Cinema of Serbia

filmmaking industry in Serbia

The cinema of Serbia comprises the art of film and creative movies made within Serbia or by Serbian filmmakers abroad. Serbia (both as an independent state and as a part of Yugoslavia) has been home to many internationally acclaimed films and directors, and is considered to be the most successful Balkan state in terms of filmmaking. Most of the prominent films from the Balkans are mainly from Serbia, and have acquired a great level of commercial success.

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  • I've got a serious problem with the boy whose father got wealthy during the '90s – nothing against making money, but I know how money was made [in Serbia] during the '90s – and then pays for his son's education abroad and eventually the kid comes back to Serbia to film his view of the country using his dad's money... [I]n Serbia we're seeing every segment of society continually being taken apart...
    • Dragan Bjelogrlić, as quoted in "Dragan Bjelogrlić: Uloge su bolje" (March 2011), Status
    • Original Serbo-Croatian: Imam ozbiljan problem da dečak čiji je otac zaradio pare 90-ih - nemam ništa protiv zarađivanja para, ali znam kako su se pare zarađivale 90-ih - iškoluje sina u inostranstvu, a onda se mali vrati u Srbiju i od tog novca napravi svoje viđenje Srbije nazvavši to Srpski film.

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