Chowder (TV series)

American animated television series
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Chowder is an American animated television series created by C. H. Greenblatt for Cartoon Network. The series follows an aspiring young chef apprentice named Chowder and his day-to-day adventures in Chef Mung Daal's catering company.

Theme Song

Mung Daal: ♫You take the moon and you take the sun,
Chowder: ♫You take everything that seems like fun.
Truffles: ♫You stir it all up and then you're done,
Shnitzel: ♫ Radda radda radda radda radda radda. (You share a big piece with everyone.)
Chorus: ♫ So come on in, feel free to do some looking / Stay a while, 'cause something's always cooking / Come on in, feel free to do some looking / Stay a while, 'cause something's always cooking ♫ Yeah!

Season 1


The Froggy Apple Crumble Thumpkin/Chowder's Girlfriend (1.1)

Mung: Oh my golly, what the heck it this?
Creature: [roars]
All: Aaaaaaaaah!

[After a stink sac explodes on Shnitzel]
Mung Daal: Oh, Shnitzel! What did you eat, man?

Gazpacho: How long have you two lovebirds been going steady?
Panini: I'm Chowder's girlfriend! And Chowder's my boyfriend! And we're totally gonna be there forever and ever! And now, we're holding hands!
[Chowder does a spit-take. He continues doing a spit-take on his way back to the catering company. He continues doing a spit-take back at the catering company. He continues doing a spit-take while reading a book, mopping the floor, eating dinner, brushing his teeth, and being in bed. The next morning, even while the moon and the sun did the same spit-take, Chowder stops using a spit-take]
Chowder: [to Kimchi] I don't wanna be a boyfriend! Boyfriends have to do all kinds of weird stuff; like write poetry and hold hands and hold hands, and be together forever! Forever's a long time!

Panini: Oh, hi, Chowder.
Chowder: I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND! Hey, are those cookies?
Panini: I made them for you.
Chowder: [eats a cookie] Thanks.
Panini: No problem. That's what girlfriends do.
Chowder: [upon leaving Endive's] Girlfriends, huh? [realizes] Aw, man!

Burple Nurples/Shnitzel Makes a Deposit (1.2)

Chowder: Why won't you trust me as a chef, Mung?!

Mung: Woman, I need all the cash we got right now! Don't ask questions!
Truffles: I have ONE...
Mung: Yes, it's Chowder-related.
Truffles: [hands Mung some money] Fine.

Mung: [in a Scottish accent] Don't eat that nurple!
Gorgonzola: Why, old man?
Mung: Because...because, it is calling out to me. I need that exact nurple.
Gorgonzola: Uhhh...
Mung: Here, here, I'll give you 10 dollops.
Gorgonzola: 100 dollops!
Mung: What is it with you kids? I'll give 20.
Gorgonzola: 200 dollops!
Mung: 50.
Gorgonzola: 300 dollops.
Mung: Oh, my golly! 75.
Gorgonzola: 350!
Mung: 80!
Gorgonzola: 360!
Mung: 85!
Chowder: 800,000!
Mung: [to Chowder in his normal voice] Stay out of this! [back to his Scottish accent] 85!
Gorgonzola: 400 dollops.
Mung: 4 hun?! Okay, fine! 400 dollops! Now, give me that nurple! [leaves]
Gorgonzola: I think I might need another nurple. Here's 5 dollops.
Mung: 10 dollops.
Gorgonzola: 600 dollops!
Mung: Oh, I am so tempted to let you eat that nurple!
[Gorgonzola is sitting on a sack of money with Mung holding all the burple nurples]
Chowder: Thank you, come again!

Chowder: I've never been to the bank. Do they have snacks there?

[Chowder and Shnitzel walk up to the Marzipan City Bank]
Chowder: Whoa! It smells like floor wax in here.
Shnitzel: [to Chowder, sternly] Radda radda radda.
Chowder: Okay, okay. I won't touch anything. [floats with his feet not touching the floor]
Shnitzel: Radda radda radda?
Chowder: Well, I can't follow you, 'cause then I'd be touching the floor, and you said-
Shnitzel: Radda, radda radda radda.
Chowder: So I can touch the floor? You need to make up your mind.

Grubble Gum/The Cinnamini Monster (1.3)

Mung Daal: Good gravy, what's gotten into you and onto you?
Chowder: I swallowed a whole bunch of grubble gum.
Mung Daal: Oh, sweet peas. Please tell me you shared with Truffles!
Chowder: [remorseful] No.
Mung Daal: Why?! Why didn't you share?!
Chowder: I ate it all by accident!
Mung Daal: Chowder, I may be an old man but I don't want to die today! We gotta get rid of this gum before Truffles sees it!
Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda?
Mung Daal: No, we can't chuck him in the furnace.

Mung Daal: Sweet grapes of wrath, Chowder!
Chowder: Hey, Mung Daal. I can see up your nose! You got boogers!

Chowder: Help! Mung Daal, I'm inside the tree!
[The Cinnamini Monster closes the blinds]

The Wrong Address/The Wrong Customer (1.5)

Mung Daal: [getting pepper sprayed; screams] PEPPER SPRAY!!
Chowder: Pepper spray? That sounds delicious! [gets pepper sprayed] AAH! I was wrong! I was horribly wrong!
Rump Roast: Serves you both right. [gets pepper sprayed] AAH! AAH! Ow! What did you do that lady?!

Mung Daal: My kitchen! My beautiful kitchen, what happened?!
[Marzipan City Police officers Po-boy and Cheeseteak carry Truffles to the back of the police van]
Truffles: [straining] WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!!!

Truffles: Hey, what is this thing?
Shnitzel: Pfft. Radda radda.
Truffles: Oh, the customer. Wait, do you realize what this means?
Shnitzel: Radda?
Truffles: The customer came to pick up his own order. [facepalms herself] Ugh, and my idiot husband just left to deliver it. [we cut to Mr. Sambal taking a shower at the fountain] Who knows how long until he gets back? [cut back to Truffles and Schnitzel] You keep an eye on him, until Dummy McDumbalot comes home.
Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda.
Truffles: Cleaning or no cleaning, you will watch him, or I'll rip your- [to Mr. Sambal, who is walking by] oh, hello. Don't worry. Shnitzel here will take care of you until your order is ready. That's what we pay him for.
Mr. Sambal: Ah, towels. [strips off Shnitzel's apron, leaving him in his underwear]
Truffles: Okay, that's disgusting.

Truffles: What are you doing? This place is still a pigsty. And where's the customer?!
Shnitzel: Radda.
Truffles: The oven? You put the customer in the oven? What, are you crazy?!
Shnitzel: Radda. Radda radda radda radda.
Truffles: He put himself in the oven? The little old man walked in the oven by himself?
Shnitzel: Radda!
Truffles: Would you please hand me that pot over there? [Shnitzel hands her the frying pan and bashes him on the head; angrily] I'M NOT PAYING TO TO BAKE A CUSTOMER! [flies off] I'M PAYING YOU TO CLEAN!!
Shnitzel: [annoyingly mimicking Truffles] "Radda radda radda, radda radda radda."

Shnitzel: [noticing the Marzipan Police outside, surprised] Radda? Radda. Radda radda radda radda!
Officer Sloppy Joe: Hey, look, a civilian!
Sgt. Hoagie: [gasps; takes out a megaphone] We've got a hostage situation! Everybody stay calm!
Officer Loose Meat: A hostage situation?! [faints]
Shnitzel: [surprised] Radda?
Sgt. Hoagie: Don't let his size fool you. Your captor is extremely dangerous.
Officer: [offscreen] And crafty.
Sgt. Hoagie: And crafty.
Officer: [offscreen] And vicious.
Sgt. Hoagie: And vicious.
Officer Monte Cristo: [offscreen] And dangerous.
Sgt. Hoagie: I said, "And dangerous."
Officer Monte Cristo: [foffscreen] I'm just trying to help! Don't yell at me!
Officer Loose Meat: [offscreen] Technically, you said, "extremely dangerous."
Officer Grinder: [offscreen] Sarge, Sarge, say he's stinky.
Officer PB&J: [offscreen] And a meanie.
Officer Snow Leopard: [offscreen] And a bad boy.
Sgt. Hoagie: Really?
Officer Snow Leopard: [offscreen] Yeah.
Sgt. Hoagie: Wow. [to Schnitzel on the megaphone] Well, he's all that stuff. We've been trying to stop his trail of destruction for years. [we see the buildings crashing down as the citizens scream in the background] Don't worry. One of us will save you, in just a minute.
[The police officers walk around chairs in a circle]
Officer Sloppy Joe: [humming and clap rhythming "Pop Goes the Weasel"] And stop!
[The officers sit in chairs leaving the sarge standing and cheered]
Sgt. Hoagie: No, no, no, do it again.

Shnitzel: Radda.
Truffles: I don't know where the customer went.
Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda radda!
Truffles: Huh, in danger? You are the only danger here.
Shnitzel: [grabs Truffles' hand] Radda radda radda.
Truffles: Let go of me! I'm not leaving.
Shnitzel: Radda radda.
Truffles: No! No more cockamamie stories! You just want to leave work 'cause you're lazy.
Shnitzel: Radda?
Truffles: You heard me. La-a-a-a-a-zy!
Shnitzel: Ah, ah! Radda radda radda radda radda!
Truffles: RADDA RADDA RADDA! Radda.

[During the end credits]
Puppet Chowder: I just had a dream that you were a great big, delicious sandwich, but you didn't have any cheese on you. Why didn't you have any cheese, Mung?
Puppet Mung Daal: That's a question for another time, my boy.
Puppet Chowder: Shnitzel was in my dream, too, except he was a big cup of cloffee with cream and sugar.
Puppet Mung Daal: Well, that makes sense.
Puppet Chowder: And then I realized, I become a big carrot!
Puppet Mung Daal: What happened next?
Puppet Chowder: [as a big carrot] I don't know, you tell me.
Puppet Mung Daal: [wakes up, startled] Oh, what? What? Huh?
Puppet Chowder: You were sleeping, Mung. Sheesh.
Puppet Mung Daal: You don't know what you're missin'...
Puppet Chowder: If you aren't in the kitchen.

Mahjongg Night/Stinky Love (1.6)

Truffles: [hits Chowder on the head with a frying pan] HANDS OFF! The ladies will be here any minute to play Mahjongg.
Chowder: But I didn’t get to taste yet.
Truffles: Ah, ah, ah. These foods are for the ladies only. Are you a lady?
Chowder: If I say "yes," can I have one?
Truffles: [hits Chowder on the head with the frying pan again] You already had dinner! I need both of you out of the kitchen, NOW! [the door opens and the ladies enter] Oh, the ladies!
Empanada: Oh, so adorable! I could just eat you up! [Chowder blushes, but is moved out of the way] Out of the way, Chowder! I've been waiting all week for these meviled eggs! [scarfs the eggs]
Kasha: Save some for the rest of us, Empanada.
Chutney: You eat it all again, and I'm gonna kill you.

Truffles: Hey! [turns to the back] I thought I heard something.
[Chowder snores as he pretends to be asleep]
Kasha: Don't get too distracted, Truffles. I want you to see when I beat you this hand.
Truffles: Oh, you will [turns back] NOT beat me! The only beating you will see is your own!

Chowder: Rats. I guess those weren't meviled eggs, huh? Hey, I bet if I go down and apologize, Truffles will reward me for being so professional.
Kiwi: Now that's some good thinking, Chowder.
Chowder: [notices his doorway unknowingly blocked up by Truffles] Weird. Someone accidentally blocked up my door. Hmm.
Citizen: [from below] Hey kid! What the heck are you doing up there?
Chowder: I'm going to apologize so Truffles will give me meviled eggs!
Citizen: Oh. Well, good luck with that.

Chowder: Hey, Truffles, I'm sorry about earlier. So can I have an egg now? [the strong wind blows the colors off Truffles' body, leaving the outlines] Uh-oh. [runs up back to his room, again, screaming, as Truffles flies after him]

Chowder: Finally! [stuffs a meviled egg in his mouth and ends up spitting it out] That's disgusting!

Chowder: [talking while sleeping] Why, yes, I would love thirds, thank you. [Kimchi wakes him up] Good morning, Kimchi. Who wants some breakfast? Who wants some breakfast? I do!

[Kimchi circles around Shnitzel]
Shnitzel: [disgusted] Ughhh! Radda radda radda!
Chowder: Aw, Shnitzel, that's just Kimchi's way of saying he likes you. Wanna see Kimchi's way of saying he needs to go to the bathroom?

Mung Daal: [after Chowder sniffs the glumberger cheese] Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between good cheese and bad feet.

Mung Daal: Chowder, is the cobbler okay?
Chowder: Yes, but I'm leaving it with Kimchi.
Mung Daal: What?!
Chowder: I think they're in love!
Mung Daal: Chowder, I understand being in love with a cobbler more than anyone, but we’ve got a customer who expects the dish to be love-free!
Chowder: But the dish makes him happy!

Mung Daal: Well, Kimchi, being a ladies' man myself, I have to say; it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.
Chowder: What does that mean?
Mung Daal: It means love stinks.

Gazpacho Stands Up/A Taste of Marzapan (1.8)

[Chowder writes on the screen only for Gazpacho to notice]
Gazpacho: Hey! Don't write there!
Chowder: Why not? [realizes his mistake] Oh. [he tries scribbling it out] There we go. [realizing he has only made it worse] Oh no!
Gazpacho: Stop! I can fix it! [camera zooms too far out] Not from there, get closer! [camera zooms back in] Closer. [camera zooms in once again] Okay. [he sprays on Chowder's handwriting and wipes it off] There.
Chowder: [finds the 2004-2010 Cartoon Network screen bug] What about that one?
Gazpacho: [taps on the bug] Yeah, that one doesn't come off. I tried.

Mung Daal: Come on, everyone! Let’s get out of here!
Panini: Bye, Chowder,
Chowder: [angrily] I’M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!

The Puckerberry Overloads/The Elemelons (1.09)

Truffles: WHAT IS THAT RACKET?! [the mirror guy runs off] AND WHAT IS THAT NOUSE?!

At Your Service/Chowder and Mr. Fugu (1.12)

Mung Daal: Listen up woman, that mood fruit is mine!
Ms. Endive: As usual, nothing but crazy talk from your lips.
Mung Daal: I'll tell you what's crazy -- this rump of yours, that's what's crazy! Now will you kindly move it out of my way?
Ms. Endive: I'd be happy to oblige, Mr. Daal. Whoops! [shoves Mung aside with her rump]
Mung Daal: [spins around and falls in a hole; calling to Chowder] Chowder, kick it enough high gear!
Chowder: High gear, comin' up!

Panini: Num-nums! Are you [rubs Chowder on the cheek] okay?
Chowder: Please don't touch me.

Ms. Endive: You know, [puts the mood fruit on around her neck] I love the way these exotic mood fruits change color according to one's mood. [the mood fruit colors change to brown, her happiness]
Chowder: [whispering] They're due to brown.
Mung Daal: Shh.
Panini: I think they look lovely on you, Ms. Endive.
Ms. Endive: Yes. Yes, they do. And do you know what would look lovely on these two? Grease!
Chowder and Mung: Grease?
Ms. Endive: Grease!
[Mung and Chowder are in a big bowl scooping up all the grease]
Mung Daal: I don't know how that woman thinks we're gonna get all this cold grease cleaned up when she keeps… [Endive pours more grease on them] POURING MORE ON OUR HEADS!

Mung Daal: This ain't gonna be fun.
Ms. Endive: [mood fruit colors change to red, her anger; turns to Mung, threateningly] You! You can try your little tricks, you can play your little childish games, but rest assured, I will break you! [mood fruit colors change to black, her fury; later, drags Mung and Chowder to a cell door below her kitchen]
Mung Daal: Woman, I will never say you're better than me!
Chowder: Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never!
Ms. Endive: Panini, unlock the cell.
Panini: Yes, ma'am. [unlocks the cell door]

Chowder: Bacon?! [opens his mouth and the mama bird feeds him her barf; grossed out] That's not bacon!

The Vacation/The Sleep Eater (1.13)

Truffles: [yelling] I SAID WE'RE CLOSED!!!!

Mung Daal: Chowder, nobody ever exploded having to go "number 1."

Mung Daal: We Made it! And the water's perfect.
Chowder: (sighs) Oh, yeah.
(Both Mung and Schnitzel realize that Chowder has peed in the ocean and they both swim away screaming as some fishes swim away screaming too)

Mung: What did I tell you last night.
Chowder: Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah-
Mung: No! I told you “No midnight snacking.” But you snacked anyway.
Chowder: No I didn’t.
Mung Oh yeah? They why is there food on your face.
Chowder: Cause there’s always food on my face.
Mung: … True.

The Bruised Bluenana/Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel (1.14)

Mung Daal: What just happened?!
Chowder: [pokes Shnitzel's hand] You're all squishy. Like a big marshmallow! [bites Shnitzel's hand, causing Shnitzel to scream in pain] Geh! You do not taste like a marshmallow.
Shnitzel: Radda, radda. [touches his hand]
Mung Daal: Shnitzel, have you gone soft?!
Shnitzel: [panicking] Radda. Radda radda radda! Ra-raddaradda radda!

Lead Farfel: So, you dare challenge the dreaded Lead Farfel? I will crush you like the worthless worm you are!
Mother: But he's just a baby.
Lead Farfel: Then he will surely fail!
Mother: I just wanted directions to the library, jerk.

Mung Daal: Each line represents how far the last person was able to carry the Farfel.
Chowder: [spots a line with Shnitzel's name on it] Hey, this one says "Shnitzel."
Lead Farfel: [wakes up] Shnitzel?! Have you come to gloat on victories past?
Chowder: No. Shnitzel's totally weak now. He can't even lift a pickle jar.
[Shnitzel groans and cries]
Lead Farfel: [laughs] Can't even lift a pickle jar. How does that make you feel, little man? Does it burn you with shame? [sniffs] Ahhh. I can smell your failure. It's a most delicious aroma.
Mung Daal: Use that shame, Shnitzel! Be its master, poke it in the gut, call it "Grandpa." We'll whip up that mushy body of yours back into shape, and when you can move the farfel, you will once more be strong!
Lead Farfel: Regain your former glory, Shnitzel, or be squashed like a BUG!

Lead Farfel: Final distance -- 6 inches... backwards! [laughs] Once again, the weak have been crushed, baby!

[During credits]
Puppet Chowder: Shnitzel, what color is the universe? What if the sky smelled like fish? Who designed our brains? What comes after the letter "Z"? Do you believe in alternate dimensions? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in alternate ghosts? Shnitzel, how much more could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Shnitzel, what makes you cry?
[Puppet Shnitzel looks at Puppet Chowder for a second, and turns with a tear dripping from his eye]

The Thousand Pound Cake/The Rat Sandwich (1.15)

Truffles: Why didn’t I just do that in the first place?
Mung Daal: Because I really look good in this dress.

Reuben: I guess now you’ll be taking care of me forever.
Chowder: I don’t think so.
Reuben: Huh?
Mung Daal: Huh?
Chowder: I used to think a dead rat was just a delicious-sounding treat, but I learned rats are more than that. They’re hideous, disease-ridden scavengers. I may not look like you on the outside, ‘cause I wear clothes. But on the inside, where it counts, we’re exactly the same - starving!
Chowder's Tummy: [whimpering] Mr. Tummy’s gonna die!

[During end credits]
Puppet Truffles: Honey, does this dress make me look fat?
Puppet Mung Daal: Ummmmm... Uhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh...uhhhhh...uhhh...uh...uh...uhhhhh...uhhhh...uhh...uhh...ohhh! Aaaah! Uhhhh... Aaaaah...ohhhhh!
Puppet Truffles: [shaking angrily, growling] You're dead to me. [flies away]

Shnitzel Quits (1.17)

Dog Citizen: Hey, that uh, that thing on your beak.
Bird Citizen: My snood?
Dog Citizen: Yeah, your snood. Seriously, dude, I can't even look at that thing. You gotta think about getting it removed.
Bird Citizen: My wife likes my snood.
Dog Citizen: You’re a lucky, lucky man. [Shnitzel walks past between] Man, that guy looks like he just quit a job he never thought he'd have to quit.
Bird Citizen: Bummer.
Dog Citizen: Okay, seriously, I'm gonna puke if I gotta keep lookin' at that thing.

Ms. Endive: Be right there! [answers the door] What do you want?
Shnitzel: Radda radda.
Ms. Endive: You're here about the job? [flees back inside and back to the door, wrapped in towels] Oh, I'm sorry. I just stepped out of the shower. So, you've come to your senses and want to work a real chef, huh?
Shnitzel: Radda radda.
Ms. Endive: Well, let me see if you're right for the position.

Chowder: He may have been bigger and stronger, but he was crazier! [starts crying] I MISS SHNITZEL!
Mung Daal: Chowder, please! Come on now! If you start crying, I'll start crying. [starts crying as well] I miss him, too!

Shnitzel: Radda radda radda, radda radda radda.
Ms Endive: [heartbroken, confused] What? What do you mean this is just a job? I thought what we had was real. You-you came back for me, because you love me right? Right?!
Shnitzel: Radda radda radda. [holds up a picture of him and a female rock]
Ms. Endive: [lividly] YOU…HAVE…A GIRLFRIEND?! SO! YOU LIKE TO LEAD WOMEN ON?! HUH?! [pokes Shnitzel and angrily pants, then pokes Shnitzel again] HUH?!? [pokes Shnitzel once more] HUH?!?!
Shnitzel: [anxiously] Uh...radda...radda radda. R-Radda radda radda!
Ms. Endive: [furiously] MY HEART IS NOT A PIECE OF DOUGH FOR YOU TO TWIST! [to Margarine] Margarine, you can stop playing that song.

Panini: He jumped, Ms. Endive.
Ms Endive: They always do, my dear. They always do.

Puppet C.H. Greenblatt: [picks up Shnitzel and sets him down on a cloud, erases the chains off him and draws his outfit] There. All better. Hey, Shnitzel, it's me, your creator. Listen, dude, I'm telling you. You got to go back to Mung's.
Shnitzel: Radda!
Puppet C.H. Greenblatt: Don't you get it? Without you there, nothing's right! It's like the cosmos is out of whack!
Shnitzel: Oh, radda radda, radda radda radda, radda radda radda!
Puppet C.H. Greenblatt: They don't appreciate you? That's crazy talk. [holds up a photo of Chowder and Mung feeding soup to Shnitzel while he’s sick] When you were deathly sick with the plague pox, who nursed you back to health with homemade soup?
Shnitzel: Oh, radda radda.
Puppet C.H. Greenblatt: That's right, pal -- Mung and Chowder. [holds up another photo of Chowder and Mung giving Shnitzel a loan full of cash, in his graduation uniform] And when you needed to borrow 3,000 dollops to pay off your student loans, who gave you the cash -- no questions asked?
Shnitzel: Oh, radda. Radda radda.
Puppet C.H. Greenblatt: That's right. [hops up another photo of Shnitzel being chased by an angry mob] And when you ended up lost in the bad part of Lasagna Town after that really crazy birthday party, who drove five hours to come and get you?
Shnitzel: Radda radda radda.
Puppet C.H. Greenblatt: Oh, well, if they had known you were in trouble, I'm sure they would have come. Any-who, you need them as much as they need you.

The Apprentice Games (1.20)

Chowder: [lands on top of Gorgonzola] My tushy feels warm.
Gorgonzola: [lifts Chowder off himself], Chowder!
Chowder: Guess what, Gorgonzola. Mung says I get ultimate thrice cream if I win.
Gorgonzola: You will not be winning anything.
Chowder: Why not?
Gorgonzola: Because I’m going to make sure you lose.
Chowder: Why?
Gorgonzola: Because.
Chowder: Because why?
Gorgonzola: Just because!
Chowder: Just because why?
Gorgonzola: BECAUSE I SAID SO!
Chowder: Well, which is it? Are you gonna make sure I’m gonna lose just because you said so, or did you say so just because you’re gonna make sure I’m gonna lose?
Gorgonzola: [fuming] STOP TALKING!!
Chowder: So, do you want me to stop talking and lose, or lose and stop talking?

Stilton: Yo, down in front.
Ms. Endive: Hey!
Stilton: What?
Ms. Endive: Hey!
Stilton: What?
Ms. Endive: Hey!
Stilton: What?
Ms. Endive: Hey! [Stilton burps] Hey!!!

Gorgonzola: [threateningly] I'm going to kill you.
Mung Daal: [holding up the ultimate thrice cream] Focus, Chowder!
Ultimate Thrice Cream: [cheering] Gold medal! Gold medal!

Chowder: [to Gorgonzola, enraged and irritated] I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU PICKING ON ME! I AM A LIVING BEING! A LIVING BEING!!

[Chowder and Gorgonzola reach shore after Chowder saved him from drowning]
Gorgonzola: [coughing] Chowder, you -- you -- you saved my life.
Chowder: Come back to me, Gorgonzola. Come back to me. You’ve got so much to live for.
Gorgonzola: I just said, "you saved my life."
Chowder: I feel like we were just starting to become friends. And now -- now you are gone forever!
Gorgonzola: [springs off from Chowder’s arms] I'M NOT DEAD!
Chowder: Gorgonzola! You're alive! Oh, thank goodness! I was starting to fall into this really dark depression. I mean, we lost every event, Mung’s disappointed in me, and then, I nearly drowned my new best friend.
Gorgonzola: Well, while I do have to draw the line at the word "friend," you did, technically, just saved my life.
Chowder: I did?
Gorgonzola: Yeah, so I guess you’re not a total waste.
Chowder: I guess you’re not a solid waste, either.
Gorgonzola: [to himself] I’m gonna kill him.
Chowder: It breaks my heart to see you in so much pain. Would it help to talk about it?
Gorgonzola: I don’t need your help!
Chowder: Stilton’s hard on you, huh?
Gorgonzola: Stop it!
Chowder: That’s just the pain talking.
Gorgonzola: I'm fine!
Chowder: Does he blow his burps at you?
Gorgonzola: [bursts into tears; crying emotionally] I try so hard!
Chowder: I know you do. But the truth is, you can't help being the dirty ragamuffin you are, any more than I can help being the loveable dumpling I am. But quite frankly, if that’s not good enough for Mung, and Stilton, then, well, sir, that’s just not right! [slurps some of Gorgonzola's tears]
Gorgonzola: That's it! We need to go back and reclaim our dignity.
Chowder: Is that a new flavor of thrice cream?
Gorgonzola: [to himself] So gonna kill him -- really.

Ms. Endive: [drops down on the ground with a thud; furious] WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! [Chowder, Gorgonzola, Mung, & Stilton scream terrifyingly] You're joke of an apprentice scared away the queen! Now who wins, huh, smart guys?!

Mung Daal: We have all been gone crazy.
Ms. Endive: Right. Medals are meaningless.
Stilton: Absolute meaningless.
[The three masters start fighting over the gold medals]
Panini: So, what do you guys wanna do now?
Chowder: I want to buy the ultimate thrice cream Mung promised me, with these [holds up two gold medals] two shiny gold sments I found. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.

Season 2


Panini for President/Chowder's Babysitter [2.2]

Gorgonzola: Hey, Chowder, want to run for president?
Chowder: No thanks. I'm really more of a walker.
Gorgonzola: [takes the lollipop out of Chowder's hand and uses it to hypnotize him] Look into the lollipop, Chowder. Look into the lollipop.
Chowder: [being hypnotized] Yes, Master Lollipop.
Gorgonzola: You will run for president, and Gorgonzola will be your vice president.
Chowder: I will run -- [snaps out of the hypnotizing] wait, wait, wait a minute! Girl, you crazy.
Gorgonzola: As president, you can ban Panini from being your girlfriend.

Chowder: [to Panini] I'M NOT YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND! As President, I will BAN YOU!

Gorgonzola: [draws a mustache and beard on Panini's poster; to Chowder] Pretty clever, eh, pudge?
Chowder: Mmm, is she supposed to be French?
Gorgonzola: (scoffs) No. She's supposed to be ugly. It's defamation of character.
Chowder: Oh. Because French people are ugly?
Gorgonzola: No.
Chowder: Ohh! If she's French, you should draw a beret! It'll help.
Gorgonzola: Quiet, you.

Gorgonzola: [using the lollipop to hypnotize Chowder] You will obey, obey, obey.
Chowder: I’m gettin’ tired of Master Lollipop.
Gorgonzola: [now holding a cinnamon swirl pastry] Master Cinnamon Swirl says you will kiss babies to win.
Chowder: Yes, Master Cinnamon Swirl!

Chowder: [puts on a knight helmet] PLEASE, DON'T KILL ME, PANINI!
Panini: I...I... [breaks down, crying] I just wanted to close to you Chowder. I just wanted to pass laws that would legally make you my property, and instead, you listen to Gorgonzola and ruin EVERYTHING! [sobbing] WHY?! [slams her head on the podium] WHY?! WHY?!
Ceviche: Oh my gosh, Panini. Are you okay?
Panini: Yes, Ceviche, I'm fine. Now go away so I can finish my moment. [Ceviche leaves; resumes sobbing] WHY?!
Chowder: Don't cry, I wasn't listening to Gorgonzola. I was just hanging around with him because he was giving me food. [blushes] He's my friend.
Panini: He's not your friend. He's like a villain or something.
Gorgonzola: [dressed as the Phantom of the Opera] Heeey, Mr. President.
Chowder: [screams] A VILLAIN!!

Truffles: QUIET! Won’t you stop fooling around? We’re gonna be late for a hoedown.

The Fire Breather/The Flying Flinger Lingons [2.3]

Mung: Chowder, look what you've done! Now the animators are gonna have to draw all this fire! On top of that, you've ruined the souffle.
Souffle: Why, Chowder? WHY!?

[Expolsive flatulence]
Chowder: Heh...sorry. [gasps] I can talk again! My tummy must've digested the peppers. I can cook again! [rumbling] Oh, wait, it feels like I'm gonna... [explosive flatulence]

[During ending credits]
Puppet Shnitzel: Radda radda radda, radda radda radda.
Puppet Mung Daal: You did not say that to Truffles.
Puppet Shnitzel: Radda.
Puppet Mung Daal: What did she say back?
Puppet Shnitzel: [screams Truffles' ranting as Puppet Truffles rises up into view and shakes angrily; Puppet Mung gets out of the way] Radda...radda, radda, radda radda.
[Puppet Truffles lividly launches herself to Puppet Shnitzel and attacks him]

Hey, Hey, It’s Knishmas [2.4]

Schnitzel: RADA!
Mung Daal: That's the wrong drawing, here we go! [shows a caricature of Scnitzel]
Chowder: AAAAAH! MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chowder's Catering Company/The Catch Phrase [2.5]

Chowder: Hey, what's this impossibly random poster that I see?

Chef Holland Daze: WHAZZAM!

Mung: [angrily] You heard me! Never - [points to cow udder] - that phrase again.
Chowder: Wait, how'd a cow get in here?

The Hot Date/Shopping Spree [2.6]

[Fivesday, 3:45 PM -- Marzipan City Police Department]
Sgt. Hoagie: [holding up two pairs of pants while in his underwear] Quick! I need everybody's attention. Stop whatever you're doing! I need to know which pair of pants go with this shirt I'm wearing. Seriously, you guys! I need help. I got a blind date in a few hours, and I want to look hot!
Officer Grinder: Hot date! [chanting] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Officer PB&J: Make sure you pat her on the back and burp her. I love it when my mommy does that.
Officer Cheesesteak: Both pants look really nice. They both look really expensive. I wish I had nice things, but instead I have two cats -- two expensive cats!
Officer Snow Leopard: Well, if you ask me, a flat-front pant never goes out of style.
Officer Loose Meat: Look, Sarge, a woman doesn't care about how a guy is dressed on her first date -- only that he pays attention to her.
Sgt. Hoagie: And how would you know that?
Officer Loose Meat: Hello?! I'm a woman.
Sgt. Hoagie: You are?
Officer Loose Meat: [close up on her face] Yes!
Officer Po-boy: Just remember -- girls love it when you're a real jerk to 'em. Works for me every time. [gloomy] That's a lie. I'm so lonely.
Beaver Cop: Beaver Cop says, you should arrest her and force her to go out with you. I'm Beaver Cop.
Sgt. Hoagie: Look, this is getting me nowhere. I haven't had a date in twelve years, okay? Twelve! That's a long time! That's 84 in dog years!

Ms. Endive: [covered in chocolate pudding] Can't you see I'm completely covered in pudding?!
Officer Grinder: Pudding! [chanting] Pudding! Pudding! Pudding! [picks up Endive and eats the pudding off her]
Sgt. Hoagie: Officer Grinder, no! Put that citizen down! That's in order. [Officer Grinder sets Endive down] Sorry about that.
Ms. Endive: It's okay. I think he worked out the knot in my back. [falls flat on the ground with a clang]

Mung Daal: I know my rights! I wanna call my lawyer!
Shnitzel: [sobbing] Radda radda radda radda!
Chowder: This is traumatizing me! Now I'm gonna grow up to be strange and socially awkward!

Puppet Clock: You're gonna be late. For your date! FOR YOUR DATE!

Officer Sloppy Joe: [interrogating Shnitzel] All right, tough guy. You better come clean right now, ‘cause your little friend over there just spilled the beans.
[Chowder stands next to the spilled jar of beans as Officer Po-boy scoops it all up with a shovel]
Chowder: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Ms. Endive: What is going on here?! Has he confessed yet to desecrating my beautiful pool?!
Mung Daal: Only if you admit that you filled my air conditioner with shmarshmallows! [flashback to him, Chowder, Shnitzel, and the kitchen covered in shmarshmallows] Endive!
Ms. Endive: Never! I want you to pay for having my pool cleaned!
Mung Daal: Only if you pay for the buckets of tears I cry every time I see your face!
Ms. Endive: Only if you pay for the barf bags people use after they eat your cooking!
Mung Daal: Only if you pay for the extra zip code for your big mouth!

Chowder: So, does this happen a lot?
Officer Cheesesteak: Only to the sarge.
Chowder: Why do women hate him?
Officer Cheesesteak: I don't know. They just do. They just do.
Sgt. Hoagie: [steaming and growling; yelling] THAT'S IT! EVERYONE, GET OUT! I WANT TO BE ALONE! GO ON! GET!

Mung Daal: No money means... [Scene changes to the voice actors of the main characters] no animation!
Tara Strong (Truffles): What are we gonna do?
John DiMaggio (Shnitzel): Radda radda.
Dwight Schultz (Mung Daal): No, we are not going home! We've got to save the show.
Nicky Jones (Chowder): But where are we gonna get the money to pay for it?
[the voice actors of the main characters come up with an idea by washing cars, and sure enough, succeeded]
Dwight Schultz (Mung Daal): I think we've made enough to get... [Scene changes back to animation style] the animation back.

Mung Daal: [as soup lands in his face burning and screams in pain] My beautiful, expensive face! [his makeover is washed away]
Truffles: [gasps in shock] Mung?! [growls angrily at him] This isn't a dream!
Mung Daal: [nervously] Uh, yes it is.
Truffles: No! You're never in my dreams. What have you done?!
Chowder: We spent all the money - that's what.
Truffles: [gasps] Empty? You're gonna pay me back every last sment!

The Party Cruise/Won Ton Bombs [2.7]

Man #1: Why aren't those guys weren't in thongs? Oh, why would you go on a cruise and not wear a thong?

[After Mung sees Shnitzel wearing a hula skirt]
Mung: Chowder, I think we've lost Shnitzel to the dark side. Guess it's just you and me, pal.
Chowder: But, Mung, the dark side looks a lot brighter.
Mung: You know, fishing is a great way for men to bond. We've got nothing but time out here. Did I ever tell you the story of my famous 1,000-day fishing trip?
Chowder: How many days?
Mung: 1,000.
Chowder: Oh, my gosh!

[Mung mutters, literally shriveling up with insanity, then turns to Chowder]
Mung: Chowder... Sweetheart... Dear Boy... The Blufferfish got away ... Because you and your friend Shnitzel wanted to be [looking cute and buck-toothed, waving his hands] a couple of Good Time Charlies!
Charlie #1: You wanted to be us? How silly!
Charlie #2: Come on, Charlie! Let's go have a good time!
[The Good-time Charlies leave, laughing. Horn honks off-screen]

Mung: I don't want--
Lo Mein: NO! Sit down. It's story time.
Truffles: Did someone say stories? About Mung's past?
Shnitzel: Ooh! Radda!
Hamhock: Stories? We like stories! Right, Marzipan City? [Mazipan City cheers]

Mung: Chowder! If I met my past self, it could unravel the space-time continuum.
Chowder: But what does the space-time condiminium have to do with... wait? What're we talking about?

Chowder: (gasp) IT'S YOU AS A KID! You were so green! So... greeeeen... [starts running towards Young Mung frantically] Hiiii. I'm Chooooowder. I know you in the fuuuuutuuure! Fuuuutuure! [Mung pulls Chowder away] FUTURE!

Mung: Now, Chowder! Do it, now! [Chowder rips off his clothes and runs around naked]
Chowder: Label! Label, label, label! I need a label! Something that tells me what I am! Am I a rabbit? A cat? A baby hippopotamus? This is so uncomfortable! Somebody please label me before it's too late!
[Mung quickly switches the bad Won Ton Bomb dish with the good Won Ton Bomb dish]
Mung: [whispers] I've got it, Chowder!
Chowder: [calmly] That is all.

Mung: Remember what I've told you, Chowder.
Chowder: Never eat barbed wire.

Young Mung: Oh ladies! You want some squats with that order? (starts squatting)

Young Mung: What the heck are those?
Lo Mein: Those are LADIES.
Young Mung: Ladies?
Lo Mein: No, no, no. LADIES.
Lady: Oh my! I could order a million of you!!!
Young Mung: LADIES!!!

The Dinner Theatre [2.11]

Lip Monster: Kiss, Kiss. hiya, toots! [farts twice]
Panini: [screams in shock and runs away] GROSS, GROSS, GROSS, GROSS, GROSS, GROSS, GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!!!!!!

Field Tournament Style Up And Down On The Ground Manja Flanja Blanja Banja Ishka Bubble Babble Flabble Doma Roma Flome Bome Jingle Jangle Every Angle Bricka Bracka Flacka Stacka Two Ton Free For All Big Ball/The Brain Freeze [2.12]

Mung: Shh! It's bad luck not to say the whole name. Now let me start over: Field Tournament Style Up And Down On The Ground Manja Flanja Blanja Banja Ishka Bibble Babble Flabble Doma Roma Floma Boma Jingle Jangle Every Angle Bricka Bracka Flacka Stacka Two Ton Rerun Free For All... Big Ball.

The Snail Car/The Lollistops [2.13]

Mung Daal: [Look at the door as Truffles do the same thing that he does.] Boy, they must be searching for gold in there.
Truffles: I hope they find some, I forgot my textbook.

Chowder: Kimchi, I've gotta find a way to break my teeth. [Kimchi pulls out a hammer] A hammer? this'll work great! [hammers a picture which says "HANG IN THERE BABY"] Hm. I wonder if i'll find a way to break my teeth.

Chowder: Do regular doctors have Lollistops?
Mung Dall: No, just sharks and those under he wouldn’t touch impressively. Ugh!

Chowder: More teeth?

Endive's Dirty Secret/Big Food [2.14]

Chowder: WHOA, THAT WAS Close!
Mung Daal: You said it. Now let's skedaddle before those hounds --
Shnitzel: [gasps] R-Radda!!
Mung Daal: Shnitzel, what are you talking about?
Shnitzel: Rad-da!
Mung Daal: What? What do want me to look at? [gasps] ew! it's endive! Oh, my lord! Oh, what is she-
Chowder: Mung. What, what, who, who, why?! It's like some horrible accident! I can't look away!
Mung Daal: Oh, if only I had a camera!
Shnitzel: Radda, radda.
Mung Daal: Thanks, Shnitzel. Good thing you carry this high-powered camera everywhere you go.
[Camera shutter clicking]
Ms. Endive: [gasps] No! [growling]
Mung Daal: Hey, guys, I wonder what endive will say when she finds out we captured her dirty secret on film?
[Ms. Endive hovers over Mung in anger]
Both: [in fear] Humina, humina, humina, humina, humina, humina.
Mung Daal: What, take more pictures? Shnitzel, this zoom lens is great!
Ms. Endive: [growling] MUNG! [breathing heavily; Mung chuckles nervously] Give me that camera!
Mung Daal: We'll give you this camera if you let us in your pool.
Ms. Endive: Never! Give me that camera!
Mung Daal: Woman, you will let us take a dip in your pool, or we'll show these pictures to everybody.
Ms. Endive: You wouldn't dare.
Mung Daal: Try me.
Ms. Endive: No, forget it! I-I-I'm calling your bluff!
Mung Daal: [sighs] I didn't want to have to do it this way, endive - really didn't. Everyone to the farmers' market!
Ms. Endive: [gasps] No! no! no! No! no! no! no! no! no! [gasps] my reputation will be ruined! Aah! Get back here! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Wha?
Mung Daal: Blah, blah, endive, blah, blah, blah! Check it out!
Gazpacho: Mm-hmm. And what are we looking at? Mama, no! [gags; vomits] I'm all right. I'm not all right! [vomits violently] That Ms. Endive, she's disgusting! And that picture of her is gross too. Bada bing, I've got a million of 'em!
[Ms. Endive breathes heavily]
Mung Daal: Well, hello, endive.
Ms. Endive: Give it to me!
Mung Daal: Unh-unh-unh-unh, I told you - I'll let you have it when you allow us into your pool.
Ms. Endive: I will never allow grubby cretins like you to frolic in my pool! Never!
Mung Daal: Well, you leave me no choice. [later seen; showing pictures to the citizens] Endive pictures! Embarrassing endive pictures! Get your endive pictures right here! See what everyone is talking about!
Ms. Endive: Okay, fine! I will allow you to use my pool just this once. But in ever want those pictures seen by anyone ever again!

Paint the Town/The Blackout [2.15]

Mung Daal: [after arriving in Chowderland] Honey, you're not gonna believe what Chowder has done!
Truffles: How do you know it's Chowder?
Mung Daal: He signed his name on the lower right-hand corner.

[During the credits]
Puppet Chowder: Shnitzel, Shnitzel, pull my finger!
Puppet Shnitzel: Radda.
Puppet Chowder: Please.
Puppet Shnitzel: Radda.
Puppet Chowder: I’ll be your best friend.
Puppet Shnitzel: Radda!
Puppet Chowder: PULL MY FINGER!
Puppet Shnitzel: Radda, radda, radda!
Puppet Chowder: [begging] Come on!
Puppet Shnitzel: [annoyingly grabs Puppet Chowder’s finger and his whole arm comes off] Radda.
Puppet Chowder: Maybe you better get some tape.

The Dice Cycle/The Chain Recipe [2.16]

Chowder: Oh, why was I cursed like this Mung? With such short legs? If only I had something to ride on. Something with two wheels. And with handlebars. And is red. And it's in the garage. Your Dice Cycle, I wanna ride your Dice Cycle.
Mung Daal: Yes, I know what you're referring to and the answer is "No"! You'll wreck it.
Chowder: No I won't! I swear on the soul of my poor dead cooking master!
Mung Daal: I'm not dead.
Chowder: You could be if you tried.

Chowder: If Mung won't make the chain recipe, then Mung will make the chain recipe!
Colonel Chicken Chowder Look-alike: I declare I do not understand I declare.
Chowder: That's because you're not supposed to understand until after the wipe.
Colonel Chicken Chowder Look-alike: Oh.

Truffles: [holding on to a tree as the wind blows away her clothes, hat, and hair; to the audience] Don't you look at me!

The Garden/Sheboodles! [2.17]

Chowder: For match of luggage. And out for incesticide!

Gazpacho Moves In/My Big Fat Stinky Wedding [2.18]

Mung Daal: Chowder, this is the third time I've told you not to take our glasses, so I'm going to have to... PUNISH YOU.
Chowder: You don't kid around with your punishments.

Chowder: Hi, are you a mirror?
Porridge: [rubbing his nose] No. I'm a foreign exchange apprentice. My name is, Porridge. And I'm living with Kimchi's family for the summer. Huh. Who are you supposed to be?
Chowder: I'm supposed to be Chowder, Kimchi's best friend.
Porridge: Ha! No, who are you really?
Chowder: Ch-Chowder, Kimchi's best friend.
Porridge: Well, I guess if you say so. Dinner has already begun.

[Chowder, Porridge, Kimchi and his family eat dinner around the table]
Chowder: Yes, Kimchi's mom. Yes, I do think Kimchi' bride is... beautiful. Just can it, Kimchi. She's got a bag over her head. I bet she's all warty, or has an extra eye.
Porridge: Actually, Chowder, the rich and ancient culture of Kimchi's people forbids the groom from seeing his bride's face before the wedding.
Chowder: Wow! So is she burned with acid?
Porridge: Yes, that is also tradition.
Chowder: How do you know all this junk about Kimchi's culture? Kimchi never talks about any of this stuff.
Porridge: That's because Kimchi's ashamed of his culture. Why else would he leave his home and his two loving parents, and always go live with an outsider with weird hat, like YOU?
Chowder: Is this true, Kimchi? Is my hat weird?
Porridge: If you were really Kimchi's friend, you would know better than to be friends with him.
Chowder: But Kimchi always said in his culture, if someone saves your life, you have to be their friend until you can return the favor and save theirs!
Porridge: [gasps] Are you saying you saved Kimchi's life?
Chowder: No, for reals.

A Faire to Remember/Tofu-Town Showdown [2.20]

Panini: [pulls Chowder away from Marmalade] Oh, there you are Chowder. What's going on here? For a second there, it looked like you found a new [breaths fire from her mouth in a malicious tone] girlfriend.
Chowder: Oh, you mean Marmalade. Well, she is a girl.
Marmalade: Guilty.
Chowder: And she is my friend.
Marmalade: Try me and convict me.
Panini: [laughs; then firmly] Chowder, you get back over here, right this second.
Chowder: But I don't wanna.
Panini: Now. Get over here, now.
Chowder: But can I have more than one friend who's a girl?
Panini: No, don't test me Chowder.
Chowder: What flavor lipstick are you wearing?
Panini: Smackdown. Now get over here.
Chowder: Um, I think I'd prefer to stay with starwbarbelberry.
Panini: Chowder, [through gritted teeth] do not make me…
Ceviche: Panini, Panini, what comes after number 29?

Panini: [crying] Oh, Chowder, how could you do this to me?!
Ceviche: On a scale of 1 to 10, how desperate would you say you are right now?
Panini: [crying] 11.

Gyoza: Shnitzelson, I finally found you. Didn't think your mysterious past could catch up to you now, did you?
Chowder: Mysterious past? Shnitzel... Ohh!
Gyoza: I've finally lured you back here, so that I can have vengeance for what you did to my father.
Chowder: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Shnitzel, what's going on? I didn't know you had a mysterious past. That's so cool!

[Shnitzel elbows Chowder, waking him up while he fell asleep through the whole flashback story]
Chowder: Sorry. I fell asleep. Can you repeat that?
Gyoza: Now, he must pay for his failure. He must FACE THE MUSIC.
[The Sukiyaki Yuza fighters start singing the show's theme song which starts getting Shnitzel on his nerves and he falls flat on the ground]
Chowder: Hey, fish lady, I don't see what the big deal is. Why don't we just go over there and get Shabu Shabu back?
Gyoza: Impossible! It's too dangerous. Only a skilled meat fighter can face the awesome power of Peking Duck.
Chowder: Well, what about Shnitzel? He was pretty awesome in the flashback.
Shnitzel: [lifts up his head] Radda?
Gyoza: You have a point, chunky purple one. Very well. If you two rescue my father, Shnitzel's honor among the Sukiyaki Yuza will be restored.
Chowder: All right!
Shnitzel: Radda?

Chowder: Shnitzel, hey, Shnitzel! How do you like these cool disguises I made? Now we can totally blend in.

Peking Duck: Well, well, well. We meet again my pathetic old friend. I have waited a long time for this. I see you want this cookie. [smoke appears and lifts revealing himself; laughs] You will have to get through the meal I prepared for you first!

Teriyaki Triads: [to Shnitzel] You! [push Chowder to Shnitzel] Please, take him home! His singing is horrible!
Chowder: I love karaoke!

Gyoza: You did it. But, where's my father?
Chowder: [coughs up Shabu Shabu and burps] Sorry, I just wanted the cookie. [burps again; narrating] And so, Shnitzel, the greatest meat fighter that ever lived, restored his honor, and brought peace back to all of Tofu-Town. The end.
Mung Daal: You ate the delivery again, didn't you?
Chowder: Oh, sorry.
Shnitzel: Oh, radda! [facepalms himself]

[During credits]
Puppet Chowder: [reading note] "Do not eat. This means you, Chowder. Love Mung." Gotta stay strong, gotta stay strong, gotta stay strong.
Puppet Pizza: So that's it? You're not eating me?
Puppet Chowder: No, no I want to but, Mung said-
Puppet Pizza: Look kid, if people listen to notes nothing would get done in this world. Notes are really more like guidelines. It said, "Do not eat." Didn't say "Do not eat pizza."
[Little later... Puppet Mung notices the pizza's gone]
Puppet Mung Daal: You ate it, didn't you?
Puppet Pizza: [from inside Puppet Chowder's stomach] No.

Season 3


The Apprentice Scouts/The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker [3.3]

Mung: There's only one thing we can do! Get some protection.
Truffles: You want I should call the cops?
Mung: Not that kind of protection.
Shnitzel: Radda Radda Radda?
Truffles: No, not that kind of protection.

[During credits]
Puppet Shnitzel: [petting a cat] Yes, you radda. Yeah, you... [sees Puppet Truffles] Uh, uh... radda.
Puppet Truffles: Ha, ha. You did that, I'm gonna tell everyone about this. [flies off]

A Little Bit of Pizzazz!/The Birthday Suits [3.4]

[While preparing an order for a customer, Chowder causes an explosion, and all the four to switch bodies]
Chowder: [in Shnitzel's body; groaning] What happened?
Mung Daal: [in Chowder's body] I'll tell you what happened-- you blew us into each other's bodies!
Chowder/Shnitzel: You mean, I'm in Shnitzel's body? Weird. Freaky weird.
Mung Daal/Chowder: That's right. And I'm in your body, Chowder.
Truffles: [in Mung Daal's body] And me in Mung's! [cries] Which can only mean Shnitzel is--
Shnitzel: [in Truffles' body] Radda?! [looks down and sees he has Truffles' breasts and breaks down, crying] Radda radda radda!
Truffles/Mung Daal: Good! Let him deal with all those for stinking hormones. I'm sick of it!
Mung Daal/Chowder: Now everybody, just relax. Man, Chowder's arms are short. The only way to get back to normal, is to find the "Get back to Normal" recipe book.
Truffles/Mung Daal: How convenient.
Mung Daal/Chowder: There it is. Now, if I can just… reach… [tries to reach the book from the shelf but cannot] I can't reach.
Chowder/Shnitzel: How 'bout Shnitzel's body gives you a boost? [lifts and launches Mung through the roof, over the sky, as he lands back crashing the shelf] I'm strong! SO STRONG!!

Mung Daal/Chowder: Well, what do you wanna do with Shnitzel's body first, Chowdy?
Chowder/Shnitzel: I wanna lift a heavy object!
Mung Daal/Chowder: There's a great big heavy one!
Ms. Endive: I beg your pardon?

Chowder/Shnitzel: Switching bodies is so fun.
Mung Daal/Chowder: Yeah. This new body is great.

Mung Daal/Chowder: Truffles! What have you done to my face?!
Truffles/Mung Daal: Oh, it's a long story. Here, finish this order. [whines] I can't do anything right in your body.
Mung Daal/Chowder: Well, I can't cook. I can't reach anything in these arms.
Truffles/Mung Daal: The kitchen is falling apart. What do we do?!
Mung Daal/Chowder: That settles it -- we change back into our bodies A.S.A.P. [Chowder bursts out crying in a mental breakdown] Chowder! Chowder, what's the matter?
Chowder/Shnitzel: [crying] I don't wanna leave Shnitzel's body. Mung, I LOVE IT! Especially the part where I'm strong and tall. And strong!
Mung Daal/Chowder: Are you finished?
Chowder/Shnitzel: Yeah, I'm good. When do we change back to our bodies?

Chowder: I forgot how soft and pudgy my body is, compared to hard and cold Shnitzel's body was.
Shnitzel: Radda. [lets go of the mop and walks off]
Ms. Endive/Mung Daal: Well, I think you're all a bunch of billowy ninny swallows. Oh, good gravy! I'm in Mung Daal's body! And if I'm in his body, he must be in…
[Endive's kitchen; Mung is now in Endive's body as he screams horrifyingly in his reflection and goes wildly berserk]
Mung Daal/Endive: Hey, this is kind of fun.

Rhino Lady: Gelato, what is wrong with society today?
Gelato: Yes, yes, I dare say. If I see one more thing to upset my uptight sensibilities, then we would have to form an angry mob.
[The six people stop in front of Chowder, Mung, Shnitzel, and Truffles, stripped from their fruit suits; Gelato gasps and faints]
Rhino Lady: Gelato?! Gelato! Those heathens have made Gelato faint! Get them!
[Mung, Chowder, Shnitzel, and Truffles start to run and scream as the angry mob chases after them]

Rhino Lady: Really? Baby ducks.
Sgt. Hoagie: Who doesn't like baby ducks?

Weekend at Shnitzel's/Taste Buds [3.7]

Chowder: bo-o-o-o-ring! This is boring! You're boring, your life is boring, and this episode is boring!

Chowder: Sugar...wearing off. So...tired. Must...go die. [Shniztel feeds him soda] Scooby-Dooby-Doo!

Carlito: Come back here, you! Come back here with my Mesquite! Not cool, man! Not cool!
Chowder: Huh. He was my ride.

Carlito: Krav Maga KICK! [kicks down the door] Ay-yi-yi!
Shnitzel: Uh...
Carlito: Get your hands off my Mesquite!
Shnitzel: Radda! Radda radda radda! Radda radda!
Carlito: NO! You cannot be in love with her, because I am in love with her!
Chowder: You guys should, like, totally fight to the death for her. I mean, that’s what I would do. It would solve everything, you know. But it’s up to you guys. Really, I’m just saying. It’s a pretty good idea.
Carlito: Yes, the gordito is right. We must fight to the death like honorable men, no? AAAAH-YI!!! Oh, and one more thing. [sways his hand in Shnitzel’s face] KA-KAW! [Shnitzel grabs his arm and bites his hand and screams in pain] So, you think this is some kind of a game, huh?! Well, trust me, this is no game!

Gazpacho!/The Toots [3.8]

Gorgonzola: What is the meaning of all this hubub?
Mung Daal: [with tears of joy welling up in his eyes] Chowder just made the most beautiful singing.
Gazpacho: (Yawns) Man! I'm Tired! I'm Hungry!

Chowder Grows Up [3.9]

Kabob: You have a meeting in five minutes, Mr. Gorgonzola. Sir.
Adult Gorgonzola: Kabob, I thought I told you to wear your uniform!
Kabob: Yes, but--
Adult Gorgonzola: Put it on. [Kabob puts on Chowder's clothes and hat] Ha! Look at you, Chowder. Look, I have become terrifically successful! And what are you? A pathetic stooge!
Kabob: Please, sir, can I take off my uniform now?
Adult Gorgonzola: NO! Say what Chowder would say!
Kabob: I'm chubby?
Adult Gorgonzola: It's not the same! Don't look at me! [picks up his office desk] I NEED CHOWDER TO BE MY RIVAL!

[last scene of the series]
Young Panini: Just look at all our babies.
Young Chowder: I REFUSE TO LOOK!
Adult Chowder: Man, we were cute kids.
Adult Panini: Yeah.
Adult Chowder: But, seriously, no more babies. Okay?
Scraps: [on top of the runaway babies] Help! Help! The babies got me!
Adult Panini: Okay, I'll stop.
Adult Chowder: [runs off] Babies, no! Put Scraps down!
[as the Adult Chowder runs after the babies, there are crashes heard and the book closes to the front cover]

[last credits of the series]
Puppet Chowder: Schnitzel, I had the craziest dream, it was 20 years to the future, what do you think it means?
Puppet Schnitzel: Rada-rada.
Puppet Chowder: Wow Schnitzel, I just had a dream, that had a dream you we're explaining my dream and the dream. What is suppose it means?
Puppet Schnitzel: Rada-rada, rada-rada.
Puppet Chowder: [last lines] Schnitzel, I just had a dream, that had a dream, that had a dream thaat you we're explaining my dream and the dream that you we're dreaming. What is suppose it means?


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