Chasing Liberty

2004 film directed by Andy Cadiff

Chasing Liberty is a 2004 romantic comedy directed by Andy Cadiff. Mandy Moore stars as the daughter of a U.S. President who escapes her Secret Service detail to enjoy a romantic European trip with a stranger.

Alan WeissEdit

  • You know, it's not enough just to be a beauty Morales, you have to be able to appreciate beauty too.

Anna FosterEdit

  • You didn't want me to get hurt, and you were right. I needed protection because people can't be trusted. I learned my lesson.
  • Okay, you know what, you're right. I'm strangely attracted to exhibitionist runaways. It's an addiction, really. I was in a program for a while where we had to spend time with fully-clothed home-bodies, but I've relapsed, again.

Ben Calder: Romance is simply not a feasible option for me right now.

Ben CalderEdit

  • Okay, all right! Because I'm jealous as hell. Because I'd hate to see you with Gus Gus. I'd hate to see you with any other man. Because not only did I adore kissing you in Venice, but also because I'm so un-bloody-hinged just being near you/


  • We connected, which is next to impossible in this world. You know that! You can't let a feeling like that pass you by!


President James Foster: Oh, good. Gabrielle found another trashy friend to hang out with.
Michelle Foster: Yeah, your daughter.

Anna Foster: I'm on fire! I'm untouchable! I'm Anna! Who are you?
Ben Calder: Ben Calder, freelance getaway man. Yeah, need the hand, need the hand.

Anna Foster: Dad! Way to go. I can't believe you had that restaurant swarming with all of your secret servants. You ruined my date! And now, I'm going to die before I ever get to third base... I mean second base.
[Anna turns to see others in room]
President James Foster: Anna?
Anna Foster: I'll talk to you about this later.
President James Foster: No, no. Stay. Pull up a chair. We were just discussing the G8 Summit in Prague, how to best persuade the EU leaders to adopt our plan for distributing humanitarian aid and medical technology to developing nations, but you had a bad date, so we should probably focus on that.
Anna Foster: No, no, no, I'm so sorry to have interrupted. Excuse me.
[Anna leaves]
President James Foster: So third base is what again?
[indistinct mumbling]
President James Foster: Glad I asked.

Anna Foster: As soon as this train stops, we're going to go our separate directions.
McGruff: Hey, chilly-willy, Squabblers, take a few of these on your solo travels then.
Ben Calder: What are these? Six-Million-Dollar Man stickers?
McGruff: These stickers are my contribution to the global community. Everyone I meet gets a handful. Your job: post them up! Pound one on a door, slap one on a kiosk, place one on a postbox, wherever your life may lead you.
Anna Foster: And then what?
McGruff: Then, nothing. You forget about the sticker, you move on. One day, maybe you're a little down in the dregs, and all of a sudden, there it is! The corner of a window, the door of a subway, the side of a telephone booth, one of the stickers. And it puts a smile of your face because you know you are not alone in the world; we're all connected.

Alan Weiss: To answer your question, no, I don't get women like that. I haven't actually had a girlfriend since... well let's just say that women stopped beating down my door the same time that the bangs stopped covering the receding hair line.


  • Every family has a rebel. Even the First Family.
  • How do you fall in love with the whole world watching?


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