Claire Akamanzi

Rwandan politician & minister

Claire Akamanzi (1979) is a Rwandan lawyer, public administrator, businesswoman and politician, who has served as the executive director and chief executive officer of the Rwanda Development Board, since 4 February 2017 to September 2023.[1] [2]

Clare Akamanzi in 2014


  • Aid is going towards the most vulnerable part of our needs, health, education as well as supporting agriculture, because those are the ones development partners have agreed on.
  • Tourism can sustain its marketing on its own as it generates revenue. It is our largest foreign exchange earner and proceeds can be used to fund such initiatives.
  • What keeps me pushing forward is to see what my ancestors went through, and I see that I am privileged.
  • A country that sees itself as worthy of the global stage, that demands respect, and earns respect, because it has values and worth beyond just money…I think we are on a journey of building that.
  • Every decision must be about those people. It’s also about service —not privilege or power, not recognition.
  • If you serve people, you get results; you make them better off than they were.
  • Most of the big companies are owned by men; let’s support each other as women so that we can also achieve such business success, This will not come easily, but it’s a journey we need to embark on now.
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  • The pursuit of excellence is a choice available to anyone from anywhere. No matter how bad the hand that faith has apportioned to you.
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  • A key role for a leader is to support and mentor the next generation of leaders and create an effective team.
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  • Credibility is earned. Result speaks loudest.
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  • There’s always a positive way forward.
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  • Never accept the status quo. However much the odds against you. You can always aim and achieve better.
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  • Never underestimate your potential to be among the best in the world.
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  • Aim high and stay focused on your goals. We are not a wealthy country but we’ve built a national airline, a national broadband fiber optic infrastructure with 4GLTE connectivity..
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  • Leave no one behind. Be inclusive. Whatever you choose to do in life, always remember this: involving others in designing solutions that affect them will ensure ownership and ultimately sustainability.
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  • Stand for what is right and be willing to fight for it even if it’s not popular.
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  • Dignity is not granted, we have to claim it.
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  • In many fragile contexts, you will find corruption thriving because there is no rule of law, there is no order.
  • A country has to be very clear about what it wants, and everybody else must be part of that. Rwanda did that very clearly. We defined what we want to do and where the priorities were.
  • I think about the greater challenges that have been overcome by other people, and that helps me accept my challenge, deal with it, and focus on what is actually really important.
  • I also wish for Rwanda to be a country of values. A country that sees itself as worthy of the global stage, that demands respect, and earns respect, because it has values and worth beyond just money…I think we are on a journey of building that.
  • You can prove your concept in Rwanda and then expand to the rest of the continent.
  • Additionally, the skills transfer in critical areas such as renewable energies and energy transition will undoubtedly contribute to the development of local expertise in the energy sector.
    • Rwanda and TotalEnergies sign historic deal. FurtherAfrica. (February 2022)
    • Another priority is making sure that Rwandan businesses are profitable and that are providing convenient and efficient services. The New Times [14] (Thursday, August 03, 2023)
  • “We are excited to extend our collaboration with the Basketball Africa League. With the great memories from the last season of the BAL finals still fresh in our minds, we are truly excited to find out what the next five years have in store for us
  • Our shared vision of a prosperous future is founded on the spirit of entrepreneurship, the exchange of knowledge and skills, as well as expertise. The New Times, August 07, 2023
  • The government has worked with renowned conservationists to reintroduce and rehabilitate the other national parks. You can actually see the Big 5 in Rwanda today.
  • It starts with the product you are offering. In Rwanda we have national parks which are the most premium products. And so protecting them for long-term tourism is extremely important.
  • The NBA does its Africa league in Rwanda, we are hosting the FIFA congress in March this year, and I think that boldness shocks the world, the world takes notice, and we start yielding from it.
  • We have seen tremendous success and return on investment over the last three years and look forward to doing much more together. We are also glad to be part of shaping up Africa’s basketball growth story, not only through hosting The BAL games, but also implementing youth development and social impact programs.”
  • “The BAL has proven to be a great unifier, and we remain committed to showcasing the best Rwanda has to offer in terms of tourism, investment opportunities, talent development, Made in Rwanda products and much more to the world. With the BAL and other major events, Rwanda is the home for sport in Africa,”
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