Chinelo Anohu

Nigerian lawyer, public servant and administrator

Chinelo Anohu (born 31 March 1973) Chinelo Anohu is a Nigerian lawyer, public servant and administrator. She is the immediate past Director General and CEO of National Pension Commission, (PenCom). She was a member of Pension Reform Committee of 2004 that introduces contributory pension scheme in Nigeria. In May 2019, she was appointed as the Head and Senior Director of the AfDB's Africa Investment Forum.

Chinelo Anohu in 2019


  • It’s more now of an inward gaze into what you can do by yourself.
  • Things are highly risky when we don’t understand those risks.
  • We’re still learning, and we will continue to learn because COVID-19 is so devastating and so impactful that we don’t think the learning period is over.
  • The pandemic drove home to the continent the level of dependency on everything.
    • [1] From an interview(April 26 2021)
  • "I'm more reform oriented. I like to start things that were not in existence. I get bored going to things that have already been said.I'm constantly looking for innovation.”
    • [2]A chat with her during an interview.
  • Africa is getting tired of receiving aid, adding that it would be more beneficial for the continent to take charge of its future.*
    • [3]Chinelo Anohu speaking on how receiving aids from other continent won't help the continent become self reliant.
  • "I think there needs to be a paradigm shift from the way we look at collaboration...".
    • [4]Chinelo Anohu during an interview on Africa Investment Forum, a flagship initiative of the African Development Bank, where both domestic and international investors who are looking to invest for profit, while fulfilling a need, are mobilised to finance projects.
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