Charles Plott

American economist

Charles Raymond Plott (born July 8, 1938) is an American economist.


  • preferences ⊕ institutions ⊕ physical possibilities = outcomes
    • ⊕ refers unspecified abstract operator.
    • "The application of laboratory experimental methods to public choice". In C.S. Russell (Ed.), Collective decision making: Applications from public choice theory (1979)
  • What use are experimental results to someone who is interested in something vastly larger and more complicated, perhaps fundamentally different than anything that can be studied in a laboratory setting?
    • Charles Plott, cited in: Michel Meyer (2001), Economic Theory and Explanation, p. 338
  • Almost anything one says or has said about what society wants or should get is threatened with internal inconsistency.
    • Cited in: Sarah Joseph (2004), Political Theory and Power, p. 22
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