Christopher Stasheff

American writer (1944-2018)

Christopher Stasheff (15 January 1944 – 10 June 2018) was an American science fiction and fantasy author.


The Warlock in Spite of Himself (1969)Edit

There are only two sections, and no chapter divisions in the book. No page numbers, as all quotes are from the e-book edition published by PhoenixPick ISBN 978-1-60450-486-6
  • But revolutionaries are always out of place when the revolution is over, and are likely to prove an embarrassing factor to the police forces of the new government.
    • Section 1, Location 233
  • Democracy, the only practical compromise between totalitarianism and anarchy.
    • Location 242
  • “Rod, you are jumping to conclusions.”
    “No, just coming up with a brilliant flash of insight.”
    • Location 388
  • The important thing about a revolution is that it begin; you can always take control of it later.
    • Section 2, Location 3366
  • “We shall win, for the honor of Plantagenet or Gramarye, or die nobly.”
    “I have yet,” Rod said tightly, “to see a noble death in battle. They’re all just a little on the messy side.”
    • Location 4664
  • “You can judge a god, an ideal, by the people who worship it, Tom.”
    • Location 5183
  • The moment of silence stretched out as thin as the content of a congressman’s speech.
    • Location 5205
  • “Don’t die for…a dream…”
    • Location 6101 (ellipses as in the book)

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