Chioma Akpotha

Nigerian actress

Chioma Akpotha (born March 12, 1980, also credited as Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha) is a Nigerian actress, director and movie producer. In 2007, she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for "Best Actress in a leading role" for her performance in the movie "Sins of the flesh", and the Afro Hollywood award for best actress in a lead role in 2010.

Chioma Akpotha


  • "You should be sure of who you are and who your partner is. That is the first thing and be sure that the love is enough to pull you through."
    • [1] About her choice of husband.
  • "The greatest lesson I learnt about marriage is to be patient, you don't talk all the time. You've got to do more of listening than talking."
    • [2] Talking about marriage in one of her interviews.
  • "Managing and maintaining an almost scandal-free reputation has been the grace of God because we all are not created perfect and as such we just manage to be our self and be of the best behavior. I just feel being an actor opens you up to controversies, scandals, and all that. Maybe I’ve just been lucky.”
  • "As a grown-up little child, I always had the flare for the arts. I just wanted to sing in front of people, dramatize and make people happy and laugh. For me, it was an escape as a little child because I was quite a very shy one"
    • [4] During an interview when asked what or who inspired her into acting.
  • "I have done my part. It is time for God to do His."
    • [5] Speaking during an interview (April 27 2013)
  • "I just don’t want to be too careful when I’m dressing. It takes away from the carriage."
    • [6] Speaking during an interview (April 27 2013)
  • "The bag of knowledge I gathered from my early days in the industry brought me back on track. It’s not been easy."
    • [7] Speaking during an interview (April 27 2013)
  • "You have to be patient and tolerant."
    • [8] Speaking during an interview (April 27 2013)
  • "Three rooms in a house – one in which a man believes he is king; two in which he realizes a woman is god!"
    • [9] Reacting to President Muhammadu Buhari's comment (20 October 2016)
  • "I was awesome. It was difficult at first; I like being truthful. At the initial stage, it was difficult because even though it was still from the entertainment industry, we were coming from two backgrounds as it were, the music and the acting. They are used to things being snappy"
    • [10]How she felt working with music artistes on a movie for the first time (9 June 2018)
  • "From the get go, it was a beautiful script, so I didn’t object to anything. First we had the first draft which we did a reading for. You know when you read a story; it’s one writer, maximum two or three writers."
    • [11]Her thought when she saw the script for the film, Lara and the Beats (June 2018)
  • "Hello, ‘wetin you take old pass me?’ I think it’s because I started off just after I left secondary school, thank God my parents let me do it. Because you see actors everyday on screen, the more you see them, the older they become, and it gets worse for us that get married."
    • [12]Her reply when asked how she maintains her looks (9 June 2018)
  • "I miss everything about her. My mum was my best friend."
    • [13] Talking about what she missed about her mother (2018)
  • "I feel as if I’m punishing myself. I am being restricted because I have to stay a Christian but this is what I enjoy doing”
    • [14] Talking about how her Christian faith cost her some movie roles (29 August 2019)
  • "Luckily for me, I knew him before I got into the movie industry, so there was some sort of understanding and support from him, so it was very easy and he was always encouraging me."
    • [15] Talking how her husband feels about her profession (5 August 2020)
  • "Honestly, you don’t have to stop because you can balance both but not with the same speed. So you can be a mum, wife and work as well, though it is not easy but it is important to do it."
    • [16]Her message for women who believe stopping their career once they get married (August 2020)
  • Yes, it is my choice, let me clarify that I don’t do that in the real sense of it but I get around it. My focus is always like, what am I telling the people and viewers watching."
    • [17]Her reason for not interpreting romantic roles in movies (2020)
  • "For every mountain, you brought me over…For every trial, you’ve seen me through…For every blessing…Hallelujah."
    • [18] Celebrating her new age(12 March 2022)
  • "I don’t like talking about my personal life. My age is not known to the public and I am not revealing it because I see no reason to."
    • [19] During an interview with Saturday Beats (2 April 2022)
  • "Although it has been tough raising them, I have been able to handle it, sometimes with the help of my siblings when I’m not available to be with them."
    • [20] Raising her children (3 April 2022)

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