Cina Soul

Ghanaian musician

Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome (born 3 May 1996) also known in showbiz as Cina Soul, is a Ghanaian singer-songwriter and recording artist.

Cina Soul at 3 Music Awards 2022


  • So the thing about me is, I’ve always considered myself to be a very versatile artist. From the very first EP, all five to six songs on are completely different and I’ve never wanted to box myself.
  • Going for a reality show developed me as an artist. Vodafone Icons helped develop me as an artist, I am Cina Soul because of my time on Vodafone Icons, I may not have won but being on the show gave me an identity. I know a lot of people out there have faith and believe in me so I have to make everyone proud by giving it my all.
  • My music career began in school but got firm and strong after I had completed and put in much effort in to building it.
  • What ever sound that comes to me in the studio, that’s what comes out be it highlife, Afro beat, or Afro-pop.
  • It was for a moment. I released an EP called Ga Mashi during that moment, so it makes sense to be that persona for that moment. If I've gone past that project and released an EP called For Times We Lost that is very Afrobeats/HipHop, whu do I keep doing that? All this is intentional, I like to be different persona with every project I put out. I love to stay different all the time.
  • My glam team don't sleep, they are always on point and always trying to make me look good because my image is really important...every space am in, they want me to stand out.
  • When I started music people used to look down on me because I was smallish. There were some instances where I went to events and the organisers asked how old I was and I added five years to my age.
  • There is something called psychology in music, psychology is just studying peoples behaviour and my background as a psychology student has influenced the kind of things I say in my songs and people say my music is therapeutic.
  • Sometimes, some labels just preach a lot before they sign you, but you get in there and you don't see anything. I remember when I actually was with Universal when I recorded Ojorley, they didn't want the song. And that's my biggest song too. That's how funny it was. I actually got signed to the Universal Music record label, and I'm independent again, I have been independent for a longer time.
  • It's hard to penetrate the Ghanaian music market, your music probably won't sell, people wouldn't like you, some people who have grown in the industry will tell you that your music won't sell. Sometimes these comments can break you and you tend to ask yourself would this music that I'm doing yield results at all...Even people would sometimes sabotage you.
  • I think finding your sound or what makes you unique is always the hardest part because there are a million artists around the world. Even in Ghana, there are thousands, so what will make you stand out? It’s like at every point, you find a different type or different side of you.

Quotes about Soul

  • I think she (Cina Soul) is actually extremely good. Soul’s voice is like something that can represent us (Ghana) on an international scale. I know she’s gonna get there. I don’t know which song [will take her there]. When I saw King Promise I knew. But I didn’t know how. But I knew he was gonna be huge. And Cina Soul has that approach.
  • Cina is a nice person and I like her vibe and I'll spend the whole day with her and even more. She is talented, I like her vibe and performance on stage and I'm a big fan.
  • I love Cina Soul. I put her on my shows because I want to give her the kind of exposure that I didn't get when I was starting my music career with the kind of music that I was doing. And she has a beautiful talent that I think is gonna grow to become amazing and I'm here to support her as much as I can...


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