Chris Grayling

British politician (born 1962)

Christopher Stephen Grayling (born 1 April 1962 in London) is a British Conservative Party politician and author who served as Secretary of State for Transport from 2016 to 2019. He was Member of Parliament (MP) for Epsom and Ewell from 2001 to 2024. Grayling previously worked in the television and film industry.

Chris Grayling

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2016 edit

  • It's not us that loses financially if we don't have a free trade agreement, it's Germany and France and other European countries, and that's why of course there will be a free trade agreement that allows all our business to trade freely to and from continental Europe. It will take a relatively short period time in my view because they lose financially.

2017 edit

  • Did anyone honestly think we were going to walk into a room with the European Union, shake hands, and do a deal in half an hour? These are going to be lengthy negotiations, they're going to challenging negotiations.
  • Nobody has ever said the negotiation would be straightforward and simple.

2018 edit

Quotes about Chris Grayling edit

  • Finally we have a confirmed use for Chris Grayling. He is the government's secret weapon to make even the most incompetent and second-rate of ministers feel good about themselves. Not content with having wasted the best part of £14m on the government's first-ever roll-on, roll-off pizza delivery service – all toppings guaranteed to be ferry free, the transport secretary has now spent more than £50K on failing to organise a lorry jam in Kent.

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