The Fate of the Furious

2017 action film by F. Gary Gray
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The Fate of the Furious is a 2017 American action film about Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) going against his team, when he is forced to by a mysterious cyber terrorist named Cipher (Charlize Theron).

Directed by F. Gary Gray Written By Chris Morgan.

Dominic Toretto Edit

  • I choose to make my own fate.
  • Move. If I say it again, it'll be to a corpse.
  • The problem with putting your foot on a tiger's neck is you can never let it up.
  • They thought this was gonna be a street fight.
  • He's no longer with us, Rhodes picked the wrong target.
  • All right. Come and get it.
  • You've heard me say, that you never turn your back on family. And I want to thank you all for never turning your back on me. You want to meet them? All right. Everyone... Meet Brian.

Luke HobbsEdit

  • Let me tell you something: The only thing I love more than saving lives, is my daughter. So if you don't shut up with this government bullshit right now, and start showing some team spirit and respect for the Red Dragons, I'm gonna have all 20 of 'em line up and kick you right in the tay-tay.
  • Roman, we just blew up their facility and stole their EMP. Other than your doctor's cold finger, I'd say it's about as personal as it can get.
  • I will beat your ass like a Cherokee drum!
  • Keep waiting, bitch.
  • My day just got a whole hell of a lot better.
  • Yeah, like fresh baby shit.
  • You gonna close your eyes on this one too? Pray that the apocalypse doesn't come knocking at your mama's front door? Or are you gonna saddle up and be a man and save the entire goddamn world?
  • Yo, Shrinkage! We got a sub to catch, get in!
  • Daddy's staying home.
  • It's too late for me. Get out of here. He wrecked my truck and he took it. I saw that look in his eye, and I've seen that look before. Dominic Toretto just went rogue.

Deckard ShawEdit

  • Good luck with that, Hercules.
  • You must've misplaced that, when I kick your ass up and down that office of yours!
  • All I know is, it wasn't me that was thrown out of a fourth-story window!
  • Well, that's funny, 'cause where I'm from, we don't need women to run to our rescue! I mean, do you really believe you could stand in front of me, and beat me in a straight up old-fashioned fistfight?!
  • Maybe one day we'll find out.
  • Got a big mouth on a small head, coming from prisoner 6753.
  • Let's get one thing clear, I ain't on your team. I don't care about you, your crewz or your little family. I'm here for Cipher.
  • You don't think that tight t-shirt's cut enough the circulation to your brain, you should get a bigger size.
  • Finding Torreto. But I got a little bit o' time, unless you want me to....send you to the hospital, AGAIN!
  • Don't go getting any ideas, you and planes don't have a good history.
  • Where's that smile? There it is!
  • You were gonna shoot a baby?! You sick bastard!
  • Is that you or him? Him. Good!
  • Like I'm gonna need a gun to take care of you.

Letty OrtizEdit

  • Before you judge the man, remember you're breathing right now because he saved your life.
  • So this is how you treat old friends?
  • Dom! You're gonna turn your back on family, just like that?
  • [Referring to Cipher] I don't know what she's got on him, but that wasn't Dom.
  • I don't know why you're doing this, but I know one thing: You love me. And you are not gonna shoot me.
  • You loving that Lambo now?
  • This bitch is crazy!
  • NO. We can't bring Brian and Mia into this. We agreed on that.

Roman PearceEdit

  • Clearly we're getting nowhere with nobody. Been in here for 4 hours, my ribs are showing. I don't know 'bout y'all, but I'm out.
  • Am I the only one seeing this? (uh....p..p..p...paa). Use God's Eye. We put our lives on the line tryna figure this thing out, it can find anybody, right? Let's use it to find Dom. You hear that? Great idea?
  • Let's get a hold of a... Better asshole. Uh, no one respects you, uh, cover.
  • Brian would know what to do.
  • Wow... I'm in love.
  • Little Nobody has clearly lost his little mind.
  • Big Sexy coming through!
  • There's nothing all right about any of this!
  • Number 11, my ass!
  • Now that's Dominic Toretto.

Tej ParkerEdit

  • Bombs away.
  • This is heaven.
  • Now I know what it feels like to be every cop ever chasing us!
  • It sounds like you're still number 11 on the list.
  • What's the matter Roman, forgot your snow tires?
  • Okay y'all wanna play rough? Now it's my turn.


  • In layman's terms, she just carjacked a submarine!
  • What's my last name? When you guys figure it out, then I guess, you can let me know.


  • How's that honeymoon going, Dom?
  • You see, that's the funny thing about fate, it's cunning.
  • You know what I like about you, Dom? You're a genuine outlaw.
  • Why live only a quarter mile at a time, when you can live your whole life that way?
  • You chose the losing team.
  • I spy with my little eye, a minister of defense.
  • One thing I can guarantee, Dom... No one's ready for this.
  • Everything you are feeling right now, this rage, this sense of loss, it's not real. It's a survival instinct wired deep into our brains, to ensure continuation of the species. When early men would visit a watering hole, if they didn't watch their child, and it got snatched by a crocodile, our brains would create a painful, but instructional memory, so it would never happen again.
  • To the world out there, I am the crocodile at the watering hole.
  • [After Dom had just killed Rhodes] Congratulations, Dom. You just killed your son.
  • Put a heat-seeker on him now. NOW!
  • Fire!

Mr. NobodyEdit

  • [To Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw] Guys, guys, guys. The fastest way to find Cipher is through Toretto. Now aside from myself, there's two men in the world who have any success in tracking him down ever since, and guess what? They're both standing in front of me right now. So like it or not, you two gonna work together. You got that? I'm gonna that take as a yes.


Deckard: Is that all those bloated up muscles will give you? All show and no go!
Luke: Oh, I got plenty of go!
Deckard: You must've misplaced that, when I kicked your arse up and down that office of yours!
Luke: Just like you Brits... rewritin' history, huh?
Deckard: All I know is, it wasn't me that was thrown out of a fourth-story window!
Luke: Jumped. I JUMPED out a fourth-story window saving my partner's life! 'Cause where I'm from, we don't settle fights by throwing bombs!
Deckard: Oh, that's funny! 'Cause where I'M from, we don't need women to run to our rescue! I mean, do you really believe you can stand in front of me, and beat me in a straight-up, old-fashioned fistfight?!
Luke: Let me tell you something: Me and you, One-on-one, No one else around. I will beat your ass... like a Cherokee drum!
Deckard: Maybe one day we'll find out.
Luke: Oh, you better hope that day never comes.
Luke: You all right?
Letty: I don't know what's she's got on him, but that wasn't Dom.
Roman: Brian would know what to do.
Letty: No. We can't bring Brian and Mia into this. We agreed on that.

Cipher: Have you heard of choice theory, Dom? There are a lot of axioms, but only two you really need to concern yourself with. One: the only person's behavior we can control is our own. And two: the only true thing we can give another person is information. So let me give you some. You see these cameras in here? The moment you make a move, highly paid men with weapons will make their way into this room with one very specific instruction: it's not to save me, it's to kill your son. Now that's a lot of bullets. And it only takes one for you to lose everything, so I have to ask you because, I know family is so important to you. Is that really a choice you want to make? Because I'm ready if you are.
Dom: If I pull this trigger, and God knows I want to, if I killed everyone on this plane, I still couldn't get in there, 'cause of your two-man fail safe system. Since I'm ALONE! I GOT NO CHOICE!
Cipher: I didn't think so.
Dom: You want to see the old Dom? Watch.

Luke: He's gotta have about 2,000 horsepower in that thing.
Tej: Try 3,000.
Deckard: Try five.

Dom: Look, Cipher, I did exactly what you asked me to do. [begging] Don't do this.
Cipher: This is your doing.
[Rhodes silently, Cipher stares at Dom gets startled look, and sees little brian, on the little finger.]
Dom: Please don't hurt him. I'm begging you.
Cipher: I don't want you to beg. I want you to learn.
Cipher: I understand why you did what you did, I really do. But it was the wrong choice. This is the consequence for that.
Elena: (with tape over her mouth) No... [Rhodes readies the gun] No! NO!
Dom: Wait, wait, wait, wait. W-Wait. [Elena screams as Rhodes is holding the loaded gun]
Elena: SAVE YOUR SON! [Rhodes points the gun at Elena's face]
Dom: No! NO!! [Rhodes fires the gun, blowing Elena's head off completely and leaving Dom saddened]

Rhodes: You made me miss my shot. What you think you're doing?
Dom: Looking at you dead in the eye. (Dom punches Rhodes in the face and the two struggle in a fight, until Dom lifts Rhodes up and flips him onto the hood of a car. Rhodes lets out a final yell before Dom throws a punch at his head, breaking his neck) That was for Elena.

Roman: Why are they shooting at me?!
Tej: Maybe 'cause you're in an orange Lamborghini, I don't know.
Roman: SHUT UP, Tej!

Cipher: You lose, Dom.
Dom: I destroyed two of your teams. I killed your red-headed boyfriend and I put two killers on your untraceable plane. You lost the minute you interrupted my honeymoon. Now guess who I'm coming for.
Cipher: Put a heat-seeker on him now. [The technician looks at Cipher for a minute] NOW!!! FIRE!!!
Luke: That’s a goddamn heat seeker coming at us!
Dom: Peel off! Head to the shore! All right, come and get it.
Dom: This... This is for my son.
Letty: Dom!


  • Family no more
  • Family will be broken


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