Cheng Yen

Taiwanese Buddhist nun

Cheng Yen (證嚴法師; Zhèngyán Fǎshī; born Chin-Yun Wong; 14 May 1937) is a Taiwanese Buddhist nun, teacher, and philanthropist. She is the founder of the humanitarian organization Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, also known simply as Tzu Chi.

Cheng Yen

Quotes edit

Master of Love and Mercy: Cheng Yen edit

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1995, by Yu-ing Ching, ISBN 0-931892-27-9

  • Love and Mercy transcends races, nationalities and geographical distance. (p. vi)
  • All lives deserve to be respected, and all beings need to be loved. It ought to be easy for us to feel the pain experienced by the bodies other than our own and grant happiness to those who are but strangers. (p. 3)
  • We are all human beings, the best of us a saint, but never a god. We can follow a saint's conduct and imitate his behavior, but it is unnecessary to worship him. (p. 7)
  • Life is a journey; we board an express train at birth and head for the unavoidable destination of death. The scenery drifts by, and the only meaningful thing we can do is to be good and kind to our fellow passengers. (p. 13)
  • A happy person creates a happy home, and from that is able to contribute to his country and finally the world. (p. 18)
  • To study Buddhism under me is to adopt a new way of life. (p. 20)

Jing Si Aphorisms edit

Tzu Chi Publishing Co., 2005, by Shih Cheng Yen, ISBN 9867373391

  • The reason that people cannot be humble is because they cling to their past achievements (p. 24)
  • The hardest thing for people to see is themselves (p. 34)
  • In handling matters, let your mind influence your heart. In dealing with people, let your heart influence your mind. (p. 44)
  • Look at adversity as a stepping stone, not a hindrance in life. (p. 108)
  • Affliction is like a poisonous snake that sleeps in the mind; the moment it is disturbed, it will bite you. (p. 176)
  • It is never too late for a deep-rooted affinity to blossom. Do not worry over a distant journey as long as we find the way. (p. 194)
  • Unconditional giving is not a privilege of the rich but an utmost sincere love. (p. 250)

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