Charles Neaves

Scottish theologian, jurist and writer

Lord Charles Neaves (1800 – 1876) was a Scottish theologian, judge and writer.

Quotes edit

  • Pouter, tumbler and fantail are from the same source;
    The racer and hack may be traced to one horse;
    So men were developed from monkeys of course,
    Which nobody can deny.
    • Originally published in The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (1872).
  • So I wonder a woman, the Mistress of Hearts,
    Should ascent to aspire to be Master of Arts;
    A Ministering Angel in Woman we see,
    And an Angel need cover no other Degree.
    —O why should a Woman not get a Degree?
    • "O why should a Woman not get a Degree?", published in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1869), p. 227.

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