end? A word that not only implies greatness, but transcends the flow of time...Tomoya Okazaki Eternal!
Akio: That's a good one! Call yourself that from now, Ethanol!
Tomoya: You changed it again!

[Tomoya is running down the street and stops near the Furukawa Bakery, and sees Nagisa illuminated in a dazzling light.]
Nagisa: If you wish, would you like me to take you? To a place in this city where wishes come true.

[After Sunohara gets beaten up by a neighbor rugby team for noise violation.]
Sunohara: [Mumbling] Damn that rugby club...
Tomoya: They'll never hear you if you mumble. [shouting] Damn that rugby club!!!
Neighbor rugby player: [Hitting the wall] Who just said that?!
Sunohara: [Stutters] Are you trying to kill me?!

Sunohara: Just you watch. When graduation comes around, I'll pay them back in full. When the time comes, Okazaki, I trust you to watch my back.
Tomoya: Lucky! I'll be sure to stab you well.
Sunohara: Don't come after me! Go after them!
Tomoya: But I'm on the rugby club's side.
Sunohara: Since when?!
Tomoya: Only on that occasion.
Neighbor rugby player: [shouting] Keep it down!
Tomoya: [Ready to kick the wall] Should I kick back?
Sunohara: [Desperate] Waaah!

Sunohara: Damn those rugby team jerk-offs.
Tomoya: No one care hear you if you whisper. [Shouting] Damn those rugby team jerk-offs!
Neighbor rugby player: [Hitting the wall] Who said that?!
Sunohara: [Stutters] Are you trying to get me killed?!
Tomoya: You're such a wimp.

[Sunohara is being bullied by the rugby team for playing his music too loud.]
Rugby Player A: How about it Sunohara?! Come to your senses?!
Rugby Player B: You and your CD player turned up day after day?
Sunohara: Well, I can't get myself going until I hear that song.
Rugby Player A: WRONG!
[Tomoya walks in]
Tomoya: I swear, every day it's the same thing.
Sunohara: Okazaki, don't just stand there! Help me!
Tomoya: No, I don't want to turn into a lame-brain like you.
Sunohara: You can be really cold-hearted, you know that?!
[Rugby player holding Sunohara throws him to the ground, causing him to roll several times. After, the rugby team tramples Sunohara. Afterwords, a rugby player picks up Sunohara and drop kicks him.]
Misae: Quiet! QUIET!!! [Misae comes running down the hallway, twirling a mop.] Will you guys knock it off?!
[The rugby team flees the building]
Misae: Those stupid kids! I'm the one all the darn neighbors complain to, you know!
Tomoya: [Mumbling] Not so easy being dorm mother is it?
Sunohara: [Clinging to Misae's ankle.] Misae...You should have come earlier to save me!
Misae: [Throws Sunohara off her ankle] You're just as much at fault! I hope you learned your lesson after that little assult!
Sunohara: [On floor] Yes, ma'am.

Illusionary Robot: This is a world that has ended. Nothing is born, nothing dies. Not even passing time exists. If I were looking for somewhere to be born, I don't think I should choose this world. And in this world - such as it is - there is someone. I wonder if she can see me? I haven't been born into this world. A girl living alone in a world that has ended. A girl living in this empty and still world. For some reason, I am bothered by that girl...

[Tomoya throws his bag onto the desk. Afterwords, Ryou walks toward him.]
Ryou: Uh, Okazaki?
Tomoya: Huh? What's the matter?
Ryou: Looks like you're a little late today, aren't you?
Tomoya: So?
Ryou: Well, I just think you should come to school on time every day, that's all.
Tomoya: Oh? You're starting to sound like the class leader or something, you know?
Ryou: But it's not any "or something". I really am the class leader.
Classmate A: Hey, Okazaki! Don't make her cry! You'll have he big sister rushing in!
Ryou: Oh, don't worry! I am not crying at all!
Tomoya: Okay, I get it. Let's just see how I do tomorrow.
Ryou: Well...Then uh...I'll read your fortune for tomorrow! [Ryou takes out a desk of cards] Fortune telling is my hobby, you see.
[Ryou tries to shuffle the cards, but clumsily scatters them. Tomoya helps Ryou to pick up her cards.]
Tomoya: Oh, boy.
Ryou: It's says you're going to be late tomorrow.
[Tomoya falls back in his chair]
Tomoya: You trying to make me mad?
Ryou: It's just what the cards say! I think this is your future.
Tomoya: You think that's my future?
Ryou: On your way to school, you'll have a romantic meeting with a sweet girl. You'll forget all about the time, and that's why you're going to be late.
Tomoya: Seems to be awfully specific if you ask me.
Ryou: You can call it a maiden's inspiration!

Nagisa: If you'd like... I'll take you to a special place in town.
Tomoya: Huh?
Nagisa: A place where all your wishes come true!
Tomoya: Sure.

The First Step [2007.2]

Nagisa: If you'd like... I'll take you to a special place in town. A place where all your wishes come true.
Tomoya: Uh...
Nagisa: What are you doing out here this late at night, Okazaki? Did you forget something at our house?
Tomoya: No, I was just out for a walk. But, what were you doing just now?
Nagisa: Rehearsing lines from a play. It's a really beautiful story that I wanna do if I can revive the Drama Club.
Tomoya: So, it was just lines from a play?
Nagisa: I always come here to practice. I saw you, so I just decided to do it for you.
Tomoya: So, you've decided to start up the Drama Club again?
Nagisa: Uh, yes, of course. I don't know how far I'll get, but I would really like to give it a try.
Tomoya: Is that so?
Nagisa: Yes!

Illusionary Robot: The girl's life was very lonely. There was no one else besides the girl. That was only natural. Nothing is born here. Neither does anything die. That's the kind of world this is. That body was for me. Do I just have to wish it? To be born here? The one warm spot in this world. Before I realized it, that's what I was seeking.

Tomoya: Oh yeah, Fujibayashi! Your sister! It's no laughing matter!
Ryou: Is there something wrong with her?
Tomoya: Well, she comes to school on her bi-
Kyou: [charging in] Hey! Tomoya!
[Tomoya evades a book Kyou throws]
Kyou: Come with me for a second.
A Classmate: "Bi"? What bi?
Ryou: "Bi"?
[outside the classroom]
Kyou: What do you plan on saying in the middle of the classroom?
Tomoya: "What?" The fact that you ride a bi-
Kyou: Do you want to get me suspended from school? You know commuting to school by bike is prohibited, right?
[back in the classroom]
Ryou: Okazaki-kun, what were you talking about with Onee-chan?
Tomoya: Everyone, listen! Fujibayashi Kyou in class E is bi!
A Classmate: Seriously?
Ryou: "Bi"?
A Classmate: Bi?
A Classmate: She does it with guys and girls?
A Classmate: Yeah, she is kind of masculine.
Kyou: Why you...
Ryou: Onee-chan, is what he said...
Kyou: Why are you believing him?! It's "bike"! We were talking about the scooter.

[Tomoyo just kicked Sunohara into the trash chute.:
Sunohara: H-H-Help me!
[Tomoyo walks over to Sunohara.:
Tomoyo: If you let go you'll fall. What will you do? [Does not give Sunohara a chance to answer] So you wanna fall? I see.
Sunohara: [Panicking] I haven't said a thing!
[Tomoyo slowly releases one of Sunohara's fingers keeping him from falling while Sunohara panics. Sunohara loses his grip to the chute and falls through screaming.]
Tomoyo: [To Tomoya] Did I go too far?
Tomoya: It's alright. He's small but resilient. [Walks over to the trash chute and then yells to Sunohara below.] Hey! You okay? Are you alive or not?
Sunohara: [Echoing] Damn it! I'm not gonna let this be the end of it!
Tomoya: [To Tomoyo] See?

[Fuko is carving starfish in an empty classroom in which Tomoya enters. Tomoya walks over to Fuko and stands over her. Fuko looks at him and is startled.]
Tomoya: Oh, sorry. I'm sorry, did I scare you? I didn't mean to. Would you mind telling me if this is the art club room?
[Fuko shakes her head negatively.]
Tomoya: So you're just doing your art class homework then?
[Fuko shakes her head again.]
Tomoya: Then what is that? [Points to starfish carving]
Fuko: Do you mean this? [Referring to carving] This favorite...ever...
Tomoya: Hey. Hey, wait a minute!
[Fuko goes into a trance]
[Tomoya sighs, walks over to the entranced Fuko, and takes her carving knife.]
Tomoya: Look at this. [Tomoya refers to the knife as Fuko escapes from her trance.] The blade is chipped. It's dangerous to be using a dull knife like this.
Fuko: Give it back to me!
Tomoya: You really should be using a carving knife that's properly sharpened. I'm sure they must have a few extras in the art room.
Fuko: Give it back, please!
Tomoya: Your hand hurts, doesn't it?
Fuko: It doesn't hurt.
Tomoya: Give me five.
Fuko: Okay. [Fuko slaps Tomoya's hand and feels a strain.]
Tomoya: See there? Your hand does hurt.
Fuko: It doesn't hurt!
Tomoya: [Raises his hand.] Come on, five up high.
Fuko: You mean like a high five?
Tomoya: Like in basketball. You know, when you make a basket you slap the other players on their hand.
Fuko: I know about that! I've seen it on the TV!
Tomoya: Now give me a high five. Come one, let's do it.
Fuko: [Imitates dribbling a basketball] Dribble, dribble, [Imitates shooting a basketball] shoot!
Tomoya: Do you have to start there?
Fuko: I did it!
Tomoya: Okay, that was a really nice shot! Way to go!
Tomoya and Fuko:: Yeah! [They slap hands causing Fuko to whimper in pain]
Tomoya: See there? It hurts, doesn't it? I think I'll hold onto this for a while [Referring to knife.]. I guess I'll see you around.
[Tomoya leaves the classroom.]

One More Time after a Cry [2007.3]


Illusionary Robot: I was born into this world in my search for this girl - sacrificing life, a new world, and everything I could have had. The girl collected pieces of junk from somewhere, and made a body for me. My memories were murky. I couldn't remember without effort. Where had I been? Where had I been trying to get to? Illusionary Girl: Good job! Illusionary Robot: I couldn't speak to the girl. But she was the one warm spot in this world that I had been after. Of course, in my body of junk, I cannot feel that warmth.

Tomoya: Sunohara. Sunohara, you alive? It's after school already.
Sunohara: [wakes up] Uhh. Classes are over already?
Tomoya: Yeah, about a hundred years ago.
Sunohara: A hundred years? [laughing] Then you'd be dead.
Tomoya: Yes. I'm a hologram.
Sunohara: Seriously?
Tomoya: You've slept for a hundred years after being kicked by Tomoyo. This is a world a hundred years since then.
Sunohara: What? Then what happened to the world?
Tomoya: It ended.
Sunohara: [shocked] Seriously?! [starts praying] Father. Mother. I'm sorry I was an idiot to the very end. I'll live my best even if I'm alone.
Tomoya: Wake up already. [kicks him]
Sunohara: [surprised] The hologram kicked me. [pause] You're real!
Tomoya: I'm actually a cyborg.
Sunohara: Then when you said the world ended..
Tomoya: It's true.
Sunohara: [shocked] Seriously?! [starts praying] Father. Mother. I'm sorry I was such an idiot. I'll live to my fullest with the Okazaki cyborg.
Tomoya: I can't believe you can keep it going for so long.
Sunohara: You were lying?
Tomoya: You believed it?
Sunohara: I would, since I was half-asleep.

[Youhei is asleep in class and Tomoya is shaking him awake.]
Tomoya: Sunohara? Are you alive Sunohara? School's over.
Youhei: School's over?
Tomoya: Yeah, about a hundred years ago actually.
Youhei: A hundred years? Then you're dead!
Tomoya: Right, I'm not me, I'm a hologram.
Youhei: Are you serious?
Tomoya: When you got kicked by Tomoyo, you got knocked out and have been asleep for a hundred years. This is the world one hundred years later, my old friend.
Youhei: Just a minute! Then what's become of the world since I've been asleep?!
Tomoya: Total chaos.
Youhei: Are you serious?! [Praying] Oh, dear dad! My dear mom! I am sorry I was such a fool! I swear I'll live my life the best I can!
Tomoya: Come on...Get up, will ya? [Tomoya kicks Youhei]
Youhei: Hey! Wait a minute! A hologram kicked me?! Then you're the real thing, aren't you?!
Tomoya: Actually, I am a cyborg.
Youhei: Then what you said about the world falling into ruins?!
Tomoya: It's true.
Youhei: Are you serious?! [Praying] Dad, mom, I'm sorry I was such a fool! I will join forces with the Okazaki cyborg and go on living!
Tomoya: You'll believe anything, wouldn't you?
Youhei: Huh?! You mean that was a lie?!
Tomoya: You actually believed it?
Youhei: I was half-asleep, so of course I would!

Yusuke: Everyday people keep hurting each-other, it's no wonder that you doubt what other people in the world tell you, but when you are no longer able to believe in anything, you will not be able to feel the love in others. Are you content going through hardships all alone living an empty life? Are you able to laugh at life? Tell me, can you laugh freely, man?
Man: Ugh, yeah, I guess I can.
Yusuke: I see.. Well then I would assume you are probably loved. Then go with peace and live your life with strength so that your love will never die.

Let's Find Friends [2007.4]

Fuko: (Speaking to Tomoya) You are the person whose existence itself is weird.

The Scenery With A Carving [2007.5]

Sanae: Tell me, Fuko. What might you're family's last name be?
Fuko: It's Isogai!
Tomoya: [Thinking] I can't believe she would pick such an unusual last name!
Sanae: Fuko Isogai? Why, that would be the name of the family next door, now wouldn't it?

Nagisa: Isn't it great that she accept one Fu-chan?
Fuko: Yes. It was all thanks to you Nagisa.
Tomoya: Are you two ignoring me?
Fuko: Because you are the enemy.
Tomoya: I'm not the enemy.
Fuko: Then a natural enemy.
Tomoya: That's even worse!
Fuko: Rather I want to say the worse natural enemy!
Nagisa: Okazaki, you mustn't harass Fuko!
[Fuko goes into a trance after Nagisa hugs her]
Tomoya: [Thinking] She gets like that even when Furukawa hugs her.
Nagisa: Uh...Fu-chan?
Tomoya: Calling her name won't work. When she gets like this, it takes a while. [Ryou is about to walk out of a nearby classroom] Fujibayashi!
Ryou: Uh, what is it?
Tomoya: Can you come over here?
[Cuts to Tomoya, Ryou, Nagisa, and Fuko together with Fuko still in a trance.]
Tomoya: [To Ryou] When she comes to herself, tell her "I'm Okazaki. I've become a girl." Got it? (Ryou nods yes) She's always in a daze, and I think that's dangerous, so I want to caution her. Will you help her out?
Ryou: Yes. I don't mind at all.
Tomoya: So then when she asks "How?", just tell her "It comes off sometimes.". For any other questions, just stay "For the time being."
Ryou: Okay.
Tomoya: [To Nagisa] Okay fun team, let's hide and watch!
[Cuts to Ryou standing in front of Fuko and Tomoya and Nagisa hiding behind a corner, watching]
Nagisa: Will this really help Fu-chan? [Tomoya gestures her to be quiet. Fuko comes out of her trance]
Fuko: What were we talking about just now? [Looks at Ryou. Fuko looks back and forth] Where's Okazaki and Nagisa?
Ryou: I'm Okazaki. I've become a girl. [Fuko is startled] I said...I said I'm Okazaki...And I've become a girl!
Fuko: [Shocked] I don't understand! How did you become a girl all of a sudden?! That-That just isn't possible!
Ryou: It comes off sometimes.
[Tomoya is restraining his laughter behind the corner]
Fuko: WHAT?! That is too shocking! Okazaki, are you really an actual girl?!
Nagisa: [To Tomoya, realizing what's happening] Hey...
Ryou: For the time being.
Fuko: I didn't know there were people like that in our high school! It couldn't possibly try to up and attach itself to me, now could it?!
Ryou: For the time being.
Fuko: IT COULD?! That's a great shock! [Ryou and Tomoya switch places] Oh, did it attach itself again?!
Tomoya: What's with you? What are you talking about?
Fuko: It was a bad dream after all...That's good. I was afraid I might just turn into Futaru some day.
[Nagisa and Ryou walk toward Fuko and Tomoya]
Nagisa: Okazaki, you should stop already.
Fuko: [Looks at Ryou then Tomoya] There are two Okazakis!
Tomoya: We divide sometimes.
Fuko: I'm totally shocked!
Kyou: Hey, Tomoya! [Throws a dictionary at Tomoya, then grabs him by his jacket] I'm watching you! Don't you even try to use my sister for any of your silly pranks!
Fuko: [counts Ryou, Kyou, and Tomoya] The same face...There are three Okazakis?!
Tomoya: How much of an idiot are you anyway?
Fuko: Here you go.
Kyou: For us?
Ryou: My, this is a really big star!
Kyou: Maybe it's actually a starfish?
Fuko: Ah! You knew it was a starfish now., You are one of my starfish friends!
Kyou: What, seriously? This really is a starfish?
Tomoya: Yes. Fuko put all of her heart into carving these wooden starfish.
Kyou: Really? Wow! Actually, I was only joking about it being a starfish.
Fuko: I want you to both please hug the starfish.
Ryou: Like this?
Fuko: You look very good! Beautiful!
Tomoya: Question your sense!
Nagisa: But the two of them are very pretty, and together they're even more beautiful.
Tomoya: The outside maybe, but they're different inside. The elder is a gorilla, and the younger is a hamst. GAH!
[Kyou threw a starfish straight to Tomoya and Tomoya fall into the floor with a big THUD!]
Nagisa: Okazaki!
Kyou: You said something very insulting just now!
Ryou: Sis, you really mustn't throw things you received as a present.
Tomoya: Yeah. Fuko would be hurt if you treated it like that.
[Fuko has a like a bad inspiration on her face.]
Kyou: Oh, I'm sorry. Forgive me. It just seemed to me like it would be an object with great offensive power.
Fuko: A flying starfish.
[Fuko opens her eyes.]
Fuko: It's possible!
Tomoya: You think it's possible?

[Tomoya is telling Nagisa a story of what could happen to Fuko if she were to stay in her "trance".]
Tomoya: [Narrating] After several hundred years, when a more evolved humanity controls mankind, a lone traveler approaches the Furukawa home, fallen into ruins. [Tomoya then speaks in the scenario.] Legendary Starfish Tamer, lend us humans your power...Appear! Fuko! [Tomoya swings his sword in a star-shaped pattern, causing the Furukawa Bakery to explode. Captions appear on the screen that say "Final Hitode: Fuko".]

The Older And Younger Sister's Founder's Festival [2007.6]


[Fuko is in a trance as she stares at the starfish-shaped bread in the Furukawa bakery.]

Tomoya: T-This is it! It's a barrier that seals Fuko!
Nagisa: What are you talking about?
Tomoya: Look at all these starfish that jump into her eye the moment she comes back! As a result, she'll embark on her trip again. If we do nothing, Fuko's seal will never be broken. Then- [Scene switches to a post-apocalyptic fantasy world.] Several hundred years in the future, in an era where evolved humans control normal humans, a traveler will head to the Furukawas' home, now a ruin. [Tomoya, now a fantasy hero, sticks his sword in the ground and begins to speak to the Furukawas' home.] O, legendary starfish manipulator, lend me your strength. [Draws sword from ground and slashes in the air.] Come forth, Fuko! [The house explodes.]
On-screen subtitles: When the seal is broken...A figure appears before me...Is that God...or the Devil.

[Fuko emerges from the rubble and a title screen appears, which reads: FINAL HITODE TSUKAI: FUKO.]

Star-Shaped Feelings [2007.7]


The Wind That Vanishes Into Dusk [2007.8]

Fuko: (To Tomoya) I like you better than a sea slug.
Tomoya: Really? Great! But I would have no idea what level that would put me on.
Fuko: I like the sea slug fairly well, so you should be glad.

Akio: Hmm... I think I'm getting better at this starfish business.
Sanae: The starfish pastries are quite popular, you know. We have those who buy them regularly.
Tomoya: Are you serious?
Fuko: If no one else thinks so, I think they're a great hit!
Sanae: I'm so glad! Then I'll make a special starfish pastry just for you.
Fuko: Really? You will? I'm so thrilled!
Akio: Nagisa, you're awfully quiet today.
Nagisa: Yes, I was engrossed in carving the starfish. He he...
Woman: Excuse me! Anyone here?
Fuko: You have a customer in your store.
Akio: Don't talk to me! I'm doing a difficult part.
Fuko: Ah!
Woman: Isn't there someone working?
Tomoya: Shouldn't you go and see what she wants?
Akio: It's okay, just pretend that we're out.
Sanae: Shame on you! Besides, with all the noise we're making, there's no use pretending that.
Akio: Ugh, oh no!
Tomoya: Something's different after all...
Akio: All that griping is getting on my nerves you little brat! YYYYEEEEAAAAAA!!!!!
Sanae: Oh, dear! I've got the first-aid kit, my darling!
Akio: Sanae, it's all over for me...
Sanae: Get a hold of yourself, my dearest darling!
Nagisa: Don't worry, Mom. I'll take good care of the bakery.
Akio: I leave the rest to you, dear daughter.

Until The End Of The Dream [2007.9]

Tomoya: Oh. Furukawa.

The Girl Genius' Challenge [2007.10]


Illusionary Robot: What is this light? I would not know a sight like this. Illusionary Girl: So, tell me. Is that light strange? And the sky? And the ground? Only this light is strange? I wonder why that's the way it is? Illusionary Robot: For this girl who stays here all the time, this light is part of nature. This is a shadow, I thought. But a shadow is cast. So, what cast this shadow? Illusionary Girl: Wait a minute! To think that something is strange means you have knowledge of that which is not strange. Illusionary Girl: I will delve deep into my memories. Sometime long ago, or perhaps way into the future, I was in another world. That is one sensation I remember.

Ryou: [After reading Kotomi's fortune.] I don't think Ichinose will make friends.
Tomoya: [Angered] Why are you contradicting my efforts, you saboteur?! [Kotomi tires to slip away from Tomoya in an effort to run away.] Wait, wait, wait! Running away won't change a thing! Confront reality!

Kyou: Oh, found you! See, I won't bully you. Nice girl!
Tomoya: I thought you told me you don't become friends as a favor to someone?
Kyou: Yes, I did. That's why I approached from my side. But you and I still don't know very much about each other, now do we? No matter. I'm sure that if we go out together, I'm sure we'll get to understand each other. Don't you think it's a chance to show how dependable you are?
Tomoya: What are you trying to get me into?
Kyou: I'm gonna go call Ryou, so you make sure to take us somewhere fun later!

The After School Rapsody [2007.11]

[Kotomi is trying to wake Tomoya up.]
Kotomi: Tomoya? Tomoya? Tomoya? Tomoya?
[A loud scraping noise is heard, which appears to be Kotomi playing her violin badly; afterwords, wakes Tomoya from his sleep and out of his desk.]
Kotomi: Simply divine.
[Tomoya staggers to grab the edge of his desk.]
Tomoya: K-K-Kotomi it's you!
Kotomi: Well, hello Tomoya-kun. How are you today?
Tomoya: Not good.
Kotomi: W-What is it? W-What's the matter?
Tomoya: [Nodding] Look, I was minding my own business having a nice snooze.
Kotomi: That's exactly why I played a lullaby for you, Tomoya.
Classmate A: Okazaki, who is she?
Kotomi: [Bowing] Hello. How do you do? I'm Kotomi Ichinose of 3-A. I love to read; books I mean.
Tomoya: And her deadly weapon is the violin. Takes aim and fires in .2 seconds. She's a very quick draw. There have been countless victims to date.
[Kotomi plays her violin again.]
Kotomi: How strange. I don't recall taking anyone down with my violin. Not before this.
Classmate B: M-My eardrums!
Tomoya: [On the floor] We have a victim right here!
[Kyou slides the door open and barges into the classroom with Nagisa and Ryou following.]
Kyou: Hey, Kotomi! What do you think you're doing?!
Ryou: Oh, no! Kotomi!
Nagisa: So that was you playing after all? Oh, no!
Kotomi: Kyou, Ryou, Nagisa. Hello to you all. It's so good to see you. [Bows]
Kyou: No, no! Not hello!
Kotomi: How about bonjour?
Kyou: NO!
Kotomi: [Short pause. Speaks slowly.] Bonjour?
Kyou: [Frustrated] Ugh! I can't communicate with her!
Nagisa: No, please calm down Kyou!
Tomoya: Yeah. We don't want to see her getting riled up, you know?
Kyou: I know that, Mr. Obvious. [Sighs and calms down. Afterwords, points at Kotomi.] What are you doing here?
Kotomi: I'm just playing the violin, Kyou.
Kyou: Wait, isn't that the same violin that's from the music room?
Kotomi: Well, yes it is. But they let me borrow it. They said that since I liked playing with it so much I could use it for a little while.
Tomoya: Remind me to thank them for that.
Kotomi: Let me play one more.
Everyone but Kotomi: No thank you!
[Kyou tackles Kotomi to prevent her from playing the violin.]

[In Tomoya's dream]
Kotomi: [Kotomi is playing her violin] In order for me to get into a prestigious comedy school, I've been practicing my violin. [She then appears to be riding on an elephant in a parade of elephants. The elephants then transform into shrimp and float away.]
Tomoya: No. Somehow, I really don't think that plan will work.
Kotomi: It's a discussion of violins. [Several Kotomis appear, standing on violin strings] If the Dango flower blooms, I would be so happy. [Echo]
Tomoya: Dango family?! [Small Dango bounces away from Tomoya and causes Nagisa to appear, baking "bread"]
Nagisa: I'm baking bread. Love will begin for all of the Dango. [Nagisa pours a brown liquid onto the Dango] Will you just look at all the Dango!
[Ryou appears, reading Tomoyo's fortune]
Ryou: The cards tell me that...Okazaki, you have a split personality.
[Small version of Botan slips into Ryou's ear]
Tomoya: How can you tell something like that through fortune telling?
Ryou: Well, that type of reaction is typical of schizophrenia.
[Ryou transforms into Botan and Kyou appears]
Kyou: No, little sister. I'm afraid he is my patient.
[Tomoya appears, strapped to an operating table]
Tomoya: You know, somehow I just knew you'd be showing up soon.
[Several Kyous begin to appear]
Kyou: The aroma of baking bread makes the mental state of a person unhealthy.
Tomoya: [Tomoya appears on the operating table as a giant maggot] That makes no sense.
Kyou: Oh, yes it does. And it's all due to the aroma of baking bread. [Kyou disappears]
Kotomi: Tomoya? Tomoya? [Tomoya wakes up] Hey, Tomoya. You've been moaning a lot.
Tomoya: I was having the weirdest dream just now.
Kotomi: Was it a scary dream?
Tomoya: More like mixed up and very disturbing.

Tomoya: [During Kotomi's concert, in which she is playing terribly.] YOU CALL THIS PROFICIENT?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!

Hidden World [2007.12]

Kotomi: (Covers Tomoya's eyes and presses her chest up aganst his back.) Tomoya, guess who!
Tomoya: Hey, wait a minute, I can feel your boobs!
Kotomi: (Quoting Tomoya) "I can feel your boobs. Your boobs?"
Tomoya: Stop talking like a Russian gymnast! Kotomi, you're standing so close to me that I can feel your boobs are pressed against my back!
Kotomi: Oh. My heart is beating so fast!

Garden of Memories [2007.13]


Theory of Everything [2007.14]

[Kotomi's parents' voices speak in a voice over while Kotomi reads a letter from them]
Kotomi's parents: Even if your life is full of tears and sorrow, this world is still a beautiful place. Open your eyes and see it for yourself. Do what you want to do. Be who you want to be. Find friends to share the good and the bad with you. Enjoy life. Don't be in a hurry to grow up.

Kotomi: (At Tomoya) Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.

Stuck Problem [2007.15]


Illusionary Robot: Once again, a new light is born. Some time long ago - or perhaps some time in the distant future - I was in a different world. That single sensation is all I remember. Illusionary Girl: A different world? What kind of a place was it? Do you remember? Do you think it was a better place than this? Illusionary Robot: I think so. Illusionary Girl: Even if the world wasn't empty, did you still feel lonely sometimes? Illusionary Robot: Probably. Illusionary Girl: Were you ever as lonely as you are now? Illusionary Robot: A girl living alone in a world that has ended. An empty and still world. This was a place that had nothing; that was void of all happiness. Perhaps, that is why I was born. Illusionary Girl: Was this your wish? Did you want to be born into a world like this?

[Sunohara keeps annoying Tomoya to play basketball with him]
Sunohara: Okazaki! Let's play basketball! [In cafeteria] Hey, Okazaki, let's play basketball! [In bathroom] Oh, come on, Okazaki! [By vending machine] Let's play! [In hallway] Come on, let's play! [In classroom] You know you wanna do it!
Tomoya: Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt, but Sunohara is disrupting my studies.

[Tomoya runs out of the classroom in an attempt to avoid Sunohara.]
Sunohara: Wait up, Okazaki!
[Cuts to Nagisa walking out of a classroom with Tomoya running toward her.]
Nagisa: Oh hi, Okazaki. Let's go to the club-
Tomoya: [Grabs her hand] Run away! [Cuts to bottom of hill.] Good. He won't be able to find us here!
Nagisa: Who won't be able to find us? You weren't running away from Sunohara, were you?
Tomoya: It's nothing. Forget about it.
Nagisa: But...
Tomoya: Alright. I'll tell you the truth. He's just using this whole basketball thing as an excuse to spend time with me.
Nagisa: An excuse?
Tomoya: That's right. I didn't want to tell you this, but he really likes me. He's totally in love with me.
Sunohara: [In Nagisa's thoughts] Okazaki...
Nagisa: [Shocked] Huh?!
Tomoya: Lately, I've been too wrapped up in other things to pay much attention to him, so he keeps cooking up all these ridiculous plans to bring us closer together. I guess it's kind of pathetic in a way if you think about it.
Nagisa: B-But if he loves you so much, maybe you should consider his feelings!
Tomoya: It's not his fault, but unfortunately I'm just not into guys. And since I can't return his love, the sooner he gives up on me, the less heartbreak he'll suffer in the end.
Nagisa: Oh, I see. It's so nice of you to consider his feelings like that.
Tomoya: I'm glad you understand.
[Sunohara runs down the hill towards Tomoya and Nagisa, panting]
Tomoya: [Startled] There he is!
Sunohara: I finally caught up with you! Okazaki, why are you running away like that? You're so-
[Nagisa cuts him off by grabbing his hand]
Nagisa: Um, I'm sorry, but you shouldn't. I mean Okazaki doesn't like that so you have to respect that.
Sunohara: What do you mean? Okazaki and I are good friends. What's the big deal?
Nagisa: I know, but even with friends, there's a line you can't cross, so I'm afraid you're just gonna have to give up!
Sunohara: I can't give up! I need him more than anything! If I don't have him, then all of this is pointless!
Nagisa: No, you can't! You can't because...That's right! Because Okazaki's my boyfriend!
[Tomoya and Sunohara are both shocked.]
Nagisa: W-What I mean is no matter how much you care for him, I can't let you take Okazaki from me so...
Tomoya: [Thinking] Is she trying to protect me?
Sunohara: So that's it...Since when?...HOW COULD YOU?!
[Sunohara runs down the hill, crying]

[Tomoya is in Sunohara's dorm with Sunohara not there. Misae enters.]
Misae: Is Sunohara here?
Tomoya: Actually, he hasn't come back yet.
Misae: Well, he has a call from his little sister. If you're not busy, you think you can talk to her and pass the message on?
Tomoya: Oh, that's right. He does have a little sister, doesn't he? Well if she takes after he brother, she probably like, "Hi Youhei, it's me." [Tomoya makes a disturbing face and noise at Misae's cat.] Scary, huh? Like something out of a horror flick.
Misae: Would you mind not scaring my cat? [Cuts to Tomoya answering the phone in an odd fashion.]
Mei: [On the other end of the phone line.] W-What...?
Tomoya: [At Misae's cat] I guess she speaks human language after all.
Mei: Hello? Was that you, Youhei?
Tomoya: Yeah, that's right. I'm your brother Youhei Sunohara. The biggest stain on your otherwise picturesque existence.
Mei: What are you talking about?
Tomoya: [At Misae's cat] Guess nothing phases her, huh? [Cat meows]
Mei: Anyway, I was thinking of coming to visit you the day after tomorrow, if that's okay.
Tomoya: Sorry, sis. I'm actually in jail right now. I messed up and got arrested. Better luck next time.
Mei: There you go again, trying to avoid me. I'm coming for sure. What do you want me to bring you?
Tomoya: A Dogu statue?
Mei: You really want something like that?
Tomoya: Yeah, totally.
Mei: Well, if you're sure that's what you want, then I'll bring it for you.
Tomoya: [Chuckles] Wait, hold on a second. This is fun and all, but you really can't tell I'm not your-
Mei: Ah! Mom's coming so I better go! Remember, the day after tomorrow, kay? See you then! [Cuts the line]
Tomoya: W-Wait! Hello? [No response] Aw, heck. Well, what's done is done.

3 On 3 [2007.16]

[Mei has finished cleaning up Youhei's dorm with Nagisa and Tomoya.]
Tomoya: Wow, just like that it's already clean.
Nagisa: That's amazing, Mei! You're like a pro at this!
Mei: I'm gonna go ahead and do the laundry, okay? [Leaves the room into the hallway. To Misae.] Oh, dorm mother? Do you mind if I use the washing machine to do these clothes?
Misae: Be my guest. It's over here.
Mei: Thanks! I appreciate it!
Tomoya: [In dorm room. To Nagisa.] She's on top of things.
Nagisa: I hate to say it, but we probably should keep the truth from her shouldn't we?
Tomoya: What truth?
Nagisa: Oh, you know. The truth about how Sunohara is madly in love with you, Okazaki? [Mei overhears this without Nagisa knowing she came in the room.]
Tomoya: Huh?
Mei: [In dorm. To Nagisa.] I can't believe it. Is it true? My brother came out of the closet and he already has a boyfriend?
Nagisa: [Extremely nervous] No! It's not like that at all! They aren't a couple! It's actually totally one-sided! Sunohara's forcing himself on Okazaki! [Gasps. To Tomoya.] Oh, no! I told her everything I was supposed to keep secret, didn't I?!
Mei: Oh, my heart...
Nagisa: [Still nervous. To Mei.] Well, you know, I think love can come in different forms for different people. I mean, in the end, who are we to say that one love is more right than wrong than another? [Laughs nervously. To Tomoya.] I'm floundering here, Okazaki! You say something, too!
Tomoya: Oh, no. This is way too much fun. I'm just gonna watch.
Mei: Oh... what am I gonna do with my brother? Please don't hold this against him. He can't help it. I know he's irresponsible and full of flaws, but despite all that, he's still a good brother to me.
Tomoya: Mei... Can you be my little sister?
Mei: Huh?
Nagisa: Yeah I know, I'd give anything to have a little sister like you, Mei.
Youhei: Nagisa! Okazaki! What are you doing in my room?! Ah! No way! You aren't turning this into your love nest?
Nagisa: Oh no, that's not it at all!
Tomoya: Never mind our love nest, you've got a visitor. And it just so happens to be a cute young girl who loves you very much.
Mei: I'm Mei Sunohara, pleased to make your acquaintance.
Mei: I told you I was coming. I called the other day.
Youhei: You called me?
Tomoya: I guess I've got a lot of explaining to do, huh?

Akio: What's up?

Student A: They're catching up fast!
Student B: Guess they can't stand up to the real players.
Mei: How much time do we have left?
Nagisa: About one minute and twenty seconds to go.
Kotomi: They are about to catch up.
Mei: It's a one point difference.
Ryou: Sunohara's out of breath.
Kotomi: They've taken a lead.
Nagisa: Only twenty seconds left.
Mei: Come on, guys. You can do it.
Okazaki: I can't keep this up, I am running on empty.
Okazaki: Come to think it, why am I trying so hard anyway?
Okazaki: Nice pass.
Okazaki: Here's nothing.
Basketball team leader: Not so fast.
Okazaki: Who am I kidding? We can't win this. These guys practice everyday. What about me? I spent last two years wasting my life away. I knew out this was gonna happen. This is stupid. I should never agree to this. Just makes me feel miserable. So miserable.
Nagisa: Okazaki, shoot the ball!
Okazaki: But still, now there's a place that even some one like me wants to fight for.
[Everyone cheers]
Mei: It's really amazing!
Nishina: They did it.
Sugisaka: I can't believe they really won.

A Room Without Anyone [2007.17]

[During a baseball match with Toyoma, Toyomo, and Sunohara versus the school's baseball team.]
[Toyomo throws pitches outside the strike zone.]
Sunohara: What the hell are you doing, Tomoyo?!
Tomoyo: Shut up! You're distracting me!
Sunohara: What, are you scared I might catch the ball or something?! Start throwing strikes! [Cuts to Tomoyo and Tomoya.] Watch it guys, pitcher's wild!

Counter Measures [2007.18]

Youhei: You punks...
Tomoya: Sunohara, wake up!
Youhei: What do you want? It's too early.
Tomoya: A girl's here to confess her love to you.
Youhei: Are you for real? Woohoo! Blast off!
Guy: Hey, what the hell is that on your head?
Youhei: Huh?
Tomoya: The Rugby Club?
Guy: What? Are you a panty thief? Wait, those are boxers. You freaking pervert!
Youhei: Argh!
Tomoya: Chance can be a scary thing.

Ryou: All girls like fortune-telling at the genetic level.

Tomoyo: Time and titles do not matter in the bonds between people.

Tomoyo: No matter how cold and distant people may become, on the inside something warm and precious always remains, something that never changes. To me, that's what family is like.

[Kyou and Ryou show up at Tomoya's house with homemade food.]
Kyou: Morning, Tomoya! Thought you might appreciate a little snack!
Tomoya: Thank you.
Ryou: I'm sorry, but my sister insisted on coming.
Tomoya: Oh, yeah. Well, whatever.
Tomoyo: Okazaki, what's going on? Visitors?
Kyou: IT'S YOU?!
Kotomi: Tomoya. Oh, hi Kyou. Hi Ryou. It's a lovely morning isn't it?
Ryou: No offense Kotomi but what're you doing here?
Kotomi: I thought Tomoya must be hungry with no one to cook for him, so I thought I'd stop by and bring him some lunch.
[Cuts to inside with Kyou, Kotomi, and Tomoyo's food all spread out.]
Kotomi: Why does everyone look so gloomy now?
Tomoya: N-No offense, but there's no way I can eat all this food.
Kyou: Ryou and I got up at 5am to prepare this. You will eat it now won't you?
Tomoyo: Since I'm the reason Okazaki is suspended I'm the only one involved. It's my duty to take care of his food.
Kyou: What do you mean "only one involved"? Are you trying to say we have nothing to do with this?
Tomoyo: To be perfectly blunt, no you don't. As far as this incident is concerned, you're all outsiders.
Kyou: We've known Okazaki since his junior year and are you saying the drama club doesn't count?
Tomoyo: Time and titles don't determine the strength of someone's friendship.
Tomoya: N-Now come on you guys there' need to get so riled up...
Kyou and Tomoyo: It's because you won't make up your mind!
Tomoya: But that would be even worse. [At Ryou] Fujibashi, please say something to these two.
Ryou: Tomoya, I want you to eat my cooking as well!
Tomoya: Kotomi...
Kotomi: Yes Tomoya?
Tomoya: Kotomi...
Kotomi: You know, I started prepping last night so I put a lot of work into cooking all this.
[Fuko enters]
Fuko: Fuko...has...arrived!
Kyou: Who the hell are you?
Fuko: I brought my home cooking for you to eat too! Leave it to me! My food will make everything better Okazaki!
Tomoya: No seriously...stop...
Fuko: Of course, I understand how you must feel! But unfortunately, my home cooking is the only choice for you Okazaki! Starfish pastries! Starfish cupcakes! Starfish creampuffs!
Kyou: That's gross.
Ryou: Okazaki, please eat my boxed lunch! I made it just for you!
Kotomi: You won't let my work go to waste will you?
Tomoyo: Make up your mind already!
Kyou: Take my food or else.
Fuko: Mine is the obvious choice Okazaki! The obvious choice!

Kyou: Nagisa! Wow, welcome back!
Nagisa: Heh he.
Ryou: Oh, I'm so happy to see you again.
Kotomi: I'm so glad you're finally feeling better.
Nagisa: I'm sorry I made you all worry. Okazaki?
Tomoya: Huh? Wh-What's up?
Nagisa: Sorry about what happened. I heard about the big fight, and how you let yourself get suspended so Sakagami could win the election. I... I don't know how to make it up to you.
Tomoya: Ah, it's fine. It's not like I did it just for you. I did it for everyone in the Drama Club.
Kyou: Geez, when you put it that way, it's like saying you guys really owe me big time.
Tomoya: Ah... No, I... Anyway, it's all over now. But if you wanna take responsibility, you can go help Tomoyo in her match today.
Nagisa: Oh, right!

A New Life [2007.19]


Illusionary Robot: One day, I gathered together a bunch of odds and ends, and tried to make a another doll like me.Illusionary Girl: I see. So you want a friend? That only makes sense. You must be lonely all by yourself, right? I'm sorry.Illusionary Robot: That's not quite it. It's not so much that I'm lonely, really. It's just that I thought it might be more fun if there were more like me.Illusionary Girl: Then, let's try... even if it's impossible!

A Hidden Past [2007.20]


Illusionary Girl: It's done. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Illusionary Robot: A young girl living in a world that has ended... Somehow I feel like I've heard of that before. No, I'm sure of it. Just can't remember when or where.

Akio: The truth is always harsh.

[Akio walks back into the bakery after chasing after an upset Sanae and failing to bring her back.]
Akio: Ugh...Screwed that up...
Tomoya: Oh? What is it this time?
Akio: I was recommending Sanae's bread to one of our customers and she said it was inedible. Sanae overheard it and got upset. [Picks up a bread and shows it to Tomoya.] We call this one a Rainbow Roll. [Spins around, poses with the bread as the bread starts to glow.] Feel the rainbow!
Tomoya: [Confused] I'm...not really sure what that means...

Face Toward The School Festival [2007.21]


Two Shadows [2007.22]

Kyou: Nagisa!
Youhei: It's time for your big debut.
Ryou: Don't be nervous! I'm sure you're going to be a big hit!
Kotomi: Just do it like you did in the dress rehearsal, and you'll be fine.
Kyou: Don't freak out, okay? Let's just have fun!

Akio: [Shouting to Nagisa] We didn't give up on our dreams! We changed our dreams into your dream! That's what parents do! That's what family does!

Nagisa: If you'd like... If you'd like, shall I take you... to the place in town where wishes come true?
Tomoya: Take us there Nagisa. Take all of us.
Nagisa: This is a world that has come to an end - an empty and still world where no one exists but I. There's a small table and chair in this room. But outside the window, there is nothing but an empty plain; stretching into an endless horizon. This building is old; I don't know how long ago it was built. I live here alone, passing time in solitude. Sometimes I venture outside, picking up little odds and ends that I might need. Of course, there is no one outside, either. But under the fading sun, a sea of a tiny lights are fluttering about. Amidst those lights, I picked up wood scraps, nails and many other things. My purpose was to create a friend. But now, even as I construct him, I wonder if anyone would be happy to be born into a world like this? At every turn, those feelings of doubt still haunt me.

[Nagisa is talking to Tomoya after the play]
Nagisa: I remembered the rest.
Tomoya: Hm?
Nagisa: The rest of the story, I mean. Eventually, the girl and the little doll decide to leave that sad and empty world behind. 'Cause the little doll knew that somewhere, far far away, there was another world for them to live in - one full of warm and life.
Tomoya: So what happens then?
Nagisa: They set out on a long, long journey. And at the end...
Tomoya: And at the end?
Nagisa: They sing a song.
Tomoya: [Groans] You serious?
Nagisa: Of course I am! They sing a song at the end of the journey, so I sang a song at the end of the play. Why else do you think I would do something like that?
Tomoya: Alright, I'll give you that, but I doubt she would have sang the "Big Dango Family" song.
Nagisa: Well, no. That part was just me.
Tomoya: I know everyone applauded and all, but I think they were a little confused by the ending. That song kind of ruined the whole emotional build-up.
Nagisa: I just really wanted to sing it, that's all.
Tomoya: Well, whatever. Other than the song, the play was great.
Nagisa: Do you really mean it?
Tomoya: I never flatter people. You know that.
Nagisa: [Joyful] Yeah, I do. That's why I was surprised to hear you say that!

Nagisa: Don't we need to get permission to go inside the school like this?
Tomoya: Whatever, We're students here, so I'm sure it's fine.
Nagisa: Mmm I guess you're right.
Tomoya: You know, lately...
Nagisa: Hm?
Tomoya: [To Nagisa] Lately, I've been starting to feel like this school isn't so bad after all.
Nagisa: Well, is that so? I'm happy to hear you say that. Huh? I'm the class monitor? Since when?
Tomoya: Oh, yeah. I put that up there as a joke when you were absent. Forgot about that.
Nagisa: And all this time, I never noticed it. Hmm... Heh he.
Nagisa: There, we're even now. [Laughs]
Tomoya: Ah! I said before that we had something to talk about.
Nagisa: Yeah, is something on you mind?
Tomoya: Well, uh... I'm not sure how to say this...
Nagisa: Hm?
Tomoya: Uh... Wouldn't it be funny if we woke up tomorrow and we were boyfriend and girlfriend?
Nagisa: Huh?
Tomoya: Will you go out with me, Nagisa? I love you, Nagisa. So I... I wanna spend every day of my life together with you!

The Events Of Summer Holidays [2007.23]

[Youhei and Tomoya are in Youhei's dorm room.]
Youhei: Go figure...[Youhei picks up a water bottle.] Today she's having fun with Nagisa again...[He drinks from the bottle.] What's that girl thinking? Ignoring her brother like this...
Tomoya: Quit sulking. It's getting on my nerves. I'm sure she'll stop by eventually.
Youhei: I wonder about that...[Mei knocks on the door.]
Mei: Hello.
Tomoya: See that? There she is now.
Youhei: Well, if she insists, I guess I'll humor her.
Tomoya: [At Misae's cat] Sure is predictable, isn't he? [Cat meows]
Mei: [Opens the door before Youhei can open it himself. Addresses Tomoya.] I had a feeling I would find you here.
Tomoya: You...came to see me?
Mei: Uh-huh.
Youhei: [Confused] Huh?
Mei: Youhei, I need to talk to Okazaki in private for a sec. You think you can wait outside? [Youhei puts on a disappointed face. Mei pushes Youhei out the door.] Come on! Hurry up! You're in the way! [Mei slams the door on Youhei while Youhei was trying to get back inside. He cries outside in the hallway.] What's he crying about? Well, whatever. I know this is kind of sudden, but I think it's time for me to step in and play Cupid.
Tomoya: Play Cupid?
Mei: Yep!
Tomoya: I see, so you were worried after all, huh? [Tomoya is referring to Youhei's love life.] I'm glad to hear it.
Mei: Yeah, of course I'm worried.
Tomoya: But there's no one really special at the moment.
Mei: What are you talking about? She's right in front of you.
Tomoya: WHAT?! [Thinking] Sunohara and Mei?! But...that's...incest! [Tomoya then imagines a scenario with Mei and Youhei sitting together on a hill.]
Mei: [In the scenario] Hey, Youhei?
Youhei: Yeah? What is it, Mei?
Mei: Ever since you moved away, I've had these thoughts about you that I can't get out of my head.
Youhei: Oh? What kind of thoughts?
Mei: Thoughts I've never had before...Ones that didn't cross my mind when we were together...
Youhei: You mean you have a little more respect for me now?
Mei: No...It's not that...It's something...More naughty...
Youhei: Mei?...You naughty girl...
Mei: Oh, Youhei...Hold me...[Mei makes a naughty moan.]
Tomoya: [Out of scenario] Man, that's getting me worked up! [Cat meows]
Mei: Will you get your mind out of the gutter for a second?!
Tomoya: Come on. It's you and Sunohara. What do you expect?
Mei: Please don't involve me in your perverse incest fantasies! Besides, I said I'm playing Cupid, not that I'm in love with someone!
Tomoya: Hold on a sec. You mean you're talking about me?
Mei: Yes! [Tomoya has another scenario, but this one with him and Youhei in the same setting.]
Tomoya: [In the scenario] Hey, Sunohara.
Youhei: What is it, Okazaki?
Tomoya: Lately, I've had these thoughts about you that I just can't get out of my head...
Youhei: Huh? What kind of thoughts?
Tomoya: Thoughts I've never had before...Ones that I don't think about other guys...
Youhei: Are you saying you're proud to call me your friend now?
Tomoya: No, it's something a little different. I mean...I want to run to school with you...Wearing matching boxer shorts and not much else...
Youhei: Tomoya...[Cuts to a scene in the scenario where Youhei is chasing after Tomoya with nothing but matching boxers on with hearts on them.]
Tomoya: Come and catch me! I'm right here!
Youhei: Stop teasing me! It's not fair!
Tomoya: Heh-heh! Come and get me!
Youhei: Here I come!
Tomoya: Ah! [Outside the scenario] Ugh...Oh man, what's wrong with me? [Cat meows]
Mei: So can I continue now or what?

[Tomoya and Nagisa are going into the Furukawa Bakery as customers.]
Nagisa: Good afternoon.
Akio: Welcome! Uh- Oh, it's just you.
Tomoya: Why would you say "good afternoon" like that in your own house?
Nagisa: Because I'm a customer right now. I came to buy bread.
Akio: You don't have to buy it. Just take it for free. It's not like we're gonna sell out. [Gets up from his seat.]
Nagisa: That's no good at all! It's cheating! I'll pay like anyone else does!
Akio: [Walks over to the two.] Okay, okay, fine. I know you can be pretty stubborn sometimes. Do whatever you want. But... [Referring to Sanae's bread.] [Whispering] out for landmines.
Nagisa: Landmines? What do you mean?
Akio: [To Tomoya] You tell her, kid. You know what I'm saying.
Tomoya: Actually, I don't. [Akio grabs Tomoya by the shirt.]
Akio: [Angry] You liar! You just don't wanna say it!
Tomoya: Yeah... [Akio lets go of Tomoya.]
Akio: Little coward! Alright, then...I'll just have to tell her myself...By landmine...What I'm talking about. [Grabs one of Sanae's squid bread] IS. SANAE'S BREAD!!!!! [Akio doesn't notice Sanae entering the bakery.]
Sanae: [Tearfully] Are you bread is...nothing but a deathtrap?! [Runs out of the bakery, crying.]
Akio: [Runs out of the bakery with Sanae's bread in mouth.] NO, WAIT! I LOVE IT! SANAE!!!

Another World: Tomoyo Chapter [2007.24]




Quotes about Clannad

  • Most harem anime … are easily dismissable. This kind is dangerous because it's harem anime raised close to perfection. After watching it, even jaded old encyclopedists need a dose of something clever and cynical and grown-up to bring us out of the clutches of this beautiful drug. It will rot your brain and make you weep with nostalgia for something you never had.
    • The Anime Encyclopedia, 3rd Revised Edition: A Century of Japanese Animation by Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy, Stone Bridge Press, 2015.
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