Christian Chelman


Christian Chelman (born 1957) is a Belgian illusionist. He specialises in close-up magic and illusionism.

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  • I feel that most illusionists, magicians and prestidigitators have lost their sense of magic. A movie, a painting, a sunset or a piece of music are sometimes more magical than many 'magic tricks'. Most of our contemporary magicians arouse pity or compassion and don't allow the spectators to dream about other worlds. Magic is not the trick you're doing. Magic is a certain mood, an atmosphere; the absolute beauty of the instant when Man meets the sacred; where the walls of our reality open and, beyond them, infinity appears. The magicians are guides who may, at their will, travel from one universe to another, bringing you with them.
    • Christian Chelman, 1993, Capricornian Tales, L & L Publishing, p. 6

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